nXt Results- August 21, 2019 (Riddle vs. Dain)

nXt Results- August 21, 2019 (Riddle vs. Dain)

WWE nXt Results

August 21, 2019

Full Sail University, Orlando, FL

Commentary by Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness and WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix

Opening Segment: Undisputed Era Returns to Full Sail

Crowd is pretty hyped to see these 4. Adam Cole is in full gloating mode, saying he did everything he said he would do. Fans agree and chant his name. Cole says he’s the greatest nXt champion that ever lived. You won’t find Gargano or Ciampa, or even Nakamura and Balor’s names on nXt’s Mount Rushmore. It would be Adam Cole’s face 4 times.

Roderick Strong pipes up and says all 4 of them should be draped in gold, but Strong, O’Reilly & Fish all got screwed. Strong says Dream never pinned him at TakeOver: Toronto. As soon as you quit ducking him, he will fulfill his part of the prophecy and win the North American Championship.

O’Reilly brings up the legal man argument, claiming once again, along with Bobby Fish that Street Profits did not pin the legal man. They show the proof on the screen. Fish says it’s clear to anyone with a set of working eyes that they didn’t lose that match in Toronto. He calls out GM Regal to do his job and make it right.

Cole says what’s right for nXt is the Undisputed Era draped in championship gold. He talks up the others and says they’re two steps away from making nXt truly undisputed.

Breakout Tournament Winner Jordan Myles Arrives

They’re walking up the ramp when their music cuts out, and it is replaced by Jordan Myles’ music. Cole asks if Myles is joking about using his championship opportunity to challenge him. Cole hypes him a bit but says he’ll break the stupid smile off of Myles’ face. Use the opportunity to challenge Shayna Baszler or go to nXt UK instead.

Myles doesn’t respond, and Cole slows down his speech to say Myles will be wasting the championship opportunity if he makes this mistake. Myles holds out his contract towards Cole and drops it when Cole reaches for it. Big smile from Myles and it looks like that will happen soon.

That title match will happen in two weeks. Would be good for Myles to let his talking happen in the ring. I expect a pretty good match between him and Cole.

Undisputed Era is always a good idea to start an nXt show. Running to two hours means more promo time, right? Bay-Bay!

Earlier this week, at the WWE Performance Center, Bronson Reed is asked about what fans can expect from him moving forward from the Breakout Tourney. Reed says he is the leader of Australian Strong Style.

Shane Thorne interrupts the interview and says Reed blew his opportunity. Thorne claims to have done a lot to get him here. Reed asks for an opportunity from Thorne. Thorne says sure, let’s do it. We’ll see that match tonight.

Second Segment: Mansoor vs. Damian Priest

Mansoor won the Super Showdown 50-man battle royal, and, recently got his first win on nXt TV.

Highlights include:

Mansoor fends off the power of Priest fairly well until he takes a hard right to the face.
Priest attempts a suplex, but a small package from Mansoor gets a 2 count. Surprising moment there.

Off the ropes, bicycle kick from Mansoor, but Priest doesn’t go down. Counter out of a shoke slam ends with an enziguri from Mansoor.
Tope over the ropes by Mansoor, but Priest bounces up to his feet quickly. Slingshot neckbreaker from the apron and Mansoor’s got momentum.

Tornado lariat from Priest turns Mansoor inside out. Black Momentum (Razor’s Edge but dropping opponent to the side instead of in front).

Reckoning (a variation of the Cross Rhodes, thanks NateDavies!) for the victory.

Winner: Damian Priest via pinfall

1 cool point for Mansoor. He got in way more offense than I expected, and had some pretty slick counters to Priest’s offense.

1 cool point for Priest. Definitely has the size and ring presence of a star. Those power moves are creative and cool to watch him employ. Could become a big deal in nXt.

Official news from WWE.COM shows the move of nXt to the USA Network. It will be a 2 hour live show, starting Wednesday, September 18th. Nigel McGuinness thanks everyone for their support of nXt to get them to this point.
nXt confirmed for the USA Network- LOP News

Third Segment: Mia Yim vs. Vanessa Borne w. Aliyah

Highlights include:

Samoan drop and a 2 count by Borne on Yim. This happened after Yim got caught up at the ropes by Aliyah’s interference. Ref didn’t see it though.

Aliyah gives Borne a “Lower” sticker, which Borne places on Yim’s bum before slapping it. Fans boo that classless move.
Yim with furious chops in the corner on Borne. Cannonball into the turnbuckle.

Eat De-Feet! 1-2-3.

Winner: Mia Yim via pinfall

Post-match, nXt Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler hits the stage with a microphone.
Baszler says Yim is badass. She gives Yim recognition for the work she’s done to get out of the dark places she’s come from. Baszler says they don’t have to stand across from one another; they can stand together.

Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir show up on the apron behind Yim. Baszler offers Yim a spot with them. Yim rushes for Duke and I guess that’s her answer. Shafir and Baszler beat up on Yim. Duke looks on from the outside with an arm sling on.
nXt referees rush to the ring to break up the beatdown.

1 cool point for Yim. She gets a win, following the Baszler loss. More importantly, she re-asserts her desire to be her own woman and not side with the Horsewomen. I agree with Baszler, though, that Yim matched up very well against her. So well that Baszler saw fit to attack her AGAIN after their TakeOver: Toronto encounter. So, it seems this feud isn’t quite done yet.

Chapter 2 of Keith Lee vs. Dominik Dijakovic will take place next week. A promo package for this monstrous battle is shown.

Fourth Segment: Bronson Reed vs. Shane Thorne

Battle of the Aussies here.

