ROH Death Before Dishonor from Las Vegas, NV 9/27/2019

ROH Death Before Dishonor from Las Vegas, NV 9/27/2019

Quick Results:

Advancing in the Tournament: Marty Scurll defeated Colt Cobana

Advancing in the Tournament: PCO defeated Kenny King

Winner and new ROH Champion: Angelina Love defeats Kelly Klein

Jonathan Gresham defeated Jay Lethal

The Bouncers defeated Silas Young and Vinny Marseglia

Winner and still ROH World Television Champion: Shane Taylor defeated Flip Gordon, Tracy Williams, and Dragon Lee

Winners and still ROH Tag Team Champions: The Briscoes defeated Lifeblood

Winner and new ROH Heavyweight Champion: Rush defeated Matt Taven

Live Results:

We get a rundown at the tournament that will be playing out tonight.

Match: Marty Scurll vs Colt Cabana

Marty Scurll is out first. Colt is out next. The fans start a duel chant between Let’s Go Marty and Let’s Go Colt, but the Marty chants are much heavier.

Colt offers his hand. Marty isn’t sure he wants to. Colt sneaks his hand over and shakes it for Marty, so technically the code of honor is upheld.

They chain wrestle but neither man gets the advantage. The fans applaud their attempts. Colt and Marty locks up. Colt is the clear winner and mocks Marty for not being strong enough. Marty kicks him to break the lock.

Marty attempts to pin Colt, but Colt arches his body. Marty attempts to jump on Colt, but he doesn’t stay down. He jumps again. This time Colt starts bouncing up and down. The pin is broken up once Marty just gets away.

Colt strongarms Marty again. He knocks him out of the ring. They meet on the apron and Marty is shocked. Colt meets him with a punch and lifts him to the top of the turnbuckle. Colt tosses him off, but before he can jump off Marty climbs back up and kicks him in the head. He follows it up with a Superplex. Pin by Marty, but Colt kicks out at 2.

Marty attacks him in the corner. Marty follows him around the ring doing back rakes. Fans chant “one more time.” Marty comes up from behind Colt and strikes Colt. Marty locks in a STF, but holds him back his nostrils instead. Marty with another pin attempt, but Colt kicks out quickly.

Duel “Let’s Go Marty” and “Colt Cabana” chants now. Colt finally takes the advantage. He keeps Marty down with strikes. Marty goes to attack but Colt hits a Rear End. Pin by Colt, but Marty is quickly out.

Colt goes to the top turnbuckle and pretends to go for a splash but lands on his feet as Marty rolls away. Colt then does a standing splash and a pin. Marty is out at 2. Marty and Colt trade strikes. Marty hits a snapdragon suplex followed by a snap powerbomb, but only gets a 2 count.

Marty goes to break Colt’s fingers but Colt reverses it. Colt puts Marty on his shoulders, but he gets away. Marty goes for the finger breaker again, but Colt gets away again. Colt hits an elbow to the face. Pin attempt, but Marty escapes at 2.

They trade blows. Colt goes for a moonsault off the ropes but Marty kicks him in the head. Marty hits a piledriver. He goes for a pin but Colt kicks out. Marty looks shocked. Marty plays to the fans and signals for the chickenwing. Colt sees it coming and turns around to strike him. Marty strikes back. He once again signals for the chickenwing. Colt goes to fight away, but Marty reverses it into a chickenwing. Colt gets the ropes.

Colt fights back and applies a submission but Marty gets to the ropes. Colt and Marty battle to the top rope. Colt hits a “Chicago Skyline.” Marty kicks out and Colt looks surprised. They trade offense now. Marty hits the Black Plague out of nowhere and advances in the tournament.

Winner: Marty Scurll

-After the match, the fans applaud Colt Cabana as he walks around looking disappointed.

No Disqualification Match: Kenny King vs. PCO

Kenny King is out first with Amy Rose, a group of people, and cinderblocks. PCO comes out to his new Jim Johnson produced theme song. PCO is looking more robotic than usual tonight. PCO is slow to remove his 6-man tag title.

