Ring of Honor TV Report | Episodes #406-408 | Aired on Fite 7/1, 7/8 & 7/15

Ring of Honor TV Report | Episodes #406-408 | Aired on Fite 7/1, 7/8 & 7/15

Ring of Honor

Ring of Honor Wrestling TV Report
3 Week Recap

Episode #406
Aired 7/1/19
Showare Center, Kent WA

Ian Riccobani and Colt Cabana on commentary.


Chants for PCO. No Code, the bell rings and they lock up and stand off. Tackle by Jay doesnt move PCO, they trade, Psych Out boot by Jay drops PCO and Jay attacks in the corner before eating a body attack from PCO. Jay dumps PCO hard, PCO pulls Jay out and chops at Jay, then mid-kicks him on the apron and beats away. PCO rushes at Jay but Jay backdrops PCO onto the corner of the apron! Jesus H. PCO. We go to BREAK. We are back and PCO and Jay are trading in the ring, PCO rolls through a sunset flip and hoists Jay into an Air Raid Crash but only gets 2. Gutwrench powerbomb by PCO, running knee connects to the jaw of Jay and a second, then a forearm to the back of the head puts Jay down. PCO rolls Jay over and looks to climb, and hits the cannonball! Cover, but only 2. Boots by Jay, PCO catches one and gets a dragon screw! PCO does the Cactus Clothesline and both are down at ringside, PCO slides back in and hits a suicide cannonball! Jay drops PCO rib-first across the rail and grabs a chair, sets it up and then boots PCO in the face. He sits PCO in the chair and gets distance, runs and hits a flying crossbody onto PCO in the chair. Jay now grabs the chair, considers bringing it inside, teases it, brings it into the ring, the ref tries to intervene, Jay puts it down begrudgingly and PCO fires off shots. They trade, PCO lands a GREAT pop-up powerbomb, Flowsion follows and PCO climbs for the moonsault, Jay however grabs the chair and gets on the apron and hits PCO with it, causing the DQ. Mark is out now and Jay gets in the ref’s face, who runs off.

PCO defeats Jay Briscoe by disqualification after a chair shot
JAY’S RATING: 2.75 out of 5

This was a fun and fine little outing, with a tease of a face turn but ultimately the Briscoes doing Briscoes heel things.

After the match Jay gets chair shots as Mark brings a table in. PCO is laid on it and Mark drives him through the table with Froggy Bow. But PCO powers right up! HE’S NOT HUMAN! PCO chants. The Briscoes double team him but PCO runs through both of them and asks for more as security runs down.

BACKSTAGE: Mark Haskins

Haskins talks about respecting Cobb and having wanted this for a long time. He says things havent been going his way fully, and a win over Cobb will make a huge difference. His family needs this one. And he’s coming to get it. Good promo.


Cobb talks about the opportunity of working with wrestlers he hasnt had a chance to suplex yet. He says Haskins is a submission expert, but Cobb might throw you so far, that you might land back in Englad. A not-as-good-as-Haskins-but-alright promo.


Josh Woods is taping up backstage when he’s approached by Brian Johnson, who says he’s bringing honor and prestige back to the Top Prospect Tournament. He calls Woods a failure which earns him a death glare, and Johnson begs off.

BULLY RAY & ________

C2C comes out but then we hear “DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?” Bully Ray emerges and kicks out Bobby Cruise, accosting him along the way. He says he traveled 3,000 miles for this? Bully says he has a new partner, and an upgrade: ROH TV CHAMPION SHANE TAYLOR.


