Ring of Honor Masters of the Craft 2019 Report | Aired 4/14/19

Ring of Honor Masters of the Craft 2019 Report | Aired 4/14/19

Ring of Honor Wrestling


Aired 4/14/19
Express Live!, Columbus OH

NOTE: Sorry for the delay, playing some catch up and in order to do so I may be tightening my play-by-play recapping a bit here and there to keep things moving. Thanks for your understanding! ~Jay

Ian Riccobani, Colt Cabana and Nick Aldis on commentary.

Non-Title Match

Cobb shows the power to start. Fun stuff of Titus breaking Cobb’s grip with muscle flexing (Love It). Cobb keeps the overall advantage until Titus sends Cobb to ringside but wipes out hard with an ugly attempt at the dive. Cobb looks to get control but Titus keeps the aggression on at ringside. Titus tosses Cobb back in, hits an elbow and covers for 1 but keeps the pressure on. Cobb’s mouth is bloodied and takes control back with strikes and a HUGE belly to belly release suplex.  Running Euro, Samoan and standing moonsault combo misses the final piece and Titus rolls him up for 2. Titus looks to fight back but gets sat on top of the corner,

Cobb sets up a stalling superplex, holding him for a full 10 count before landing it, cover by Cobb but only 2. Standing moonsault, cover but still 2. Tour of the Islands is blocked and Titus fires back, nice sequence by Titus with a Kotaro Krusher for 2. HUGE top rope X-Factor by Titus, cover but only 2. Titus keeps the momentum, but cant lift Cobb. Cobb reverses into a gutwrench suplex combo into a JUMPING PILEDRIVER. Cobb calls for the end, Tour of the Islands connects and thats the 3 count.

Jeff Cobb defeats Rhett Titus by pinfall after Tour of the Islands
JAY’S RATING: 2.8 out of 5

This was a fun way to kick off the show, even though there was little doubt who would take the W. But Titus is on a roll lately in terms of really delivering in the ring and in this new character which feels VERY organic to him. Cobb is a beast and continues to roll, and I cant wait to see his journey continue here – if he continues on this path, I see a future ROH Legend.

Commentary runs down the card.


No Code of Honor though Holidead is living her shtick at the start when we get the bell. Holidead with the power advantage. Jenny Rose tries to keep the aggression up, but Holidead crushes her in the corner, Jenny evades and fires back before eating a big tackle. Shit-talking from Holidead. Rose fires back with a bulldog, Holidead bails to ringside but the Beautiful People (The Allure?… sure) come out and Rose gets distracted, leading to eating a boot from Holidead. The Beautiful People kick out the timekeepers folx as Holidead keeps on Rose. Holidead keeps Rose grounded, Rose gets a rollup for 2 and a sloppy kick for 2. Holidead lands a pumphandle drop for 2.

Holidead beats Rose down and keeps her grounded. Snap German by Rose is followed by a sloppy lariat for 2. No Doubt by Rose is countered into a spinebuster for 2 by Holidead. Holidead hoists Rose but Rose gets a rollup for 2 and hits a spear, another one and covers for 2. Unprettier by Holidead connects as The Beautiful People keep doing their thing. Holidead looks to climb but misses the legdrop, Rose fires back, hits a Codebreaker and a Uranage, covers and gets the 3 count.

Jenny Rose defeats Holidead by pinfall after a Uranage
JAY’S RATING: 1.75 out of 5

This match barely existed, The Allure added nothing to it with their shenanigans, and Holidead had to carry Rose as best she could. Rose’s execution issues are REALLY problematic, and I’m not seeing a whole bunch of change over time. Holidead did OK here and showed some potential, but she’s not at the level yet where she could cover for Rose here, who in my opinion really slowed this match down.

After the match, the ref calls for the bell but “The Allure” fuck around with the timekeepers stuff. Rose and Mandy Leon get in each others face as Velvet Sky sprays Rose in the eyes.

