nXt Results- July 3, 2019 (Strong vs. Breeze)

nXt Results- July 3, 2019 (Strong vs. Breeze)

WWE nXt Results

July 3, 2019

Full Sail University, Orlando, FL

Commentary by Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness and WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix

Opening Segment: Aliyah w. Vanessa Borne vs. Mia Yim

Highlights include:

Aggressive taunting by Aliyah to start out this match. Yim’s unphased though and she literally scares Aliyah off of her feet, landing her on her rear end.
Aliyah settles down and takes control of the match, including an enziguri for a 2 count. She misses a knee drop!

Yim with drop toe hold into turnbuckle, kicks, and then a belly to back suplex!
Aliyah rolls out to avoid pin.

Upon re-entry….Yim hits Protect Yo’ Neck on Aliyah! 1-2-3.

Winner: Mia Yim via pinfall in 5 minutes

Post-match, Yim chucks Borne into the steel steps. She heads for the nXt announce table and sends a message to Baszler: she’s coming for her title.

1 cool point for Aliyah who continues to be entertaining to watch getting beaten up. So much attitude and even able to back it up at times. She’s made real progress this year. 1 cool point for Yim who endures the mosquito-like offense of Aliyah before putting her away for the win. Definitely a top contender in the Women’s Division.

Highlights from the end to last week’s nXt Women’s Championship Steel Cage match are shown. This includes the post-match attack by Io Shirai on Candice LeRae, who tried to help her out.

Cathy Kelley asks nXt General Manager William Regal about it. He begins to discuss it when Forgotten Sons interrupts them and demands a match with Street Profits for the nXt Tag Titles.

Regal reminds them that they got themselves disqualified so, in his mind, they already got the title shot. Blake, Cutler and Ryker all say they won’t forget this.
Kelley asks if Regal has another team in mind to face Street Profits. Regal says, next week, we’ll see them against Danny Burch & Oney Lorcan.

Second Segment: Adam Cole Championship Celebration Week 2

Adam Cole Bay Bay Celebration Week 2 video is shown. Cole’s in Cleveland. First, he orders pizzas from Gargano’s, leaving his signed picture on their Wall of Fame.

Next, he goes to Gargano’s wrestling school where he launches into a speech on realizing they will never be nXt Champion. He recommends they leave the school, leave the city and just give up.

Kushida vs. Jeff Parker

Kushida's entrance, bathed in blue, perched on the turnbuckle on July 3, 2019 nXt TV

Highlights include:

Repeated tumbling cartwheels by Kushida while maintaining the chinlock on Parker.
Handspring back elbow by Kushida. No pinfall.

Sakuraba (armbar) is locked in and Parker taps promptly.

Winner: Kushida via submission in 2.5 minutes

Kushida continues his undefeated streak so he gets a cool point for that. Won’t be that easy in future matches against tougher competition, but, for now, it’s a great start. Could see him in Toronto for TakeOver?

Backstage, Kelley interviews Tyler Breeze. Breeze reminds everyone that this is n-X-Breeze, and it was that long before the Undisputed Era showed up.

A promo for Killian Dain is shown. He’s coming soon to nXt.

Third Segment: Isaiah “Swerve” Scott vs. Cameron Grimes (nXt Breakout Tournament Round 1)

Highlights include:
Scott showing off his speed and agility from the get-go with a hurricanrana, and a kip-up into a dropkick.

Grimes sends him to the floor to stop the offensive barrage, but, Scott continues, splashing down on Grimes as he tried to get back in. 1-2- kickout!

Sit-down powerbomb by Grimes. 1-2- nope. Scott is pressing too. Fosbury flop to the outside flattens Grimes to the floor! Impressive. Back into the ring, they go.

Grimes counters. He catches Scott for a splash. Running double stomp! 1-2-3.

Winner: Cameron Grimes via pinfall in 8 minutes

One cool point for both guys, but good on Grimes who has a distinct size and aggressiveness that helps him to stand out in the tournament.

Fourth Segment: Bianca Belair vs. Priscilla Zuniga

Highlights include:
Belair’s attitude in full effect here with the new girl. She chucks Zuniga into the corner. Spear! Military press and then she just drops Zuniga to the mat. So much strength.
Zuniga tries to catch her off guard with a boot. Second rope hurricanrana attempt, but Belair catches her for not one, not two, but three powerbombs!
KOD for the win.

Winner: Bianca Belair via pinfall in 4 minutes

One cool point for Belair showing off her strength in the match. It was against an opponent who didn’t prove to be very challenging, and she could afford to do it at a low risk. Belair’s lost some close matches this year, so this must have been sweet for her.

Clips of Matt Riddle training are shown, in all of the fighting disciplines he is comfortable with.

Main Event: Roderick Strong vs. Tyler Breeze

Highlights include:
McGuinness wondering aloud if Breeze has the stamina to keep up with Strong in a singles match.

Hot start from Breeze that’s capped when he yells at the referee not to touch him.

On the outside, Breeze charges Strong but gets launched at the edge of the steps. Yikes! That looked painful. Backbreaker on the barricade!

Jawbreaker by Breeze sends Strong to the floor. Quick return. Breeze flies with a leaping forearm off the apron. He rolls Strong back in. Backstabber for a 2 count!

Breeze ascends the turnbuckle, and Strong with the step-up enziguri to calm him down. Punches back and forth on the top turnbuckle. Strong with the superplex and a 2 count.

Breeze is throwing everything he can at Strong until he finally takes out Strong with an enziguri. As he ascends to the top rope, it’s the Undisputed Era who come out. Fish distracts Breeze.

Strong with End of Heartache and the pinfall. 1-2-3.

Winner: Roderick Strong via pinfall in 10 minutes

Two cool points for Strong who got an opportunity to prove, once again, to the nXt community just how talented he is in the ring. Strong is such a capable wrestling hand. Breeze also gets 2 cool points because his efforts tonight indicate he is in the right place. No way he’d get these kinds of matches on the main roster. From nXt, he can be a true kingmaker and help build up other stars.

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