Ring of Honor Mass Hysteria 2019 Report | Aired 7/21/19

Ring of Honor Mass Hysteria 2019 Report | Aired 7/21/19

Ring of Honor Wrestling


Aired 7/21/19
Lowell Memorial Auditorium, Lowell MA

Ian Riccobani, Caprice Coleman & Colt Cabana on commentary.

Ian walks us through some injuries and match changes, particularly with Villain Enterprise’s Flip Gordon and Brody King getting injured so the Trios Titles match is canceled, and then run down the rest of the card.

Ring of Honor Tag Team Championship

This is coming off The Briscoes winning the straps for the 11th time just the night before from the Guerrillas of Destiny. The Briscoes offer the handshake and The Bouncers push them away and say they want a fight, so a brawl breaks out at the bell. Mark chops away at BCB as Milonas drops Jay, Mark gets Milonas outside but BCB dumps Mark and then wipes out Jay outside with a cannonball. Mark gets the spicy dropkick to BCB and the apron blockbuster to Milonas, and keep the pressure on at ringside. A chair gets thrown in, Jay holds BCB outside as Mark uses the chair to assist a dive which wipes out BCB. Glancing dropkick (…) from Mark keeps Milonas grounded. Back inside Jay hits the Rude Awakening and Mark hits Froggy Bow which for some reason only gets 2 from Jay as Milonas catches a Mark dive and slams Mark on the apron hard. Milonas sends Mark into the barricade but Jay jumps him in the ring before getting caught in a nice black hole slam. Milonas gets Jay in the corner and sits on him, then tags BCB who hits the running hip attack and gets 2. Mark is back up at the corner as BCB hoists Jay, tag to Milonas and the Samoan Drop lands, the short senton follows from Milonas but Mark breaks the cover at 2.

Milonas grounds Jay and then hits a big suplex, tag to BCB who “bites” Jay, but of course he can’t bite since he ain’t got no teeth. Tag to Milonas who keeps on Jay, they trade as Milonas slaps Jay but Jay gets the tag to Mark who comes right after Milonas with chops. Mark keeps Milonas staggered and takes him down with a running dropkick, covers but BCB breaks it at 2. DDT by BCB is blocked but he catches Mark in a spinebuster before eating 3 Jay superkicks and a running boot, then jumps at Milonas who catches him and then sort of… falls on him? That was awkward. Milonas follows with a seated senton, which looks HARD, but a Mark missile dropkick takes Milonas down and everyone is out. The ref counts, everyone is back up, shots traded, The Bouncers get jabs and take control and line up the Last Call but Jay dumps BCB. Jay throws Milonas off in a powerbomb, Mark comes off the top with Froggy Bow and the 2nd times the charm as they get the WIN.

The Briscoes defeat The Bouncers by pinfall via Froggy Bow to retain the ROH Tag Team Titles
JAY’S RATING: 2.25 out of 5

This was a fine match, and The Bouncers – while there was no chance of them winning – proved they could keep the crowd engaged in a title match against the Briscoes. They are gelling well as a team, but the Briscoes look good with the straps again and get a defense under their belts as we head into their next program…

After the match we get a Toast of Honor between both teams. The Bouncers leave and the lights go out as GoD’s music and tron hits, and they are behind The Briscoes and take out the Briscoes with belt shots. They continue the beat down and Jay is busted open from a shot. Tama talks shit in Jay’s face, and we hear something about ladders… I smell a Ladder War.


Preston’s opening promo is dated and pretty lame, though his energy is admirable. This is a locals match. Preston attacks at the bell, Casanova tries the speed advantage and hits a high cross body and covers for 2. Preston shows the power edge but eats a kick in the corner, Casanova drapes him and hits a spring legdrop and covers but still 2. Casanova looks to spring but Preston’s manager distracts him and Preston is able to hotshot Casanova and run through him with a lariat. Nice powerslam by Preston gets barely 2. Chops by Preston, Casanova fires back and hits a spring clotheslline and covers for another 2. Big Olympic Slam by Preston connects but only gets 2. Preston lines Casanova up but Casanova moves gets a jawbreaker and a boot to the head, superkick connects, interesting capoeria pele and a big running pump knee, and a short DDT caps it off for Casanova but the cover still only gets 2. Nice combo, but a bit laborious. Axe Kick by Casanova misses and Preston hits a firemans carry slam and covers but only gets 2. Casanova blocks a powerbomb and hits a Codebreaker, hits Dirty Diana (La Mistica) and climbs, and hits the Sucka Kick (a flying legdrop to the back of a hunched Preston) and covers for the WIN.