8-Man Tag Team Match

Taylor gets a nice response from the Ohio crowd. Ali starts off with Silas and we get the bell. They trade mat work to start, they are move for move, nice bridge up by Silas who gets the advantage over Ali and taunts about it. Tag to Jay who goads Ali and they trade a good sequence. Ali hits a big sidekick, Mark comes in and things start to break down as everyone rushes the ring. Tags to Taylor and LSG, and Taylor laughs at him. LSG slaps Taylor and uses his speed and springs but Taylor stuff him with a tackle. Tag to Milonas. BIG tackle exchange by these 2 and the crowd is loving it. HUGE right hand by Taylor staggers Taylor but Milonas SLAMS TAYLOR WITH EASE! “Beer” chants, nice spot for Milonas!

Silas back in and he says he wants BCB, his old partner, and they bring fire right away with BCB landing some nice shots before everyone rushes the ring and we have all out chaos. The action spills to the outside and breaks down completely. Mark and LSG back inside, BIG chops by Mark, LSG answers with a nice spinning facebuster and C2C follows with a pop up into a Catatonic by Ali. The Briscoes turn the tide and drop Ali with a double team running boot. Milonas back inside, “Man Up” chants, and Milonas hits the ropes for a HUGE running crossbody on both. Silas in and looks to suplex Milonas, cant get him up but follows with the knee strike and short DDT. BCB in and catches Silas in the twisting DDT. Taylor in and hits BCB with a huge knee strike and takes Milonas down at ringside with an apron cannonball.

From there everyone just starts jumping on everyone at ringside, including Silas hitting a moonsault, BCB flying off the top onto the floor… AND THEN MILONAS STARTS TO CLIMB. Taylor buts him off though… AND POWERBOMBS MILONAS OUT OF THE CORNER. C2C back in to drop Taylor, they hit Tu Los Sabes on Silas but its broken at 2 by the Briscoes. Briscoes get control and hit Redneck Boogie on Ali, cover but BCB saves at 2. Jay is sent outside as The Bouncers set Mark up for Last Call out of the corner but Taylor makes the save at 2. Taylor KO’s BCB and heabutts Milonas, looks for a crossbody but Milonas catches him into a front slam before Silas dumps him. LSG in and drops Silas with a spring forearm, and C2C double teams Taylor, they look for Coast to Coast but its broken up, which allows Taylor to hit Greetings from 216 on Ali for the 3 count.

Shane Taylor, The Briscoes and Silas Young defeat C2C & The Bouncers by pinfall after Greetings from 216
JAY’S RATING: 3.5 out of 5

This was a fast and furious sprint, but to me was well paced out by crescendoing to the point of chaos, rather than being wholly chaotic the whole time. Everyone delivered here, with special shoutouts to Taylor who is continuing to be one of my ROH faves, and The Bouncers who have gotten over in such an interesting way. Milonas in particular is learning how to use his size REALLY well lately. Nice work.

After the match, The Bouncers offer C2C the Toast of Honor, but C2C walks away in a huff and refuse the gesture, showing some heelishness.

Then Colt Cabana takes the mic from the commentary booth! He says Aldis has been bringing up beating Colt in China a year ago all night, and he never got a rematch. Colt says you beat me in China, but not in Columbus! What about a match tonight? He asks the crowd, the crowd wants it, and Aldis accepts and we have another match tonight! Chants for Cabana. Aldis is fine but with Colt, I’m excited.


Soberano offers the Code but Rush kicks it away and we get the bell. Things start fast with the lockup, great lucha pacing at the top with Soberano getting a step ahead of Rush and landing a HUGE top rope tornillo, but eats a dropkick from Rush off a spring. Rush gets Soberano seated in the corner early, but does the fake out kick into Tranquilo. Rush now slows things down and goes for the mask. Soberano fires back but Rush gets control again and puts Soberano outside, driving him HARD into guardrails. Rush now looks to set up the Bulls Horns and lands it, covers Soberano and just like that its done.