Taylor and Ali start off at the bell. Bully calls ref Todd Sinclair to tell a fan to sit down. Bully then grabs a chair and a trash can and threatens fans who are talking shit back to him, including a small kid who walks right up to Bully and Bully plays the bully and backs off. Ali and Taylor lock up, slaps by Ali who uses speed to strike Taylor but gets caught, Ali drops behind and LSG tags in, Ali gets a headbutt and C2C double teams, LSG covers but only gets 1 as we go to BREAK. We’re back and Taylor and Ali are back at it, Ali elbows Bully but Taylor distracts the ref so Bully can crotch Ali into the corner post. Taylor is back on Ali and lays in a heavy forearm, then pie faces Ali. Ali tries to fight up from below, rocks Taylor but Taylor puts Ali back down with a headbutt. Tag to Bully who hits jabs, flips and flops but Ali hits a thrust kick to cut it off. Big powerbomb by Bully but Ali moves out of the way of a big splash and gets the tag to LSG. Taylor tagged in, LSG is in hot, hits thudding lariats to rock Taylor into the corner, hits a kick to the head from the apron and climbs, hitting a nice blockbuster. High crossbody follows by LSG, cover but only 2. C2C evade Bully who takes out Taylor, Bully gets dumped and C2C climb opposite corners, we get double frog splashes and a cover, but only 2. Double team on Taylor in the corner, LSG climbs but Bully shoves him off to the floor, this allows Taylor to hoist Ali and hit Greetings from 216 and get the WIN.

Shane Taylor & Bully Ray defeat Coast 2 Coast by pinfall via Greetings from 216
JAY’S RATING: 2.75 out of 5

This was a pretty good TV match as Shane Taylor continues to look dominant with that TV title. I am so on board with him its not even funny. That said, I do think eventually C2C needs to start stealing a win here or there or something, because I feel like they are overstaying the length of time to have them keep showing great ability and constantly losing before I get bored. Time for something fresh, because their ring work deserves it.

VIDEO PACKAGE: Tracy Williams Earns His Shot

We see Tracy Williams defeating Eli Isom and earning a World Title shot against Matt Taven. This existed.


Chants for Cobb. Some “Cobb’s Gonna Kill You” chants. They must not know Mark Haskins. We get a Code and they go to the mat at the bell. Cobb shows the power advantage on the mat and we get a standoff. Haskins with a nice leg trip into a grounded ankle lock and Cobb scrambles for the ropes. Cravate by Haskins, Cobb hoists and is able to break out ugly, they grapple with Haskins trying a takedown, Cobb getting a cover for 1, Haskins getting a headlock and they wrestle their way to another standoff as we go to BREAK. We’re back with Cobb chopping away at a kneeling Haskins, Haskins fires back but Cobb slams Haskins and looks for the standing moonsault but Haskins school boys him into 2 PK’s. Cobb looks for a pop up but Haskins turns it into a hanging triangle. Chants for Cobb who just THROWS Haskins face first into the corner turnbuckle. WHAT POWER. Cover but Haskins is in the ropes. Cobb beats down Haskins, and then locks in a bearhug with Haskins off the ground. Haskins fights his way out, looks to whip but Haskins holds the ropes, shots by Cobb in the ropes but Haskins is able to evade and dump Cobb, fakes out a dive to change directions and wipes out Cobb at ringside with a tope suicida. Back inside and Haskins hits From Haskins With Love, climbs and lands the top rope double stomp! Cover but only 2. Nice pop on that nearfall. Haskins goes for the arm, Cobb powers out but eats a calf kick by Haskins, looks for the pumphandle driver but eats a forearm. Then Cobb hits a DEADLIFT SPINNING PILEDRIVER BECAUSE HE CAN. Dang. Cover, but only 2! That takes us to BREAK.

We’re back as Cobb has wrist control of a kneeling Haskins, winds up a shot but Haskins gets the arm and works it, Cobb catches a kick but Haskins transitions it into a cross armbreaker but Cobb gets the ropes and heads outside. Apron PKs by Haskins, Cobb catches one and turns it into a sidewinder suplex on the floor! Both are down, the ref starts to count, it gets to 19 with both out and they both just make it back inside. Shots traded from their knees, they rise as Haskins gets a furry, spine shiver by Cobb, fakeout punch by Haskins but Cobb hits a snap German! Cobb looks for Tour but Haskins hits a knee to counter, Cobb hits a pop up flapjack and follows with a standing moonsault to the back! Great sequence. Cobb looks for a ripcord into a Tour of the Islands, but Haskins counters and tries for the Sharpshooter! Cobb fights out but Haskins is able to land the Shoulder Soldier Roll, cover but only 2! Another great sequence. Haskins climbs, Cobb cuts him off and hits a dropkick, then goes for a stalling superplex but Haskins counters into a choke and looks to hook the arm, Cobb blocks, Haskins knocks Cobb down and climbs again but misses the double stomp. Haskins looks for the body roll into the Sharpshooter but Cobb holds onto him and transitions it into Tour of the Islands! Cover and thats 3!

