nXt Results- December 5, 2018

nXt Results- December 5, 2018

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WWE nXt Results

December 5, 2018

Commentary by Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness and Percy Watson

Opening Segment: Matt Riddle vs. Punishment Martinez

Matt Riddle puts Punishment Martinez into the Bromission, on December 5th nXt show match.

Martinez is making his nXt TV debut. Ranallo says he wants to be a monster in nXt. Dueling chants to start this match off.

Riddle forces Martinez to the corner. Sleeper hold by Riddle until he’s smashed backwards to the mat. Rear choke is applied, but Martinez breaks the grip by slamming back, then rolling out of it.

Martinez misses the leaping splash in the corner. Riddle responds with high kicks to the chest. Cyclone kick catches Riddle off the ropes for a 2 count.

The two trade strikes and counters until Riddle nails Martinez in the head with a kick. Riddle applies the Bromission. Martinez resists until Riddle fiercely clubs Martinez in the chest. He cinches in the hold and Martinez taps out.

Winner: Matt Riddle via submission in 4 minutes

Post-match, Riddle’s heading up the ramp, thanking the fans, and he’s clocked with a spinning lariat by Kassius Ohno.

1 cool point for Riddle. His kicks were strong, his slaps were loud and his submissions had the crowd up on their feet. Seems like almost everything Riddle does captures the attention of the fans.

A video package of highlights for the nXt North American Champion Ricochet are shown. Earlier today, he was interviewed about being the highlight reel in nXt. Ricochet says he’s here for more than that: to win. He hasn’t been pinned at any Takeover. Ricochet is going to talk to nXt General Manager Ricochet about who he will wrestle next week, when he defends the title.

Second Segment: nXt Updates

A video package of Otis Dozovic and Tucker Knight working out at the gym is shown. This is interspersed with match highlights and interview footage. Knight announces how successful they’ve been in the past few months. Now they’re ready to challenge for the nXt Tag Team Championships.

A recap of the tweet GM Regal shared earlier is given. In 3 weeks, an nXt Women’s Championship #1 contender match will take place. The first qualifier is Bianca Belair. This happened at an nXt Live event over the weekend.

Humberto Carrillo & Raul Mendoza vs. Forgotten Sons ( Cutler/Ryker) w. Ryker

Highlights include: Carrillo showing off his tumbling skills. Mendoza’s hurricanrana on Blake.

Double team backbreaker by Cutler and Blake.

Belly to back suplex by Mendoza to break free from a minute-long rear chinlock.
Second rope stomp/Scorpion death drop combo by the Forgotten Sons on Carrillo gets them the win.

Winners: Forgotten Sons via pinfall in 4 minutes

1 cool point for the double team work of Cutler & Blake. That was the difference here. They weren’t as athletic or fancy as their opponents, but they broke pinfall attempts when needed, and their power moves overwhelmed Carrillo & Mendoza. Not sure how they can improve their rank without beating a team like Heavy Machinery.

Cathy Kelley interviews Velveteen Dream backstage. He’s not impressed with the ambience so he snaps his fingers. The lights turn to a purple hue and his instrumental theme music plays. Dream is asked what’s next. Dream says the people and the Internet are still talking about him. Even the nXt locker room is talking about him. People are asking about him to Triple H.

What’s next? Leaving you. He snaps his fingers, the music and lights go away, and he leaves Kelley.

Third Segment: Undisputed Era Promo

The Undisputed Era’s backstage promo looks like it’s taking place in the back of a truck. Bobby Fish addresses EC3. He asks EC3 just how far he’s willing to step into the deep end cause those waters are infested with sharks. My friends and I are happy to take him out again.

Roderick Strong gloats about injuring the War Raiders. They call The Mighty the Weaky. Kyle O’Reilly brings up Heavy Machinery and their undefeated streak, but says they’ve never faced the Undisputed Era. They aren’t at their level.

An injury update is provided on War Raider Hanson who has broken ribs, a ruptured spleen and torn ligaments from the WarGames match.

Non-Title Match: Shayna Baszler (c) vs. Dakota Kai

Baszler targets Kai's arm during their December 5th nXt match.

Baszler walks down to the ring with her Horsewomen friends, Jessamyn Duke and Marina Shafir.
Kai is 0-2 against Baszler on nXt TV.

Kai strikes first with a running soccer kick to the head. Baszler retreats to the outside. Kai kicks her from the apron until Baszler sweeps her off and to the mat below.

