Mr. Tito's PHAT WWE Extreme Rules 2020 - The Horror Show Review with Match Ratings and Show Grade

Mr. Tito’s PHAT WWE Extreme Rules 2020 – The Horror Show Review with Match Ratings and Show Grade

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The EXCELLENCE IN COLUMN WRITING is back here exclusively here at, a company. Tonight, I shall review the WWE show that was nicknamed the “Horror Show”, Extreme Rules 2020! It has been a while since I reviewed a Pay Per View in my insta-column format for WH/LoP… There were a few past events that I wanted to re-watch (plus one more “Last Ride” episode), so thus the WWE Network was re-acquired… But I also wanted to do this review as a “THANK YOU” to my many readers. Love me or hate me, you cannot deny the work ethic and dedication. I’ve had a great 2020 with my columns and over 2 decades of your support that I greatly appreciate.

Heading into this Pay Per View, my expectations were LOW based on the idea of an “Eye for an Eye” match and a Swamp Fight. Therefore, if the WWE were to just put on a decent show, I’d be pleased. It’s a Sunday night on a hot July 19th… I just worked all day hanging up drywall and I just want to chill with some decent to great wrestling to watch. Opportunity is yours, WWE.

Before I get into my review, check out my COLUMN ARCHIVE to check out all of my ASK MR. TITO columns for 2020, my Top 10 Greatest Wrestlers/Tag Teams/Matches of All Time, and my two column specials, The Day that WWE Attitude Era Died and The Day that ECW Died. Lots of good content to check out that is exclusively here at Hooking you up!

Onto my review.


Just blows my mind that just 2 years ago, I attended the Extreme Rules PPV that was live in Pittsburgh, PA. Now, here we are 2 years later in the Performance Center with WWE trainees trying to scream their heads off with surgical masks on. So yeah, much has changed since 2018. And thankfully for Seth Rollins, no countdowns on the Titantron…

I did not watch the Pre-Show because I have dignity…

OPENING MATCH was Cesaro/Shinsuke Nakamura vs. the New Day, the Kofi Kingston/Big E Langston variety. Tables Match, too, because this event is EXTREME. I would have preferred a traditional tag team match, as we had bedlam rules with both teams brawling around the ring and too much focus on trying to get the tables involved. Each of these guys have over 10 years experience by now, so thus everything looked good and tight with every maneuver tried. Just look at how clean that double table spot was at the end, as Kofi Kingston sold that impact and yet he was as safe as can be. [ *** 1/4 ] and we have new Tag Champions. Big E was sitting and looking on… Hopefully, that means the end of the road for him as a Tag wrestler and puts a focus on him as a singles wrestler. DO NOT have him turn heel on the New Day… Let Kofi and Woods remain as a Tag Team and Big E can be a singles wrestler. You do not have to break up the successful New Day stable…

I believe that a Bray Wyatt promo was here and I’m just worried about what we’ll see later tonight. But remember, my expectations are LOW and it may impress.

Bayley vs. Nikki Cross was next… First of all, Bayley looks like a total badass now as a heel. She had her best tights yet as a heel, the haircut and make-up are well done, and she has a swagger about herself that makes her look like a real star. While I still point the FINGER OF SHAME at the WWE for blowing the obvious babyface run, we should at least recognize that heel run is working now. Nikki is a good flunky for Alexa but receiving a Pay Per View shot felt kind of weak heading into the show… However, Nikki held her own and the match was solid. Bayley being over-confident caused her to lower her guard and it gave Nikki as real shot. Bayley is just so smooth inside that ring and her heel character made it extra compelling. I enjoyed the ending with Sasha giving Bayley jewelry as a foreign object but taking that to ribs wouldn’t hurt that match. [ *** ]

Up next, it was announced that Apollo Crews had to forfeit his match tonight with MVP due to an “undisclosed injury” that caused Apollo to fail a physical tonight. That or he’s just the latest WWE wrestler to contract the COVID-19 virus. Either way, MVP comes down and cuts a cool promo before snatching the vacated US Title. I didn’t realize how much I enjoyed MVP from the past until he recently came back… The guy is a real pro and is full of talent. Add him to my extensive list of WWE black TALENTED heavyweights that the WWE actually has on their roster.

EYE FOR AN EYE was next… I was expecting a match full of stupidity, with both wrestlers trying to rip each other’s eyes out… But it was actually a good match between Rey Mysterio and Seth Rollins. They mostly wrestled a traditional match and it was only the ending that put an emphasis on an eye injury. And I liked how they did it with this ridiculous stipulation. They used the sharp edges of the Steel Steps to potentially injure each their eyes… Rey tried it first and that gave the idea for Seth Rollins to try it on Rey later… And Seth was successful at injuring Rey’s eye, as the referee called the match after the Steel Steps did their damage to Mysterio. [ *** 1/2 ] To my surprise, this was good. Not that Seth and Rey couldn’t work a great match, but the emphasis on the “Eye for an Eye” gimmick was light. I really liked that Seth was walking around the ring with the “What have I done?” look and they made him puke in disgust with the act. Meanwhile, someone with a Becky Lynch shirt at ringside was booing Seth Rollins… Ooops, you better be aware with what product you’re wearing, son.