Jeff Cobb defeats Mark Haskins by pinfall via Tour of the Islands
JAY’S RATING: 4 out of 5

This is the best ROH TV match I’ve seen in quite some time, which should come as no surprise given the combination of Cobb, Haskins and TIME. I love that they gave these guys time to really work and build off each other, telling a great story of Cobb’s size and strength versus Haskins just buzzsaw-mentality. This felt like a next-gen ROH showcase match in some ways as well, which gives me hope. Cobb winning feels right in the immediate and he looked phenomenal while Haskins went moment for moment and won over the crowd with sheer focus and ferocity. Outstanding match here.

After the match, Haskins and Cobb shake hands.


A really good episode of TV coming off of Best in the World, even though we are in that post-big-event slump of stuff recorded before said big-event. Nonetheless some good story stuff to chew on in the first chunk and a home run main event made this a very enjoyable episode of ROH, and nothing felt awkward coming out of Best in the World.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *
*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

Episode #407
Aired 7/8/19
Showare Center, Kent WA

Ian Riccobani & Colt Cabana on commentary.

THE KINGDOM (TK O’Ryan & Vinny Marseglia)

TK and Milonas start off and Milonas just throws TK a couple times showing the power advantage, but TK goes to the eyes. Shots in the corner by TK but Milonas uses the power again to regain control, backdrops TK and chops him down. Milonas is moving with more confidence than ever. TK tries to use his speed to run down and tire out Milonas, who asks for a breath in a fun moment, and then they continue the running and TK gets a corner dropkick. TK poses but Milonas falls on top of him and TK cant move! That’s fun. Milonas catches his breath and comes to and finds himself in control of TK, then tags in BCB. Tag to Vinny who knocks down Vinny, evades a corner shot but eats a knee but blocks the legsweep and hits jabs. TK in but eats jabs too, goes to bit TK but Vinny fishhooks him, but gets his hand bitten instead which of course means he has to tell us that he aint got no teeth.

Tag to Milonas who hits a great Black Hole Slam, TK climbs but Milonas catches him and The Bouncers hit a sideslam/single leg dropkick combo. Tag to BCB who wipes out TK and Vinny with an apron cannonball on the outside, then sends TK inside but Vinny sends BCB into the post and barricade as we go to BREAK. We’re back with Vinny in control of BCB in the ring, then distracting the ref so TK can get offense in as well. “Beer” chant for The Bouncers, Vinny gets the corner flurry and a Dudley Dog, cover but only 2. “Beer” chants as Vinny peels at BCB’s face. Tag to TK but they cant flapjack BCB, who instead gets a double sidewalk slam on The Kingdom. Tag to Milonas who comes in hot running through The Kingdom. Nice left hand by TK but Milonas hits a standing crossbody. Vinny takes out BCB as Milonas looks for a superplex, Vinny trips up Milonas and TK falls on top of him and into a cover to steal the 3 count!

The Kingdom defeats The Bouncers by pinfall via Vinny’s interference
JAY’S RATING: 2.75 out of 5

This was an entertaining little match, with The Bouncers maintaining some momentum in loss while keeping The Kingdom a threat in the tag division. Milonas is becoming his most confident self and this energy BCB has cultivated with him as a team is actually really impressive. They continue to use their skillsets intelligently to keep the match moving and entertaining, and I just respect the shit out of the work they have been doing. Nonetheless, the right team won.