Rush defeats Soberano, Jr. by pinfall after the Bull’s Horns

Essentially a squash, allowing Soberano to show his agility and burgeoning skills, while keeping Rush firmly in charge in his ROH career thus far.

Caprice Coleman now joins Ian on commentary, as both Colt and Aldis have gone to prep for their match.

4-Corner Survival

Code of Honor all around, with a slight tentativeness between Bandido and Flip. PJ strikes everyone first but Caristico (WWE’s former original Sin Cara) hits him with a great handspring back elbow and hits a springing crossbody and INCREDIBLE headscissors and the ring is cleared. Caristico looks to dive but Bandido cuts him off. Chants for Bandido. They trade, run the ropes and Bandido is able to send Caristico outside. Flip back in and they stare down and PJ comes in with a spring double clothesline. PJ sends Bandido out but Flip stays ahead of him and hits a great spring dropkick to send PJ outside. Bandido cuts Flip’s dive off but Caristico takes them both out. Flip gets an airplane headscissors to send Caristico out, Bandido back in with Flip and they continue to build tension for this.

Crowd chants for both, and they both hit dives on Caristico and PJ, then go back in for another standoff and they start trading. Nice quickness from both in this sequence, lots of evasions into another standoff. They pick up the pace again, PJ in but Bandido holds him for Flip to hit Kinder Surprise, looks for a monkey flip on Bandido but Bandido blocks it. Bandido and Caristico face off now and trade, but then they decide to team up on Flip instead (a little awkward there). They look for a double superplex on Flip, and PJ catches it into a sitout powerbomb and covers for 2. He then tries covers on Bandido and Caristico but still gets 2 on each. PJ sits Flip in the corner, but Bandido gets PJ in a tree of woe and climbs with Flip, looks for the Moonsault Fallaway, but PJ is able to throw both of them down to the mat.

Caristico misses a springboard, but adapts quickly into a low dropkick on PJ while Bandido and Flip are still down, and the ref begins to count everyone out. Bandido and Caristico now go at it, and Caristico hits an amazing snap Avalanche Spanish Fly off the top! Flip follows though with a 450 on Caristico, but PJ follows with a spring 450 on Flip for 2. PJ now puts Caristico on top of Flip and hits a spring moonsault on both. PJ moving fast and hits a big top rope mushroom stomp on Bandido, covers but only gets 2. Caristico in but PJ gets a Gory Special, and then gets Bandido into a Cubs Win but PJ collapses under the weight and tries to cover with a pin attempt on Bandido for 2. Superkick by Flip, looks for the spinning DDT but PJ reverses into a brainbuster, cover but only 2.

PJ takes out Flip at ringside, Bandido follows with a running tope con giro, and Caristico then hits a nice jumping cross body off the top to the floor. Caristico fires up the crowd, “Si” chants from the crowd, then Caristico climbs the audience rail for a dive but PJ pushes him off into the  crowd. Bandido does similarly but PJ cuts him off and all three are over the mezz rail in the crowd. Flip then looks to spring, and COVERS THE ENTIRE DISTANCE WITH A SPRINGING CANNONBALL! Holy shit. That was fucking cool. Flip gets Caristico back in and covers but only gets 2. Caristico hits a superkick, then plants PJ with a running Destroyer (!!!!!), covers but Flip breaks it up. Caristico powerbombs Flip on top of PJ and covers both but both are up at 2.

Caristico climbs but Bandido cuts him off and hits the Moonsault Fallaway! Cover, but its broken up at 2. Flip with the spring spear as the crowd chants “This is Awesome”, PJ gets behind Flip but Flip holds the ropes to block, but Bandido runs up behind them and hits a DOUBLE 21-PLEX, holds onto PJ for the bridge and gets the 3 count and the WIN!

