nXt Results- October 10, 2018 (North American Champ. Triple Threat)

nXt Results- October 10, 2018 (North American Champ. Triple Threat)

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WWE nXt Results

October 10, 2018

Full Sail University, Orlando, FL

Commentary by Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness and Percy Watson

The North American Championship will be on the line tonight in the main event. Ricochet defends against UK Champ Pete Dunne and former NA Champ Adam Cole.

Opening Segment: Nikki Knows What Ciampa & Dream Did

Nikki lies on the mat of the wrestling ring, speaking into the mic "I know, I know, I know what you did", she tells Tommaso Ciampa on October 10th, 2018
nXt Champion Tommaso Ciampa comes to the ring to promote himself as the greatest sports-entertainer of all time.

Velveteen Dream interrupts to question that claim. He knows that Ciampa believes he’s a bad bad man, but Dream thinks the title deserves a Dream experience.

Ciampa tells Dream what he wants: the main event, the spotlight, and the nXt title. When Dream accuses Ciampa of attacking Aleister Black, he just wants attention. Maybe, and this is the title speaking, maybe you’re just not TOUGH ENOUGH.

Crowd loves that remark and there’s a long pause from Dream before he replies saying, he is tough enough and more man than you can handle. So, give the Dream a moment.

Suddenly, Nikki Cross’ music hits and out she comes to the stage. We’re reminded that she was on the roof when Black was attacked.
Cross runs down the ramp, slides into the ring and slams her jacket on the mat, grinning and bounding on the mat. She touches Dream’s jacket and glares gleefully at Ciampa’s nXt Championship.

Crowd starts a “Nikki knows a secret” chant.

Off-mic, she gets in Dream’s face and says she knows what he knows. Then, she goes over to the nXt title and puts her ear on it. She knocks Ciampa’s mic to the mat and laughs in his face. She lies on the mat, by the mic, and says, “I know, I know what you did, too”.
Cross pushes Dream out of the ring. She kicks the mic away from Ciampa and laughs again. Ciampa’s none too impressed. Crowd starts a “she knows” chant to close the segment.

Second Segment: Kona Reeves vs. Keith Lee

Keith Lee is pissed after Kona Reeves beats up on it and gloats about it, from the October 10, 2018 nXt show
Ranallo says Reeves is trying to snap a 2-match losing streak, and that will be a tall task against Keith Lee.

Reeves tells Lee he is nXt’s finest. Lee smiles and they lock up. Giant slap from Lee to Reeves’ chest. Dropkick from Lee, followed by a toss of Reeves over the top rope to the floor below. Reeves returns to the ring in a rush. Running big boot. Lee goes down. Reeves jumps from the second rope with a back elbow drop.

Reeves grabs Lee’s chin for a chinlock. He fish-hooks him and punches him, taking time to brag to the crowd. Lee’s just getting upset now, slowly rising back to his feet as Reeves punches him on the back and face.

Off the ropes, Lee just nails Reeves with a tackle. Supernova slam! 1-2-3

Winner: Keith Lee via pinfall in 3 minutes

1 cool point for Keith Lee’s combination of speed, power and personality. Crowd is really getting into him, and the way Lee carries himself and interacts with the audience makes him very likeable.

1 cool point for Reeves though because he got in some decent offense and smack talk, which is exactly what he needs to do for people to care about him. I don’t see him winning much, but he’s a fine foil for wrestlers who need a step up towards the top of the roster.

A promo package and filmed interview with Shayna Baszler is shown, promoting the upcoming rematch against nXt Women’s Champion Kairi Sane at WWE Evolution.

Earlier today, Champion Kairi Sane is interviewed outside Full Sail. She’s excited for the all women’s PPV. Baszler can train all she wants, but Sane will beat her again.

nXt General Manager William Regal is asked about what happened in the ring tonight between Ciampa and Dream. He won’t reveal his list of suspects, but he finds it interesting that Nikki Cross keeps saying she knows something.

