nXt Results: September 19, 2018 (Ricochet vs. Dunne, Champion vs. Champion)

nXt Results: September 19, 2018 (Ricochet vs. Dunne, Champion vs. Champion)

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WWE nXt Results

September 19, 2018

Full Sail University, Orlando, FL

Commentary by Mauro Ranallo, Nigel McGuinness and Percy Watson

Tonight, Ricochet vs. Pete Dunne in a Champion vs. Champion main event match!

Opening Segment: Dakota Kai & Deonna Purrazzo vs. Aliyah & Lacey Evans

Purrazzo won her first round match in this year’s Mae Young Classic, which is currently underway on the WWE Network.
Highlights include: Purrazzo mocks Evans after escaping a body scissors submission.
Purrazzo counters mid-spin of a sidewinder slam to apply a wristlock to Evans’ right wrist, the same hand she uses for the Women’s Right.

Aliyah shouted really loud after punching Purrazzo, and then pulled her hair from outside the ring as the referee shouted at her to stop. Tons of attitude from her tonight.
Kai eventually gets tagged in for the high energy, and unleashes a number of running kicks on Aliyah. She goes for the pin but it’s interrupted by Evans.

Evans tags Aliyah when she’s tangled up with Kai, and when Kai rolls back to Evans’ corner, she gets nailed with the Women’s Right. Evans makes the pin for the win.

Winners: Aliyah & Lacey Evans via pinfall in 8 minutes

1 cool point for Evans because she looked the best out of the 4 tonight. Great at getting fans upset and executes flawlessly in the ring. I’d love to see her take on Purrazzo in singles action.

At the WWE Performance Center, Velveteen Dream is interviewed about his win over Johnny Gargano aka Johnny Failure. He’s asked about who attacked Aleister Black. Dream questions that, saying you come to Dream with questions that aren’t about the Dream, give me a break. Naturally, he walks away after that.

It’s a Street Profits promo, featuring a handheld camera or phone asking them about their win over The Mighty. Ford talks about the “not just change” idea and is happy with how the episode went. They walk to their car and get in.

Last week, Nikki Cross and Bianca Belair wrestled to a no-contest. We see footage of the ending to that match. Following that, Belair is interviewed about Cross. Belair says she’s crazy but she’s the EST of nXt, and undefeated, and she’s gonna show up again and again.

Second Segment: Jaxson Ryker vs. Humberto Carrillo

Ryker is alone for this match. The Forgotten Sons are not at ringside.

Highlights included: Ryker starting out quite aggressively, shoving Carrillo into the turnbuckle.
Ryker takes a few kicks from Carrillo and that’s all his opponent gets in.
Slingshot powerbomb gets Ryker the win.

Winner: Jaxson Ryker via pinfall in 2 minutes

Zero cool points. I honestly fell asleep watching this match, even though Ryker’s got a tough look and a fair in-ring presence. Maybe I just need more rest, or maybe that match was a boring debut?

nXt General Manager William Regal continues to question his roster on what happened to former nXt Champion Aleister Black. This time, he’s asking Candice LeRae to share. She, Kairi, Kassius didn’t see what happened. LeRae says she and Johnny are trying to keep their personal and professional lives separate. She provides an alibi for him. Regal thanks her for her time.

A promo for Keith Lee is shown. Lee talks about being limitless, and it’s interspersed with in-ring clips and live promo ones.

Last month, EC3 provided his best guess on who may have attacked Aleister Black, suggesting that Lars Sullivan may be the culprit. That clip was shown again tonight.

Final Segment: Ricochet (NAc) vs. Pete Dunne (UKc)

Sept 19, 2018, Ricochet dives over the ropes to the outside on Pete Dunne.
Both titles are on the line in this first “Champion vs. Champion”.

Very evenly matched to start this match. Dunne employs his usual digit manipulation strategy on Ricochet, forcing Ricochet to the mat on a few occasions. Dunne can’t sustain this attack though. Ricochet responds with some submission work of his own, grounding Dunne with a chinlock, followed by a figure four leg lock.

Plenty of warring “One and Only/Bruiserweight” chants in this one.

Dunne and Ricochet attempt to work over one another’s arms via ground-based submission. After a few minutes, Ricochet nails a series of kicks. He throws Dunne to the outside with a head scissors takedown. Splash to the outside!

On the return to the ring, Dunne recovers quickly and he persists with the digit manipulation. Ricochet yells out in pain, hands behind his back. Again, Dunne’s not on offense for long before Ricochet has fought loose.

Kip up by Ricochet. Step up enziguri by Dunne. Dunne attempts a move but Ricochet flies free, landing on his feet.
More back and forth in this even contest. Dunne stomps on Ricochet’s hands to try and impair his strength. Ricochet misses the springboard and flies directly into Dunne’s right hand. X-Plex! 1-2- Kickout!

Kick to the back of the head by Dunne on Ricochet. Dunne charges and gets tossed through the ropes to the outside. No luck for Ricochet out there because he’s slammed on to the apron by Dunne. Pumphandle by Dunne. Reversed! Ricochet leaps up with a backwards rana. 1-2- kickout by Dunne!

Dunne’s first to get to his feet. He stands on Ricochet’s hands. Ricochet breaks free. Dunne runs the ropes, followed by Ricochet. Ricochet springs towards Dunne. Dunne catches him for a slam but no! Ricochet reverses it into a DDT!

Up to the top turnbuckle, Ricochet’s ready to fly, but Dunne rolls to the apron. He climbs up the same turnbuckle with Ricochet. Dunne works the digits of the left hand while they stand on the second rope. SPRINGBOARD FRANKENSTEINER by Ricochet! Axe kick! Crossface DDT. 1-2- no! Dunne kicks out. Fans are loving this.

Ricochet is running out of options, and it’s a time for a top rope manoeuvre. Springboard front flip splash…right into Dunne’s legs where he squeezes for a triangle submission. Dunne’s picked up by Ricochet by the wrists for a POWERBOMB! Dunne continues to hold on to Ricochet’s hands though, and he snaps a finger! Ricochet deadlifts Dunne for a suplex to break away from the submission attempt. Wow.
After a short pause from both men, they begin to trade punches while seated.

Rushing from the ramp, it’s the Undisputed Era! They beat up on Ricochet and Dunne. War Raiders, Hanson and Rowe, charge down after them to chase them away from ringside.

No contest in 24 minutes

Fans applaud Ricochet and Dunne as the referee hands both champions their title belts. They hold them over their shoulders, staring one another down from the top corners of the ring as the show ends.

Three cool points for both champions. That match had the makings of an all-time great nXt match until a silly run-in from a clever Adam Cole and company prevented a proper result. Yes, there was high-flying and high-impact, but there was significantly more ground-based submission work from both men than I expected. It worked, too. It made those big moments stand out more, and Dunne is so good at working over the fingers and hands. Such a natural way to hurt someone, but he’s one of the few who does it.

Whether we’re gearing up for a triple-threat match, or a War Games match, it would be disappointing NOT to see these two fight one another again. Perhaps GM Regal resolves this in short order.

Share your cool point suggestions and comments on tonight’s show.

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