New Japan Pro Wrestling G1 Climax 29 Day 6 Report (B Block) | Aired 7/19/19

New Japan Pro Wrestling G1 Climax 29 Day 6 Report (B Block) | Aired 7/19/19

New Japan Pro Wrestling

Day 6 – Block B

Aired 7/19/19
Korakuen Hall, Tokyo

Kevin Kelly and Rocky Romero with Chris Charlton on commentary which is PERFECTION.


Shingo jumps Taichi before the bell, getting LIJ in on Suzuki-Gun territory! Shingo with a knee to the gut and a vertical suplex to put Taichi down. Strong cheers for Shingo. Taichi slides outside to get control of the pace, Shingo follows out and beats down Taichi who uses Miho Abe as a shield. This allows Taichi to grab his mic stand, Shingo meets him in the ring but the ref is distracted by Miho and misses Taichi getting a mic shot to the face of Shingo. Taichi brings the action into the crowd and drives a chair into Shingo’s head, and works him over. The ref begins to count as Taichi sends Shingo into the corner post and rolls inside. Shingo is back inside with room to spare and Taichi backs him into the ropes and chokes him. Taichi dominates Shingo in the corner and follows with kicks and pie-facing. Shots by Shingo, Taichi goes to the eyes and gets a kick to the back that fires up Shingo. BIG chop by Shingo staggers Taichi, shots traded as Taichi gets Kawada Kicks and a corner clothesline. NICE right hand and short clothesline by Shingo drops Taichi. Chants for Shingo. Slam by Shingo who climbs and hits a classic falling back elbow drop off the top for 2. Noshigami is blocked by Taichi, Shingo transitions but misses the sliding lariat and eats a NICE low kick by Taichi. HUGE kick by Taichi in the corner drops Shingo. GREAT shot. And with that the pants go flying.

The buzzsaw kick is blocked by Shingo, shots traded, double chop by Shingo connects but Taichi hits a GREAT gamengiri. The Kawada is strong lately. Backdrop Driver is blocked by Shingo, Shingo hits a Saito but Taichi is right back up (FIGHTING SPIRIT!) and hits a backdrop of his own. Axe Bomber is blocked and Shingo hits Noshigami. Lariats connect HARD from both. Elbows by Shingo, Taichi collapses, Pumping Bomber is blocked but Taichi hits a head kick and FLOORS Shingo with an Axe Bomber! Damn, Taichi. BUZZSAW KICK takes Shingo’s head off. Black Mephisto is blocked by Shingo into a backslide for 2, Shingo struggles to hoist Taichi but lands Made in Japan and covers but only gets 2! Short lariats by Shingo, Taichi escapes Last of the Dragon, hits a high kick, a shot to the back of the head and a great gamengiri, and fires up. The crowd is alive. Last Ride by Taichi, he folds up Shingo but only gets 2! Shingo blocks the superkick and looks for Last of the Dragon, Taichi shoves the ref down and goes for a low blow but Shingo blocks. Right hand, headbutt and short lariat by Shingo drops Taichi, Pumping Bomber follows with a cover but Taichi is out at 2! Last of the Dragon connects, cover by Shingo and thats the WIN.

Shingo Takagi (4) defeats Taichi (2) by pinfall via Last of the Dragon
JAY’S RATING: 3.85 out of 5

This was a fantastic opening match for the 3rd day of B Block. Shingo winning and moving to 4 points in round 3 is great to see, as I’m much more invested in Shingo getting a healthy run than Taichi. THAT BEING SAID, this was a GREAT Taichi match, the best of his G1 so far. When he turns it on, Taichi shows that he really could break out some day if he can hold onto that mode he gets into in instances like this one. And I think part of it is remembering that for all of his shtick and shenanigans, when he goes Kawada-Hard, it WORKS for him.


We get a handshake before the bell. Lock up, Cobb shows a power edge though Juice is no junior. Shots by Juice stagger Cobb, he follows with jabs and a chop, gets Cobb in the corner and hits clotheslines. Juice evades Cobb in the corner, hits running corner clotheslines and looks for the cannonball. Cobb counters but eats John Woo, but slides outside to evade Juice. Pescado attempt by Juice is caught, Cobb looks for the deadlift stalling suplex but Juice sends Cobb into the corner post and follows with a cannonball off the apron. Chants for Juice as the ref begins the count. Back inside and Juice climbs and hits a nice crossbody, cover but only 2. Senton by Juice lands, and a 2nd one. Juice looks for a standing moonsault but Cobb moves out of the way, catches a Juice sidekick and turns it into a cradle overhead belly to belly and Juice rolls outside. Cobb looks to climb, Juice tries a slingshot spear but Cobb catches him and throws him across the ring. Corner Euro by Cobb, Samoan drop follows and Cobb hits the standing moonsault with beauty. Cover, but only 2.