Highlights include:

Reed with the takedown from behind and he sits on Thorne’s back for a few moments.
Off the ropes, one leap by Thorne clears Reed as he rushes by. Thorne gets caught the second time and slammed to the mat.

Powerslam attempt by Reed, but Thorne slips down and chop blocks Reed’s left leg. Thorne with forearms to Reed in the top-right corner of the ring.

Reed with chops on Thorne. Thorne responds with a dropkick and then a somersault senton into the corner. 1-2- kickout by Reed!
Off the ropes, Reed catches Thorne for a powerslam. Thorne retreats, rushes and takes a few elbows. Samoan drop by Reed.

SENTON SPLASH by Reed! Wow. That must’ve knocked the wind out of Thorne. Thorne continues to be battered by corner splashes and falls to the outside.

Reed rolls Thorne into the ring and ascends the turnbuckle. Not to be. Thorne with the chop block, followed by a massive running knee strike. It’s over.

Winner: Shane Thorne via pinfall

Ranallo says that’s Thorne’s second consecutive victory over an nXt Breakout Tournament competitor. McGuinness says that backs up what Thorne said about deserving to be in the tournament.

1 cool point for Thorne who made good on his word by defeating Reed. It sure didn’t look like he was gonna get the win, but the chop block strategy paid off.

Following the match, nXt North American Champion Velveteen Dream is carried out to the stage, on a purple couch, by two ladies in “Dream Over” t-shirts.

Dream says his t-shirt is $30, glasses $10, retaining the NA Championship by pinning Pete Dunne: priceless. The Dream always ends up on top because the Dream likes it best on top, where the spotlight is.

Dream says the spotlight is now on Strong. He’ll have to give Dream an experience he’s never had before to get that match. He’s rolled back offstage by the ladies as fans chant his name.

Main Event: Matt Riddle vs. Killian Dain

Riddle’s music hits, but he attacks Dain from behind by rushing through the crowd. He’s taped up across the left ribs, following the off-stage crash at TakeOver: Toronto. This match is on!

Highlights include:

Running crossbody by Dain on Riddle slows the King of Bros down. Riddle rolls in pain on the mat.
Vertical suplex and a 2 count by Dain. Firmly in control at this point as he engages in a seated abdominal stretch on Riddle.

Phoenix says there’s nothing pretty about Dain’s offense but it’s plenty effective, as Dain steps on Riddle’s ribs in the corner. Gutbuster by Dain followed by another submission, affecting the ribs and right arm of Riddle.

Riddle reverses a suplex for one of his own! Brobuster!

Palm strikes and punches by Riddle. Kip up and a running forearm smash by Riddle. Exploder suplex now on Dain and the tides have turned. Penalty kick for a 2 count by Riddle.

Elbow strikes to Dain’s jaw as he’s seated on the mat. Dain tries to roll out under the ropes; Riddle prevents him and lets loose with punches to the skull and upper body of Dain.

Rear suplex with a pause by Riddle. WOW. He gutted that out and showed his tremendous strength.
Dain’s not down for long. Back at it with a two-footed dropkick and a cannonball into the corner. 1-2- kickout!

Now it’s Dain’s turn to control the match. He goes for a senton splash but Riddle moves and catches him in a sleeper hold from the ground. Dain gets up. Riddle climbs on his back. Elbow strikes before falling off.

Riddle with a “BRO” To Sleep, powerbomb and knee strike to the face combo. Holy crap. He only gets a 2 count on Dain, but the fans are fully behind that.

Up to the top rope, Riddle’s decision crashes and burns as he falls, shoulder first, into Dain’s knees. On the outside, Dain rushes Riddle but Riddle moves, and Dain hits the steel steps hard.

Riddle goes for a powerbomb of Dain on the steel steps, but Dain flips Riddle face-first on to the steps. He positions Riddle on to the steps and jumps up for a senton splash!

After another splash to the ribs of Riddle, Dain rolls his opponent in and hits him with a Vader Bomb. And another. Riddle’s bleeding from the mouth as Dain goes up for a third Vader bomb. 1-2-3.

Winner: Killian Dain via pinfall

Post-match, Riddle gets up and chases after Dain on the stage as the show fades to black.

Here’s another match, with excellent back and forth offense, where one guy thinks a top rope manoeuvre will get him the win. Matt Riddle is NOT going to win a match from on high. Bro needs to stick to his strength and submission game.

2 cool points for him though because, man oh man, that suplex was impressive. He also got Dain up on his shoulders, fireman’s carry style. If Kurt Angle were watching on commentary, I’m sure he’d be proclaiming how well Riddle embodied the 3 I’s up until that top rope, high-risk manoeuvre attempt.

2 cool points for Dain who just kept coming at Riddle. He gutted out the submission attempts and wasn’t afraid to let loose with a few of his own, along with cannonballs and senton splashes. He consistently targeted Riddle’s ribs and did not lose focus for one second of this match. The beatdown on the outside was a fresh reminder that this is the man who once wrestled under the SAnitY faction umbrella. He’ll do whatever it takes to win. Great win on the return for Dain.

In light of the recent news with nXt moving to cable TV, it’s clear that the current chapter of nXt will be ending in a month’s time. I’ll say more about that in a separate column, but, in short, there should be more opportunity for many wrestlers on the nXt roster. It’d be great to see wrestlers like Keith Lee, Io Shirai, Kushida and the like get more TV time. Just hope it doesn’t quicken feuds too much where we start seeing some over-saturation.

What’s your take on tonight’s episode and the upcoming changes to nXt programming? Share them on Twitter or in the comments section below.

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