nXt Results- May 8, 2019 (Riddle vs. Cole)

nXt Results- May 8, 2019 (Riddle vs. Cole)

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WWE nXt Results

May 8, 2019

Full Sail University, Winter Park, FL

Commentary by Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness and Percy Watson

Opening Segment: Bianca Belair vs. Mia Yim

Belair mounts Yim for strikes to the head on May 8, nXt TV
Highlights include:

Belair kips up out of a headlock from Yim’s legs. Pretty cool. Very evenly matched to start this match out, and both women are jawing at each other pretty well. “UN-DE-FEAT-ED” from Belair.

Yim’s busy with knee strikes and dropkicks. Pele kick knocks Belair to the corner. She misses the somersault kick, as Belair escapes to the outside. She slams Yim’s face on to the mat, returns to the ring and to stomping a mudhole in Yim. That leads to a 2 count.

Ranallo quotes Benjamin Franklin while Belair immobilizes Yim with a neck submission, proving why he is the most intelligent and crafty commentator in WWE right now (author bias).

Hair pull by Belair, followed by a reverse powerbomb into the turnbuckle. Yim lands face first. Belair gets a 2 count. She continues to club Yim and then drops her knees into the back of Yim.

Belair yells at Yim to fight her. She taunts her a bunch. Yim uses that opportunity to counter a pinfall attempt for one of her own. Jumping guillotine into body scissors! Belair struggles in that but hits a snap suplex to break free. 2 count.

Splash attempt by Belair. Yim gets the knees up. Possible turning point.

Yim with a running dropkick. Rolling cannonball into the corner on Belair. She wraps up Belair in a tarantula submission for a 4 count. Sunset flip from the apron. Belair avoids it and sits on Yim.

Referee tells Belair she can’t get the pin. Counter by Yim and Belair rolls back on top. She uses her hair for leverage on the rope to get the win!

Winner: Bianca Belair via pinfall in 9 minutes

1 cool point for Belair because I liked how vocal she was in the ring, taunting Yim and trying to get a rise out of her. Using the hair to help her get the win was clever, and with Yim being the next freshest, top talent in the Women’s Division, Belair re-asserts that she is still the EST of nXt.
I think this feud has legs and could help Yim get to a place where she can challenge nXt Women’s Champion, Shayna Baszler.

Security cameras at the WWE Performance Centre catch War Raiders aka Viking Raiders aka Ivar and Erik being ambushed by Steve Cutler & Wesley Blake, after Jaxson Ryker pulled up to a garage in a pickup truck. Ivar & Erik are left prone and devastated, according to Nigel McGuinness.

Marina Shafir & Jessamyn Duke are seen at the WWE Performance Centre, filming a sparring session, as Baszler referees. Io Shirai attacks Baszler from behind and, soon, numerous coaches are in the ring breaking everyone apart. Shirai gets rolled out of the ring with 3 coaches pulling her away.

Second Segment: Raul Mendoza vs. Riddick Moss

Watson tells us this is Mendoza’s second year in nXt.

Moss tore his Achilles tendon in May 2018. Recently, he’s finally made it back to Full Sail, following his rehab. Ring rust may be a potential factor, according to Ranallo. Moss is wearing new gear that says “Riddick Regimen”. Watson says it’s a state of mind and lifestyle.

Highlights include:
Riddick Moss applies a massaging device to his shoulder, mid-match on May 8, nXt TV.
Posing from both men as this match begins. Following a suplex by Mendoza, Moss works his shoulder muscle with a piece of technology, possibly a massage element. Commentary aren’t clear on what it is.

Mendoza uses his speed to hit a springboard enziguri and then a springboard hurricanrana, followed by a running shooting star press splash. 1-2- kickout by Moss.
Moss catches a 180 springboard attempt by Mendoza. Arm curls by Moss and then a massive fallaway slam!

Explosive shoulder block into the corner. Mendoza’s reeling in visible pain. Military press into a spinebuster slam. 1-2- kickout by Mendoza.
Moss jaws at the referee for not counting properly or quickly enough. He brings in a water bottle, takes a sip, and then shows it to Mendoza. Mendoza slaps it away.

Elbow strikes by Mendoza. Enziguri again. Flying head scissors drives Moss into the turnbuckle. Step-up enziguri in the corner! He goes to the top rope. Jumps down to avoid Moss’ attack. High kick to Moss’ chin. Springboard tornado splash! 1-2-3!