Baszler contorts Kai’s arm and steps on her hand. She stomps, but Kai moves her hand and goes for a pinfall. Baszler kicks out and immediately snaps Kai’s left arm. The referee asks Kai if she can continue, and she says yes.

Repeated kicks to Baszler’s head from Kai. Running kick in the corner. Foot to the face of the nXt Women’s Champion! Baszler responds with a running knee to Kai’s face and a 2 count pinfall attempt.

Kai knocks down Baszler with a jumping kick. Top rope double foot stomp! 1-2- Baszler kicks out!
Step up enziguri from Baszler as Kai sits on the top rope. Gutwrench superplex but Baszler can’t make the cover. Fans are really into it.

Kai grabs on to Baszler’s right hand, swinging her leg with kicks to Baszler’s head. She runs off the ropes. Baszler rolls and trips her. She seizes upon a vulnerable Kai with the Kirifuta Clutch. Kai taps!

Winner: Shayna Baszler via submission in 6 minutes

Post-match, the Horsewomen beat up on Kai until Io Shirai races down to defend her. She hits Duke and Shafir with a jumping double dropkick. Baszler confronts Shirai and gets knocked down, but her friends retrieve her from the ring to escape further damage.

1 cool point for Baszler who’s now 3-0 against Kai. Kai showed a lot of hustle and energy, and represented Team Kick well. Baszler really just had to wait out the kicks and find a moment to lock in her match-ending submission. It’ll be interesting to see who wins that #1 Contender’s Fatal Four-Way match in 3 weeks. Also, I think Duke and Shafir would be ready for a 6-women tag with Baszler. As JR says, “sauce it”!

A promo for Dijakovic is shown.

Final Segment: nXt Champion Tommaso Ciampa Returns to FSU

Ciampa comes to the ring and he’s got something to say.

He says he exposed the mystique and turned the dream into a nightmare.
The people refuse to accept him as the champion.

Ciampa calls out specific fans in the audience saying, “They don’t believe in him.” He even calls out Ranallo, saying he doesn’t believe in him, but Mamma mia, here he stands.

Children will grow up and study his work. He’s not the flavour of the week, or the month, he’s the 2018 sports-entertainer of the year. He’ll be 2019’s, too.

The lights go out and an electric guitar chord sounds. That’s Aleister Black’s theme music.
Smoke billows in the entrance and there rises Black on the ramp.

He gets big chants from the fans upon entering the ring. He stares at Ciampa as the champ holds up the belt. Black has a mic and he says he absolved Johnny Gargano of his sins, sins that Ciampa created.

Black says Ciampa’s not really a champion. Ciampa is original sin and he will be absolved, too. Black wants his rematch at Takeover: Phoenix.

Suddenly, Johnny Gargano’s music hits and Gargano walks down the ramp, asking everyone to hold up. Gargano says hold up on the title match. Thanks for the absolution, but the feud’s not over until he says it’s over.

Ciampa comments on the proceedings from the apron. He says he knows Gargano pretty well, and Gargano’s pretty fixated on Black. When that happens, Gargano refuses to let things go. Ciampa calls himself the Champ and says they almost tore each other’s heads off at WarGames. He indicates it should have been them inside the steel structure.

The staredown continues between Black and Gargano. Ciampa is on the ring apron behind them, egging them on to wrestle in a steel cage on December 5th nXt show.

Ciampa shares his opinion that if he were in this, he would want to finish it the right way, once and for all, inside of a steel cage. Ciampa gets the crowd behind this idea, and they give a “Yes” chant. Gargano asks the crowd if that’s what they want. Gargano agrees.

He gets under Black’s skin and when Black says he’ll fight Gargano anywhere, even that parking lot, Gargano reminds him how that worked out last time. Black goes for Black Mass, but Gargano drops down and rolls out of the ring.

Instead, Black kicks Ciampa with Black Mass. He and Gargano stare one another down to close the show.

Ciampa may be semi-conscious to end the show, but he won this segment. 2 cool points. He evaded Black’s Takeover rematch call, and convinced him to fight Gargano in a cage. That match will almost certainly hurt both men and weaken them for any upcoming title opportunities. Interesting to see all 3 of these men get cheered, even though 2 of them are so often booed.

Love the character dynamics that allow fans to feel a variety of emotions towards these main event wrestlers.
Gargano comes away from the segment, looking arrogant, self-assured and sneaky. Black is the frustrated, righteous hero and owning that role. 1 cool point each.

What are your cool point suggestions from tonight’s show? Are we getting that triple threat in Phoenix? Will Heavy Machinery finally get a Tag Team Title shot? Share on all of this and more, below, in the comments section.

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