Ring of Honor Road to G1 Supercard: Baltimore Report | Aired 3/31/19

Ring of Honor Road to G1 Supercard: Baltimore Report | Aired 3/31/19

Ring of Honor presents


UMBC Event Center
Aired 3/31/19

Ian Riccobani and Colt Cabana on commentary.


Theres no audio on my Honor Club broadcast yet for some reason… Tracy offers the Code of Honor, but Rush kicks it away. Lock up and stand off quickly. They trade counterholds, and a tackle moves no one as they are both fired up. Rush puts Tracy down with the next tackle, they run the ropes and evade rollups and holds and stand off again. AND THE AUDIO IS HERE NOW! YAY! They hit the ropes again and Rush lands a Superman Punch, Tracy heads outside and Rush follows and puts Tracy into the barricade. Chops traded outside and both Tracy and Rush are showing intense fire.

Rush tosses Tracy HARD into the barricade to get momentum back, then sends him all the way to the other side into another barricade, AND A THIRD TIME. The crowd is coming alive for the energy of this opener. Rush almost puts Tracy back inside but Tracy comes back out and sends Rush into the barricade. Tracy is tossed back in and Rush teases the chair, then heads back in and hits corner avalanches and a low dropkick to maintain control. Tracy comes right back and they trade shots before Tracy tears off his shoulder brace. They keep throwing huge chops and Rush boots Tracy in the corner and gets him seated, teases the Bulls Horns but stops short to boot Tracy in the face mockingly before going Tranquilo.

Rush stays on Tracy in the corner but Tracy counters, climbs and hits a missile dropkick to take down Rush. Shots by Tracy, who hits machine gun chops in the corner, looks for a firemans but Rush escapes and hits a boot, spits in Tracy’s face but Tracy hits a discus lariat and covers Rush for 2. Tracy hoists Rush again and lands the DVD, covers again but still just 2. Big elbows by Tracy but Rush gets a snap German suplex and covers Tracy for 2. GREAT brainbuster connects by Rush and he covers but still only 2. Tracy looks to come back but Rush cuts him off in the corner, looks for a superplex out of it but Tracy counters with a headbutt, and DDT’s Rush on the top turnbuckle. Tracy follows with a nice middle rope divind DDT, covers but only 2!

Tracy looks to climb again but Rush cuts him off and hits a superplex off the top, covers Tracy but only 2. Rush looks to climb but takes too much time and misses the diving senton, Tracy climbs but Rush evades and tosses Tracy into the corner with a belly to belly, and is seated in the corner. The Bull’s Horns follow by Rush, and he covers Tracy for the 3 count and the WIN!

Rush defeats Tracy Williams by pinfall after the Bull’s Horns
JAY’S RATING: 3.25 out of 5

This was a good opener for the show with both Tracy and Rush bringing SERIOUS fire at the top and making sure the audience got fired up to kick things off. Rush going over makes sense, but I have super high hopes for Tracy Williams in ROH, who continues to deliver some really strong ring-work (surprising no one who has followed his pre-ROH career). Nice work all around.

After the match, Dalton Castle comes out with his Boys, and has a mic. Dalton does his shtick (WHICH I LOVE) and says he loves Rush’s energy, and that he wants him to hold onto it for G1 Supercard, because thats the Rush he’s gonna beat. Dalton says he’s going to smash Rush’s face at Supercard. Rush hits Tranquilo as Dalton poses with (on?) His Boys. Nice little promo.

Music hits and out comes Rhett Titus with his “Fittest” trophy, and he joins commentary, and says he’s winning Honor Rumble at Supercard.

Six-Man Tag Team Match

Code of Honor all around to begin. LSG and Isom start us off with LSG getting the advantage, nice quickness from LSG as Isom looks to match speed and use some ring smarts, and LSG is able to land a dropkick. Tag to Ali who keeps on Isom. Ali hits the ropes but Isom is able to take him down with a jumping knee and a nice release Northern Lights suplex. (That’s a signature.) Tag to Nova who keeps on Ali and covers for 1. They trade shots, Ali uses the size and strength advantage but Nova keeps coming and they evade each others shots until Colin tags in as well as Burger. Colin and Burger start fast with Burger rolling through snapmares and getting a unique pin for a nearfall before snagging a headlock in a nice sequence.