Bandido defeats PJ Black, Caristico & Flip Gordon by pinfall after a DOUBLE 21-Plex
JAY’S RATING: 4 out of 5

This was a really cool 4-way, with great action throughout without it devolving too much to follow. Bandido is a S-T-A-R and proved that again here BIG TIME. The teases with Flip were fun, and Caristico showed just what he is truly capable of in the ring, which is a SHIT TON. What a legend. Flip was great, but more than anything this was the first time where PJ Black really showed some evolution, some urgency, some will to win. And it made SUCH A HUGE DIFFERENCE! This felt like a reboot for PJ Black, and that gives me a really good feeling. He’s got talent, he’s got ability, but there wasnt drive. THIS was what drive felt like from him, and I really hope he keeps it up – he could be a great veteran presence for ROH if he can keep hold of this.

After the match, Bandido and PJ embrace and we get Codes of Honor all around. “All These Guys” chant. Caristico tries to leave but Bandido asks him to go back into the ring, respecting the legacy of Caristico, getting a big pop from the crowd. “Please come back” chants. Caristico shows respect for the fans in return.

Suddenly music hits and Kenny King comes to commentary, pretending to be blind after being misted by The Great Muta at G1 Supercard, and he talks about winning the Honor Rumble at #1, and wants people to give him the nickname “Shawn Michaels.” This was fun in its way, though I do feel a little uncomfortable with the poking fun at a disability with all of the humor tied to the blindness. But King’s story continues, and I know a lot of folx dont like his shtick but he’s so grounded in it, and its hard to be a true heel in today’s era and I admire King for that.

#1 Contenders Match: ROH World Tag Team Championship
30-Minute Iron Man Match
LIFEBLOOD (Tracy Williams & Mark Haskins)

We get a Code all around, and Jay starts off with Haskins. Lockup, they go pretty fast to begin, lots of counters and evasions and breaking in the corner. Tags to Gresham and Williams. Great mat work by both, quickness and counters here as well into a standoff. Nice urgency while keeping it methodical to start. Tag to Jay, more quick mat work and Williams gets the advantage. Tag to Haskins, but Jay tells Haskins to tag Williams back in, as Tracy outwrestled him. Lockup again, more mat work and counterwrestling with Jay getting the advantage this time. Chops traded. They flip each other back and forth, keeping it on the mat, and Jay now tags Gresham in as is Haskins.

The quick mat work continues with Haskins getting control of the arm. Shots traded, they keep trading advantages, Tracy gets a blind tag and Lifeblood takes advantage. Monkey flip by Haskins into a PK by Tracy, cover by Haskins but only 2. Haskins keeps working Gresham’s arm, tag to Tracy who keeps on that limb. Head and arm suplex by Tracy connects for a nearfall but Tracy is right back on the arm and gets a legsweep into a rollup, and then transitions that into a Feel The Glow style submission but its broken up. Tag to Haskins who keeps on Gresham who fires back until Haskins is able to get back to the arm with a Rings of Saturn. Gresham shifts weight into a pin for 2, but Haskins holds on. Haskins wont let go of Gresham, tag to Tracy who gets a tope atomico and keeps hold of the arm. The falls are tied at 0 each.

Jay gets a blind tag and sneaks up on Williams with the carthwheel dropkick, then drives Williams into his corner to keep the pressure on. Snap suplex and a cover by Jay for 2. Pressure stays on Tracy, Gresham tagged in and they work the knee of Williams. King’s shtick on commentary is fun to me. Gresham looks for the Deathlock and gets it locked in, Tracy’s shoulders go down but he kicks out at 2 and just lays in striks to Gresham to break out. Tag to Jay who keeps the pressure on, and looks for the Figure Four but Williams escapes, Jay hits a suplex and tries again and gets it locked as Gresham keeps Haskins at bay. Jay wrenches the hold, Tracy screams and his shoulders go down but only for 2. Tracy fights and gets the ropes to break.