Christian Casanova defeats Jimmy Preston by pinfall via the Sucka Kick
JAY’S RATING: 2 out of 5

This was fine, but had some pacing inconsistencies throughout. I can see the promise here though, so it wouldnt surprise me to see both show up again down the road. Preston’s “toxic masculinity” thing feels tired though.


Silas is out wearing a classic wrestling/boxing robe that says “Technician of Honor”. PJ extends the hand and Silas talks shit before shaking his hand, calling himself the better man. Some dude in the front row is making a spectacle of himself and PJ and Silas lock up and wrestle to begin. PJ gets the headlock takedown, Silas fights up but PJ gets it again to ground Silas. Nice spin kick by PJ and a clothesline keeps Silas staggered, but Silas dumps PJ to the apron and eats the spring lariat. The action now spills to the floor as Silas whips PJ to the barricade. Back inside and Silas hits the over the top stomp, then toys with PJ while talking more shit. Shots traded, knee by Silas connects and he covers for 2 before keeping PJ grounded. Suplex by Silas, cover but only 1. Silas keeps on him and gets another 1 before grounding PJ with a headlock. PJ hits an elbow out of the corner, then climbs and hits another one off the top, climbs again and hits a nice crossbody! Backslide by PJ gets 2, spring back kick from PJ connects and he hits a great top rope spring moonsault and covers for 2. That’s my Darewolf. Silas looks to come out of the corner but PJ hits a GREAT Spanish Fly off the middle rope, cover but still only 2. Spring 450 misses, Silas evades a shot and is able to crotch PJ on the top rope, pulls him off and hits the full nelson knee and lands Misery, covers and thats that.

Silas Young defeats PJ Black by pinfall via Misery
JAY’S RATING: 2.25 out of 5

This was a pretty good match, but right when it looked like it might hit another gear it sort of just stopped. Its hard to say it even ended, even though on paper it looks like a closing sequence. It just ended up coming off super anti-climactic to me, and a total deflation of the energy that had been picking up just prior. I’m fine with Silas taking the win over PJ here… it just was missing a spark that both are capable of. Sigh.

Colt Cabana leaves commentary and Kelly Klein takes his place, with WOH title belt in hand.


Velvet takes the mic from Bobby Cruise and says that after 15 years he still sucks, and then says “Go Yankees” to rile up the MA crowd. “Yankees Suck” chants. Well, it worked. Velvet then properly introduces Love by mocking #1 contender Tasha Steelz. Love takes the mic and targets Tasha saying she thinks she’s tough, but says she stole the win from her to become #1 contender. Love then calls out Klein at commentary and says she beat her, so she doesnt need a #1 contender match. Love says Tasha should put the title shot on the line right now. Love dares Tasha aggressively. Tasha agrees and we get the bell as tempers flare between Love and Tasha. Rivera takes advantage with a double clothesline, gets a 1 count on Tasha and throws Love for another 1 count. Suplex to Tasha, cover but only 2. Rivera dumps Love and tackles Tasha, but Tasha lands a spinebuster. Love dumps Tasha and covers Rivera but only gets 2. Love hits knees in the corner, gets a sunset flip for 1 but Rivera rolls out and gets a dropkick. Flipping neckbreaker by Rivera connects but she takes too much time and gets dumped by Tasha. Cover by Tasha but only 2. Sunset flip by Tasha for 2, Love reverses for 2 and they trade 2 counts, Tasha looks for Okurrrr but Love counters and hits a flatliner into the Koji Clutch. Tasha crawls and makes the ropes to break. Rivera pulls Love out and heads inside but eats a spring bulldog from Tasha who covers but Love breaks it at 2 and dumps Tasha. Corner clothesline by Love, Rivera gets Love in a Samoan Drop and covers but Tasha breaks it at 2. Jabs by Rivera, Tasha gets a kick from the apron but Rivera climbs with her in the corner for a superplex, Love gets underneath for the bomb and we get a Tower of Doom. Love covers Rivera but only gets 2. She then covers Tasha but still only gets 2. Botox Injection drops Rivera, but Tasha dumps Love and hits Okurrrr, cover and thats the 3.