Tackles move no one. Colin now asks Burger for a shot and Burger looks for a snapmare and Colin flips out of it, they go fast again, 1 count by Colin on a pin attempt and they stand off again as Colin claps sarcastically. They lock up quick again and trade go-behinds, Nova tags himself in and he and Burger get a nice double team, Isom tags and hits a spring frog splash for a 2 count. Nice. Isom looks to whip but Colin hangs on, tag to Burger but Colin hits a back suplex and LSG is tagged in. Double team by C2C but Burger fights back and looks for the tag, but gets pancaked with a great move by C2C. Cover by LSG but only 2.

Tag to Ali who keeps on Burger who fights back and counters a gutwrench into a rana. Tag to Isom who tags out LSG and Colin as he keeps on Ali and hits both Ali and Colin with a springing dropkick and covers Ali for 2. LSG in but gets dumped and Isom hits a nice suicide dive and then sends Colin into the barricade. Ali catches a crossbody attempt into a HUGE swinging Catatonic (who remembers Wildcat Chris Harris from TNA?) but eats a knee from Nova who hits Ali with a tornado facebuster. Colin hits a spring stunner but Burger answers with a low superkick, LSG puts him down with the Saint’s Flowsion. Colin and LSG are able tyo double team Isom, with LSG hitting a nice facebuster and Ali hits a Dr. Bomb but its brokwn up at 2.

3S is dumped except for Isom, tag to Colin, Ali gets Isom in the Tree of Woe, and all 3 climb corners for a triple Coast To Coast, but 3S cuts it off and Colin is left alone with Isom who hits Colin with a shot. Colin is able to dump Isom face first on the turnbuckle but Burger is back in and turns Colin inside out with SHOTEI! 3S looks for their triple team finisher (WHICH IS GREAT), cover on Colin and thats the 3 count and the WIN for 3S!

Shinobi Shadow Squad defeats Colin Delaney & Coast 2 Coast by pinfall after Oyasumi (sp? Looking it up but cant find it yet)
JAY’S RATING: 3 out of 5

A nice 6-man tag with good action, real urgency and the chance for anyone to win. I’m glad to see 3S get the win here, as their work is getting stronger and stronger and Isom is just insanely talented as always. I hope C2C can start separating from the pack more too, as they have SUCH potential in this tag division. Good work.

After the match, we get another Code of Honor.


Commentary talks about how Silas was at a wedding in Chicago and is working on very little sleep and rest. Haskins offers the hand but Silas talks shit and we dont get a Code as the bell rings. Lock up but Haskins looks for the arm right away and works Silas down. Ian talks about Silas losing streak and Haskins gets a rollup for 2 and we stand off. Silas mockingly applauds Haskins, extends the hand and we get an actual handshake, and Silas says he can appreciate Haskin’s work. Haskins with quickness to snatch a headlock and keep Silas grounded. They trade headscissors and escapes and we get another standoff.

Headlock by Haskins but Silas counters, they trade holds and we get a clean break from Silas. We get another handshake but Silas then hits a thrust to the throat and chest and Silas now beats Haskins down in the corner. Haskins fires back, Silas hits a tackle, Haskins kips right up but Silas uses the hair to put him back down. Dropkick to the knee by Haskins, Silas bails but evades the first dive from Haskins, but Haskins hits that rope feint and hits a suicide dive on the other side instead. Shots by Haskins outside, Silas looks to fight back and chop Haskins against the post but Haskins moves and Silas smacks the post HARD.

Back inside and Haskins looks for From Haskins With Love, but Silas is able to trap Haskins’ leg in the ropes and follow with the springing lariat, and then keeps on Haskins’ knee on the outside, sending it into the barricade and dropping it on the apron. Back inside and Silas keeps on Haskins and continues on the knee. Haskins fights back but hobbles and Silas takes advantage. A back rake fires Haskins up but Silas is able to dump him and Haskins is down on the outside as ref Todd Sinclair counts him. Haskins rolls back inside and Silas pounces and keeps Haskins grounded. Jawbreaker by Haskins to break it but Silas hits the backbreaker/lariat combo for 2.

