ROH Death Before Dishonor Fallout from Las Vegas, NV 9/28/2019

ROH Death Before Dishonor Fallout from Las Vegas, NV 9/28/2019

Quick Results:

*Dak Draper defeated Austin Gunn to win the Top Prospect tournament. Crowd was on Gunn’s case about his dad.

*Joe Hendry beat an unannounced competitor.

*The Bouncers beat Coast to Coast.

*Silas Young and Josh Woods b. Chris Bey and Slice Boogie.

*WOH Champion Angelina Love defeated Sumie Sakai and Jenny Rose.

*Dalton Castle beat Mark Haskins.

*Jay Lethal defeated PJ Black to advance in the Top Contenders tournament.

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*Tyler Bateman defeated Jake Atlas.


Live Results:

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-The show opens with Quinn McCay in the ring. She announces the new ROH World Heavyweight champion, Rush.

Rush comes out with his family which includes his brother Dragon Lee. They let everyone know that Rush and Bandido have not been approved to work tonight.

Quinn asks if there’s anything he wants to let everyone know. Fans chant “Rush.” Rush says, “Nothing happens unless I say it happens.” He translates it into Spanish, but doesn’t get a huge response.



-Angelina comes out with the ROH Women’s championship and accompanied by Mandy Leon. She tells the audience that she won and to get over it, because this is the beginning on the Age of Allure. Kelly Klein’s music hits. She marches to the ring and challenges Angelina for her title on October 12th. She says that because Angelina can’t win a match without her “little buddy” Mandy Leon being at ringside then she’s going to bring a friend of her own. She tells Angelina that she needs to be very afraid. Kelly’s music hits and she heads straight to the back with a smile on her face.

Jake Atlas vs. Tyler Bateman 

Tyler Bateman barks loudly throughout the match and the fans are eating it up. Jake Atlas nailed a standing DVD and followed it up with a moonsault off the turnbuckle, but Bateman kicked out. Atlas did his best to get the fans behind him, but they were enjoying Bateman more. Towards the end of the match, Atlas hit a cartwheel off the turnbuckle into a DDT that he calls the “LGBT DDT.” Bateman nailed a tombstone piledriver to score the win.

Winner: Tyler Bateman

-After the match, Ian acknowledges the streaming problems and thanks everyone for sticking around.

Wild Card Match: Rhett Titus, Joe Hendry, Cheeseburger, and Silas Young vs. Josh Woods, Brian Johnson, Kenny King (w/Amy Rose), and Jeff Cobb

After Silas Young comes out, Josh Woods comes out for the opposing team. He’s still just happy to be there and looks unaffected by battling his teammate. Silas shakes Woods’ hand and tells him he know he’s going to do the right thing and take a dive for him.

Brian Johnson tries to take control for his team but no one is having it. Kenny King puts him in his place and sends him back to the corner to wait.

Kenny King mocks Cheeseburger by easily manhandling him. Kenny King has no problem laying in plenty of offense. He rolls Cheeseburger over to his corner to he can tag in someone else. Rhett Titus is tagged in. Brian Johnson tags himself in. Johnson yells at the referee, but Josh Woods tags himself in now. Titus and Woods lock up. Woods and Titus reverse each other’s reverses around ten times.

Titus tags in Silas now. Silas asks if Woods wants to tag in someone else before he embarrasses him. Fans chant “hug it out” and Woods agrees. He goes to hug Silas, but instead Silas locks up with him. They chain wrestle, but Woods controls it the whole time. Silas pops up and tells Woods he did a good job. Silas offers his hand to shake. Woods gladly accepts, but Silas rolls him up. Silas grabs a lot of tights, but Woods kicks out. Silas tags in Hendry.

Hendry says he wants Jeff Cobbs. Woods gladly accepts and goes to tag in Cobb, but Brian Johnson tags himself in. Hendry and Johnson lock up. Johnson sends Hendry over the top rope. Hendry goes to sign an autograph and Johnson flies over the top rope but completely misses. Hendry signs his name for a little girl and nonchalantly enters the ring. Hendry tags in Titus.

Titus takes down Johnson. Tag to Cheeseburger. Cheeseburger and Rhett hit a double team move. Cheeseburger tags in Silas now. Silas nails some stomps. Silas tags in Titus. Titus holds control until Johnson hit a springboard elbow and tags in Jeff Cobb.

Cobb powers through Cheeseburger, Silas Young, and Brian Johnson. Hendry comes in but Jeff puts him down too. Jeff hits a stalling suplex and goes for a pin, but Titus kicks out. Cobb kicks in Kenny King now. King calls Titus a bitch and slaps him. Titus stands up angry. He goes after King, but King rolls out of the ring. Titus chases King back into the ring, but Johnson clotheslines him. Johnson asks to be tagged in now, but King blows him off. King tags in Josh Woods.

Woods controls Titus. He pulls Titus to the corner, but Brian Johnson once again tags himself in. He goes for the pin, but Titus kicks out quickly. Fans laugh but he tells them to shut up. Fans start chanting “Last Place” at Johnson. Titus tags in Cheeseburger. Cheeseburger uses his speed to take down Johnson. He nails a “Fuji Special” rolling senton, but King enters the ring and beats him down. Hendry comes it and hits a codebreaker to King. Woods is in and hits Hendry with a modified GTS. Titus takes out Woods with a dropkick. Brian drops Titus now. Silas takes out Brian now.