Tasha Steelz defeats Karissa Rivera & Angelina Love by pinfall via Okurrrr
JAY’S RATING: 2 out of 5

This was a match that mostly existed, it wasnt as bad as much of WOH has been (especially with the departures of Madison Rayne and Tenille Dashwood), but it was still inconsistent at best. Love has still got it, but needs better opportunities to show it, and Tasha shows promise as does Rivera. But it just lacked any drama whatsoever, the opening sequence ran thin quickly so it all sort of deflated. This division deserves better, and that’s not necessarily a comment on the talent……

After the match Velvet hits the ring and sprays hairspray into Tasha’s face, and Love hits the Botox Injection. Klein now hits the ring and The Allure bails. Klein helps Tasha up but Tasha holds the handshake and pulls Klein in, showing that she’s not afraid of Klein and is coming for that title. Suddenly the lights go out… and when the come back on Karissa Rivera is alone in the ring with MARIA MANIC. SUMIE SAKAI comes out of no where to try to help but Manic drops her and then Rivera. Manic gets Sumie in a torture rack as security hits the ring, and she runs through them with ease, hitting one with a big chokeslam. She is easily the most interesting thing to happen to this division in a LOOOONG time. Feed her more.


Lee extends the hand and King rejects it in typical King fashion as we get the bell. Nice quickness from both, King shows he can hand with the lucha style getting a nice armdrag and then bragging at ringside. We hear how King is heading to CMLL for a tour. Back inside Lee fires back with an armdrag and shows with with pushups and Tranquilo. King shrugs off a Lee tackle and they trade shots, Lee gets a knee to the gut and a lands a basement dropkick. Lee now works King’s leg, and hits Shattered Dreams which commentary seems confused that the ref isnt calling out! Grounded abdominal stretch by Lee grounds King, Lee now toys with King and they trade chops, Lee gets a running rana that dumps King and looks for a dive, King moves, Lee lands on his feet but King hits a boot and tosses Lee HARD into the crowd. Dang. King follows with a suplex from the front row back inside on the floor, then breaks the count and puts Lee back inside. Spring legdrop by King, cover but only 2. King keeps the pressure on Lee and goes for the mask, Lee fires back but King hits a backbreaker and a lariat, covers but only gets 2. Arm surfboard by King grounds Lee, Lee fights up but King uses the mask to take him back down, beats him down and covers for another 2.

BIG chop by King but Lee is fired up, King knocks him right back down and does a cocky cover for 2. Rana by Lee dumps King again and Lee wipes out King with a fast tope con giro! Chants for Lee. Back inside and Lee hits a somersault John Woo and puts the boots to King in the corner and hits the Shibata dropkick, covers but only gets 2. Amy Rose is out now and talks to Lee, Desnucadora is countered and King gets the Chin-Checker, Eddie Gordo and a Blue Thunder Bomb for a cover and a 2 count. Lee hits Combinacion Cabron in the corner, both are hurting, shots traded, superkick by King, snap German by Lee, superkick by King, knee by Lee, poison rana by Lee but King hits a spinebuster and both are down. Nice sequence. “This is Awesome” chants. Sweep by King who hits kicks to Lee, hoists Lee up but Lee counters into a ripcord knee strike and DDT. Lee climbs but King hits Shoryuken to cut him off, Lee gets King hung out and hits the double stomp off the top and covers but still gets 2. The kneepad comes down but, Amy Rose hits ringside again, King hits Trouble in Paradise and follows up with the Royal Flush and covers and thats the WIN.

Kenny King defeats Dragon Lee by pinfall via Royal Flush
JAY’S RATING: 3.25 out of 5

This was a good match between two really good performers, though it did feel like the crowd was being a little generous at times as it wasnt nearly what either of these are capable of pulling out against each other. I guess I could say that it felt like a TV match, if that makes sense. That doesnt discount some great sequences, and King going over in advance of a CMLL tour (and I have a feeling a return main event push to follow) feels right.

After the match Amy Rose approaches King, who says “what took you so long?” King now takes a mic and puts over his upcoming CMLL invasion.