Kenny King rolls out of the ring as soon as the bell rings. Kenny rolls back in, kicks PCO, and rolls back out. Kenny comes back in. They go to lock up but Kenny kicks him instead. They start trading blows. PCO out muscles Kenny and tosses him up in the air and slams him down for a powerbomb. Kenny rolls out of the ring. PCO follows.

PCO starts beating Kenny around the floor. PCO tosses him face first into the ladder. Knife edge chop. Suplex to the steel ramp. PCO hits a senton splash. He rolls Kenny back into the ring. He body slams Kenny and climbs to the top turnbuckle. He flies off with a shoulder senton. It’s botched but we’re playing it up like it connected. PCO goes for a pin, but Kenny kicks out at 2.

Kenny rolls halfway out of the ring and onto the apron. PCO flies off and hits a sentonbomb onto Kenny but also hits himself in the face with the table. Fans are chanting “You Killed Kenny.” PCO goes to jump through the ropes but has a malfunction. PCO runs the wrong direction and flies out of the outside of the ring. He connects with nothing and falls to the floor. Referees are checking on him now. Commentators are acknowledging that the last time he did this he was busted open. Referees start to lead him out.

Kenny comes around the corner of the ring and kicks him. Kenny puts the ladder on PCO’s neck then rams it to the floor. Kenny swings the ladder and does hit PCO, but nearly hits a fan. Kenny brings out a second ladder. He lays one on top of the other and then scoop slams PCO onto it. Kenny rolls into the ring. He runs off the ropes and jumps over with a corkscrew bodysplash and connects onto PCO and the ladders.

Kenny rolls in PCO and goes for a pin, but PCO kicks out. Kenny rolls outside the ring and exposes the floor. PCO rolls out and hits Kenny. PCO attempts a powerbomb on Kenny onto the floor, but Amy Rose comes up and slaps him. PCO gets distracted and approaches Amy. She runs away. Kenny takes advantage by rolling into the ring. PCO goes to climb in. Kenny flips over PCO and attempts to sunset flip him to the outside of the ring, but PCO doesn’t go back correctly. PCO lands on top of Kenny, but we’re pretending the flip was successful and it only hurt PCO. Kenny rolls PCO into the ring and goes for pin. PCO kicks out.

Kenny locks up with PCO. Amy Rose comes in and strikes PCO with a caddle prod. The electricity overpowers PCO and he chokeslams Kenny for the pin and the win.

Winner: PCO

-After the match, fans chant for PCO. We get a recap of the feud between Kelly Klein and Angelina Love.

ROH Women’s Championship: Kelly Klein (c) vs. Angelina Love (w/Mandy Leon)

Angelina is out first. Kelly Klein is out next with the title.

Angelina and Klein lock up. Neither woman can get the control. A fan yells out “she weighs seven pounds, lets go!” and everyone laughs. They continue to trade attacks with neither person gaining advantage. Kelly Klein clotheslines Love and goes for a pin, but barely gets a 1 count.

Love regroups with Mandy Leon. Kelly jumps off the apron onto both women to take them down. Kelly gets hyped up. She goes after Love but she pokes her in the eyes and tosses her into the barricade. Love suplexes her onto the floor. She picks Klein up but she reverses it and tosses Love into the barricade. She tosses her into the ring and goes for the pin. Angelina kicks out at 2.

Kelly hits a high angle backdrop and goes for another pin, but still only gets two. Angelina gets up and hits a flatliner and applies a koji clutch. She releases the hold and goes up the turnbuckle. Kelly is able to climb up after her. She hits a super fallaway slam. Pin attempt is only a 2.

Kelly pulls her over to the turnbuckle for a tornado DDT attempt, but Angelina turns it into a diamond cutter off the turnbuckle. She goes for a pin and can’t keep Kelly down. Both women get to their feet and trade blows. Kelly Kline slams Angelina down. Mandy Leon climbs onto the apron to distract the referee and Kelly. When Kelly turns around, Angelina sprays her in the face with the hairspray. She hits the botox injection. She goes for the pin, but Kelly kicks out.

Kelly and Angelina lock up. Mandy goes to the apron to spray Kelly but accidentally gets Angelina. Kelly rolls her up, but she kicks out at 2. Mandy Leon gets involved in the ring. Kelly knocks her down. When she turns around, Angelina nails the Botox Injection. She goes for the pin, and gets the 3.