After the match, The Bouncers offer beers to The Kingdom, who accept, but then TK takes the mic. He says ROH is about elite tag team wrestling, and The Bouncers are an elite tag team… but tonight, they proved that they are losers just like the crowd, and they pour the beers out onto the floor. The Bouncers jump them in reply and they roll out to safety. Cute.

BACKSTAGE: Taven Speaks

Taven says beware of the quiet man. He says he worked harder than anyone to become chant, and his finish line isnt anywhere in sight. He says his bark is as big as his bite, because heeeeeeeeee’s… Matt Taven. Decent promo, if a little clunky to me in how it was written/delivered.

BACKSTAGE: Tracy Speaks

Tracy says he is looking at going into the biggest match of his career, because he earned an ROH title shot. He says Taven holds the belt held by some of the best in history. Taven has added his name to that list, but Tracy does not take this chance lightly. He can outwrestle Taven and he’s going to prove it and take his title. Eh, did its job.


We saw some tension backstage between these two last week. We get a promo from Johnson playing during his promo putting himself over at the expense of Woods. We get a similar promo-in-picture from Woods being threatening toward Johnson. Both promos were fairly run of the mill. #1 talks shit to Woods as they shake hands, and keeps talking at the crowd as the bell rings, so Woods just picks him up and drops him. #1 grabs the ropes and hits an elbow, is very proud of himself and turns around into a kick to the gut. #1 sends Woods into the corner and keeps on him, Woods gets a firemans carry but #1 fights out of it and hits Woods in the corner again, slaps the shit out of him which wakes Woods up and Woods catches him coming and tosses him with an overhead suplex. BIG chop from Woods but #1 moves and evades a spear in the corner so Woods hits the post hard and spills outside as we go to BREAK. We’re back and #1 has Woods grounded as we see a replay of #1 sending Woods into the barricade outside. Woods fights back and drives #1 into the corner, Woods’ shoulder is hurting and this lets #1 hit a lariat and cover for 2. #1 gets a single arm DDT as he works the shoulder, but takes time with the crowd. Shots from Woods as #1 keeps on the arm, Woods finally breaks free and drops #1, then hits an overhead belly to belly. BIG corner knee by Woods, cover but only 2. #1 fights Woods off and takes out the knee, looks to cover with his feet on the ropes but the ref sees it. #1 looks for something but Woods counters and hits a knee strike, then plants #1 with the Seismic Toss and covers for the 3.

Josh Woods defeats #1 Brian Johnson by pinfall via Seismic Toss
JAY’S RATING: 2.5 out of 5

This was a pretty good outing and one of the more impressive showings for Josh Woods, who connected the dots better move to move and moment to moment. #1 is a character that can be fun and leaves room for growth, and you can see that Johnson has been doing this for a while in how he carries himself. However, if Woods can keep cultivating the energy I saw here, he’s the investment at the moment and thus was the right man to win. I hope he keeps it up.

RECAP: Tracy becomes #1 Contender

We see the replay where Tracy Williams earned his shot. That’s about it.

Ring of Honor World Championship

Jay Lethal joins commentary. We get a Code of Honor with some attitude from Taven, and we get the bell as Taven controls the pace by evading the lockup in the ropes. They lock up and Tracy gets a takedown and they work the mat together to standoff. Snapmare and rollup by Taven for 2. Tracy gives some attitude back to Taven, and Taven evades in the ropes once again as we go to BREAK. We’re back and Tracy is working the leg of Taven and is firmly in control, catching a kick and rolling it through to an ankle lock but Taven makes the ropes. Taven starts to look concerned, fakes out Tracy in the ropes and strikes but Tracy fires back and gets a great catch-arm suplex. Chops by Tracy, Taven fights back but eats a 619, evades a tope atomico by rolling out but Tracy hits a baseball slide dropkick. Strikes by Tracy outside, Taven tries to evade Tracy and is able to send him into the corner post, and then a hard throw into the barricade. Taven now grabs his belt and says he’s leaving. Tracy follows him up the entranceway, they brawl in front of the stage and Tracy puts Taven headfirst into the steps, then climbs and flies off with a shot to Taven on the floor. Taven sent back inside by Tracy who hits mid-kicks, climbs but Taven cuts him off, they fight in the corner and Taven is able to get a Russian legsweep while holding the arm, driving the shoulder across the top rope! Smart spot! Taven hits a wrecking ball dropkick through the ropes as we go to BREAK.

