nXt Results- April 24, 2019 (Gargano vs. Strong)

nXt Results- April 24, 2019 (Gargano vs. Strong)

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WWE nXt Results

April 24, 2019

Full Sail University, Winter Park, FL

Commentary by Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness and Percy Watson

Opening Segment: Humberto Carrillo vs. Jaxson Ryker w. Forgotten Sons

Ryker knees Carrillo in the face by a side barricade in the audience at Full Sail, April 24 nXt
Highlights include:

A whiff of a springboard roundhouse kick from Carrillo on Ryker, which only got a 1 count. Announcers sold it, but it didn’t look great.
Handspring back elbow into a standing moonsault, however, was a sweet combo for Carrillo. Ryker gets up from this, just pissed off, and chucks Carrillo into the turnbuckle. Boots to the body follow this.

Widowmaker on Carrillo, but he rolls out, only to receive a continued attack from Ryker. Ryker throws him into the barricade, then the ring apron. Cutler and Blake encourage their leader, as he beats up on Carrillo, kneeing him repeatedly in the face out by the crowd and side stage curtain.

The bell is rung, and Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch surprise Ryker in the crowd, defending Carrillo. They’re holding chairs and a standoff ensues. Ryker calmly stares them down; the other 4 jaw at one another, desiring a brawl.

Winner: Humberto Carrillo via disqualification in 3 minutes

1 cool point for Ryker’s intense beatdown of Carrillo. Needed to see more from him, and he’s slowly but surely been building up an intimidating presence inside and outside of the ring. I’m just about ready to see him in a major singles feud. Are you willing to give him a chance?

Backstage, we see Adam Cole in the middle of a photo shoot. He’s approached about the Gargano/Strong match. Cole supports his brother and says Strong will beat Gargano to a pulp. Matt Riddle is next in line for photos, just grinning at Cole. He’s never seen anyone as jealous as Cole about Strong getting a match.
Riddle asks Cole what will he do about it. Cole says he’s got bigger things to worry about.

Second Segment: Vanessa Borne & Aliyah vs. Candice LeRae and Kacy Catanzaro

Catanzaro and LeRae pose on the ropes before their match on April 24, nXt.
LeRae was requested to find a partner for this match, who was introduced just before the match began.

Highlights include:

Catanzaro and Aliyah start the match. Beauty somersault axe kick by Catanzaro on the fallen Aliyah.
Borne and Aliyah connect with a beauty double team suplex on Catanzaro. That brings Borne into the ring and she continues to dominate the much smaller opponent.

Takes a while but LeRae does get the hot tag. Missile dropkick on Borne. Baseball slide under the bottom rope to kick Aliyah.
Step up senton hits hard on Borne. Springboard moonsault for the win!

Winners: Candice LeRae & Kacy Catanzaro via pinfall in 5 minutes

1 cool point for LeRae and Catanzaro because they’re easy to like and easy to watch in the ring. Energetic, high-flying in-ring presence and plenty of smiles to go around. The women’s division would benefit from having some consistent tag action. It’s a fine compliment to what’s happening on the main roster. It can easily be used to build up LeRae for a singles feud with Baszler in six months’ time.

Last week’s interference by Io Shirai on the Baszler/Sane match is shown. Shirai was forced to watch her friend get injured by Baszler. She’s interviewed by Cathy Kelley about it. Shirai says what Baszler did was terrible.

Suddenly, Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir attack her from behind in the interview space. They hold her for Baszler to kick her square in the face. That’s how the segment ends.

nXt General Manager William Regal is interviewed in his office about the debut of Kushida next week. He’s very excited about it.

Suddenly, the door opens and it’s Kassius Ohno. He’s quite sarcastic with GM Regal about being happy to teach the young kids of nXt UK an authentic European strong style. Ohno compliments Regal on the signing of Kushida. He says why doesn’t he introduce Kushida to that style.

Regal thinks it would be an excellent debut match for their latest signee, so they will wrestle next week on nXt TV.

Third Segment: War Raiders (c) vs. Street Profits (Non-Title)

Sky high frog splash from Montez Ford on War Raider Rowe to open up their non-title match on Apr 24 nXt.
Quick start for Street Profits. Ford flies over the top rope, taking out Hanson and Rowe at the bottom of the entrance ramp.

Dawkins spears Rowe. He powerbombs him. Ford with the frog splash! 1-2-…NO! That was a close fall to start this match. Crowd was hyped.

Dawkins holds Rowe up in the electric chair, but Rowe evades further action, so Ford can’t connect with anything.
Hanson tags in and begins with a slam on Dawkins.