Winner and NEW ROH Women’s Champion: Angelina Love

-After the match, the Allure go to pick up Kelly Klein while she’s still down, but the lights go out. When they come back on, Maria Manic is in the ring. She takes out but members of the Allure. She puts Angelina in the torture rack. Security enters the ring to stop her, but she takes them all out as well.

-We see a recap of Jay Lethal and Jonathan Gresham.

Match: Jonathan Gresham vs. Jay Lethal

Jay reminds Jonathan that they don’t have to fight. Jay offers his hand. Jonathan rejects it.

They lock up. They chain wrestle. Neither man can get the advantage. Fans applaud. They chain wrestle again. Fans applaud again. They continue to reverse each other’s offense until Jay is able to toss Jonathan outside the ring. Jonathan tries to get in the ring but Lethal drop kicks him back out. Jonathan gets up. Jay hits a suicide dive through the ropes. Jay rolls him into the ring. Jay hits a hiptoss, does a cartwheel, and drop kicks Jonathan in the face. Pin attempt fails.

Jay chops him in the chest. Jonathan tries to hit offense, but Jay drop kicks his knee and puts him back down. Jay goes for a suplex. Jonathan does escape but his knee is in pain. He kicks Jay in the back, but grabs his knee in pain. He locks in a submission that has his arms and one leg stretched. He turns it into a pin, but Lethal is somehow able to escape.

Jonathan gets him into a wristlock submission. Lethal bodyslams Jonathan, but he doesn’t release the wristlock. Jonathan goes off the ropes but Lethal turns it into a buzzsaw slam. Lethal quickly applies a figure four leg lock. Jonathan is able to reverse it. They continue to roll outside of the ring while in the hold. They fall off the apron hard while still in the figure four. They struggle to get up. Jonathan begins chopping Lethal. He sees a chair next to them. He picks it up and threatens to swing it at Lethal’s head, but the referee grabs it from him.

Lethal gets in Jonathan’s face and asks if that’s the only way he could beat him. They argue until they start trading punches. They roll into the ring. Jonathan gets the offensive but his knee gives him. Lethal is able to hit a cutter. He goes for a pin, but releases it himself. He puts Jonathan into the figure four to hurt the knee further. He’s able to reach the ropes.

They trade offensive moves. Lethal tries to hit a backflip, but his wrist gives in. The trade blows some more. Jonathan gets in some quick jabs. He applies the octopus. Lethal has nowhere to go and taps out.

Winner: Jonathan Gresham

-After the match, Jonathan offers his hand. Jay smacks it away and hugs him instead. They pal around and talk about how the match played out.

Match: Silas Young (w/ Josh Woods) and Vinny Marseglia vs. The Bouncers

Silas and Josh Woods come out with new shirts. Vinny comes out to the Kingdom theme song. Beer City comes from behind and attacks Vinny around the outside the ring. Brian enters the ring and starts attacking Silas. Brian hits a crossbody to take down Silas. Beer City hits a running cannonball off the apron onto Vinny.

Beer City bashes a bottle over Vinny’s head. Vinny is busted open.

Silas and Vinny get Brian alone in the ring. Brian starts to fight back, but Silas hit him with a weapon in the knee to take him down. Silas and Vinny double team Brian now. They zip tie Brian to the ropes.

Beer City enters the ring and starts hitting the “Beer” chant punches to both men now. The numbers game is too much though and they take him down. Vinny hits a side effect onto the glass. Beer City rolls out of the ring. Josh Woods explains that he’s not in favor of the violence.

Brian breaks free of the zip tie and takes out both men with weight and power. Beer City lays Vinny down with a samoan drop onto the glass. Brian hits a falling senton and goes for the pin, but Beer City pulls him away. He tells Brian he wants revenge. Beer City goes outside the ring and gets the pliers that were used on him last week. He goes into the ring and tries to use it on Vinny, but Vinny fights away and grabs the pliers. He attacks both Bouncers with the pliers now. Brian is busted open.