Back inside and Taven and Tracy are both down in opposite corners. They come at each other, Tracy hits a Sicilian Slice as we see replay of Taven exposing a corner turnbuckle during the break. Tracy misses the double stomp and Taven gets a sleeper, Tracy gets one of his own but Taven breaks it in the corner, Tracy reapplies but Taven breaks again. Taven sits Tracy in the corner and hits a kick, looks for a backpack stunner but Tracy escapes and hits an elbow. Another kick by Taven, he sits Tracy up top but Tracy gets the top turnbuckle DDT, climbs and hits a middle rope diving DDT! Cover but only 2. Tracy looks for the piledriver, Taven blocks and hits Just The Tip… of the Knee, and both are down. Perfect execution on the knee strike. Shots by Tracy, nice evasion and enziguri by Taven, but Tracy hits a HUGE lariat and covers but only gets 2, but transitions into the Crossface and Taven almost taps! Tracy shifts to an ankle lock, then goes to an STF, but Taven gets the ropes to break. Piledriver is reversed into Just The Tip again, Climax is reversed but Taven turns Tracy around and plants him with it on the next attempt! Cover, but Tracy kicks out at 2! “This is Awesome” chants. Taven lines up Tracy and climbs, Tracy gets the knees up to block the frog splash and gets a cradle for 2! Tracy hits the piledriver but cant hit it fully due to the arm, covers but only gets 2! Crossface is blocked, the ref gets pulled in by Taven who sends Tracy into the exposed turnbuckle. Taven now wraps up the arm and hits Climax, cover and thats 3.

Matt Taven defeats Tracy Williams by pinfall via Climax to retain the ROH World Title
JAY’S RATING: 3.8 out of 5

This was a really strong main event, though I do feel like Taven – while a fighting champion – also has been having a bunch of smaller defenses rather than really high-investment, big deal title defenses. Tracy was one of the more exciting as of late, as his fight from under style and Danielson-esque approach works so well here, and Taven continues to settle into his role as champ. Some really great moments throughout, and Taven retains in a good closing stretch while Tracy looks good in loss. I hope they continue to invest in Tracy – he’s worth it.


A good episode of TV with The Kingdom dominating the bookends and with Josh Woods showing some improvement. Tracy Williams delivered well against Taven for the title in the main event, though I’m craving a BIG DEAL title defense for him sometime soon. Looking forward to his bout with Lethal at Manhattan Mayhem.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *
*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

Episode #408
Aired 7/15/19
2300 Arena, Philadelphia

VIDEO PACKAGE: Best in the World Recap

We get a nice package running through the results and happenings at Best In The World, including Flip Gordon joining Villain Enterprises (and then injuring himself immediately), the debut of Maria Manic, Castle and King standing tall, and Taven retaining over Cobb. Decent package.

Ian Riccobani and Colt Cabana on commentary with Kenny King.

Proving Ground Match

We get a replay of Taylor’s victory over Bandido at BITW. God Taylor gets better and better match by match. Taylor spits at Titus’ Code of Honor so Titus rubs it into his chest. Fun. Taylor plays the power advantage to start. Titus uses his physique to fight back, breaking a waist lock and full nelson and getting a headlock before eating a tackle from Taylor who talks shit. Taylor looks for Greetings early but Titus escapes and lands a dropkick, then tries to hoist Taylor but cant. BIG left arm lariat by Taylor drops Titus as we go to BREAK. We’re back and Titus hits a dropkick through the ropes on Taylor outside and does a workout in the ropes, but that allows Taylor to land a shot and put Titus on the apron before hitting a solid leg drop across the chest. Big open hand chop to the chest of Titus, and Taylor heads back inside. Elbow by Taylor, Titus fires back, Taylor hits another one but Titus back to his feet fast and hits a left hand, a Stinger Splash and some great corner boots! Titus hoists Taylor and hits a Samoan Drop! Cover but only 2. Taylor blocks the next corner kick and hits a sharp knee strike, covers but only gets 2. Titus fights back but eats a SHARP headbutt, Taylor covers and thats that.