Sasha Banks vs. Asuka is up next… And the beauty of this match-up is that both are in their comfort zone as characters. Asuka is a better babyface, as it allows her to work more like a badass or a superhero, while Sasha is the “boss” and has that perfect swagger and look of a villain. This match was really good, as Sasha was using all of her heel psychology and Asuka was making heroic comebacks. The match fell apart at the end, though, with a very confusing ending. First of all, Sasha slipped when jumping off the turnbuckle… I don’t know if that was an error or something to sell a knee injury. Secondly, the referee not only lost control (Bayley was clearly in the ring with Title belts to use as weapons), but he gets sprayed with green mist. Blinded, the referee is unable to count any pinfalls… So Bayley rips off his referee shirt and Bayley actually puts it on after hitting Asuka with the Women’s Title. Bayley then counts the 1, 2, 3 for the win. Sasha and Bayley celebrate as if they really won the titles… Huh? Crap ending to what was developing into a very good match. [ *** ] I’ll LAUGH if Bayley reveals that she obtained a “referee certificate” and that the WWE actually hired her to work as a referee. That would be ridiculous.

Backstage, Rey Mysterio has been sent to a “medical facility” (Vince McMahon term for a hospital) but it appears that he can make a full recovery. As ridiculous as the match gimmick was, I’d have Mysterio wear an eyepatch for a while until one day, he surprises and ambushes Seth Rollins when fully recovered. In other words, act like Lionel Luthor from Season 2 of Smallville… SOMEBODY SAAAAAVE ME!!!! (Currently binging that on Hulu right now).

WWE Title time, as it is Dolph Ziggler vs. Drew McIntyre and we have a surprise match stipulation that Dolph Ziggler needs to announce… The stipulation is “Extreme Rules for Dolph Ziggler ONLY + Countouts/Disqualification can cause Title changes”. Honestly, that’s a highly intelligent stipulation for a heel to select. PROBLEM with this match is this… If you’ve seen one Dolph Ziggler match for the last 10 years, you’ve seen them all. The stipulation match the match someone interesting, but I just wasn’t buying Dolph Ziggler as a real threat to Drew… The stipulation helped Ziggler, but the issue is what happened BEFORE this match with the hype. Ziggler moved from Smackdown to RAW and received an instant Title shot. Doesn’t make sense when you’re a midcarder on the other show… Ziggler lost after he tried to do a Superkick and yet McIntyre hit his kick instead. [ ** 1/2 ] Seems to be an obvious shortage of good opponents for Drew on the RAW roster.

The MAIN EVENT was the Swamp Fight between Braun Strowman and Bray Wyatt. Time for the Wyatt Acide Trip part of our show… Bray Wyatt is there and then he disappears… Braun is ambushed by a bunch of guys in masks, which made me wonder if the Dark Order from AEW made the jump… Then, Wyatt Family version of Braun Strowman (seriously) attacked Braun and Braun woke up tied to a chair. We get a goofy promo by Wyatt that doesn’t make sense and then Braun is freed, only to have more people attack him. He sets one guy on fire, by the way… Then, he has visions of Alexa Bliss taunting him about wanting to be together. Finally, about 15 minutes in, Bray and Braun are actually fighting… Braun gets the advantage and sends Bray onto a boat… But that boat returns empty and Bray re-appears from behind to attack. Beats Braun with an axe handle until Strowman pretty much no-sells that beatdown to get the upperhand on Braun again to throw him into the water… Roll WWE trademark credits BUT THEN Bray Wyatt’s hand reaches out and pulls Braun into the water. The Fiend is then shown laughing afterward… *FACEPALM* No match rating, as this was not a match, but FINGER OF SHAME for the WWE being stuck on fictional stupid with Bray Wyatt once again. Nothing about his character do anything for me and this acid trip further proved that.

LAST WORD: Honestly, a decent in-ring show that was unexpected… The Main Event Swamp Fight was HOT GARBAGE, but the matches leading up to that were entertaining for me. I’ll go with a [ B ] show grade, as there really wasn’t a bad match on the card yet there wasn’t a great match either. If you watch this show and then cut off before the Swamp Fight, you’ll be fine. Braun Strowman has been an awful champ and booking him with stupidity only furthers that. Bray Wyatt is the son of Mike Rotunda and is related to Barry Windham. PUSH THAT instead of this fictional crap that makes no sense in a reality base sports combat program.

So just chill… Until the next episode!

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