Silas paintrbushes Haskins with his boot and mocks him, telling him to stay down. Haskins fires back with a jumping kick to drop Silas. The crowd gets behind Haskins who shakes out the leg, but then kicks with it as well, hurting himself with each kick. Haskins withe a quick evade and looks for the Sharpshooter and locks it in! Silas gets to the ropes to break. Silas evades the apron PK and Haskins comes off instead with a flying knee. Haskins climbs but Silas evades and looks for another backbreaker lariat but Haskins reverses into the bridging Fujiwara! Silas is in pain but pulls himself toward the ropes, but Haskins grabs the other arm so Silas uses his foot and gets the rope break.

Haskins keeps on Silas’ arm, Silas walks through the ropes to get the break and is able to lure Haskins in before hitting a big knee strike and Anarchist Suplex, cover but only 2. Full nelson by Silas, Haskins fights back but Silas gets a shot from behind until Haskins lands a rollup for 2. Haskins looks for the Sharpshooter again but Silas hits a rolling DVD and seated stomp, covers but only 2. Silas gets the Full Nelson Knee and sets up Misery but Haskins counters into a rollup for 2, Haskins rolls Silas up into the Soldier Shoulder Roll Samoan Driver for 2, and follows up with From Haskins With Love in the ropes.

Haskins climbs but Silas cuts him off, looks for a back superplex but Haskins counters, Silas lands a shot and looks for the Plunge which he hits beautifully, cover but still only 2! Silas brings Haskins to the apron and looks for a piledriver, Haskins counters and fights back hitting a superkick and looks for a sunset flip but Silas sits down and holds the ropes for a pin but ref Todd Sinclair sees it and kicks Silas’ arms away, which allows Haskins to take Silas over into the sunset pin for the quick 3 count and the WIN!

Mark Haskins defeats Silas Young by pinfall after a rollup
JAY’S RATING: 3.75 out of 5

Silas’ losing streak continues, and his arrogance and rule-breaking leading to this one was a good choice. I really enjoyed this match, with Haskins bringing his usual great fire and Silas proving again why he is so reliable in ROH, with a great mix of spots and just great character work, always being dropped into the role he plays in the ring and in this match. He’s so grounded, and that mixed with Haskins’ energy and execution made for a match that had the crowd tuned in the whole time. I also like that Bully and Silas have survived the multi-leveled feuds of last year, as I think that pairing makes so much sense from a POV and experience standpoint. Good work all around.

After the match, Silas kicks Haskins low and gets in Todd’s face. Bully Ray now runs down mic in hand and Todd drops down in fear. Bully says Todd has to be kidding him. Bully says you shouldnt put your hands on a wrestler, you should have just counted to 5. He says Todd put his hands on Bully at Final Battle. He calls Todd incompetent. Silas beats down Haskins as Bully threatens to crack open Todd’s skull. Todd is shitting himself. Bully tells Todd to reverse the decision. Todd says he wont do it, he cant do it, so Bully tells Silas to get the tables. Bully keeps Haskins down as he sets up the table in the ring. Bully looks to bomb Haskins until Lifeblood runs out and Silas and Bully bail. Juice takes the mic and calls out Bully, and mocks Bully’s toughness and manhood. Juice invites Bully into the ring. Bully finally gets nose to nose with Juice, and Juice doesnt flinch. Juice says its Juice vs Bully at MSG. Nice, this could be a lot of fun.

Triple Threat Tag Team Match

Code of Honor to begin. Rose and Kris to start us off. Kris with a spider walk to show flexibility to begin. Rose tags out and in comes Ortiz. Kris does the spider walk again so Sumie gets tagged in. Spider walk once more, and Sumie tags Rivera in. Aaaaaand spider walk, and then tags Tasha in instead… what? Ok then… Lock up between Tasha and Rivera, who takes down Tasha with a tackle. They run the ropes, Tasha botches a spot but they recover and Rivera gets a nice arm drag and hip toss, then works over Tasha’s arm. Tasha fires back and escapes to tag in Rose. Ortiz in for Rivera. Ortiz drops Rose for a 1 count, they trade arm drags, Ortiz with a snapmare and dropkick with a cover for only 1.

Rose fires back and hits the corner shots and a snap suplex, covers but gets 2. Tag to Sumie and they hit a double team for 2. Sumie gets a slingshot transition into a half crab and really pulls back on it as Rose mocks Ortiz from the apron. Ortiz makes the ropes for the break, Sumie stays on Ortiz and Ortiz is able to escape but Sumie lands a dropkick as Kris gets the blind tag on Ortiz and pushes down Sumie. Sumie fights back but Kris hits a nice backbreaker. Tag to Rivera who comes in firing but Kris is able to put Rivera down and hit a COOL Boom Drop variation for 2. LIKING Kris Stadtlander! Tag to Tasha who hits a double team wet-willie/dropkick for 2.

