nXt Results- July 24, 2019 (Priest vs. Lee)

nXt Results- July 24, 2019 (Priest vs. Lee)

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WWE nXt Results

July 24, 2019

Full Sail University, Orlando, FL

Commentary by Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness and WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix

Opening Segment: Jordan Myles vs. Angel Garza (nXt Breakout Tournament Semi-Finals)

Highlights include:

Coming out of a series of wristlocks and counters, Garza dropkicks Myles. Myles nails him back.

On the outside, Garza throws Myles into the stairs and then the barricade. He’s firmly in control at this point. Returning to the ring, Garza stifles Myles with a backbreaker and a 2 count. Into the turnbuckle, Myles has his face slammed by Garza, but this seems to wake him up.

Combination of strikes from Myles, then a dropkick, kip-up and a spinning discus clothesline on Garza. No cover though. Myles heads to the top. Springboard..Garza drops him with a dropkick! 1-2- kickout!

Myles with a bridging German suplex. 1-2-3!

Winner: Jordan Myles via pinfall, advancing to the Breakout Finals

1 cool point for Myles because he’s going to receive, along with the other finalist, the most face time of the tournament’s competitors. Seems like a vote for Myles and I hope we see more of his wrestling abilities next time out. Can’t say I’m particularly into him yet. Hoping for a big splash next match.

Post-match, Shane Thorne from The Mighty aggressively approaches the commentary booth. He takes Ranallo’s headset off and complains about these Breakout wrestlers getting chances when he’s been there 3 years getting nothing. He’s going to break out on his own.

After this, nXt cameras show Johnny Gargano backstage, saying this has become personal. His stipulation allows him to focus on beating the hell out of Cole in a Street Fight.

Second Segment: Bianca Belair vs. Xia Li

Highlights include:

Belair gets the best of Li to start the match. She swings Li around and nails her with hammers to the back. Handspring moonsault! She takes time to taunt Li, which allows Li to get her with a back elbow.

Belair catches Li in her attempt to hit her with a crossbody…fallaway slam. Here comes that stalling vertical suplex! So impressive. WAIT! Li flips out of it.
Doesn’t last though. Belair connects with the Kiss of Death (KOD) and this one’s over.

Winner: Bianca Belair via pinfall

1 cool point for Belair. She did really well to get highlighted in the Women’s Championship matches in which she participated. Although she’s on an adjacent road at the moment, matches like this one keep her in the #1 contender conversation.

A promo for Killian Dain is shown. He says it’s his world where there are no rules. He can’t wait to introduce Matt Riddle to his world.

Also, at the Performance Center, Mia Yim attacks Jessamyn Duke after a training session. She even slams a locker into the side of Duke. This is a follow up from last week when she attacked Shafir.

Third Segment: nXt North American Championship Talk

nXt North American Champion Velveteen Dream heads to the ring. He talks about Roderick Strong not being big enough to “ride this ride”. Dream calls out for someone else to challenge him.

Strong appears and heads down to the ring. He says he’s the most deserving challenger because he could take Dream’s title *snap* like that.

Suddenly, it’s Pete Dunne’s music. Dunne heads to the ring where Strong attacks, immediately getting his fingers snapped by Dunne. He and Dream exchange words as the segment ends.

Backstage, Strong tells nXt General Manager William Regal how unhappy he is that Dunne is trying to take his spot. GM Regal says he’s going to add him to the match at TakeOver: Toronto, so it will now be a 3-way for the North American Championship.

Fourth Segment: Io Shirai vs. Kacy Catanzaro

Highlights include:

Shirai’s continuing to make that transformation to a heel character, with a new entrance and a new look on her way to the ring.

Double knees to the face of Catanzaro in the corner. Delay backbreaker. That’s all, though because in runs Candice LeRae. She lands punches on Shirai, an enziguri…she grabs a chair and chases Shirai to the back.

Winner: Io Shirai via DQ

1 cool point for all the women because of what is being built here for storylines. Shirai and LeRae could become its own feud, with or without the Women’s Championship. By teasing this ahead of Toronto, it’s harder to determine what will happen between Shirai and Baszler.

Catanzaro benefits from a little more face time, which helps her gain traction with the fans. She really hasn’t wrestled much on TV yet, so it’s unclear how she’s coming along in her training.

Backstage, Adam Cole chooses no stipulation because he’s already beaten Gargano in a regular wrestling match. May as well keep that because he had success in New York with it.

Main Event: Keith Lee vs. Damian Priest

Highlights include:

Priest and Lee exchange kicking and striking attempts, but both do well to evade them. Lee transitions to a submission-based attack, executing a knuckle lock on Priest. Priest responds with a forearm, kick and more punches. Discus clothesline! 1-2- kickout.

After a wristlock slows down Lee for a little while, he replies with punches, forearms and a lariat before covering Priest for a 2 count. Falcon Arrow on Priest! 1-2- kickout again.

Priest slides to the outside. Lee throws him back in, and then gets kneed in the face so he falls to the outside. Flying plancha attempt by Priest is literally caught in mid-air by Lee!

Nothing doing as Priest fights his way out of it and kicks Lee into the steel ring steps.
Back in the ring, Priest uses the referee to protect himself from Lee’s offense. He surprises Lee with a rolling cutter. That’s all! 1-2-3.

Winner: Damian Priest via pinfall

2 cool points for Priest. In his second TV match, he gets a notable win over Lee who, perhaps hasn’t climbed the roster like he should have, but still has a bunch of credibility amongst the fans at Full Sail and the locker room.

Share your thoughts on the show below! We are only a few weeks away from TakeOver: Toronto. Does this stay a 5 match card with 4 titles defended + Matt Riddle/Killian Dain? Who would you like to see on the card that just isn’t getting the TV time right now?

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