Mr. Tito's PHAT WWE Elimination Chamber Pay Per View Review with Match Ratings & Show Grade

Mr. Tito’s PHAT WWE Elimination Chamber Pay Per View Review with Match Ratings & Show Grade

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Welcome to the WWE Elimination Chamber Pay Per View review by Mr. Tito exclusively here / We’re here each and every Pay Per View to provide you with results and extensive content for you to enjoy. We have since June 1998 and I hope that you’ve have enjoyed the ride…

Heading into WWE Elimination Chamber, I’m like “meh”… My issue is that goofy cage match with pods. I just don’t get it. For one, having a secondary #1 contendership match for Wrestlemania diminishes THE other #1 contendership match known as the Royal Rumble match. Secondly, as my good friend Craig said… The Royal Rumble match’s result gets watered down when its winner doesn’t headline Wrestlemania. Do you really think that Shinsuke Nakamura vs. AJ Styles will close Wrestlemania 34? Don’t count on it..

However, RAW is my brand of choice and the roster has some good talent now… Just needs to quit fawning over one guy (Roman Reigns) and using its depth to strengthen the midcard like a built-in farm system. It gives me hope but I just don’t have faith in WWE Creative long-term with its inconsistent booking and one-dimensional pushes for only certain guys. I cannot stand watching Smackdown any longer.

Onto my review…


Mr. Tito’s PHAT WWE Elimination Chamber Pay Per View Review

OPENING MATCH was the Women’s Elimination Chamber match for the Women’s Title. WHAT?!? This groundbreaking, first-ever Women’s Chamber isn’t main eventing? Oh for shame… Good thing that it didn’t main event because the match was kind of underwhelming. Actually, I’m GLAD that it was underwhelming because this Chamber is unsafe to wrestlers. The concept doesn’t lend itself to great wrestling because the rules are odd and the intended alliances didn’t prove to be interesting. I guess Sasha and Bayley hate each other now after Sasha turned on Bayley when trying to team up against Alexa. Thanks Sasha and Bayley breaking their team, Alexa is able to win the match in the end. [ **1/2 ] Bad night for the ladies here or just maybe this kind of match wasn’t built for the participants in this match.

Second match was like a RAW televised match with The Bar (Sheamus & Cesaro) vs. Titus Worldwide (Apollo & Titus O’Neil). It was an OK tag match but nothing that stood out. Sheamus and Cesaro have actively worked on becoming a great tag team but Apollo and Titus haven’t. Not much chemistry as a tag team as they just appear like 2 muscle bound guys with not much else going… WWE has to figure something out with Apollo before it’s too late… He has too much athletic ability and a great look to let it go to waste. Match was Sheamus & Cesaro showing their chemistry against a team that wasn’t as in-sync as a team. [ ** ]

Asuka vs. Nia Jax was next… Not bad… Match seemed kind of one sided with Nia Jax delivering power move after power move with Asuka just getting to escape at the end. That contrasts to their solid NXT match where it was power moves from Nia versus non-stop strikes from Asuka. Goes to show you the Creative Staff from both WWE and NXT… Booking is one sided to get certain people over in the WWE and tries to get everybody over in NXT. [ **1/2 ]

Matt Hardy vs. Bray Wyatt is up next… Sorry folks, I just don’t get the “Woken” gimmick or even the “Broken” one from TNA. I’m happy that Matt is able to reinvent himself and am glad that he returned to the WWE… But the same criticisms over gimmick and character that I have for the Wyatt Family stuff, I have for Matt. At some point, you need to admit that you’re in a portrayed athletic competition that strives to fight over championship belts. Crowd was dead for this match as evidence for what I’m saying. The match’s finish saw Matt Hardy reversing the Sister Abigail finisher and hitting a Twist of Fate. Tough night. [ ** ].

Up next, it is Ronda Rousey time as we have Kurt Angle heading to the ring for a contract signing and Triple H & Stephanie McMahon joins him. “Triple H” chants break out. Mad love for the NXT stuff, folks. Ronda comes out and cuts her first promo… Doesn’t sound too ready to deliver those patented scripted WWE lines, but slack given to her for being very new to this… I liked how the “Ronda Rousey” chants made her legitimately emotional. The contract is supposed to have no special perks and Ronda emphasizes that she doesn’t want any special treatment. Before Ronda can sign the contract, Kurt Angle and Triple H were squabbling and Ronda noticed it… When Ronda noticed, Kurt Angle cuts a promo on how Stephanie/HHH wanted to “put a thumb” on Ronda since their Wrestlemania 31 incident. Triple H is obviously pissed and tries to escort Angle out of the ring… But then Kurt Angle, by the entrance, blurts out that Stephanie called Ronda a “has-been”. Oh boy… Before Ronda could attack Stephanie, Triple H tries to get in the middle… Ronda picks him up and suplexes him into the contract table! Stephanie then slaps Ronda but immediately realizes who she slapped by running out of the ring like a coward. Ronda then signs the contract. That was a GREAT segment! Could that lead to Kurt Angle/Ronda Rousey vs. Stephanie McMahon/Triple H?