Tasha keeps on Rivera but Rivera evades a shot in the corner and Tasha hits the post. Tag to Kris who cuts Rivera off but Rivera hits an enziguri and tags in Sumie who hits a missle dropkick. Codebreaker by Rose is followed by a bridging Saito suplex by Sumie for 2. Kris is sent outside and Sumie evades a shot by Tasha, who ends up diving on top of Kris outside. Sumie climbs and takes out Tasha and Kris with a flying crossbody. Smash Mouth connects by Sumie but Rivera cuts off the cover, Ortiz tags herself in off of Sumie as Tasha hits a spinebuster on Rivera, Rose spears Tasha down and Ortiz hits Rose with a snap DDT. Ortiz gets Sumie with an armdrag as Kris comes in but Ortiz rolls her up for 2. Kris rolls through a backslide and hits a GREAT knee strike, then plants Ortiz with Big Bang Theory (inverted Dudebuster), covers and gets the 3 count and the WIN.

Kris Stadtlander & Tasha Steelz defeat Gabby Ortiz/Karissa Rivera & Sumie Sakai/Jenny Rose by pinfall after Big Bang Theory
JAY’S RATING: 2.75 out of 5

This was a solid outing, Jenny Rose still needs to sharpen her ring work and Tasha’s good but felt a little uncertain here, Ortiz and Rivera show some true potential, but for me the star of this match was Kris Stadtlander. This was my first time seeing her and I see a TON in her, and her physicality and sharpness in the ring is already pretty superb. There was one missed moment at the end when she went for the cover and didnt realize Ortiz’s shoulders werent down, but it didnt phase her, the ref told her and she lowered down into the cover and got the win, and we never saw her sweat. Thats professionalism. Keeping an eye on Kris Stadtlander, and I hope ROH sees her as an investment – she fits the next gen conversation well with Isom and the rising generation of Williams, Haskins, Gresham, Cobb etc.

After the match, Kelly Klein comes out to the ring. She extends the hand to Gabby Ortiz, helps her up and shakes her hand. Klein has a mic and says we’ve come a long way, and that she is so proud to be part of Women of Honor. She talks about MSG and how she respects Mayu Iwatani and how she has pushed and challenged Klein. But next week, Klein is going to walk out of MSG the WOH champ, and she wants all of the women in the ring to know that she will be a fighting champion, and offers a shot to anyone there once she wins the title. Sumie walks right up to Klein and says “wow”. Sumie calls Klein lucky to get a 2nd chance at Mayu, and that she cant believe it. But she says Klein will need more than that, because Mayu is so much better than Klein, and Mayu will win at MSG, and then shows disrespect by putting the mic on the ground instead of handing it to Klein. Not great promos from a delivery standpoint, but also not too bad and builds some interesting heel-ness from Sumie as Klein starts to look more face-y… interesting… This is also a new side of Klein than what I’ve seen, and that is exciting to me, and I hope indicative of her starting to level up.

Ring of Honor World Tag Team Championship

God, PCO has been wrestling for 32 years… he’s unbelievable. The ROH truck whiffs the flashback clip but finally gets it as we see VE take the Six-Man Titles, which anyone watching on FITE, HonorClub, etc HASNT SEEN YET. GODDAMMIT. (But at least Ian acknowledged it this time, which does help.) The bell rings and Jay and Brody lock up. Jay is moved into the corner and Brody lays in a big chop. Jay steps up and says he likes it, and they start trading shots. A dropkick from Jay staggers Brody and Mark gets the tag and the Briscoes take Brody down with a double tackle. Brody fights back and tags in PCO, and he faces off with the equally nuts Mark.

Mark says he wants PCO to hit him “you Frankenstein son of a bitch!” They trade huge chops back and forth, and Mark gets the advantage in the corner but PCO elevates Mark over the corner all the way to the floor! Jay now dumps PCO but Brody dumps Jay and everyone is at ringside. Mark gets back into the ring and hits a suicide dropkick, and follows by taking Brody down with a blockbuster off the apron. Jay sends PCO back inside and keeps on PCO but PCO absorbs the shots, DVD by Jay and Mark comes off with Froggy Bow and covers but PCO kicks out at 2! Redneck kung-fu by Mark, tag to Jay who lands headbutts. Euros by Jay, tag to Mark who hits chops to PCO.