Juice holds the ropes to counter Tour, and then wipes out Cobb with the jumping sidekick. Cobb fights out of the Juice Box and hits a heavy chop, shots traded, Cobb gets the flurry but Juice catches him in a solid spinebuster. Cannonball by Juice connects fully in the corner, chants for Juice who sits Cobb up top and hits a super rana! Cover by Juice but still only 2! Juice climbs but Cobb rolls out of range, then sits Juice up top himself, looks for a superplex, Juice fights out and looks for a sunset powerbomb and lands it! Cover by Juice but Cobb is out at 2 again. Pulp Friction is countered, Juice escapes the sidewinder and looks for Pulp Friction but Cobb counters again and hits the sidewinder suplex on the 2nd attempt. Both are down and the ref begins the count but both are up in time. Lariats are traded and absorbed, Cobb eats a right hand and a left arm lariat but Juice only gets 2. Juice tries Pulp Friction once again but Cobb pops him up into a German suplex and maintains the waistlock. Nice spot. Another release German dumps Juice, superkick by Cobb drops Juice and Cobb hits another German, bridges it but only gets 2. Tour of the Islands is countered and Juice gets a rollup for 2, blocks a superkick but Cobb blocks the Left Hand of God. Juice eats a snap German and gets caught in Tour of the Islands by Cobb! Cover thats the WIN as Cobb is on the board!

Jeff Cobb (2) defeats Juice Robinson (4) by pinfall via Tour of the Islands
JAY’S RATING: 3.5 out of 5

This was a very good match where both competitors got to shine, though I was surprised at how hard they are having Cobb work for someone who is capable of being so dominant and yet so versatile. I question a lot of people’s use of Cobb lately. Nonetheless, the connection here was good, the ring work had some truly great moments and Cobb finally scores 2 points while Juice still is capable of a deep run to come. Really strong work here.


This is all about CHAOS looking to keep spoiling Jay White’s G1, and I am loving it so far. Chants for Yano. We get the bell, and Yano is fired up as Jay rolls out as usual. Yano gets the crowd chanting for Jay to come in, and then Yano says fine I’ll come to you. Gedo gets in front of Yano and teases knucks, which lets Jay jump Yano from behind. Back inside and Jay beats down Yano. Yano gets the corner exposed, throws the pad to Jay for a distraction and rolls Jay up for 2. Jay blocks the low blow, Gedo grabs Yano’s leg and Jay gets a rollup for 2. Atomic drop by Yano who sends Jay into the exposed corner but Jay blocks the landing and the ref catches Yano’s near low blow. Gedo now distracts the ref and Jay gets a low blow instead. Boos from the crowd. Jay looks for Blade Runner but Yano shoves the ref and spits water out of nowhere into Jay’s eyes! Chants for Yano. The ref gets knocked down, Gedo is in and Yano takes Gedo’s brass knucks away, Jay looks for Blade Runner but Yano sends Jay into Gedo, gets the low blow while the ref isnt looking and rolls Jay up and STEALS THE WIN!

Toru Yano (4) defeats Jay White (0) by pinfall via a low blow

This was exactly what it needed to be and as far as it moving the CHAOS revenge storyline going, it was fantastic. I fucking love Yano, and the crowd is all about it which also shows just how successful Jay has been as a heel. And while normally I would question Jay taking so many losses after running with the IWGP Title, the story built around it – with Jay’s early rise coming back to bite him, and focusing it around the G1 – feels so intentional and in control that it REALLY works. Jay moves to 0-3 and Yano is 2-1. Love it.