Ring of Honor World Television Championship

All hail Shane Taylor. This has the potential to be fun. Isom extends the hand and Taylor spits on it. We get the bell and Taylor powers Isom into the corner to start, and keeps the bullying tactics up to assert dominance. Isom looks to stick and move, landing some shots and firing at Taylor in the corner, and hits big Euros. Isom runs the ropes but Taylor hits a nice pounce and sends Isom flying. Isom tries to hoist Taylor but cant, Taylor looks to take control but isom fires back and hits a John Woo that dumps Taylor, looks for a pescado but Taylor catches him, Isom escapes and sends Taylor into the post. Suicide dive by Isom sends Taylor into the barricade, he looks for another but Taylor trips him up and hits a draping DDT off the apron to the floor. Taylor sends Isom into the barricade hard on the outside, then sits Isom in a chair against the barricade and hits a hard knee strike driving Isom’s head into the railing, and then hits a second one. The ref is counting and Taylor breaks it and sends Isom back inside, cover but Isom kicks out at 2. Isom fights back but Taylor chops him down. Facewash by Taylor, cover but only 2. Chops by Isom but Taylor hits a right and Isom collapses through the ropes to the floor, and is loopy. Taylor pulls Isom onto the apron, looks for the package piledriver on the apron but Isom escapes, chop by Taylor and Taylor just BIELS Isom off the apron and straight onto the floor! “Holy shit” chants.

Back inside and Taylor climbs, but Isom moves and Taylor wipes out on the big splash. Right hands by Isom, Taylor blocks a superkick but Isom lands a spinning enziguri, gets elevated to the apron but dumps Taylor over the top, and hits a spring moonsault off the middle wiping out Taylor on the floor! Isom is fired up, back inside Isom climbs and hits a 180 twisting frog splash and covers but only gets 2. Brainbuster is blocked, Taylor lifts Isom but Isom reverses into a DDT and covers for another 2. Rolling elbow lands from Isom and he HOISTS TAYLOR INTO AN AIR RAID CRASH! Cover but STILL only 2! Shots by Isom, BIG knockout shot from Taylor but Isom keeps coming, ANOTHER hard shot from Taylor but Isom keeps fighting up from underneath and coming back, flurry by Isom on Taylor but Taylor lands a headbutt and a BIG powerbomb. Knee strike by Taylor follows, and a package piledriver connects perfectly but ONLY GETS 2 AND ISOM IS RIGHT BACK UP! FIGHTING SPIRIT! Taylor takes his head off with another shot to the face, follows with Greetings from 216 and thats that.

Shane Taylor defeats Eli Isom by pinfall via Greetings from 216
JAY’S RATING: 3.25 out of 5

This was an enjoyable title outing, with Isom once again impressing and showing reminiscences of a 90’s Rocky Maivia in many ways in terms of sheer babyface ability and in-ring promise. This proved to be a nice foil for Taylor who continues to roll along and looking dominating while also helping his opponents look good along the way. I’m still all in for Shane Taylor – I just respect how he’s developed himself SO MUCH. Good work by both here.

LIFEBLOOD (Mark Haskins & Bandido w/ Tracy Williams)
VILLAIN ENTERPRISES (Marty Scurll & PCO w/ Flip Gordon)

VE is out to Marty’s solo theme music which answers my question about that music going anywhere, and I am THRILLED that it is not. God its good theme music. The bell rings and we get Bandido and Marty to start off. Nice mat work by both to begin as they feel each other out, nice escape by Bandido WHO IS AWESOME. Shoves from both, they run the ropes and Bandido gets a rana and a cover for not 1, sweep and cover by Marty for not 1 and we get a stand off. Tags on both sides as we get chants for PCO. Haskins goes right for PCO, they are both fired up, Haskins lands a boot but PCO runs through him with a tackle and tags in Marty. Marty eats a boot and Haskins dumps PCO, tries the apron PK but PCO catches and holds him for Marty to hit the apron superkick before sending Haskins into the barricade. The crowd pumps up as Marty covers Haskins inside for 1. Marty Romero’s the knees and then stomps down with both and tags in PCO who kicks at Haskins. Shots by PCO and a hesitation dropkick to the back, VE gets the double team in the corner. Powerslam by PCO and a cover for 2. Tag to Marty who kicks Haskins in the head and mocks Bandido. Haskins gets a shot on PCO and tags in Bandido who hits a knee and superkick on Marty, and hits a great spring tornilllo to take Marty out. Dropkick by Bandido dumps PCO, short lariats by Bandido thud Marty but Marty fires back, Bandido hoists Marty and lands X-Knee and a running clothesline. Cover but only 2. Haskins in but Marty fights both off before eating a Bandido kick, falcon arrow by Haskins connects but Marty counters a Bandido moonsault with boots and gets a cradle for 2.