On his way out, Kassius Ohno stops Regal. He told Regal to let him know when his shiny new toy is going to show his face again. Where is he? Ohno says maybe he’s the one who attacked Black. Regal enters his office without answering.
Cross enters the picture and laughs at Ohno, saying she knows what you did.

A promo package hyping up next week’s nXt Tag Team Championship match between the Undisputed Era and War Raiders is shown.

Final Segments: Ricochet (c) vs. Pete Dune (UKc) vs. Adam Cole for the nXt North American Championship

Ricochet holds the nXt North American Championship up high for the crowd to see before his triple threat title defense on October 10, 2018.
Highlights from this must-see main event matchup include:

Dunne’s standing armbar on Ricochet, which he rolls, flips and kips up through,

into a series of hip tosses and evading flips.

Ricochet dropkicking Cole when Dunne applied a surfboard stretch to him.

The requisite finger manipulation of Ricochet, courtesy of the Bruiserweight.

Cole bounces off the ropes when Ricochet was about to spring off of them, tripping the champ to the floor below.

Springboard flying head-scissors by Ricochet on Dunne. Just beautiful.

Springboard European uppercut on Cole! 1-2- kickout. Great sequence.

Dunne puts Cole and Ricochet in a single-leg crab…AT THE SAME TIME! Can’t quite get a full grip on Ricochet though, who then puts Dunne in an iron octopus hold. Backstabber by Cole! 1-2- Ricochet kicks out.

Triangle of clobbering, all three men punching and wailing on one another, until Cole switches it up with a step-up enziguri and another pinfall attempt on Ricochet.

At the 10-minute mark, Ricochet goes for a springboard moonsault, and Dunne and Cole time their superkicks perfectly to the champ’s body. All three men are down as the crowd chants, “Mamma Mia!”

Yikes! Cole plants Dunne face-first on the ring apron with a DDT.

Dunne, with a burst of energy, X-Plex on Ricochet after a beauty moonsault from the top rope to the outside on Ricochet. Cole dives in to break the count!

DOUBLE TOP-ROPE FRANKENSTEINER from Ricochet on to Dunne and Cole. Crowd loved it. Leaping flatliner! 1-2- Dunne kicks out. Ricochet’s found his second wind to retain the title.

Cole lowers his kneepad, just as Dunne grabs his hand for some digit manipulation 2.0. Cole uses the ropes for leverage, trying to pin Dunne, but only gets the 2 count. Ricochet hits the shooting star press on Dunne..no! Triangle chokehold applied as Ricochet’s head landed.

Cole with a Superkick on Dunne to stop him from breaking Ricochet’s fingers! Last Shot on Ricochet. Shoulder breaker on Dunne. 1-2- no way! Dunne kicks out and the crowd is in shock.

Dunne nails Cole with the Bitter End…goes for the cover, but Ricochet leaps…450 Splash!!! It’s over!

Winner, and still NA Champion: Ricochet via pinfall in 18 minutes

nXt has delivered some amazing TV main event action this year. Count this match amongst the cream of the crop. Each wrestler played to their strengths, made the most of their opportunities, and, for the most part, fought independently to win. There was very little teaming up, aside from Dunne and Ricochet on Cole at the beginning.

Two cool points for Adam Cole’s opportunistic offense. Two cool points for Pete Dunne’s digit manipulation, which is probably as iconic as his step-up enziguri at this point. Three cool points for Ricochet’s impressive ability to fly and flip, and LAND on both feet with ease. All of his springboard moves were great, but that single-leg crab on both guys was very cool, too. nXt must be so proud to call him champion right now. The NA Title is a better fit for him than the Championship, simply because he can focus on his craft in the ring and let that speak for him.

The nXt Championship picture, on the other hand, is deep into a character arc right now that’s got Ciampa and Dream jawing at one another, with many suspects hovering on the outskirts, as we await Aleister Black’s return from injury.

Share your cool point suggestions and comments on tonight’s show. Plenty of great stuff on the road to Takeover: War Games.

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