The commentary team runs down Naito and Goto’s history and knowledge of each other, as well as Goto’s new fire and energy after a lackluster last year with Naito mocking Goto’s issues. In fact, Naito mocks Goto’s LA Dojo shirt right away. Naito turns his back… and Goto chokes Naito with the shirt to start things off! Interesting! Boots by Goto as the crowd jeers, which is also interesting. Now we get the bell and Goto takes Naito down, gets a hip-toss and a kick to the back. Goto lays in forearms, Naito counters and lays in his own and spits at Goto, then kicks at him mockingly. Combinacion Cabron is countered with a mid-kick, they head outside and Goto sends Naito into the railing. Mid kick on the outside drops Naito, Goto gets on the apron for a PK but Naito plants Goto on the apron and SNAPS THE KNEE OVER THE EDGE OF THE APRON! Dang that was a well-done ugly spot. Naito keeps on the knee and slows things way down as he rolls back in the ring, and referee Red Shoes Uno starts to count. Goto gets back inside in time and Naito keeps working the knee. Naito with a variation on a Figure Four, but Goto gets the ropes. Shots traded as Naito keeps targeting the knee to ground Goto, then paintbrushing him with his foot. Discus clothesline by Goto drops Naito. Ushigoroshi is countered by Naito but Goto gets a corner spin kick to the back of the head, follows with the Saito suplex and covers but only gets 2.

Tornado DDT by Naito is blocked but he gets the neckbreaker/single leg dropkick to the back of the head combo instead. HEAVY running dropkick to the knee in the corner by Naito, Goto counters a running bulldog and gets Naito with a draping neckbreaker out of the corner. Chants for both. Shots traded, fake out by Naito who goes for the leg and spits on Goto and hits an enziguri and release German suplex. Running Destino is countered and Goto transitions it into an almost-ushigoroshi. Goto is able to land ushigoroshi, cover but only 2. Goto keeps on Naito and lays in kicks to the chests, then kicks right through Naito’s chest. GTR is countered, Naito hits a big forearm but Goto counters the poison rana, they trade counters and evasions, Naito gets a deep rollup for 2. Naito tries running Destino again but Goto hits an inverted GTR and a THICK mid-kick! The crowd is alive. Ushigoroshi is countered into a big DDT by Naito, and the running Destino connects! Cover, but only 2. Chants for both, and they are getting loud. Naito dials up Destino and plants Goto with it, cover and thats the 3 as Naito is also finally on the board!

Tetsuya Naito (2) defeats Hirooki Goto (2) by pinfall via Destino
JAY’S RATING: 3.75 out of 5

This was a very good match with great storytelling and chemistry throughout, and with Naito finally scoring his first 2 points in round 3 and looking great doing so. Now this was one of my favorite Goto outings in some time, and the crowd felt something different here too. The moment that clicked it into place for me was when Naito kicked out of ushigoroshi and Goto stayed with him – I too expected Goto to “reset” to hit the next move, as that feels on brand for him. But there was a focus and fire here that felt fresh to me. Give me more of that Goto please and thank you.


The story here is in part Ishii calling out Mox for a death match, hearkening back to Mox’s history and Ishii’s own taste for violent outings. Ishii goes chest to chest with Mox to begin, then forehead to forehead, and the staredown immediately electrifies the crowd! HOLY CRAP THE TENSION. The bell rings and they start brawling and throwing shots fast, evading strikes, pushing off of each other, and throwing shots again. Tackle by Mox puts Ishii down but Ishii pops up and throws shots. Slam by Mox slows things down for the first time, and Mox follows by dumping Ishii. The action spills deep into the crowd, and Mox throws Ishii into the East wall. Chants for Mox grow. They head over the audience barrier and up the stairs into the crowd, knees by Mox, Ishii gets distance but Mox closes it with a running clothesline. Mox now brings Ishii back down the steps and toward the ring, the ref starts to count as Mox throws Ishii back in. Chants for Ishii, with some for Mox. Boots by Mox fire up Ishii, but Mox keeps him grounded. STF by Mox, transition to a stranglehold chinlock, turns it into a cover but only gets 2 before Ishii gets the ropes. Chops by Mox in the corner, Ishii explodes forward and Mox lays in more, but Ishii keeps coming and finally drops Mox with a tackle! Chants for Ishii.