Tag to Jay who hits a big boot to the head of PCO. Suplex by Jay is blocked and PCO hits a big DDT. Tag to Brody who lays into Jay. Corner clothesline connects, tag to PCO, Brody hits a slam and then slams PCO on top of Jay, Brody hits a running senton and PCO hits a middle rope leg drop and covers for 2. Tag to Brody and VE gets a double chokeslam, cover by Brody but Mark breaks it at 2. Cannonball by Brody to Jay’s back against the middle rope, tag to PCO, Brody fires up PCO with chops and then whips PCO but Jay moves, hits Brody with a roaring elbow and tags Mark who is in hot. Mark dropkicks PCO and hits Brody with a pele, Brody bails and Mark then dumps PCO over the top onto Brody, Mark climbs and hits a Whisper in the Wind off the top onto VE on the floor!

Jay and Mark start throwing chairs and crap into the ring as the brawl breaks down at ringside. Lots of love for the Briscoes here. Briscoes keep control outside as Mark moves the timekeepers table to closer to the ring. Brody fires back on Jay as Mark and PCO are now in the ring. Mark looks for Froggy Bow but Brody pushes Mark off the top and through the timekeepers table at ringside! Jay checks on Mark but PCO hits a suicide cannonball to wipe him out. Brody climbs on the apron and hits a cannonball taking both Briscoes down. Apron chokeslam by Brody and he holds Mark in place, but Jay intervenes and PCO comes off the top but wipes out on the apron hard.

PCO thrown back inside, Jay climbs and hits a big splash off the top, Mark follows and lands Froggy Bow, but Brody saves it at 2! “This is Awesome” chants. Brody now looks under the ring and throws chairs inside the rings. Brody in and clocks Jay with a chair, and ref Todd Sinclair calls for the bell and the DQ as the action breaks down completely. The Briscoes build a pile of chairs and steel in the middle of the ring, then take PCO off the top with a double superplex onto the steel!

The Briscoes defeat Villain Enterprises by DQ after a chair shot (VE retains the ROH Tag Titles)
JAY’S RATING: 3.75 out of 5

This was a really strong match overall, everyone brought strong action throughout with some good peaks and valleys, a ton of raw chaos and a nice way to keep the Briscoes/VE program going, especially since the Briscoes get the W in their column off this DQ. Well done match, and I’m still very here for more VE/Briscoes action.

After the match the chaos continues. Mark hits PCO with kendo stick shots, the crowd calls for blood, and they hit PCO with a 2nd superplex on the steel as demanded by the crowd. Jay then cracks Brody with the kendo stick, then lays him on a slightly propped up table and Mark comes off the top and puts Brody through it.

VIDEO PACKAGE: Madison Square Garden

We get an ROH roster package about going to MSG.


So far, I have not really been moved by PJ’s work in ROH, so I’ll be interested to see what King is able to get from him. PJ extends the hand and Kenny refuses rudely. The bell rings and they trade holds and counters to begin, with PJ using mat work to ground King. King counters out and hits a gorgeous arm drag to stalemate. Snapmare by PJ turned smoothly into a crucifix pin for 1 and holds onto the arm. Chops traded in the corner, PJ looks for a hip toss but King lands on his feet and surprises PJ with an arm drag to ground the action again. Tackle by PJ drops King, they run the ropes and PJ sweeps the leg for 1, King with a rollup for 1, armdrag series by PJ and we are grounded again.

PJ works the arm, King up but PJ evades a kick and they both throw dropkicks for another stalemate. Hand extended by PJ again, King takes it but immediately lands an elbow, PJ up and over and hits a big kick to drop King and comes off the top with a couple of axe-handle elbows (…….Darewolf?) and covers for 2. Headscissors takeover by PJ, King is able to counter in the ropes and heads to the apron but PJ sweeps the leg to dump King outside. King evades a baseball slide and tries to toss King back inside but King swings around with a shot and sends PJ into the barricade in a slightly awkward exchange.

