nXt Results- October 17, 2018 (Tag Titles & Surprise Returns)

nXt Results- October 17, 2018 (Tag Titles & Surprise Returns)

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WWE nXt Results

October 17, 2018

Full Sail University, Orlando, FL

Commentary by Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness and Percy Watson

Opening Segment: Undisputed Era (c) vs. War Raiders for the nXt Tag Team Championships

Hanson prepares to fly from the top rope as Rowe holds O'Reilly in their nXt Tag Team Championships match on October 17th's nXt show.

Highlights include:
Strong and O’Reilly smartly try a double team on Rowe, but Rowe reverses the whip to the corner for a double clothesline!

Hanson scares off Strong from helping O’Reilly during the next tag.

UEra don’t learn and try to throw Hanson off the ropes. He blasts by them.

Awesome brute strength from Rowe, with a gutwrench slam on O’Reilly. Lots of power shown from the War Raiders. Rowe powerslams Hanson on to O’Reilly. Then, they chuck Strong into O’Reilly like he’s a battering ram.

It was looking grim for the champs there for a while, but they take advantage of the referee, distracting him away from some shenanigans on the outside, hurting Rowe. Strong nails him with a backbreaker. O’Reilly surprises Rowe with high knees and a sweep for a 2 count.

Rowe is isolated in the UEra’s corner and pummeled down. O’Reilly targets the left leg with stretches, elbows, dragon screws, and Strong follows up on that. Ranallo says they’re emulating the Minnesota Wrecking Crew with this type of strategy.

O’Reilly runs and leaps at Rowe, who catches him for a modified STO. This brings about a hot tag to Hanson and Strong.

Hanson sets out to cause some damage with big boots and even a cartwheel clothesline! Crowd’s really into that.
Broncobuster on Strong for a 2 count.

Rowe pushes Hanson into O’Reilly seated in the corner. Great double team work which gets them another 2 count, almost winning the titles.

Springboard clothesline by Hanson as Rowe holds Strong up by the legs! Can’t get the pin as Adam Cole rushes in to interfere. Hanson stops his punch and chucks him to the outside.

This causes enough distraction for Strong and O’Reilly to take the advantage. Strong with a step-up knee on Hanson, who was on the top turnbuckle. O’Reilly knocks Rowe silly; Strong with the Olympic Slam for a pinfall! 1-2- kickout!

O’Reilly targets Rowe’s leg again, looking for an ankle lock and he cinches it in. Hanson returns though and he chucks Strong into O’Reilly to break the hold. He tags in. O’Reilly lets loose with multiple punches. Off the ropes, pop up powerslam by Hanson and then he immediately dives to the outside to knock Cole and Strong off their feet! WOW!

FALLOUT! 1-2- a chair slams into the back of Rowe. It’s Bobby Fish! He nails Rowe again and then repeatedly slams Hanson in the back. Cole struts into the ring and yells, “We rule the world!”

Winners: War Raiders via disqualification in 14 minutes

2 cool points for the devastation that War Raiders caused the Undisputed Era. That kind of offense would take down most teams but O’Reilly and Strong have a knack for absorbing punishment and continuing to fight. Loved the double team work and the pace War Raiders set. Would be game to see them fight for the titles again.

1 cool point for Bobby Fish. Dude’s been gone almost a year and it was very pleasing to see him return. He makes the UEra that much more dangerous and he allows them more possibilities in deciding who will defend the Tag Team Championships.

1 cool point for O’Reilly and Strong for persevering through a real pummeling, but they were outmatched until Fish arrived. They needed him tonight.

Backstage, Nikki Cross is scrawling on pieces of paper and crumpling them up, saying “I know, I know”.

Second Segment: Shayna Baszler vs. Britt Baker

Baszler's arms are held high, in victory, as she wins by referee stoppage on October 17th's nXt show.

Fireman’s carry takeover by Baszler to start this one. She immediately immobilizes Baker on the mat, twisting her left wrist. She contorts the elbow, causing Baker to yell out in pain. She stomps on Baker’s elbow, potentially injuring her. The referee calls for the bell as Baker cries in pain.