Silas grabs a pool cue out. Josh Woods stops him. He tells Silas not to do it. Silas says that’s fine, and gives it to Vinny to use instead. Vinny pushes it into Brian’s head and twists it into the open wound. Silas and Vinny double team Beer City now. Vinny gets a pouch of darts out now. Silas holds Beer City in the corner while Vinny throws the darts into his back. They do stick. Vinny sticks the dart into Beer City’s forehead now.

Silas hits a corkscrew splash and goes for the pin, but only gets 2. Brian rolls into the ring with a chair and takes out both Silas and Vinny. Brian hits a spinning slam and goes for a pin, but Vinny kicks out. Brian goes to powerbomb Vinny outside the ring, but Silas hits him from behind with the chair. Brian turns around and Silas throws the chair into his face. Brian rolls out of the ring.

Vinny places Brian onto a table set up on the floor. He climbs up the turnbuckle and hits the Red Rum through the table. Fans applaud. On the apron, Beer City hits Silas with a Death Valley Driver. Josh Woods goes to check on him. He’s completely out, so Josh puts him on his shoulders and carries him to the back.

In the ring, Beer City superplexes Vinny through two chairs. Pin attempt, but its only 2. Fans are applauding again. Beer City tells Vinny he’s just a “B-Movie Bitch,” then hits the Beer City Driver for the three count and victory.

Winners: The Bouncers

ROH World Television Title Triple Threat Match: Shane Taylor (c) vs. Flip Gordon vs. Tracy Williams

Shane Taylor gets an entrance like Floyd Money Mayweather. The other two men enter the ring. The announcer lets us know that a fourth person is entering the match. It’s Dragon Lee.

ROH World Television Title Fatal Four Match: Shane Taylor (c) vs Flip Gordon vs Tracy Williams vs Dragon Lee

Shane and Lee battle inside the ring. Lee can’t seem to do any damage to Shane. Outside the ring, Williams and Flip battle each other on the floor. Lee finally takes down Shane with a hurricanrana. Gordon enters the ring, but Lee sends him back out. Williams enters now, but Lee sends him out as well. Lee celebrates by laying on the mat to taunt, but Flip comes from behind and drop kicks him in the back. Lee rolls out of the ring.

Flip and Williams battle inside the ring now. Williams puts Flip in a dragon sleeper, but Shane comes in and interrupts the hold. Williams and Shane trade blows now. Dragon Lee comes in and takes down Shane. Shane rolls out.

Lee and Williams trade blows now. Williams and Lee take turns barely missing their offense. Fans applaud. Flip pulls Williams out of the ring. Lee goes through the ropes with a suicide dive and takes them both out. Shane then comes off the apron and takes out all three men with a cannonball.

Inside the ring, Williams and Flip start brawling. Williams takes Flip down. He pins Flip, but before the referee can count to three, Lee stops the referee. Williams looks up to see what’s going on, and Lee kicks him in the face. Fans laugh and applaud.

Shane and Lee fight in the ring now. Lee’s quick lucha moves won’t work on Shane. Shane hits a knee to Lee’s face and sends him out of the ring. Gordon comes in. He attempts to roll up Shane, but Shane just lifts him up and tosses him around. Flip hits him with a superkick. He rolls out the ring and retrieves a steel chair. Before he can use it, Williams grabs it. The referee sees Williams with it and takes it from him. Flip knocks him out of the ring from behind. Shane takes advantage by hitting Welcome to the Land on Flip for the pin and retains his title.

Winner and STILL ROH Television Champion: Shane Taylor

Dragon Lee rolls into the ring and points at the TV title, but Shane isn’t phased. Flip leaves looking disappointed.

ROH Tag Team Championship: The Briscoes (c) vs. Lifeblood (Mark Haskins, Bandido)

Fans take turns chanting for the Briscoes and Bandido.

Haskins and Mark chain wrestle. They trade blows and submissions. Neither man stays down. They touch foreheads. Mark tags in Jay now. Haskins tags in Bandido. Both teams take place hitting offensive moves and tagging in their partners. Neither team keeps control.

The Briscoes hit a double clothesline onto Bandido. They celebrate, but this upsets Haskins who enters the ring and hits them both from behind. Mark accidently dropkicks Jay on the outside. Bandido goes over the top rope and takes out both Briscoes. Lifeblood take control of the Briscoes outside the ring. They waste too much time celebrating and The Briscoes both come back to lay out the Lifeblood.