Shane Taylor defeats Rhett Titus by pinfall via headbutt
JAY’S RATING: 2.25 out of 5

This was a solid if unspectacular match, neither of these guys best that I’ve seen of late but they are both nonetheless reliable in terms of delivering entertaining work. And Taylor’s rise continues which is great – I love him showing that he can win using more than just Greetings, and especially focusing that on his striking game. Good work.

After the match Kenny King leaves commentary and comes down to the ring to meet his former tag partner Titus. King grabs a mic and says he’s searching for the words to describe what he just saw, and what he is thinking of is “disgusting”. He asks what happened to Titus? They got stuck together and became one of the hottest tag teams in ROH history. Theyve beaten every great team and wrestler. What the hell happened? That was a Proving Ground match and he proved that he has no fight. He mentions Titus’ pregnant wife being in the front row having more balls than him, and says his kid will know his father is a coward. He tries to provoke Titus to hit him, but Titus backs off as King shouts at him to get mad, and asks whats wrong with him. Titus leaves as King asks Titus’ wife if he’s proud of that. King says the Titus he knew was a man, but this guy is a punk-ass b****. Good exchange, the personal stuff felt grounded and real, this could lead to a fun outing between these former partners.

BACKSTAGE: Kelly Klein Speaks

Klein is holding her WOH belt and puts over the roster, since she gets to defend her title against the best in the world. She says Maria Manic got her attention, and the 4 in the 4-way tonight are fair game as well. She’s ready to defend against all of them. This was fine.

VIDEO PACKAGE: Jay Lethal, #1 Contender… and a return

We get a hype package for Lethal/Taven for the ROH Title at Manhattan Mayhem. We also see Alex Shelley’s return, saying he expects everyone to respect what he’s done for pro wrestling and so he wants a shot at the winner of the NYC title match. Decent package.

#1 Contender: Women Of Honor World Championship
Four Corner Survival Match

Kelly Klein joins commentary. Velvet Sky grabs a mic and points at Love’s competitors and says they dont belong here. She puts over Love as the true #1 contender, and talks about Love getting a fall over Klein at BITW. We get the bell as Rose jumps Love and Gray goes after Tasha. Tackle by Tasha drops Gray as Love and Rose brawl outside. Gray with an armdrag but Love grabs her from behind and throws her down. Love sends Gray into Tasha but eats a spear from Rose, cover but only 1 as Tasha breaks it up and dumps Rose, then turns to Love. Tasha lets Love get back up and they stand off and lock up ugly, Love runs through Tasha with a tackle but Tasha gets a hip toss. Side slam by Love gets 2. Tasha fires back, uses her speed but misses a basement dropkick, evades a Love elbow and they stand off again. Shots traded, Tasha hits the ropes but gets tripped by Mandy Leon. Brian Hebner catches it and ejects The Allure from ringside as we go to BREAK. We’re back and all 4 women are in the ring. Tasha gets a rollup for 2, Gray dumps Tasha and gets a rollup but Rose does the same and gets a Magistral for 2. Rose evades Love who hits the corner post and keeps Gray down on the outside, but Tasha wipes them both out with a pescado as Love climbs the corner and takes them all down with a crossbody to the floor. Love now taunts Kelly Klein, who leaves commentary and heads to the ring. Gray and Rose use the distraction to hit a double powerbomb on Love, but Tasha runs through both with a double clothesline and dances. Gray gets a choke on Tasha, Love gets a Koji Clutch on Rose but no one is tapping. Rose gets the ropes and Love breaks up Gray’s hold, Rose gets a German on Tasha and suplexes Gray. Botox Injection takes down Rose but Gray breaks it up at 2, eats a Botox Injection as well but Tasha dumps Love and hits OKURRR (a cutter) on Gray! Cover and thats the 3!

