nXt Results- August 8, 2018 (Keith Lee debuts, Match booked for TO: Brooklyn)

nXt Results- August 8, 2018 (Keith Lee debuts, Match booked for TO: Brooklyn)

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WWE nXt Results

August 8, 2018

Full Sail University, Winter Park, FL

Commentary by Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness and Percy Watson

Opening Segment: Nikki Cross vs. Amber Nova

The smiling, maniacal face of one Nikki Cross, in close-up on August 8.
Cross and Nova tie up. Cross forces Nova into the corner until the referee counts for a break. Cross laughs and curls up her fingers, beginning the mind games with her opponent. Beauty belly to back suplex by Cross for a 2 count on Nova.

Using the ropes for leverage, Nova wraps her legs around Cross’ head and forces Cross’ head face-first into the turnbuckle. Snapmare. Mount and punch by Nova for a 2 count. Another pinfall attempt by Nova, but Cross kicks out. Straight-jacket submission, as Nova uses Cross’ own arms to wrap around the neck.

Cross gets back to her feet and counters two running attacks by Nova. She hits Nova with a few charges and shoulder blocks of her own, ending with a Lou Thesz press. She yells to the crowd, ascends to the top rope and hits Nova with a crossbody splash. ALL THE PURGE! That twisting fisherman’s suplex is Cross’ signature move and it takes Nova out. Pin and win.

Winner: Nikki Cross via pinfall in 3 minutes

No cool points to offer on this one. Cross did what was expected. Nova didn’t seize the opportunity to stand out. Interesting to see Cross getting some more TV time. She’s going to likely help some of those newer women become credible in the Women’s Division, but it hasn’t happened yet.

A promo for Keith Lee is shown, which he narrates. He finishes with his catchphrase, “Bask in my glory”, which is written on the back of his hoodie, too.

Second Segment: Ricochet vs. ???

Ricochet’s entrance music begins and the lights go out as usual. The spotlight fills with more than one person. As the house lights resume, it’s Ricochet lying flat out on the ramp at the hands of the Undisputed Era. Notably, Bobby Fish is with them, wearing a knee brace.

North American Champion Adam Cole talks on the microphone to tell us he will mangle Ricochet in Brooklyn.

Announce Team Update

Referees tend to Ricochet while Mauro Ranallo tells us the scheduled match won’t happen. There’s an interview with Vanessa Borne instead.

Backstage, Borne is asked about her match tonight to compete for a spot in the Mae Young Classic. She says the Mae Young Classic is all about having the most immaculate women’s performers, but that can’t happen without her. She will get what she deserves tonight. She urges the camera crew not to bother her anymore; she needs to prepare for her match, which will be against Taynara Conti.

Adrian Jaoude vs. Kassius Ohno

The commentators reflect on Ohno’s track record, as of late, and he is struggling.
Jaoude is trained in a Brazilian martial art called capoeira. He’s the first to strike, taking down Ohno with a fireman’s carry.

Off the ropes, Jaoude pushes Ohno and on the return, it’s Ohno with a big boot! He follows it with a senton splash and another boot when Jaoude used the turnbuckle to get back to his feet. Ohno mocks Jaoude’s dance-fighting style and brings Jaoude to his feet. Jaoude wraps his arms around Ohno’s left leg and lifts Ohno up. Can’t get a slam that time, but on the next effort, he succeeds with a belly to back suplex!

Both men are slow moving after that, lining up in opposite corners. Ohno with a straight right hand to a fast-approaching Jaoude. Dream-crushing spinning right forearm to the chops! 1-2-3.

Winner: Kassius Ohno via pinfall in 3 minutes.

One cool point for Ohno because this was a good match to remind us that the man has bricks for hands and boots of pain. He needed a lift and that was it.

One of the theme songs for Takeover: Brooklyn 4 is “Blood // Water” by grandson.

Third Segment: Experience The Dream

Dream and EC3 stand face to face, poolside, at Dream's mansion.
Velveteen Dream is shown poolside in an extravagant, tropical property. EC3 joins him for a little relaxation. Dream asks EC3 to go for a walk and puts his arm around him. EC3 thought he was going into the pool but Dream says EC3 will get better treatment than that.

EC3 says this is the purple rainmaker vs. the golden god and he’s looking forward to this match. Dream begins to talk about respect and drops his glasses. EC3 bends down to pick him up and Dream attacks. It’s countered and EC3 flips Dream over his shoulders, dropping him into the pool!

“It’s 3 feet deep!” EC3 exclaims when Dream is flailing around. We’ll hear more about this next week when Dream is live at Full Sail.

Keith Lee vs. Marcel Barthel

The big screen displays Keith Lee's name in neon green as that man debuts on the Full Sail stage for his August 8th match.
McGuinness says Barthel is a technical aficionado and he’ll have to put that to use against Lee tonight.
Keith Lee gets a warm reception for his debut match, from the crowd and the announce team. For a man of 300+ pounds, he has the agility of a cruiserweight.

Stiff left hook from Lee that knocks Barthel off of his feet to open the fighting.

Double thrust to the throat of Lee by Barthel. He follows that up with uppercuts. Lee shows off his jumping and agility, avoiding a running Barthel on two passes, and then dropkicks Barthel.

