nXt Results- December 19, 2018 (Black/Gargano Cage Match)

nXt Results- December 19, 2018 (Black/Gargano Cage Match)

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WWE nXt Results

December 19, 2018

Commentary by Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness and Percy Watson

Opening Segment: Io Shirai & Dakota Kai vs. Marina Shafir & Jessamyn Duke

Duke & Shafir make their nXt in-ring debut on December 19, 2018
Highlights include:

Duke’s got a huge size and reach advantage on Kai as the two lock up. Great running kick and double stomp by Kai, which leads to the first pinfall attempt of the evening.

Shafir’s tagged in and she goes for the mount and punch, then pinfall attempt for 2.
She throws Kai into their turnbuckle and tags Duke back in. Duke responds with a running kick of her own. 1…2…kickout. She sets upon Kai with a neck crank.

Kai eventually breaks free and hits that surprise scorpion kick over her head. Both women are down, crawling and make the hot tags.
Shirai blasts Shafir with forearms off the ropes. Fans get behind her. Homage to Mysterio with the Tiger Feint kick and then a springboard dropkick!

Running double knees by Shirai. All offense right now. Beauty moonsault! 1-2-3.

Winners: Io Shirai & Dakota Kai via pinfall in 4 minutes

1 cool point for both teams. Great energy from Shirai & Kai to overcome the ladies who have picking on Kairi Sane for the past few months. Shafir & Duke didn’t get much offense in, but they were arrogant and they were aggressive, and those are good qualities for a heel team to have.

A promo for Dominik Dijakovic plays, the same one as the past few weeks. He’s up next.

Two weeks ago, Matt Riddle was attacked by Kassius Ohno after his in-ring victory. nXt cameras caught up with Riddle earlier today. Riddle said he’s not happy about the sneak attack, but he doesn’t blame Ohno. He dares him to come into the ring with him again. He will knock Ohno out in 7 seconds again.

Second Segment: Dominik Dijakovic vs. Aaron Mackey

Dominik Dijakovic, fomerly known as Chris Dijak, debuts his new gimmick at Full Sail, on December 19, 2018.
Dijakovic outweighs his opponent by a good 60 pounds or more. He invites the Full Sail faithful to “feast their eyes” on him. Multiple backbreakers while holding Mackey. He holds Mackey in the torture rack position and then drops his head onto his swinging knee. Yikes. 1-2-3.

Winner: Dominik Dijakovic via pinfall in 5 minutes

0 cool points. Dijakovic gets hyped up by the announcers for his size, his power and his impressive offense. Certainly need to see a few more matches to see if this gimmick sticks for the man formerly known as Dijak.

A promo for Heavy Machinery is shown, highlighting their hard work inside and outside of the ring. They believe in what they’ve built and play up their team camaraderie.

A tweet from nXt General Manager William Regal reveals that, based on her work in the tag match earlier tonight, Io Shirai will be the fourth wrestler in the Women’s #1 Contender Fatal Four Way Match next week.

Third Segment: Heavy Machinery vs. Mike Howe & Danny Dicardo

Tucker Knight bounces off the ropes to help Otis Dozovic hit the Super Compactor on two local wrestlers, on December 19, 2018.
Nigel McGuinness tells viewers that Heavy Machinery will get their nXt Tag Team Championship title shot next week against the Undisputed Era.

Dozovic and Howe square off. Dozovic lets out a few “yeahs” as he slams Howe to the mat. Knight does some impressive running while carrying Dicardo from turnbuckle to turnbuckle, slamming him at every stop.

The entire Undisputed Era saunters out to the top of the ramp to watch the match. Knight stares them down.
Dozovic is tagged in again for the Compactor! 1-2-…no. Dozovic lifts up Dicardo.
For some reason, Howe’s up on the turnbuckle. He flies into Knight’s arms. Compactor #2!
Dozovic slams both men, chest-first, at each other. Then, he picks up both men and Knight slams into him for a SUPER Compactor! 1-2-3.

Winners: Heavy Machinery via pinfall in 3 minutes

1 cool point for Heavy Machinery. Their weight and eating habits get talked up all match, but so does their 6 month undefeated streak. They’ve finally got the push behind them for what will be a slobberknocker of a match next week. We can expect some very hard-hitting and definitely some entertaining facial expressions and utterances. Would love to see this feud go longer than one match.

Final Segment: Aleister Black vs. Johnny Gargano in a Steel Cage Match

We are reminded that Aleister Black will finally get his rematch for the nXt Championship against Tommaso Ciampa at Takeover: Phoenix, in January.