Tasha Steelz defeats Stella Gray, Jenny Rose & Angelina Love by pinfall after OKURRR
JAY’S RATING: 2.25 out of 5

This was a solid enough Women of Honor match (which is saying something because this division needs some help right now), and with an interesting number one contender named in Tasha Steelz who has shown promise in the past. Protecting Love in the fall was the right idea as well, as she is still clearly the strongest performer here. Gray and Rose still need much work.

After the match the lights go out and we get the creepy MARIA MANIC video and she is in the ring behind Tasha and Love. Chants for Maria. Love bails, security hits the ring to back Tasha off. Manic then attacks and destroys security with full physicality. She hoists one security member into a torture rack, screaming as she stretches him before tossing him over the top to the floor. Two handed chokeslam plants another guard as Manic stands tall. Now we’re talking…

BACKSTAGE: Rush Speaks

Rush says he’s tired of Castle, and has already beaten him in 15 seconds. If Castle wants to mess with his family, well… and then threatens Castle in Spanish. He says he didnt come to play, he came to become the best in ROH. Decent promo.


We see footage of The Kingdom’s victory last week over The Bouncers. We go to BREAK and come back to Vinny and Jay starting at the bell. Shots traded, chops traded, Vinny asks for more but Jay gets the cartwheel dropkick and Vinny retreats to his corner. Tags to Milonas and TK. Milonas throws TK, who says he wants Jay, and Milonas tags him back in. Tackles by TK drop Jay, TK with a hiptoss but Jay fights back and hits the cartwheel dropkick, and he shows off that he’s hit it twice. BCB now tags in, Taven tags in and we get “Melvin” chants. Taven now says he wants Jay too. This is kind of fun. Taven even offers Jay a free shot. Jay tags back in AGAIN, shots traded hotly between the two rivals, chops traded, Jay evades cheap shots from The Kingdom but eats a wrecking ball dropkick on the outside from Taven and gets thrown into the barricade and beaten down as the ref is distracted by The Bouncers. Tag to Vinny as Jay is brought back in and is beaten down some more and we go to BREAK.

We’re back as Jay is still being beaten down by Taven and The Kingdom, and see a replay of Taven taking control during the break. Tag to Vinny who tags TK and they double team Jay, but Jay fighst out and tags in BCB who is in hot and takes down the whole Kingdom. Beer chants. Beer City DDT is broken up by Vinny at 2 but BCB bites Vinny’s hand, but he cant bite since he aint got no teeth. DDT by TK but Milonas runs through him and Vinny and backdrops Taven, then hits the short senton. Standing crossbody drops Vinny but its broken up at 2. Milonas gets both Taven and TK up and does a Samoan/fallaway slam combo, and Jay follows with suicide dives on Vinny, TK and Taven. Vinny back in to take on both Bouncers but gets caught in a Brawler Slam. TK flies in but BCB catches him and he gets sandwiched by Milonas, and that leads to Closing Time. Cover and thats 3!

The Bouncers & Jay Lethal defeat The Kingdom by pinfall via Closing Time
JAY’S RATING: 2.8 out of 5

This was a solid enough main event and did its job well in setting up for Manhattan Mayhem, giving Jay momentum going into his title shot and giving The Bouncers a win leading into their upcoming tag title match with the winners of Briscoes/GoD. The Bouncers continue to impress and improve.

After the match, Taven hits Jay on the outside with Climax, and that takes us out.


A decent if uninspiring little go home show for Manhattan Mayhem, although due to the taping schedule and the past 2 weeks being shot before Best in the World, it feels like they have to squeeze hype in for this one FAST. The main event was the focus of that effort, building Lethal/Taven. Given the circumstances it did ok, though I would have also used the opportunity to hype Briscoes/GoD at minimum. I wish people on the inside cared more about fixing the timing issues of the TV product so they can be more truly intentional with their storytelling and builds. Imagine what could be possible.

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