Marty accidentally hits the apron superkick on PCO, Haskins hits Marty with the PK and Haskins and Bandido wipe out VE with dual suicide dives! Nice pop from the crowd. Shoulder Soldier Roll by Haskins on Marty, Lifeblood tries an assisted Pheonix, I think? But Bandido lands feet first onto Marty and covers but only gets 2. Mid-kicks by Haskins, Marty gets Just Kidding and stomps the hand but Haskins fires back with a left and KOs Marty. Tags to PCO and Bandido and Bandido goes right for him and gets caught with a pop-up powerbomb. Buckle bomb for Haskins followed by a big spear, and PCO hits a package piledriver on Bandido and covers but only gets 2. Tag to Marty who gets Bandido in the Cambridge Crab, PCO hits the legdrop to the back of the head and PCO wipes out Haskins as Marty sends Bandido into the corner and follows with an UGLY half and half suplex on Bandido’s head. Cover, but only 2. Tag to PCO and they look for the Cannonball and PCO lands it on Bandido, cover but Haskins breaks it at 2. Marty dumps Haskins but Bandido counters the finger snap with superkicks, PCO climbs but Bandido catches him into a powerslam, but PCO SITS RIGHT UP! HE’S NOT HUMAN! Bandido eats a big boot, boot for Haskins and the crowd chants for PCO! PCO climbs, Bandido cuts him off and hits the super Spanish Fly! Cover, but PCO KICKS OUT AT 2! “Holy shit” chants. 21-Plex is cut off by Flip who hits an umbrella shot and gets chased away, Marty snaps Bandido’s fingers and locks in the Chicken Wing and Bandido TAPS.

Villain Enterprises defeats Lifeblood by submission via Crossface Chickenwing
JAY’S RATING: 3.8 out of 5

This was a well done tag match and a nice pivot given the injuries, all things considered. A nice win for Marty, Bandido and Haskins looked great and the chemistry was there between the two teams. Give this program a little more structure and room to grow, and this could become one hell of a rivalry.


This is a rematch from Rush’s flash victory over Castle at G1 Supercard at MSG. I am LOVING heel Dalton Castle. Castle plays games with Rush right at the start, using the ref as a shield and we get the bell as Rush rushes Castle and Castle bails to control the pace. Castle talks shit at Rush saying he’s going the distance and going down but he eats John Woo and Rush teases the Bull’s Horns, hits the smacking kick to the face and goes Tranquilo. Rush now keeps the pressure on, corner rushes connect and a dropkick to the back of the head and Rush does pushups and bows to show off, and mocks Castle. Castle rushes in but gets caught in a hanging armbar in the ropes, and Rush goes Tranquilo again and teases an over the top stomp, hitting a mocking mule kick instead. Rush gets dumped by Castle but pulls Castle outside, and Castle is able to hit the rana on the floor and a boot to the face. Castle sends Rush into the barricade, rolls inside but then heads back out and sends Rush into the barricade again. Suplex on the apron by Castle, back inside and Castle works Rush on the mat. Nice pumphandle suplex by Castle, cover but only 2 as Castle hits a series of splashes. Another cover but only 1. Knee flurry by Castle, the ref tries to pull Castle off but Castle shoves him away and covers but only gets 1. Castle keeps Rush grounded and the action slowed, elbow and lariat by Castle drops Rush and Castle covers for 2. Rush fires up and spits at Castle, and asks for more. Shots traded, snap German by Rush and a flying knee connects, and Rush now throws Castle into the barricades on the outside, then throws a trashcan full of streamers at Castle and poses for the crowd. Rush throws Castle back inside and grabs a chair, slides it inside, Castle gets the chair and swings, misses and eats a Superman punch. Castle is lined up for Bull’s Horns, Rush decides against it but Castle hits a low blow and the ref calls for Castle’s DQ. Castle then throws the chair into Rush’s face.

Rush defeats Dalton Castle by disqualification after a low blow
JAY’S RATING: 2.25 out of 5

This was fine enough and continues this feud which I dont care about that much even if the work is decent… yeah that’s about how I feel about it. The pieces are there, as Rush is great and heel Castle is great, but this feud just feels manufactured, and the crowd doesnt fully care either. Decent work in the ring though.

After the match, Castle assaults Rush with the chair and chases the ref away.


