nXt Results- August 22, 2018 (Dunne Defends UK Championship)

nXt Results- August 22, 2018 (Dunne Defends UK Championship)

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WWE nXt Results

August 22, 2018

Barclays Centre, Brooklyn, NY

Commentary by Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness and Percy Watson

Opening Segment: Bianca Belair vs. Deonna Purrazzo

Bianca Belair poses for nXt cameras in a promo.
Belair in sparkling, glittering trunks. Purrazzo in dark red.

Highlights from this match include:

Purrazzo handstands her way out of a leg scissors by Belair
Belair responds with some backflip tumbling of her own before dropkicking Purrazzo.
Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker by Belair seems to be a tide-shifter in this match.
Love the three driving elbow drops to Purrazzo’s abdomen and chest.
Belair gloats to the audience for too long before her standing moonsault. Purrazzo rolls away to avoid it.
Backflip then dropkick from Purrazzo, and she goes for the armbar but Belair scrambles and slams her into the turnbuckle.
Facebuster and a pinfall to win.

Winner: Bianca Belair via pinfall in 5 minutes

One cool point for Belair who has as big a return as you can get in front of a Takeover: Brooklyn crowd. She picked up right where she left off, looking fantastic with her movements, offense, tumbling, and counters. Can’t wait to see her against the top ladies of the division. She is ready.

Highlights from the Velveteen Dream vs. EC3 match, at Takeover: Brooklyn IV, are shown.

Post-match, Cathy Kelley asks Dream about his victory. Dream places his crown on her head and says you can find out Wednesday on the WWE Network.

Cut to a post-match interview with EC3 where he discusses the clash of personalities. Dream was the better man tonight. He talks about being here for victory after victory after victory. Even though he’s had some losses, it’s not over. It’s not over until he wins.

He’s asked about what he saw about the attack on Aleister Black, since he was in the parking lot. EC3 feels like a detective that no one noticed a 6’5’’, 300 lb guy with a broken jaw, right there at the scene of the crime. IF he was Lars Sullivan, he’d probably take a cheap shot at the guy who gave it to him.

Second Segment: Still Undisputed?

Highlights from the nXt Tag Team Championship match between the Undisputed Era and Moustache Mountain are shown. It features a cameo from War Raiders who showed up, post-match, to attack O’Reilly and Strong, who retained the titles.

Following it are highlights from the nXt North American Championship match between Adam Cole (c) and Ricochet. Post-match, Ricochet stands with the championship belt over his shoulder. He shares that this is 15 years of hard work paying off.

He’s interrupted, from the hallway to the right, by O’Reilly and Strong, who accuse him of running his mouth on Adam Cole. Walking up behind them all is UK Champion Pete Dunne who tells the Undisputed Era pair to shove off. Then, he tells Ricochet they’re not mates and he’s just holding a piece of gold that Dunne wants.

The most recent piece of surveillance footage in the “Whodunnit” case of the attack on Aleister Black. Over the past week, this footage was magnified to reveal that Nikki Cross was observing everything from a rooftop nearby. The investigation continues.

A promo that introduces viewers to Zack Gibson’s career accolades, accompanied by some words from him, is shown to hype the match tonight.

Third Segment: More Takeover Highlights

Highlights are shown from the nXt Women’s Championship match between Shayna Baszler (c) vs. #1 Contender Kairi Sane.

Post-match, Baszler is interviewed, alongside her Horsewomen sisters. She says Kairi didn’t beat her, Baszler lost. She’s the better fighter.

The nXt Championship match between Tommaso Ciampa (c) and Johnny Gargano is summarized via a combination of promos that built up to Brooklyn and match highlights. A stunning finale saw Johnny Gargano injure himself as he struck Ciampa with one final running knee. Ciampa falls from the stage level to land on his feet below to get the win in the last man standing match.

A promo for nXt UK is shown. Episodes coming soon to the WWE Network.