Competitors can win the match by pinfall, submission, or escaping the cage with both feet hitting the floor.

Black comes to the ring first. Just as he enters the cage, his foot is yanked out from under him. It’s Johnny Gargano! This match hasn’t started, but the two are brawling on the outside. Black lets loose with multiple kicks to the face. Gargano throws Black into the steel steps.

Another high kick by Black to Gargano’s chest. He throws Gargano into the ring and now they are locked in for the match to begin.

Highlights include:

An awesome combination by Black with a spinning back elbow to the head, followed by a suplex and a 2 count pinfall attempt.
Both guys climb up on the top rope towards the top of the cage. Gargano drops down, baiting Black up only to drop him from the unstable rope, crotching him. Ouch.

Gargano gloats to the audience, prepping Black in the corner. Huge cross chop to the chest.

Black tries to regain the upper hand and he gets catapulted on to the cage wall. He hangs on, shuffles over to the top turnbuckle, and lands a moonsault on Gargano! Rough landing though and it looks like Black landed on his right knee, possibly injuring himself.

Flurry of offense from Black. He beckons Gargano back to his feet and then lashes out with a stiff knee to the face. 1-2- kickout!
Black pauses and looks up at the top of the cage, instead of escaping it. Black sits on top of the cage wall, looks down and decides to return for more fighting. Gargano evades the running attack and sends Black flying into the cage wall.

Both men precariously try to balance, once again, on the top rope. Gargano leaps, twists his body and manages to powerbomb Black from the top rope! 1-2- Black gets the shoulder up. WOW! Put that on the highlight reel.

Left punches meet European uppercuts as the striking continues between Gargano and Black. This goes on for a good 30 seconds. It turns into running attacks. Black’s is stopped by a Gargano superkick. Black responds with a jumping running knee attack. He plants two running kicks to the chest. Black nearly knee strikes Gargano right out the cage door.

Gargano keeps asking for the door to be opened whenever Black strikes him, so he almost wins twice.
WHOA! Russian leg sweep by Gargano from the middle rope, transitioned into a Garga-No Escape! They are in the centre of the ring. Black lifts Gargano and rams him into the cage wall, but Gargano clutches on and brings Black to the mat. Knee strikes to Black’s head. Gargano refuses to give up his hold as Black lifts him.

Gargano rushes to the cage wall and almost escapes over the top. Black meets him there. The two sit on the top of the wall, punching and punching one another. Black evades Gargano and Johnny Wrestling falls to the mat. METEORA! German Suplex! 2 count.

Black lifts Gargano’s head with his foot. Gargano throws away the leg. He beats up on Black. Snake Eyes into the turnbuckle. Face first slam into the cage wall. Gargano’s loving it. He’s on the prowl now, and, yet, he still hasn’t escaped the cage.

Gargano absolves Black of his sins…BLACK MASS! Black will not be disrespected. Neither man can follow up, though, and both men are on their backs, struggling to return to their feet.

Black crawls for the cage door; Gargano slowly ascends up and over the opposite cage wall.

Suddenly, nXt Champion Tommaso Ciampa slams the door on Black’s head. He enters the cage and starts beating on Black. Gargano sees this and returns to the cage. He could’ve won the match!

He stares down Ciampa and the fans start chanting “DIY”. DOUBLE KICKS to the head of Black. Ciampa grins and stares down Gargano as he retreats through the cage door, and closes it. Gargano goes for the cover. 1-2-3.

Winner: via pinfall in 18 minutes

Gargano sits cross-legged, staring at what he has done to defeat Aleister Black in the steel cage match, on December 19, 2018.
Ciampa walks up the ramp, slow-clapping for Gargano. Gargano sits down, staring at what has just happened.

2 cool points for both men in this brutal cage match. Hard to ignore the multiple moments where both men could have escaped. I guess they were consumed with wanting to hurt the other guy that they couldn’t just leave the cage. Lots of bad blood between these two, and it showed.

Gargano made some risky, eye-catching moves, especially that incredible twisting jump to grab Black and powerbomb him from the top rope. Not the turnbuckle, the rope. Black’s kicks continue to be, on average, the best in nXt, for their impact, crispness and speed.

Curious to see if this was Black’s last big match until Takeover: Phoenix. Where does Gargano go from here? Is he left without a match for Takeover? What are your cool point suggestions from tonight’s show? Two big matches next week to discuss, too. We will have a new #1 contender for the Women’s Championship. Who will it be? Share on all of this and more, below, in the comments section.


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