nXt Results- February 27, 2019

nXt Results- February 27, 2019


WWE nXt Results

February 27, 2019

Full Sail University, Winter Park, FL

Commentary by Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness and Percy Watson

Opening Segment: A “DIY” Reunion?

Johnny Gargano is the first man out tonight at Full Sail. He happily announces himself as one of the newest members of Raw and Smackdown Live. He addresses his tough match, last Wednesday, against Velveteen Dream. He says his first test as Johnny Champion was a failure.

Cue the “Johnny Failure” chant, which Gargano accepts. He knows that he failed himself and all the fans. But he still feels like a champion. So, he realized the only reason he’s had any success…

He’s interrupted by the music of nXt Champion Tommaso Ciampa.

Ciampa’s having none of the crowd chants. He says this is about he and Gargano. Gargano is at his best when he’s together with Ciampa. Look at their matches on the main roster: tagging together, they’ve won all their matches.
He walks down to the ring and mentions last week when he offered to help Gargano, Gargano opted to go it alone, and he lost.

After a year and a half, Ciampa says, their teaming up is destiny. Regal’s announcement of the Dusty Rhodes Classic is something to think about. Ciampa says it’s been a long road but the dream started with that tournament. The winner of the Dusty Rhodes Classic gets a Tag Title match at Takeover: New York. That could be their moment.
A “DIY” chant starts up. If they’re on the same page, Takeover: New York ends with Gargano and him as champions.
Ciampa holds his hand out. Gargano stares at it, drops his microphone and shakes Ciampa’s hand.

Ricochet is interviewed backstage and he makes it known that he and Aleister Black may tag together for the Dusty Rhodes Classic.

Outside Full Sail, Candice LeRae is waiting to confront her husband, Johnny, who walked out with the champ. Ciampa leaves the two of them, and Gargano asks LeRae to trust him. LeRae says you better know what you’re doing.

Second Segment: Vanessa Borne & Aliyah vs. Taynara Conti & Xia Li

Highlights include:

Bicycle kick by Conti on Borne. That leads to a monkey flip and a 2 count.
Conti and Aliyah take turns grabbing at the other’s leg for tripping purposes. This allows Borne to take the offensive. She tells Conti she’s nothing, slapping her across the face.

Aliyah’s tagged in, receiving loud boos. Double-team suplex.
Straitjacket submission handcuffs Conti for a spell, but she backs up against the turnbuckle to break free. Tag to Li. Spinning heel kick and a quick cover.
Aliyah gets tagged in again. She and Borne connect for a double team manoeuvre to pin Li for the win.


Winners: Vanessa Borne & Aliyah via pinfall in 5 minutes


1 cool point for Borne & Aliyah, showing some newfound confidence and attitude in this match. Pretty great to see Aliyah getting boos because for so long, she got no reaction from the fans. The women’s division can benefit from another alliance. Tagging up should ensure these ladies get more TV time.

Earlier today, new nXt North American Champion Velveteen Dream is asked about how things are going. Dream doesn’t get too far along before he’s interrupted by the Undisputed Era. Adam Cole says the only experience Dream will feel is him winning the championship. He says the interviewer should be talking to the future Dusty Classic and Tag Team Champion: Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly.

Dream makes fun of Cole for being a little man with a big mouth. How big will his mouth be without his little crew around? He says he doesn’t have time for the Era, which leaves them grumbling.

Cathy Kelley is at nXt General Manager William Regal’s door, when an altercation can be heard taking place off camera. The cameraman approaches Io Shirai and Bianca Belair arguing with one another. They’re split up by an official and Sara Del Rey, with Belair insisting that she is Un-De-Feat-ed.

Third Segment: Keith Lee vs. Dominik Dijakovic

Lee holds his hands high in the air, after evading Dijakovic, who looks on from bended kenee

Highlights include:
Lee and Dijakovic showing off their tumbling and flipping abilities, including Lee flipping on to his feet after Dijakovic thought he monkey flipped him over.

Dijakovic and Lee engage in a slap-fest, which escalates to a jumping elbow to Lee’s head by Dijakovic.
All of this serves to slowly and gradually upset Lee. He begins to club and punch back, including a haymaker left hand to Dijakovic’s jaw.
Football tackle sends Lee’s 6’7’’ opponent flying across the ring.

Choke slam powerbomb by Dijakovic for a 2 count! Announcers can’t believe Lee kicked out so easily.
Lee with a spike slam of his own for a 2 count.
Kicks by Dijakovic to Lee’s mid-section and upper torso, while Lee’s on the apron. Tornado kick sends Lee to the ramp. Dijakovic with a huge Asai moonsault. He lands before Lee and both men grab the back of their heads in pain. That was a rough landing.

Meanwhile, the referee continues to count and he reaches 10.

Double countout in 5 minutes

1 cool point for both men and the very physical nature of the match. Lee should not be able to move the way he does; his agility is impressive. Dijakovic matched up well though and he’s getting the crowd support. Likely to see these two fight again soon.

Teams competing in the 2019 nXt Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic are shown, and there are 8 teams in total.
The brackets for the 2019 Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic are shown here, from a TV graphic.

GM Regal announces, by Twitter, that Bianca Belair and Io Shirai will fight in two weeks to decide the #1 Contender to Shayna Baszler.

Surprise Return of nXt Women’s Stars

Sasha Banks and Bayley return to FSU with the Women's Tag Titles.

Suddenly, Sasha Banks’ music hits and she hits the stage, quickly followed by Bayley. They are the first WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions. Fans are shocked that the Boss N’ Hug Connection is here at Full Sail. They get a warm reception from the crowd.

Banks says it feels good to be home. The journey to these new titles began right here in nXt. A “You deserve it” chant rings out as Bayley reminds them the last time they were in the ring together, in the first ever Women’s Ironman match. Izzy, the Bayley superfan, gets a shoutout!

Bayley says they want these championships to be the most sought-after titles in WWE. Banks says they’re taking them all over the world: to Raw, Smackdown Live and even, nXt.
Maybe next time they set foot in nXt, they will defend these tag titles and you can bank on that.

Non-Title Main Event Match: Shayna Baszler (c) vs. Mia Yim

Highlights include:
Tope to the outside by Yim, knocking Baszler off her feet. Big boot to Baszler’s face and then Yim chucks Baszler into the steel steps.

It’s not long until Baszler gains the momentum. She targets the leg of Yim, stomping and kicking it and applying leg locks. Yim won’t tap, but she’s being worn down slowly.

Yim struggles through the pain, hitting Eat Defeat, but she’s too busy clutching her foot in pain, to tag Baszler. Baszler’s back up and she nails Yim with a tilt-a-whirl gutwrench suplex. 1-2- kickout.
Kicks to the chest of Yim. Baszler’s leg is caught. Yim picks up Baszler for a powerbomb! 1-2- kickout! Baszler counters Yim for a knee to the chest and the Kirifuda Clutch. Yim fights it off about 15 seconds and then has to tap.

Winner: Shayna Baszler via submission in 8 minutes

1 cool point for Baszler and her effective game plan. She injured Yim’s leg all throughout the match and locked in that signature submission of hers at just the right time. Honestly, aside from the opening and closing flurries of action, Yim didn’t get much going for herself.

So glad to see the Dusty Classic will be returning for another year. The narratives and matches that come from that type of tournament are interesting and engaging. Add in the return of “DIY”, which might lead to a new chapter in the Ciampa/Gargano rivalry What do you think?
Share your cool points and thoughts on the world of nXt below. Peace!

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