Perfect 10 Wrestling - What's Up With 205 Live? w/guest:205 Clive!

Perfect 10 Wrestling on LoP Radio LIVE @4:30ET/9:30BST – What’s Up With 205 Live? w/guest: 205 Clive!

Perfect 10 Wrestling host Matt Maher (a.k.a. The Implications) jokes and moans over WWE & 205 Live with a special guest in the Burn Seat!

This week Imp’s joined by LoP’s resident 205 Live reporter and one half of the Ricky & Clive show: 205 Clive! Talking the current state of 205 Live, how the lack of promotion is hurting them and how in spite of that the actual show has been hitting an amazing level of consistency.

Last we talked we were both so excited about the possibilties coming off of the WrestleMaia tournament, *puts on shades*  let’s see how that turned out.

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