King sends PJ back inside and covers for 2, and then works another grounded submission and puts PJ down by the hair. Exploder suplex by King, who dumps PJ and follows with a running tornillo to wipe out PJ at ringside. Back inside and King covers for another 2 before working the arm again. King looks to climb but PJ cuts him off, King blocks the superplex off the top and pushes PJ off, but PJ comes right back with an avalanche rana and then a standing moonsault off the top, covers King but only gets 2. (That’s a bit more Darewolf-y). King heads out and PJ looks to dive but King moves and then counters another dive attempt with a kick, PJ is stuck in the ropes as King walks away and jaws with a fan, allowing PJ to recover and hit a dropkick through the ropes, then skins the cat and hits his own tornillo to wipe out King.

PJ sends King back inside and climbs again and hits a top rope mushroom stomp, covers but King gets the ropes at 2. King with a sunset flip for 2, then hits a big spinebuster on PJ for another 2. PJ fights back but King sweeps the leg and hits a series of kicks for another close 2. King hoists PJ who fights back, looks for a bomb on King but King reverses into a backslide with feet on the ropes for 2. PJ is able to drop King with a weak-looking springboard kick, but then follows with a genuinely GORGEOUS springboard moonsault from the top and covers for 2. PJ extends a hand but King spits at it, King looks for Eddie Gordo but PJ blocks it and hits the Dr. Black Cutter, covers but King is out at 2. PJ then hits a Yokosuke DDT type move for 2 and climbs again, but King sends ref Paul Turner into the ropes and crotches PJ, follows up with the Royal Flush and covers for the 3 count and the WIN.

Kenny King defeats PJ Black by pinfall after the Royal Flush
JAY’S RATING: 2.25 out of 5

This was a solid match overall and I’m happy to see King go over, as I think his star is rising fast. And he pulled some decent stuff out of PJ in general. And props to PJ for pulling out a couple of spots… but at the end of the day, he still strikes as SO SLOW, his stuff isnt as sharp as it used to be, and so the Darewolf nickname continues to feel misapplied given the match I just watched. I’m not anti-PJ – I just think he needs to take a note from some others lately and look to rebrand himself a bit, which could give him the reframe he needs to really excel. Because right now, I just dont get it.

After the match King grabs a mic and talks about signing his new contract. King says that as part of the deal, he’s joining the Honor Rumble at MSG. King then demands to be #1 at the Honor Rumble, so he can run through everybody and make everyone bend the knee. Nice little closer promo as King continues to get grounded in his current role.

Scurll’s MSG ROH Title Match Spot On The Line

There’s a decent amount of support for Taylor here tonight. Taylor grabs a mic and runs down the crowd, and tells Marty he’s going to take Marty’s spot at MSG. No Code, and we get the bell as Taylor talks shit in Marty’s face. Marty slaps Taylor, who throttles Marty and tosses him into the corner. Taylor looks for a shot but Marty escapes and hits the ropes for a series of tackles but Taylor is unphased and looks to dump Marty. Marty skins the cat, but runs into a lariat by Taylor. Legdrop on the apron by Taylor misses and Marty follows with the apron superkick before firing up the crowd. Marty with shots on Taylor at ringside but Taylor throws Marty back inside.

Marty meets Taylor coming in and works the wrist and arm, then hits strikes on Taylor in the corner before going back to the arm. Kicks to the arm by Marty, who is showing serious aggression in staying on top of Taylor, not allowing Taylor to slow it down and use his power. Marty keeps working the arm and goes for a suplex, but cant get Taylor up. Marty flexes his Heavyweight muscle, but Taylor hoists and tosses Marty instead. Taylor dumps Marty, Marty tries to come back in but Taylor hits a nice forearm to cut him off, then hits a Tower of London Stunner draped on the top rope for a nice 2 count.

Strikes by Taylor who is firmly in control now as he breaks down Marty with his strength and size advantage. Marty looks to fight back but Taylor runs through him and covers for 2. Taylor gets Marty in the ropes and hits clubbing strikes, then gets him in the corner and hits a great chop. Taylor’s strike game continues to be his highlight. Chinlock by Taylor has Marty grounded, Marty fights back and hits Just Kidding and a kneeling enziguri and Taylor is down. Chants for Marty. Marty gets Taylor on the middle rope and hits a 619 and looks for another suplex, but still cant lift Taylor so lands a tornado DDT instead. Cover by Marty but only 2.