Jay keeps the pressure on, Tracy fires back, Jay tries a suplex and Tracy lands on his feet but hurts his knee, but is able to hit a leg drop to the back of Jay’s head off the corner and both are down. The falls are still tied at 0. Tags on both sides, Haskins and Gresham both come in hot with Haskins hitting a nice kick, but Gresham blocks the Pumphandle Driver. Haskins gets the bridging Fujiwara, Gresham looks for the ropes, Haskins traps the arms so Gresham uses his legs for the break. Haskins with a PK to Jay on the apron, then dumps Gresham and takes both out with suicide dives. Back in and they evade until Haskins gets the Pumphandle Driver for 2.

Tag to Tracy who hits a nice top rope frog splash, covers but Jay breaks it. Haskins takes out Jay, Tracy looks to dive but Gresham cuts it off, Tracy counters into the top turnbuckle DDT and Haskins follows up by tagging in and locking in the Sharpshooter, and Gresham taps to give Lifeblood the lead! Lifeblood: 1 / Lethal/Gresham: 0. Jay and Tracy in for the next faceoff. The pace slows down and they trade shots, Tracy hits a nice lariat for 2. Tag to Haskins and Lifeblood hits an interesting suplex/atomic drop combo, PK follows and Haskins covers for 2. Haskins stays in control of Jay, keeping him grounded and getting nearfalls. Tag to Tracy who keeps the pressure on. Tag to Haskins who keeps on Jay, Jay fires back and they both look for suplexes but Haskins hits his and covers for 2. Tag to Tracy but Jay blocks the double team but Lifeblood plays teh numbers game and Tracy hits a DVD, covers but Gresham breaks it up as we get the 5-minute notice.

Lifeblood is still up 1-0. Jay takes out Haskins and trades with Tracy, Gresham intervenes but his knee gives out. Lethal Injection is blocked but Gresham catches Tracy in a German suplex, Jay takes out Haskins and they hit the Cornette Cutter! Cover by Gresham and we are tied. Lifeblood: 1 / Lethal/Gresham: 1. Jay hits a dive outside but Gresham cant due to his knee. 3 minutes remain. They try the Cornette Cutter again but Tracy catches him, Haskins tags in and takes out Jay with the Shoulder Soldier Roll. Tracy drops Gresham on his knees, Haskins looks for the Sharpshooter again and gets it locked! Gresham struggles, Tracy holds Jay back, 2 minutes announced, Jay dumps Tracy as Gresham is able to roll up Haskins and they are now up! Lifeblood: 1 / Lethal/Gresham: 2. Haskins stays on Gresham, Gresham fights and we get 1 minute. DDT by Haskins, cover but only 2. Haskins with a Figure Four mid-ring. 30 seconds. Tag to Jay, who hits Haskins with Hail to the King, covers but Haskins is up at 2 as we count the final 10 and THATS IT!

Jay Lethal & Jonathan Gresham defeats Lifeblood 2 falls to 1 to become #1 Contenders to the ROH World Tag Team Championship
JAY’S RATING: 4 out of 5

This was another outstanding match between two great teams and four great performers. This was also an extremely well laid out Iron Man match, which can go a couple ways but can also DRAG if improperly done. This was incredibly paced, everyone played their roles exceptionally well, and there was great fire and urgency from all. The closing stretch was great, and very focused on the fight and craft which, given this event, was a great move. Really great work, and Lethal/Gresham vs Guerrillas of Destiny has the potential to be GREAT. Well done.

Lifeblood teases not doing the Code, but instead brushes the hands away and they all hug instead. “That Was Wrestling” chants, which I love.

NWA World Heavyweight Championship

Before the match, this was not clearly a title match, so Colt grabs a mic and asks for a commitment to this being a title match, and Aldis makes it official. We get a Code and the bell. Colt has some fun with Aldis to begin with, playing some head games. They lock up, Colt gets a creative roll up for 2 and eats a chop from Aldis that fires him up. They trade and Colt drops Aldis with a double chop. Aldis is sent outside, Colt looks to follow but gets distracted by Aldis’ companion Camille, and Aldis takes control. Nice suplex from Aldis, cover but only 2. Clothesline by Aldis and another cover for 2, and Aldis grounds Colt. Michinoku Driver from Aldis connects, but a cover still only gets 2. Aldis looks to climb but Colt cuts him off and tosses him.