Flips and cartwheels to evade one another’s offense between Hanson and Ford. Hanson eventually clotheslines Ford and he rolls to the apron.
Rowe bodyslams Hanson on to Dawkins! Always exciting.

Dawkins counters not long after to halt Rowe’s momentum. Both men tag in their partners. Ford tries to knock Hanson off his feet with multiple clotheslines and avalanche attacks off the ropes. He succeeds with a standing dropkick. Ford lifts Hanson and holds him for about ten seconds before connecting with the belly to back suplex. Wow. 2 count.

Dawkins with a 360 splash. Ford does the same. Double team manoeuvre and still no victory.
Off the ropes, handspring double back elbow by Hanson on Street Profits! 305 Live, says Ranallo!

Rowe’s tagged in. He delivers a strong knee to Dawkins. Dropkick on Ford and this is all War Raiders. Rowe holds up Dawkins for a springboard 180 clothesline from Hanson.

“War” chants can be heard as Hanson and Rowe deliver the War Hammer on Ford. 1-2-3.

Winners: War Raiders via pinfall in 6 minutes

1 cool point for Ford’s air time tonight, especially at the beginning of the match, flying to the outside and then that massive frog splash in the ring. Exciting to watch that shocking start.

1 cool point for the tag champs. They are such a dynamic team with a tremendous amount of power and agility. Really enjoyed watching Street Profits try to catch them off guard, but those tandem power moves knocked the wind out of Dawkins and Ford. Curious to see what will happen with them now that they’re also on the main roster.

Backstage, Mia Yim is asked about what Shayna Baszler is doing to the nXt Women’s Division. It’s not pretty. No one has been able to stand up to her. Yim says she learned a lot about herself and Shayna when they were in the ring together. Yim would like another chance to stop Baszler.

Main Event: Johnny Gargano (c) vs. Roderick Strong

Gargano's in mid-dropkick to the head of Strong, nearing the final fall of their Apr 24 nXt singles match.
Highlights include:

Gargano successfully escorting Strong from the ring on two straight occasions. Gargano attempts a baseball slide kick under the bottom rope, but Strong catches him and suplexes him on to the apron. Tides have turned quickly here.

Gutbuster by Strong on Gargano for a 1 count.
These two are evenly matched and do as much to show that for a number of minutes.

Slingshot spear from Gargano on the apron! 1-2- kickout! Gargano’s leg is bothering him as he moves slowly back to his feet. Strong does a back roll right into a sharp kick to the head by Gargano.

Strong receives a cannonball splash from Gargano on the outside.
Reverse rana and then a superkick from the champ. Only gets a 2 count. Strong stays in the match.

“nXt” chants from the fans follow that combination, as does an instant replay.

Huge knife-edge chops on Strong’s chest in the corner, and the fans react greatly to them.
Strong lifts Gargano into the fireman’s carry. Repeated elbows from Gargano so he can break free. He goes to the apron. Strong catches him in position for a DDT, but switches to an underhook backbreaker! 1-2- kickout from Gargano.

Superki…no, Strong lifts Gargano and throws him back-first into the turnbuckle. Backbreaker for a 2 count.

Boston crab attempt by Strong is converted into the Garga-No Escape! Moments later, Adam Cole storms down the ramp to distract Gargano. Cole tells Gargano he’s not a champion.

Fish and O’Reilly wander down to ringside but they’re stopped by Matt Riddle. It’s absolute chaos out here.

Strong tries to get Cole’s attention, but Cole mistakes him for Gargano and rainbow kicks him from the ringside floor.

Gargano takes out Cole with a dive to the outside.
Slingshot DDT by Gargano for the win!

Winner: Johnny Gargano via pinfall in 13 minutes

Post-match, O’Reilly tries to talk down Strong and Fish does the same with Cole. Understandably, Strong is pissed about what happened and he walks to the back, motioning that he was “this close” to winning. Tempers calm as they exit the arena.

1 cool point for all the dissension taking place within the Undisputed Era. Tensions are running high but, thankfully, it hasn’t led to a breakup of the faction yet. Honestly, I could go either way with these guys. They’re all capable of singles success, so we’ll see how this plays out. It’s interesting and it provides a focus for the singles division, in lieu of a #1 contender being named.

2 cool points for Gargano. All that slingshot offense is so fun to watch, and Strong’s constant threat of backbreakers is equally engaging, so 1 cool point for him. His presence in this match reminded me of the exciting in-ring work he was doing in 2017, when he was pushed as a big singles threat against Bobby Roode.

About 6 weeks until the next TakeOver, so we’ll see feuds ramp up for that in 2-3 weeks. Looking forward to Kushida/Ohno. What do you expect to see for the nXt title picture in the coming weeks?

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