Marty looks for Graduation but Taylor escapes and looks for the knee strike, Marty counters with an elbow but Taylor fires back with a GREAT headbutt and a Baldo Bomb for 2. Taylor looks for Greetings but Marty drops behind and looks for the Chickenwing, but Taylor crushes Marty in the corner and lands a clothesline. The middle rope splash misses as Marty moves and then jumps down onto Taylor’s hand, and then snaps the fingers! WHAT A VILLAIN! Taylor pops his fingers back into place (LOVE IT), two kneeling superkicks and a kneeling enziguri by Marty puts Taylor down, but Taylor pops up and lands a SICK KO shot and they both go down.

Taylor looks for Greetings again but Marty gets behind and hits a Euro, looks for the suplex again, AND GETS TAYLOR OVER! HUGE pop for that spot! Cover by Marty but Taylor is out at 2. Marty fires the crowd up before the Chickenwing but Matt Taven has come down to the ring and distracts Marty as Taylor gets a chain and hits a low blow. Taylor hits the One Hitter Quitter with the chain and covers, and gets the 3 Count and the WIN! Shane Taylor is going to Madison Square Garden!!!


Referee Todd Sinclair runs down to ringside and tells Paul Turner, who is the match ref, about the chain! Taylor tries to get in the middle of it and denies using the chain. Turner doesnt buy it and restarts the match, the bell rings and Marty pounces into the Chickenwing Crossface and gets Taylor down to the ground, and Taylor has no choice but to tap and give Marty the WIN!

Marty Scurll defeats Shane Taylor by submission with the Chickenwing Crossface
JAY’S RATING: 3.25 out of 5

Was this the match that I feel in my gut these two are capable of? No. But it was nonetheless a really fun match with some great storytelling, a fun little swerve with the finish that also further establishes the idea that ROH is empowering its refs more, and both wrestlers showed great urgency. It also really felt like Taylor might take it at certain points, which is why the swerve worked in my opinion – and thats because Taylor is more and more grounded and confident every single time he performs. The right person won for sure in advance of MSG, but Taylor should get in the title picture soon because he’s an incredible in-ring storyteller, a ridiculous striker, and is living his character. Really strong work all around.

After the match, Taylor gets in the refs faces.

Triple Threat Tag Team Match
THE KINGDOM (TK O’Ryan & Vinny Marseglia)
LIFEBLOOD (Juice Robinson & Bandido)

Code of Honor for the faces, they offer The Kingdom but they refuse. Ref Todd Sinclair tries to get everyone to ther corners with 2 to start, but TK puts his hands on Jay and things get firey. TK and Vinny hit shots and Jay and Juice who look to counter but The Kingdom bails, having accomplished their goal. Juice and Jay are the official starting pair. Lock up, they grapple and trade holds and counters, headlock takeover by Jay, Juice gets the headscissors and we get a stalemate. Another lock up, Juice hits the rope for a tackle and staggers Jay, and a second one puts Jay down. They run the ropes and Jay looks for the Injection early, Juice counters and looks for Pulp Friction but Jay counters that and gets an armdrag to ground Juice.

Tag to Cobb, Juice lands a shot on Jay who bails but Cobb catches a flying Juice and goes for the stalling vertical suplex, Juice counters and Cobb just pops Juice up into a Samoan Drop, follows up with a GORGEOUS standing moonsault and covers for 2. Chants for Cobb. Juice lands a boot and puts Cobb down with a fast running clothesline, then tags in Bandido who climbs and hits a double stomp to Cobb’s arm. Cobb fights off the double team but Lifeblood is able to get a double hiptoss, Juice looks for the senton but eats knees before Bandido hits a boot and a standing shooting star for 2.

Bandido with a waist lock, Cobb reverses and looks for a throw but Bandido flips out of it and hits a GREAT sequence capped by a running knee strike for 2. Cobb catches a kick and hits a great Euro and tags in Jay, who mounts offense on Bandido, then teases tagging in The Kingdom before covering Bandido for 2. Jay picks Bandido’s leg and looks for the Figure Four but Vinny spits at him to distract and Bandido takes advantage until Jay is able to get the hiptoss/cartwheel dropkick combo. Vinny got a blind tag though and comes in with a shot to Jay, then talks shit before hitting the ropes and Juice tags himself in off Vinny before running over Jay.

