nXt Results- June 19, 2019 (Cole Returns to Full Sail)

nXt Results- June 19, 2019 (Cole Returns to Full Sail)

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WWE nXt Results

June 19, 2019

Full Sail University, Orlando, FL

Commentary by Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness and WWE Hall of Famer Beth Phoenix

Opening Segment: A New Undisputed nXt Champion


The Undisputed Era get a big reaction at Full Sail. Adam Cole proudly struts around with the nXt Championship title around his waist. Following the usual gimmicks and poses, he grabs a mic.
Cole said 2019, the Undisputed Era would be draped in championship gold. This is the start of fulfilling that prophecy. They’re going to remake the nXt universe into an undisputed one.

Cole cues up the Titantron and it’s a new video montage to the Disturbed nXt TV theme, featuring only clips of the Undisputed Era’s greatest moments. He says that’s how the show should start every week.
O’Reilly says we put that together last night. Cole says that’s what he’s talking about… undisputed power.

Street Profits should shine up their titles for Roddy, Bobby & O’Reilly, too. Nobody can touch them, not GM Regal, not even Triple H himself.

Cue Velveteen Dream…

Dream says he’d like to touch Cole. Ha! Dream acknowledges the ascent of the Era, but it’s Dream Over. Dream looks better in gold than Cole. The nXt Championship would look amazing paired with his North American Championship.

Strong gets the mic and questions Dream…saying “Dream On”. He doesn’t deserve to be the North American Champion or to be in their presence.

Cue Matt Riddle…

Bro…how hard did I hit you (Strong) at TakeOver? Riddle says he beat Strong and Cole already.

Cole says Riddle knows nothing.

Riddle says he knows he’s insanely good-looking and a stallion.

Cole calls Riddle jealous of his championship record, of Strong holding a championship, and Riddle has dropped the ball on all of his opportunities. He tells him to go back to writing reviews of characters from the Attitude Era. That era is over and Riddle’s era will never come.

Cue Tyler Breeze…

Breeze was just talking with Mr. Regal. He doesn’t care what’s undisputed or who’s better looking (it’s him, by the way). He does care about the Undisputed Era trying to take credit for a brand that he was building before they even arrived.
Crowd chants, “O-G”.

Mr. Regal agreed to Breeze’s suggestion to a 6-way tag in the main event tonight:
Breeze, Dream and Riddle vs. any 3 of the Undisputed Era.

A promo package is shown for nXt Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler’s feud with #1 Contender Io Shirai. They will square off in a STEEL CAGE match for the title next week.

Second Segment: Raul Mendoza vs. Damien Priest

This is Damien Priest’s debut TV match. McGuinness and Phoenix talk about how much they’ve been anticipating this.

Highlights include:
Plenty of power right from the get-go from Priest. Strong kick sends Mendoza back rolling into the turnbuckle. Severe height difference here. Mendoza’s chucked into the turnbuckle. Mendoza uses his speed to evade Priest. Springboard kick lands. The next one doesn’t.

Baseball slide through the legs. Step-up enziguri connects but Priest is still standing.

Mendoza walks the top rope and kicks Priest, spilling him through the ropes but he’s still standing! Priest throws Mendoza spine-first into the ring apron. Ouch.
Priest motions an archery move and then curtails Mendoza with a spinning roundhouse to the head. Rolling cutter. 1-2-3.

Winner: Damien Priest via pinfall in 2 minutes

1 cool point for Priest’s debut. Didn’t take any crap from Mendoza who buzzed like a bee around him, trying to topple the new guy. Size, look, offense seem to be in check.

nXt General Manager William Regal announces a single-elimination tournament for WWE Performance Centre wrestlers who haven’t been on TV yet. It’s called nXt Breakout. They include: Jordan Myles, Boa, Cameron Grimes, Isaiah “Swerve” Scott, Dexter Lumis, Bronson Reed, Angel Garza, and Joaquin Wilde.

The winner will get a championship shot of their choosing, and the tournament kicks off next week. Pretty cool that they included their “formerly known as” names from the indies.

Third Segment: Mia Yim Promo

Mia Yim gets the feature promo and interview treatment. Yim says she’s the hell and the high water, and Baszler has been put on notice that the Women’s locker room may not be hers much longer.