Matt Riddle has officially signed as an nXt superstar. Details on WWE.COM.

Final Segments: Pete Dunne (c) vs. Zack Gibson (2018 UK Tournament Champion)

UK Champion "Bruiserweight" Pete Dunne poses for the nXt audience, with the championship title belt over his right shoulder.

Highlights from this match include:

Gibson takes a page out of Dunne’s playbook with a little digit manipulation to begin this match.
Dunne returns the favour on Gibson, but even steps on Gibson’s head while he does it.
These guys lock legs, stand on their heads and slap one another while upside down…ridiculous and you should watch this match, if only for that spot around the 44 minute mark of the episode.

One armed suplex by Gibson. He’s matching up quite well against Dunne across the board, submissions or power.
Dunne doesn’t take this well though, firing himself up, and slapping Gibson to the mat. Step-up enziguri in the corner, flipping out of a suplex attempt and then a beautiful combination of a suplex slam, directly into an armbar. What a combo!

Moonsault to the outside by Dunne and he connects with Gibson! Only gets the 2 count once they return to the ring.
Zack Gibson’s signature aerial move is called “Ticket to Ride”. That is my new favourite name for a wrestling move, one of the best Beatles #1 hits in their epic catalogue. Essentially, as Gibson falls, he grabs Dunne’s head and slams it against his shins when he hits the mat. Still, it’s not enough to get the win.

“Bruiserweight” chants start after that as the crowd endeavours to encourage the champ to his feet.
An excellent exchange featuring Gibson’s Ticket to Ride, from the mat, and a step-up enziguri from Dunne, followed by double clotheslines sees both men flat out, struggling for a breath.

Dunne’s favourite move tonight is that step-up enziguri; he hits Gibson with one, as Gibson sits on the top turnbuckle.

Gibson goes for his Shankly Gates submission. Dunne defends. Gibson tries a different way, rolling into it and locks it in on Dunne. He can’t sit down on Dunne’s back long enough and Dunne gets close to the ropes. He kicks away Dunne’s hand so Dunne bites down on the bottom rope to get the rope break.

Dunne’s mouthpiece is knocked out of his mouth. Gibson lets loose with a nasty left lariat. He picks up Dunne’s mouthpiece, stares at it, inspects it from all angles, and prepares to throw it. Dunne stops him, snaps Gibson’s fingers out of their sockets and executes the Bitter End. 1-2-3. Bloody mouth and all, Dunne retains.

Winner, and still UK Championship: Pete Dunne via pinfall in 13 minutes

Two cool points for both guys. This is the kind of match that achieves so many objectives: whets the appetite for an amazing Takeover card, acts as an appropriate post-Takeover TV main event, one that showcases the depth of the roster, and, finally, reminds everyone that Pete Dunne is, currently, the longest reigning champion in the company.

Lots to like about Gibson and the way he matched up against Dunne, especially with the digit manipulation and that signature move that can be executed from the turnbuckle or the mat. Versatility is a trait I really appreciate in a wrestler, as it pertains to the myriad of ways he or she can engage an opponent, hit a particular move, set up for a pinfall. Gibson’s got it, and he did himself a good service this week by almost beating Dunne.

My predictions for Takeover: Brooklyn IV:
nXt Championship Last Man Standing Match: Tommaso Ciampa (c) def. Johnny Gargano
nXt Women’s Championship Match: Shayna Baszler (c) def. Kairi Sane (#1c)
nXt Tag Team Championship Match: Undisputed Era (c) def. Moustache Mountain (#1c)
nXt North American Championship Match: Ricochet def. Adam Cole (c)
The Velveteen Dream def. EC3

4 out of 5, missing only the Women’s match, combined with a 5 out of 5 from Takeover: Chicago II, equals a 9/10, a great summer of cool picks. Share your cool point suggestions and comments on tonight’s show and who you think will be the most featured in the coming months.

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