Juice knocks TK down and then focuses back on Jay in the corner, hitting the cannonball in the corner. Suplex by Juice is blocked, suplex by Jay is blocked, another by Juice is blocked and TK tags himself in off Jay. Juice gets strikes and a Harlem Sidekick to TK and dumps Jay to ringside. Something was off here. Juice tries a sunset flip but TK is able to distract the ref so Vinny can take out Juice at ringside. Vinny tosses Juice back in to TK who rains down shots to the head. Tag to Vinny and The Kingdom gets double chops on Juice. TK taunts the crowd but Juice puts Vinny down with a chop and looks for the tag until Vinny gets a nice backdrop driver. Tag to TK who comes over the top onto Juice, and The Kingdom taunts Juice.

TK with uppercuts to Juice in the corner, then distracts the ref as Vinny hits a Drive-By Dropkick, TK covers inside but only gets 2. Tag to Vinny who hits elbow drops and covers but still only gets 2. Tag to TK who hits a low lariat and covers for 2. Juice scrambles for a tag but TK cuts him off, Juice fights back and takes out Vinny, then lays in the jabs to TK who counters the Left Hand of God.

Suddenly commentary “gets word” that Mark Haskins has been attacked in the back. Interesting…

Juice and The Kingdom are on the outside, with Juie able to throw both into the apron and dives for the tag, but TK pulls Bandido off the apron. Juice gets a spinebuster but Vinny tagged himself in, but Juice hits a backdrop and tags in Bandido who takes on both members of The Kingdom. Great sequence of moves, including a jumping diving tornillo and a sick dropkick. The crowd is fired up. Vinny with strikes but Bandido follows up with a standing Spanish Fly, covers but its broken up at 2. Jay with the Lethal Combination, but Vinny lands a pump kick and a Dudley Dog before eating a Full Nelson Slam from Juice. Cobb goes behind and catches Juice in a Sidewinder Suplex.

Juice evades Cobb in the corner but Cobb hits a superkick, climbs and dives but Bandido CATCHES JEFF COBB AND PUTS HIM DOWN WITH A POWERSLAM! Then Bandido climbs up top and hits a tornillo wiping out the rest of the people at ringside with ease. GREAT SPOT. GREAT POP. Bandido back in with Vinny and he hits the 21-Plex, but its broken up at 2. Left Hand from God lands on Cobb but The Kingdom is able to hit House of a Thousand Horses, but Bandido takes TK over the top to the floor. Vinny and Jay are legal now and back inside, Jay is able to snag a Lethal Injection and covers Vinny for the 3 count and the WIN.

Jay Lethal & Jeff Cobb defeats The Kingdrom and Lifeblood by pinfall after a Lethal Injection
JAY’S RATING: 3 out of 5

This was a fun main event, though a little sloppy at one moment and I’m not sure the chaos served this well (especially given the 3 team format). But everyone here was talented enough to nonetheless deliver a fast paced main event. Cobb is amazing, Jay is always amazing, The Kingdom are some of my favorite heels currently working, Juice looked good and Bandido is nothing short of a superstar. Very entertaining, if a little underwhelming as a go-home main event for MSG. Also, way to drop the news about Haskins and then end the show without it going anywhere……….

After the match Matt Taven is in the ring to confront Jay, and is soon followed by Marty. The 3 MSG Main Eventers talk to each other in the ring as Jay lifts the belt high and we’re out.


This was a solid event to add to the hype toward Madison Square Garden, and really is more accurately the go-home show since the TV episode that took place after this was filmed prior… and I guess that’s why it was simultaneously a little underwhelming. Nothing was bad, but nothing was truly great either. It did get me further excited about MSG, however, as that card has a ton and a half of potential (I really want the main event to blow the roof off, which I think Lethal, Scurll and Taven are more than capable of doing). So on that level it was a success as a go-home. I just wanted more from the action. That being said, this was a showcase of the sheer talent, both established and rising, that ROH has in its roster, from Isom and Tracy Williams, to Shane Taylor and Rush, to C2C and Kenny King and Kris Stadtlander (VERY impressed with her) and Haskins and Gresham and VE. The bench is stacked with folx ready to break out, with an upper tier of the Briscoes, Silas Young, Lethal, Castle and Taven providing the anchors. I wish we could have seen them all shine more. But that’s also what MSG is about, so I’m hoping the goal was to save the “A” stuff for this weekend. I hope they nail it. 

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