Winner: Shayna Baszler via referee stoppage in 2 minutes

Consequently, nXt trainers come out to check on Baker as the referee holds up Baszler’s arm in victory. Baszler launches a running kick on Baker as she got to her feet. Then, she stalks away from the ring.

1 cool point for Baszler. She’s injured another wrestler in order to intimidate nXt Women’s Champion Kairi Sane. Yikes.

nXt General Manager William Regal is filmed in his office and asked about Nikki Cross’ claims of knowing who attacked Aleister Black. Regal doesn’t know if Cross’ claims are valid. Black’s coming back soon though, so Regal will talk to Cross after her match tonight.

Third Segment: Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch vs. Tian Bing & Rocky

Lorcan in blue trunks & Burch in red, Bing in red & Rocky in black. So much for team tights.

Highlights include:
Bing’s first to strike and first to tackle Lorcan off of his feet.
Top rope dropkick by Burch on Rocky is impressive. Implant DDT by Burch as Lorcan holds the feet finishes off this match.

Winners: Oney Lorcan & Danny Burch via pinfall in 2 minutes

0 cool points for this very short match. Good to see Lorcan & Burch get their second win since returning. Maybe they’re ready for the next rung of competition.

There will be an nXt Championship match announcement, from GM Regal, for Takeover: War Games next week.

Final Segments: Nikki Cross vs. Bianca Belair

A wild look from Nikki Cross who bears her teeth and pulls her hair in frustration during her Oct 17th nXt match against Bianca Belair

Highlights from this main event matchup include:

Cross beating up on Belair on the outside, near the outset of the match.
Belair climbs the top rope and perches there until Cross attacks her into a tree of woe.
Cross up on the top rope now. Crossbody! 1-2- Belair kicks out!
Belair nails the crap out of Cross’ face shortly thereafter.
Spear by Belair as the fans chant for Nikki. Belair pins Cross 3 times after that spear…but Cross kicks out every time. Belair dead-lifts Cross for a sit-out powerbomb! 1-2- Belair screams in agony and frustration because Cross is still in this match.

Military press by Belair! She bends the knees for a few lifts, too. Amazing. Then, Cross falls down and traps Belair into a Scorpion Death Drop! 1-2- Belair kicks out!

Cross flies off the top turnbuckle and Belair whips her in the mid-section with her ponytail. Now it’s Belair up on the top rope. Cross encounters her there and lands a number of punches and forearms. Cross superplexes Belair!

A strange power chord on the electric guitar rings out. Moments later, Aleister Black is sitting cross-legged in the middle of the ring. Cross is still reeling from the match and she grins at him. She rolls around on the mat as the crowd chants, “Nikki’s got a secret”.

Aleister Black beckons Nikki Cross towards him with one finger, sitting in his infamous, cross-legged style, in the ring on October 17th's nXt show.
Black holds up a hand and then beckons Cross to him with a finger. Cross delays but slowly snakes over to him and whispers in his ear. Black shakes his head, enraged, as the crowd shouts “Who?!” to close the show.

No winner

1 cool point for Belair who retains that undefeated streak. She and Cross have fine chemistry in the ring anddue to their two unresolved matches now, their feud is heating up to the point where it may be best resolved at a Takeover.

2 cool points for Cross. She gets an extra for her excellent work in getting almost an entire audience at Full Sail to shut up and try to listen in on her brief response to Black. Every grin, every song and every manic movement by Cross has captured my attention, and her role as the secret keeper in this storyline has made for some truly compelling TV.

1 cool point for Black’s return. He’s a man with two missions: to avenge the man who injured him and to reclaim nXt gold. Those multiple motivators may make him the most dangerous man on the roster.

Do you want to see War Raiders get another shot at the nXt Tag Team Championships or is it time for them to move on? Who injured Aleister Black? Share your cool point suggestions and comments on tonight’s show.

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