The only one standing is Cobb. He looks amused at the chaos. Cobb enters the ring and Hendry meets him in the middle. Cheeseburger and Titus hit Cobb, but Cobb manages to hit a back bodydrop on both men at the same time. Hendry hits a fallaway slam on King and Brian at the same time. Hendry does a kip up, Cobb is to his feet. They nail each other with a clothesline. They both roll outside.

Hendry and Cobb nail a second clothesline to each other outside the ring. Woods has the advantage and goes for a pin, but Brian Johnson pulls him out and tells him this is his team. Total chaos hits and everyone is hitting offensive moves. Silas is the last man standing. Woods dives into the ring and rolls him up for the pin and the victory.

Winners: Josh Woods, Brian Johnson, Kenny King, and Jeff Cobb

-Silas looks upset and surprised. He leaves the ring and yells “that’s what you get for mentoring someone.” The winning team walks away celebrating.

No DQ Match: Tracy Williams vs. Flip Gordon

Flip Gordon attacks Tracy from behind during his entrance with a Singapore cane. After a few swings down at ringside, Tracy gets fired up and fights back by smacking the cane out of Flip’s hand and laying in some offense.

They take turns hitting offensive moves inside the ring, until Tracy is able to hit a quick Superplex off the turnbuckle, but only gets a 2 count. Flip brings in a chair and swings it, but Tracy ducks it and grabs the chair. He swings it at Flip, but Flip does a backflip to dodge the swing. He follows up with a superkick. Flip attacks Tracy’s forearm by stomping on it and the chair. Flip goes to the top turnbuckle, but Tracy throws the chair in his face. He goes outside and grabs the chair, then throws it in his face again. They battle on top of the turnbuckle. Flip goes to pick him up for a suplex, but appears to have dropped him on the top rope for a rack.

Flip grabs the chair again. Tracy reverses a suplex and turns it into a DDT onto the chair. Tracy locks in a crossface. Flip grabs the ropes, but its a no DQ match so nothing happens. Flip pulls himself completely out of the ring instead and the hold is broken. Tracy pulls out a Singapore cane of his own, but Flip makes it to his. They start trading swings up the steel ramp. Tracy goes to piledrive Flip onto the ramp, but Flip hits a lowblow. Flip hits an Eye of the Hurricane onto the steel.

Flip pulls a wooden table out from under the ring and sets it up inside. They both try to put each other through it, but neither man is successful. Tracy struggles to set the table up the way he wants and Flip and climbing inside the ring. Tracy stops and kicks Flip in the head instead. They fight back up the turnbuckle once again with the table only halfway up. Tracy hits a piledriver off the turnbuckle and through the table for the win.

Winner: Tracy Williams

-After the match, Tyler Bateman attacks Tracy Williams from behind and lays him out.

-Matt Taven comes out to the ring with the rest of The Kingdom. He grabs a microphone and talks about how much ROH has meant to him and how far he’s come. He talks about how his goal has always been to be the ROH champion and he’s finally gotten to do that. He brings up how the internet has been talking about where he’ll end up. He tells everyone not to worry though because ROH is his home and he’s staying. The Kingdom embrace and pose together to end the segment.

Match: Villain Enterprises vs Dragon Lee and the Briscoes

Due to Rush not being cleared to wrestle, Dragon Lee chose the Briscoes to team with tonight.

Fans take turns chanting for PCO and Marty Scurll. Dragon Lee and Marty exchange luchador offensive. Marty hits Lee with a snapdragon suplex that drops Lee on his head, but he bounces back up and attacks. The Briscoes and the Villains enter the ring and chaos ensues.

All six men start battling outside the ring. Marty accidentally superkicks Brody King. Marc hits a Blockbuster outside the ring onto Marty. Marty is rolled into the ring. The Briscoes double team Marty inside the ring. Marty goes to tag in his partners but is at the wrong corner. Instead Jay tags in Lee.

Lee toys with Marty a little, but Marty retaliates out of nowhere with a superkick. He’s able to tag in Brody King. King lays out the entire team. Fans chant for Brody now. Brody takes everyone out of the ring. Brody goes through the middle rope and nails a suicide dive onto the Briscoes. Marty sends PCO over the top rope with a cannonball onto the Briscoes now. King rolls Mark into the ring. Marty and King double team Mark now. Marty and PCO double team Lee. PCO hits a suicide dive onto the Briscoes now. Brody hits a big body splash onto Lee and goes for a pin, but he only gets a 2 count.

PCO takes out Lee and the Briscoes with power moves. PCO with a pop up powerbomb to Jay Briscoe. Brody King enters the ring and hits some good Lucha moves. He goes to dive outside but the Briscoes hit him on the way out and stops him. Brody hits a chokeslam on Mark Briscoe. PCO comes off the top rope and hits a sentonbomb on the apron. Lee jumps over the top rope and hits King with a hurricanrana off the apron. Marty superkicks Lee on the outside.

Marty calls for the chickenwing on Mark Briscoe, but Mark reverses it into the a sliding pin attempt. The referee clearly hits a 3-count, but we’re pretending it was 2. They both get back to their feet, and Marty hits the Black Plague out of nowhere to score the victory.

Winners: Villain Enterprises

-After the match, the Villains celebrate with their 3-man tag titles to close the show.

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