NICE headscissors from Colt, Flying Apple connects and we get the elbows and a Flip Flop and Fly, cover but only 2. Chants for Colt. Colt looks for the moonsault but Aldis crotches him, looks for a reverse superplex, Colt calls for Ian and fights back, looks for the double jump splash but Aldis gets the knees up, looks for the Cloverleaf but Colt counters into the Cubs Win! The crowd chants for Aldis to tap, but he gets to the ropes for the break. Aldis is able to dump Colt and hit a tombstone piledriver, then climbs again and lands the diving elbow drop, covers but Colt is out at 2. Colt fires back with a nice quebrada, but cant follow up quickly. Suddenly Marty Scurll emerges from the back, comes down and steals the NWA Title! Camille tries to cut him off and Aldis takes him out from behind, Colt looks to take advantage but Marty shoves Colt and they start brawling, leading to the DQ. Colt is pissed and Marty tries to play it off a bit like he didnt mean it to go this way.

Colt Cabana defeats Nick Aldis by Disqualification after interference by Marty Scurll
JAY’S RATING: 2.25 out of 5

You know, to be honest I’m not the biggest fan of Aldis – his ring-style just really doesnt do much for me personally – but I also give him credit for really bringing a sense of importance back to the belt he wears. And giving him the title run he has has really worked for me from a story standpoint. I care about the title more than I have in a LOOOOONG time, and Aldis has been instrumental to that, so I have to give him due credit here. This match barely got out of the gate, but Colt looked great and Aldis did his job fine, and this protects Colt before he takes on Willie Mack for the NWA National Title, and sets up Marty/Aldis for the World Title. Did what it needed to do well enough.

After the match, Marty takes out Aldis with the umbrella to a nice pop, as we hype toward this NWA Title match. Long live The Villian.

Suddenly Dalton Castle’s music hits, and Dalton comes out alone with a mic. Something is definitely a bit different here after he jumped the Boys. Nice pop from the crowd, but as quickly as Dalton hit the ring he leaves it and heads back up the ramp. Dalton teases talking, and then heads to the back. I mean, fine… but didnt Chris Jericho already do something like this?

Ring of Honor World Six-Man Tag Team Championship

Great response for PCO. Marty takes the mic and says he’s not in the best mood, and theyve done this 100 times. He suggests making it a Columbus Street Fight, and its on! The bell rings and all hell breaks loose. PCO takes out Vinny and TK with clotheslines and the champs clear the ring. Brody hits an insane tope con giro onto all three Kingdom members, then holds them as PCO gets launched on top of them! The actions stays broken down at ringside, with Taven taking out Marty as Brody and PCO keep on Vinny and TK. Taven and Marty back inside with Taven in control, as PCO asks for shots from TK outside. Marty hits a spear inside and beats down Taven. Marty grabs a chair as Vinny and TK get some advantage on the outside. Taven counters and looks for Climax on the set up chair, Marty counters but Taven sends him into it anyway. Brody in and throws a chair at Taven, then sets it up with the other one as TK comes in with a chair, Brody looks to punch but TK raises the chair and Brody cracks it hard.

Vinny gets dumped by Marty and he evades a TK chair shot, which bounces off the top rope and hits him back in the face. Marty grabs it and now there are 4 chairs set up in the ring and Marty has a seat and flexes. Marty hits the apron superkick on Vinny but eats a kick from Taven, who then runs into a Michinoku Driver from PCO. Chants for PCO. PCO arranges the chairs and lays Taven on all 4, then looks to climb for the Cannonball! Vinny and TK back in, Taven gets up and they get PCO over into a DOUBLE SUPERPLEX ONTO THE CHAIRS! “Holy shit” chants. But PCO rolls outside and is on his feet because HE’S NOT HUMAN! Marty back in and clears the ring using the chairs, Brody in and puts pressure on Taven as Marty looks under the ring and pulls out a table but The Kingdom cuts the thought off. Vinny then tries to take the table out, but TK wants to put it back, and we have some tension in The Kingdom! Taven intervenes but Marty lands a suicide dive and takes out Vinny and TK with chairs.