Taynara Conti vs. Xia Li

Li is the first Chinese women’s wrestling signee to nXt. Really appreciate Ranallo discussing how this match features wrestlers trying to fight their way up the proverbial ladder in a highly competitive women’s division. Plenty of room for women to ascend and challenge for those top spots.
Highlights include:

A few rollup attempts at the beginning. Beauty judo throws from Conti, but she stops to taunt Li and gets kicked in the face for it.
Conti slams Li to the canvas after Li missed her kick. 1-2- kickout. Another pinfall attempt and a sharp kick to the body. 1-2- kickout! Conti screams.

Double knees to the chest of Li in the turnbuckle. Full mount pinfall but another kickout.

Surfboard stretch by Conti, pushing her foot against Li’s back and pulling back on her arms. Conti ragdolls Li a bit. Crowd starts to clap. Li’s on her feet and she evades a kicking attack. Leg sweep takes Conti down. Strong kicks to the body of Conti.

Li with a roundhouse kick that Conti ducks, but Li keeps spinning and catches Conti with a back heel kick to the face. 1-2-3.

Winner: Xia Li via pinfall in 4 minutes

One cool point for Li’s effort in this match. Definitely a slower paced match. Li showed off her agility and ability to springboard around the ring. Conti showed off her aggression and definitely looked like she was in charge. Good signs, but need to see what they can do in another match.

A Street Profits promo is shown, with Ford and Dawkins noting how they are enjoying being nXt Tag Champs. They’ll be back next week to wrestle Forgotten Sons. The camera switches to them in full promo with a group of their fans outside Full Sail. Entertaining.

MAIN EVENT: Undisputed Era vs. Velveteen Dream (NAc), Tyler Breeze & Matt Riddle

Highlights include:
Riddle and Cole start out. Riddle goes for a knee bar, but Strong stops him. All 3 Undisputed Era guys get a chance to take on Riddle. Riddle with a beauty gutwrench suplex on Strong for a 2 count.

Dream tags in following a submission attempt on Strong. They spill out to the floor briefly.

Fish tags in and the two exchange strikes. Dream hits an elbow and a sledgehammer off the turnbuckles. Fish kicks out after a bulldog. Breeze tags in, as does Cole. Riddle’s in quickly and he nails Cole with a fisherman’s suplex, bridging into a pinning attempt. 1-2- kickout! Riddle’s on the offensive here, hitting Cole with all kinds of offense.

Exploder suplex! Back senton. Momentum building, but, no, Fish hits him with a back elbow when the referee wasn’t looking.

Very one-sided here as Strong nails Riddle with a backbreaker. Fish tags in for some striking that sends Riddle to the mat. Cole tags in…snapmare. Knees to the back. Submission game activated. Reverse chin lock. Riddle will try to counter, but nothing doing. Cole counters Riddle with a lungblower. 1-2- kickout!

Strong & Fish both get some in-ring time, beating up on Riddle. Fish kicks him in the head and Cole tags in to finish the match. Kick to the knees. He knocks Dream off the apron. Riddle knees Cole off of the turnbuckles.

This allows Breeze and Fish to tag in. Hot tag! Breeze is flying here, taking care of all the Undisputed Era! He even hits Fish with a Beauty Shot, but can’t cover him because Strong pulls him out of the ring. Breeze prepares for an over-the-top splash, but Dream tags him at the ropes.

They argue, then superkick Cole on the apron to remove him from the match result, after Cole superkicked Riddle!
Meanwhile, the match continues in the ring. Strong with End of Heartache and a 1-2-3 and a pin on Dream to win.

Winners: Undisputed Era via pinfall in 12 minutes

Two cool points for the Undisputed Era. So entertaining to see their dynamic at play in the ring. Two cool points for Matt Riddle who certainly took the brunt of his team’s workload tonight. The guy is already so good at striking and submission, and gaining a repertoire of suplexes. He’s poised for a big feud with Cole and in the right mix of characters, if he doesn’t get that titleshrt. He should still get a big-name match at TakeOver: Toronto.

Share your thoughts on the show below! Steel Cage next week should be pretty great. The Breakout tourney is interesting, too. Good things to have during the summer to keep interest going. Any predicted winners??

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