Strikes in the corner by Ishii, Mox tries to fight back but Ishii gets Mox over in a suplex. Toe kicks by Ishii fire up Mox who throws elbows as Ishii asks for more, and then DECKS Mox with a stiff one of his own before dumping Mox. Ishii now sends Mox into the barricade, Mox reverses the next one and sends Ishii in, and then Mox brings chairs out from under the ring. He tosses one to Ishii and they sword-fight with the chairs at ringside, with Mox winning the battle and tossing a chair into Ishii’s face. More chants for Mox. Mox now brings a table out and sets it up at ringside, gets Ishii on the apron and looks for a uranage through the table. Ishii fights it off so Mox looks for a piledriver instead, Ishii counters but Mox stays a step ahead. Ishii strikes Mox from the apron and tries an apron suplex through the table, Mox reverses and Ishii heads back inside. John Woo by Mox sends Ishii back outside and Mox wipes him out with a suicide dive. Mox grabs a chair again but Ishii just elbows it back into Mox’s face, hurting his arm but taking Mox down as well! Big chair shot to the back by Ishii, who sends Mox into the corner post and then set him on the table. Ishii now climbs to the top rope, AND HITS A BIG SPLASH ONTO MOX THROUGH THE TABLE! HUGE POP FOR ISHII! HOLY SHIT ISHII JUST FLEW. THAT WAS AWESOME.

Ishii now throws Mox back inside, sits him on top in the corner and hits a nice middle rope superplex. Cover, but only 2. Ishii looks for the sliding lariat but Mox catches it into a cradle for 2, then Mox looks for a sliding lariat but Ishii catches it and follows with a suplex to Mox. Mox gets a German suplex on Ishii, who pops right up (FIGHTING SPIRIT!) before eating a lariat from Mox! Nice sequence. The Regal Knee is blocked and Ishii hits an enziguri and nails the sliding lariat, cover but only 2. Chants for Ishii. Some chants for Mox. Mox counters the brainbuster and bites Ishii, then hits the Regal Knee and both are down. They now go to all 4’s and just bash their foreheads into each other, then rise and trade headbutts! JESUS. Ishii goes down, Mox looms over to taunt for Ishii hits a rising headbutt. Elbows by Ishii stagger Mox, but Mox drops Ishii with a shot to the jaw. Ishii blocks the knee but Mox hits a uranage and covers but only gets 2. The Regal Knee connects again, cover but Ishii still kicks out at 2! Death Rider is blocked, then blocked again and Ishii hits a short arm lariat, then hits another lariat off the ropes and covers but only gets 2. Vertical Drop Brainbuster is countered, Death Rider is countered, shots and headbutts traded and Mox goes down. Lariat to the back and front by Ishii but Mox absorbs it and hits a snap Death Rider! Cover but only 2! Mox know exposes the knee, hits the Regal Knee and follows with the Death Rider! Cover, and thats 3!

Jon Moxley (6) defeats Tomohiro Ishii (4) by pinfall via Death Rider
JAY’S RATING: 4 out of 5

This was a WAR, which is exactly what I wanted from these two. The mesh of their hard-hitting approaches was just beautiful, and the way they paced it out together was brillliant. From the THICK tension at the top, to the grounding sequences to ISHII FLYING to them just banging their heads into each other, it was smart yet brutal in the best way. And honestly, I feel like this is just a taste of what they could do together down the road. I still dont think its fully appreciated just what a ring general Ishii is, and with Mox’s fire, it was a great combination. Great work all around.

After the match Mox grabs a mic and thanks Tokyo, and thanks Ishii for sharing the ring and calls him a sick bastard. Mox says his career was in the toilet, and then he is made to feel like family here where he is allowed to paint gruesome works of art, and he’s grateful. He says no one in this world can tell me what I’m capable of, only I can say that. He says he is going to win the G1, and gets a nice pop from the crowd. This was a GREAT promo. Mox is on a great road right now.


This was a great night of action, with a great opener, a KILLER main event, a great outing from Goto and Naito, Jeff Cobb getting on the board and Toru Yano taking a win over Jay White, continuing the latter’s G1 spiral which I am loving the storytelling of. Mox now sits firmly at the top, with Ishii, Shingo and Juice just below him, but I have a feeling Naito’s going to start picking up steam. The standings are now:

Block A

Block B

KENTA (3-0)


Jon Moxley (3-0)


Kazuchika Okada (3-0)


Tomohiro Ishii (2-1)


Lance Archer (2-1)


Shingo Takagi (2-1)


EVIL (2-1)


Juice Robinson (2-1)


Hiroshi Tanahashi (1-2)


Toru Yano (2-1)


Kota Ibushi (1-2)


Tetsuya Naito (1-2)


Will Ospreay (1-2)


Hirooki Goto (1-2)


SANADA (1-2)


Taichi (1-2)


Bad Luck Fale (1-2)


Jeff Cobb (1-2)


Zack Sabre Jr (0-3)


Jay White (0-3)


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