Good stuff! Funny how “sports entertainment” actually saved the show from subpar matches.

MAIN EVENT time with the Elimination Chamber match… Elias, however, comes out with his guitar to sing a song. This guy is legitimately talented, folks… You’re seeing someone with natural character ability blossoming before your very eyes. Match has 7 wrestlers, as 4 will be in the pods and 3 wrestlers will start. That’s cool… Good to see the stare-down of Roman and Braun, I like that. Miz also does a stare-down of the wrestlers in the pods. Nice pop for Seth Rollins entrance… He had a great night, but will the momentum continue? I’m trying to think of the last time that we saw the “Demon” version of Finn Balor? One of those Bray matches last year? Finn Balor, Seth Rollins, & Miz start the match with John Cena, Braun Strowman, Elias, and Roman Reigns in the Pods. Even battle between the three and then John Cena is the first guy out. To Michael Cole’s credit, he brings up that stiff Rollins’s knee that busted Cena’s nose. Crazy stuff with John Cena almost delivering the Attitude Adjustment on both Finn/Seth and then the reversals by both out of that move looked really good. Roman Reigns enters next… Interesting moment where everybody is on their knees and Miz delivers “yes” kicks to all of them. I wonder if Miz caught Roman for real on one of those kicks as Roman’s left side of his face is bruised… Hmmm… Roman is about to deliver a Superman but then Braun Strowman’s pod opens. Uh oh. Cena and Rollins try to suplex Strowman but he reverses and suplexes both at the same time! Braun sees Miz on the outside of the ring and chases him to the top of a pod. Miz gets his face smashed into the glass and then tossed onto the rest of the wrestlers. Miz gets eliminated first by Braun Strowman who is just destroying everybody, dead bodies everywhere! Elias’s pod opens and Braun is staring him down. That allows Cena, Reigns, Balor, and Rollins to all attack Braun. They try the Shield powerbomb, 2 count only, Attitude Adjustment, 2 count only, spear, 2 count only, Blackout, and then Finn’s finisher (not trying to spin it). Lots of spots and it causes more dead bodies everywhere in the ring. Elias finally exits his pod and tries to pin everyone. Elias then hits some good offense and everybody is selling for him. Hmmm…. Elias foolishly tries the Electric Chair powerbomb move on Braun and Braun fought it off to hit a powerslam to eliminate Elias. Everybody gangs up on Braun again but Braun catches a cross body from the top rope by John Cena to convert into a powerslam. Cena has been eliminated. While Finn Balor looks tiny by comparison to Braun, at least Finn is attacking with endless strikes as an equalizer. That’s how Daniel Bryan SHOULD have wrestled during 2013-2015 to avoid injury instead of the high flying stuff that ultimately hurt his career. Finn had some good momentum but just as he hit his top rope finisher (not trying to spell it), Braun picked him up for the powerslam to eliminate Balor. Rollins & Reigns begin to team up on Braun… Shield still exist, right? Good thing Roman has the bulletproof vest to protect against that Buckle Bomb… Braun took a Samoan Drop on the outside and then Seth Rollins hit a Froggie Splash from the top of a pod. Bunch of kicks by Rollins to Braun but it didn’t matter… Braun picked up Rollins and hit the powerslam. REIGNS vs. STROWMAN remain, as Braun Strowman has eliminated EVERYBODY in this match-up. Braun gets thrown through the pod and that causes beginning of the end for Braun. Several Superman punches and spears later, Roman Reigns is officially the #1 Contender at Wrestlemania 34. [ *** 1/2 ] Match was overall entertaining but not spectacular. Nothing special and the result was predictable. Braun looked good in a losing effort but the other wrestlers did not. Crowd, of course, boos Roman winning this match while the announcers do their best to impress Vince McMahon with praise of Roman.

AFTER THE MATCH, Braun Strowman attacks Roman Reigns and hits him with the powerslam. Crowd shouts “one more time” and Strowman complies. Then, Strowman tosses Roman Reigns into the glass of a pod to end the event. Will this lead to a 3 Way Dance somehow?

LAST WORD: Just skip much of the show and fast forward to the Contract Signing and watch that along with the men’s chamber match. I kind of think that merging the 2 rosters back for Pay Per Views is a GREAT idea. The undercard killed the crowd and any energy they had was spent during the Contract Signing. That, and looking through that goofy cage probably isn’t easy for a live crowd. [ C ]


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