Barthel gets a few kicks in on Lee’s torso until Lee catches his left foot. Boot to the face by Barthel. Step up enziguri in the opposite corner by Barthel. He follows it up with stomping on Lee as he’s hung up in the ropes. Running two-foot dropkick! 2 count only.

Lee crawls to the top-left turnbuckle where Barthel meets him with a beatdown. Lee reverses his fate, pulls Barthel into the corner and slaps his two mighty hands onto him for a chop. Crowd’s getting hot. Lee jumps and misses Barthel. Barthel tries for a suplex. It’s countered into a face-first slam by gh and kips up over him. He runs at Barthel who goes flying to the mat. Fireman’s carry into a jackhammer! 1-2-3.

Winner: Keith Lee via pinfall in 4 minutes.

One cool point for Lee’s power and charisma. That guy is just as agile as he was touted to be, but looked to be even stronger with his power game.

The Street Profits, Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins are seen sitting by an ATM, and they are poking fun at The Mighty. They will wrestle next week.

Fourth Segment: Vanessa Borne vs. Taynara Conti (MYC Qualifier)

Tense start to the match as both women grab hold of one another and jostle for position, both on the mat and on their feet. A few pinfall attempts by both Conti and Borne. Whip off the ropes by Conti, but Borne knocks her to the mat with a shoulderblock. Conti grabs hold of Borne from behind. Borne with strikes and head smashes into the middle turnbuckle of the near corner. Conti’s gasping for breath. Another takedown and a 2 count for Borne.

Throat submission by Borne who uses her body weight to press her chest on to Conti’s neck. She transitions this into a leg scissors and slaps at Conti’s hair and head. Borne squeezes her legs around Conti’s torso. Conti escapes. She evades a charge in the corner and begins unleashing slaps and kicks.

Conti with an overhead belly to belly suplex throw. Borne resists being pulled back towards the centre. Borne slaps Conti. Conti yells and catches Borne in a crucifix before slamming her hard to the mat. 1-2-3.

Winner, and Mae Young Classic participant: Taynara Conti via pinfall in 4.5 minutes.

Conti is emotional following the match, crying happy tears, as she celebrates the tournament entry.

0 cool points. Good to see two more women getting TV time but not a very interesting match. Conti wins awkwardly and she did not win in a convincing way. She’s certainly decent with conveying her feelings, bringing attention to her facial expressions and actions both during the match and after, so I think there’s promise for her character.

Final Segment: Aleister Black vs. Johnny Gargano

Tommaso Ciampa crawls on his hands and knees, following his interference in the Aleister Black vs. Johnny Gargano match on August 8 at FSU.
2 Time UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez is shown on camera, watching this main event match.

Fast start. No hesitation from either man in striking with fists and boots. Gargano forces Black to the outside and flies, through the ropes, with a plancha. Black is rolled back into the ring. Gargano advances, shaking his head, and stomps Black in the corner.

Black flips Gargano to the apron. Slingshot spear attempt! Black’s knee meets Gargano’s head. Ouch! Black with a punching combination to Gargano’s torso in the corner. Gargano neatly escapes the corner, only to receive a kick to the head, which stuns him.

Both men avoid kick attempts and then simultaneously clothesline one another not once, but twice, crashing to the mat.

Suddenly, nXt Champion Tommaso Ciampa runs down to the ring. He throws Gargano to the outside. He stomps and punches on Black in the corner.

Gargano and Black take turns bringing the pain to Ciampa with strikes. Ciampa tries to escape over the guardrail. Gargano retrieves him. He is lifted to the apron by Black. Somersault plancha by Gargano on Ciampa! Gargano mounts him for punches until Black rolls Gargano back into the ring to punch him!

A number of referees rush to the ring to break up all three individuals. Cue nXt General Manager William Regal’s music. He’s got a mic and says he’s not going to try to control or prevent this. He will allow this fight to continue, but it will happen, in Brooklyn, in a triple threat match.

No winner

In a WWE.COM exclusive, GM Regal is informed of an attack outside the Performance Centre. Regal quickly walks out of the building, passing Johnny Gargano on his way through the door and the Undisputed Era riding off in a convertible. Aleister Black is laid out on the pavement as referees yell for help. Heavy Machinery briefly come into view; Tucker Knight takes a picture with his phone.

One cool point for Gargano and Black who only had a few minutes to wrestle and yet matched up so effectively, with regards to striking ability, intensity and speed. Almost a shame to see Ciampa break up the match, but he can do no wrong in his role at present.

The announcement of the Triple Threat match was all but official after last week’s interactions, but Black’s injury increases the likelihood of it returning to a one on one bout. That’s a shame because it changes the power dynamic amongst the three, benefitting Gargano the most. He no longer needs to compete with Black for fan support.

Here’s the official card so far for Takeover: Brooklyn:
nXt Championship Match: Tommaso Ciampa (c) vs. Johnny Gargano vs. Aleister Black
nXt Women’s Championship Match: Shayna Baszler (c) vs. Kairi Sane (#1c)
nXt Tag Team Championship Match: Undisputed Era (c) vs. Moustache Mountain (#1c)
nXt North American Championship Match: Adam Cole (c) vs. Ricochet
EC3 vs. The Velveteen Dream

Only a week and a half until Brooklyn. Share your cool point suggestions and comments on tonight’s show and the upcoming Takeover below.

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