Winner: Raul Mendoza via pinfall in 5 minutes

Mendoza with a flying dropkick in the corner on Moss, May 8 nXt TV.
1 cool point for Mendoza who surprised the FSU crowd by winning this match, when it appeared that Moss would outmuscle him in his return to nXt TV. Mendoza’s speed and willingness to spring off the ropes was exciting to watch and effective offensively.

1 cool point for Moss who was heavily hyped in the match, but he showed a good blend of power and character, bringing in those Riddick Regimen products. I’d pay to see him get beaten up.

Highlights from last week’s debut match for Kushida against Kassius Ohno were shown. He’ll be in action again next week.

Main Event: Matt Riddle vs. Adam Cole

Riddle has Cole on the mat, dominating the match on May 8 nXt TV.
Highlights include:

“Let’s go, Bro!” chants to begin the match.
Riddle with a few waistlock takedowns, driving Cole to reassess his strategy on the outside.

Shortly thereafter, Riddle connects with a few gutwrench suplexes, showing off his power.

Cole responds with a high kick to the head. Snapmare and a knee to the back. The two men exchange strikes in the bottom-left corner. Cole hits a neckbreaker and then a dragon sleeper on Riddle.

Riddle knees his way out of it. He responds quickly to Cole who crouches down to Riddle on the mat, calling him a pathetic joke. No-sells an enziguri and nails Cole with a German suplex. Explosive counter, says Ranallo.

Riddle’s fired up now and takes the offensive. Kip up, running forearms, exploder suplex! Back senton and a penalty kick for a 2 count.
German suplex with a bridge for a near fall. Fans are firmly behind Riddle.

Bicycle kick and an ushigoroshi for a 2 count by Cole. Amazing backstabber by Cole dropping out of a fireman’s carry from Riddle! WOW.

After exchanges of forearms and chops, Riddle chooses a different strategy, blocking Cole’s superkick for an ankle lock! Switch to the Bro-Mission and a 2 count. Cole rolls out. Receives a fisherman buster, and another, and…Cole counters the next one into a brainbuster shoulder breaker! High impact moves by Cole. Can’t get the win though.

Cole and Riddle evade one another’s strikes and manoeuvres, until Cole nails Riddle with a superkick to the back of the head and, then, the Last Shot! 1-2- NO! Riddle kicks out.

The kneepad comes down, but Cole can’t execute a knee strike. Riddle hits Cole with a Go To Sleep, then a powerbomb and a running knee to the head. Cole rolls and clumsily lands to the outside.

Roderick Strong rushes down to help Cole and takes a penalty kick to the face by Riddle.

Cole’s waiting for Riddle in the ring. Superkick! 1-2- Riddle counters it into the Bro-Mission! Cole taps out!

Winner: Matt Riddle via submission in 16 minutes

Post-match, the Undisputed Era all rush down to the ring. They are stunned with the outcome of this match. Hostilities rise. Strong and Cole argue with one another. O’Reilly and Fish speak with each guy respectively to try and calm them down.
Undisputed Era fragmenting before our eyes. Cole and Strong continue to be in discord with one another. O'Reilly reasons with Cole on the left, while Fish calms Strong down on the right, May 8 nXt TV.
As Fish tries to reason with Strong, the fans chant “hug it out”. Both Strong and Cole calm down, but each exits the ring separately, with fellow members of the Undisputed Era accompanying each guy.

Going with 2 cool points for both guys. They got lots of time to fight, plenty of counters, and the ongoing saga of dissension in the Undisputed Era. Cole’s combo game was on point tonight, my favourite being the backstabber Cole hit dropping out of the fireman’s carry. Unforeseen and impressive.

Riddle wins by submission, wearing down Cole with more striking and power moves than anything else. Continues to build up the severity of that submission though. With this big win over the previous #1 contender, does that make Riddle the unofficial challenger for Gargano’s nXt Championship? Would nXt go face vs. face so soon or wait to do this until August?

nXt TakeOver XXV, the first to be numbered, takes place on June 1st, in a little less than a month. Any predicted matches? I suppose the spoilers would give it away, but this is a spoiler-free space! Predictions from people who only watch are welcome.

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