Taven is tossed back inside with Marty and Brody who it a double team and then connect with a unique move with Marty sunset flipping Brody to German suplex Taven! They follow that up with a 619/Back Cannonball combo. Brody grabs TK who fires back as Vinny hits a Dudley Dog on Marty and TK takes out Brody. Vinny goes for the table again, joined by TK. They set the table up in the corner and looks to send Marty through it, VE cuts it off and Brody hits a running Blu Ray through the table! Marty covers but Taven is out at 2. Taven is surrounded by VE, but flips off Marty who takes the finger to snap it, but TK and Vinny come in with chair shots and a double flapjack/double senton combo on Marty. Vinny clears the timekeepers table, TK grabs another one, and it breaks down again. Vinny and Brody make their way onto the stage, Brody shrugs off a chair shot and clothelines Vinny. Taven is now up and mocks Marty’s Chickenwing taunt, looks for the hold BUT MARTY HITS THE CLIMAX INSTEAD AND COVERS, but Taven is out at 2!

TK back in, nice butterfly suplex. TK brings Marty to the corner and looks to superplex him outside through the table, Marty fights back and snaps the fingers in the corner, then snaps the other fingers, and just blows on TK who falls back through the table! WHAT A VILLAIN! Vinny back in for the tilt-a-whirl legsweep, goes outside and hits a cutter on Brody and then hits Redrum onto Brody through the table! PCO now back in with Taven and looks for a chokeslam, Taven counters with a low blow and hits Climax, covers but Marty breaks it at 2. Marty fights back but Taven hits a pop up powerbomb and Just The Tip, covers but still 2. Taven grabs his ROH World Title belt, “Fuck You Taven” chants here and there in the background, Taven lines Marty up but PCO COMES BACK TO LIFE, which distracts Taven enough for Marty to hit an umbrella shot, PCO climbs, hits the moonsault and covers and GETS THE PIN ON THE ROH CHAMPION!

Villain Enterprises defeats The Kingdom by pinfall after a moonsault to retain the ROH Six-Man Tag Team Titles
JAY’S RATING: 4 out of 5

I enjoyed the hell out of this match too, it was a little too chaotic for me at times as I lost the thread but it always brought it back through action and storytelling. The Kingdom still works so well to me as a top heel faction in ROH, though I feel like they are ready for their next evolution, and VE is just getting warmed up. I also love PCO getting the win here over Taven, and earning a title shot New Japan style, as it also shows that while Marty is the CEO any of them have a chance to be a contender here. Great Holy Shit spots, and a great ending made this a lot of fun to me. Great work.

After the match, PCO grabs his 6-man belt AND the ROH World Title belt, and with the pin on the champ it looks like we have another contender in PCO. Look, even if he doesnt win it, this should be great and PCO fucking deserves it. So happy with this.


This was a really strong card that delivered well across the board, with the exception of the WOH match which is a shame because this roster still has a lot to offer. And whatever you make of “The Allure”, Angelina Love can go. Velvet can pull some stuff out too. (Mandy Leon is another story, but cest la vie.) But to have the one WOH match really just be focused on them and their shenanigans while Jenny Rose continues to stay pretty green regarding ring work, just feels like thoughtlessness in terms of booking WOH on this card. The rest was strong and kept things moving forward into the next wave of stories nicely, and there are lots of seeds at play here that can be interesting. Nice to see PJ Black really deliver, Bandido is a STAR and Caristico is a LEGEND, the iron man match was great and the main event was a great note to go out on, especially with PCO getting a nod. Strong work, now FIX. YOUR. TV. ISSUES. ROH.

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