HUGE chants for the Kingdom, with the NE connections. They even say HEEEE’S MATT TAVEN with him – its great. Shelley steps right to Taven and both teams get in each others faces as tensions flare, save Taven who sits back and watches. Shelley and Vinny start off at the bell, though Shelley has an eye on Taven. Feeling out arm work to begin and we get a standoff. Back to the mat as Shelley keeps getting headlock takedowns and Vinny keeps escaping and smiles at Shelley. Tag to Jay who wants Taven, so Vinny tags TK instead. Lock up, tackles move no one, we get headlocks and tackles a la Vinny and Shelley, hiptosses are countered until Jay finally sends TK outside. TK back in and evades a triangle dropkick, Jay gets sent to the apron, TK brings him back in and lands a dropkick and Jay bails. Back inside and TK calls out Gresham, calling him Jay’s “understudy”. Gresham backs TK up and Taven tags himself in, and gets a nice response. They run the ropes fast, GREAT run sequence, rana by Gresham sends Taven into the corner but Taven hits a kick to the head and a discus clothesline to put Gresham down. Tag to Vinny, Gresham runs into a double armdrag, dropkick from Taven and backdrop from Vinny. Cover but only 2. Tag to TK who gets an over the top stomp, tag to Vinny and they hit a double flapjack and senton/legdrop combo. Cover but only 2.

Tag to TK, Gresham blocks the double team and Vinny spears TK as Gresham tags Shelley. Shelley gets a double crossbody and spits water in Taven’s face to stun him, then hits a flapjack/DDT combo with a kick assist from Jay! Chants for Shelley who stays on TK, hits a spinebuster, goads Vinny in and takes him down and then locks them both in a double single-leg crab. Taven in to break it up, TK has the ref distracted but this allows Shelley to grab Taven by the nuts! Vinny rushes but gets grabbed as well! Shelley now locks in a mandible claw on TK and gets a nearfall. That was a weird spot. Tag to Jay who hits a corner dropkick, snap suplex by Jay, cover but only 2. TK fires back but eats the cartwheel dropkick. Cover but still 2. Tag to Gresham who takes it to the mat and covers for 2, keeps working TK into pin positions for 2 and lands a dropkick that sends TK outside. Shelley now sends TK into the barricade outside, then sends him back in for a cover by Gresham for 2. Standing moonsault by Gresham gets another 2. Tag to Shelley who keeps on TK, Jay and Gresham hold him in place as Shelley gets Vinny in a Paradise Lock, then dropkicks TK in the bum and follows with a dropkick to Vinny to break the Paradise Lock, then shoves down Taven. Tag to Jay but TK fights back, Shelley dumps TK but TK plants Shelley, KOs Gresham and backdrops Jay on the floor!

TK back in but Gresham intercepts, TK dumps him and tags in Vinny who dives onto everyone at ringside, and Taven follows with a no-touch over the top suicide dive onto everybody! Back inside and Vinny rushes at Jay with Samhain and hits the back suplex into the neckbreaker. Pump kick by Vinny to Gresham followed by a butterfly backbreaker, Jay looks for Lethal Injection but Vinny catches him with a backstabber and covers for 2. Taven in and hits a kick to Jay, Vinny hits the tilt a whirl legsweep and Taven hits Just The Tip of the Knee but Shelley breaks the cover at 2. Taven looks for Climax on Shelley, Shelley counters into Sliced Bread but Taven escapes, they trade sharp shots and but Taven and Shelley spill to the outside. Tags to Gresham and TK who trade shots, they keep throwing bombs, Euro by TK drops Gresham who kips up into an enziguri, standing switches but Jay and Gresham get the Cornette Cutter and cover but Vinny breaks it at 2 (and Colt says they dont call the move that anymore). Gresham dumps Vinny and keeps on TK, tag by Shelley as Gresham hits a quebrada, TK evades the frog splash and hits a back elbow but Shelley hits a superkick and Jay hits Lethal Injection, Shelley follows with the Border City Stretch and TK TAPS!

Alex Shelley, Jay Lethal & Jonathan Gresham defeats The Kingdom by submission via the Border City Stretch
JAY’S RATING: 3.5 out of 5

This was a solid main event, but definitely felt more like a TV main event than a Special main event. Shelley picks up momentum getting the fall heading into his ROH title match with Taven, and everyone got good stuff in here, even if it did feel a bit “by the numbers” along the way. I also feel like Shelley’s debut and shtick could use a more specific POV, or chip on his shoulder, or something. The storytelling in ROH isnt great at making me care right now, so its a good thing there is so much in-ring talent to lean on right now. That’s what carried this main event.


This was a fine show but ultimately doesnt add up to much except for a couple of spots, and felt at times like an extended TV episode. The tease of Briscoes/GoD Ladder War could be fun, and though GoD is inconsistent at times, the Briscoes and weapons have brought out good stuff from them. Lifeblood/VE was definitely the highlight, with the TV title match and the Lee/King match also entertaining. But this show helped to illuminate some of the issues still plaguing ROH. And while they have a loyal ride or die audience base, they could be so much more if they wanted to be.

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