Rocky Romero On A Funny Luke Gallows Story

Rocky Romero On A Funny Luke Gallows Story

During his interview with WrestlingInc., Rocky Romero spoke on a funny Luke Gallows story that stemmed from Gallows partying a little too hard one night on the road. Here’s what he had to say:

Wednesday was like the big shoot day, so people started to come in from the West Coast and everything… friends, some people came to stay with Gallows’ house. I came in that same day, me, Karl, and Gallows. We had a little meeting for what we’re going to do tomorrow with the director because he had gotten there and everything… [After], I guess some of the wrestlers stayed up pretty late drinking and exchanging stories. You know everybody’s been quarantined this whole time, so everybody was just excited to see each other.

Finally Gallows wakes up like about two hours later, finally gets his coffee, he looks terrible. We were like, ‘what happened to you yesterday?’ He was like, ‘oh I might have had a couple too many brother drinks with the other brothers.’

We were kind of making fun of Gallows, and she was like ‘yeah, he was asleep and I told him Rocky and Karl are waiting for you downstairs’…and he rolled over and said ‘why are they here?’ and she was like ‘the pay-per-view! That you booked in our backyard!’ And he was like, ‘oh, sh–, that’s today!’

Credit: WrestlingInc.

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