Fans chant “we want tables.” Jay throws a chair into the ring. It’s not a gimmicked folding chair. Mark uses the chair to jump over the top rope and land on Lifeblood. Fans chant “Briscoe” now. The Briscoes double team Bandido in the ring. Jay puts Bandido in a camel clutch right in front of Haskins to taunt him. Jay releases the hold. Bandido is able to crawl to the corner and tag in Haskins. Haskins with the hot tag. He lays out both Briscoes with a DDT/Flatliner combo. Haskins rolls Mark up in a crossface. Jay goes to stop the hold, but Bandido attacks him and applies a submission as well. They release their submissions. Lifeblood double team Mark. Haskins hits a falcon arrow and Bandido with an Eddie Guerrero frogsplash. A weird miscommunication happens here where Bandido goes for the pin, but he’s not the legal man, so Haskins has to make the cover too. Mark Briscoe kicks out of two men pinning him.

All hell breaks lose with each man laying out the other. Jay and Haskins hit each other at the same time with drop kicks. All four men are down. Haskins gets Mark in the sharpshooter. Bandido hit the 21-plex, but both Briscoes escape. Bandido gets Mark on the top turnbuckle. He hits a superplex. Haskins goes off the turnbuckle with the “Stomp Boy.” He pins Mark, but Jay breaks it up.

Jay goes for a Jay Driller. Haskins escapes, but Jay hits a big clothesline anyway. Jay successfully hits the Jay Driller this time. He nonchalantly pins Haskins, but he kicks out at 2. Commentators are blaming it on the lazy pin.

Marks hits the Froggy Bow. Jay hits the Jay Driller and this time keeps him down for 3.

Winners and still ROH Tag Team Champions: The Briscoes

-After the match, the Briscoes leave with their belts. Lifeblood recovers in the ring. Bully Ray comes in from out of nowhere and lays them both out with powerbombs. Tracy Williams runs in and attacks Bully. Tracy corners Bully, but Flip Gordon comes in and lays out Tracy Williams. Bully and Flip meet eye contact. Bully looks concerned and confused. Gordon leaves the ring. Bully sends Tracy Williams into the barricade hard.

Mark Haskins wife starts yelling at Bully now. She slaps him. This pisses off Bully, and he sends Haskins through a table outside the ring with a powerbomb.

ROH World Heavyweight Championship: Matt Taven (c) vs. Rush

Rush is out first decked out in all white. Three men accompany Matt Taven to the stage. They’re holding titles that Taven has won in the past.

Taven and Rush do not shake hands. They brawl immediately. Taven hits Rush with two superkicks. He rushes him in the corner, but Rush sends him into the turnbuckle. He goes for the Bulls Horn immediately but Taven rolls out of the way. Taven tosses Rush around the barricades. Taven stops to taunt Dragon Lee who is sitting at ringside with the fans.

Taven goes to powerbomb Rush onto the ramp, but Rush sends him over with a back body drop onto it instead. Rush keeps control on the outside now. Rush tosses Taven back into the ring. They battle on the apron. Taven hits a falcon arrow off the apron and onto the floor outside. Taven jumps over the top rope and lands on Rush to keep him down. He rolls him into the ring and climbs the turnbuckle. He hits the frogsplash but Rush kicks out at 2.

Fans chant for Rush, but Taven tells them to shut up. Taven keeps control. Rush is able to fight back and lays out Taven. They battle to the floor. Rush picks up a barricade panel and slams it into Taven’s face. Fans chant for Rush again. Rush chokes him with a camera cord. Rush suplexes Taven into the commentator’s table, but it doesn’t break. The commentators joke, “This is why we need a Spanish announce team.”

Rush tosses Taven back in the ring. They trade chops into the corner. Rush gets the advantage. He knocks Taven down in the corner and prepares for the Bulls Horns again. He stops just before he gets to Taven and kicks him in the face instead. He lays down in the ring to taunt Taven now. Fans chant for Rush, but Taven rolls outside the ring. Rush rolls out and tosses Taven back in the ring. Rush goes off the turnbuckle for a senton but Taven rolls away. Rush hits a Jay Driller, but Taven gets up and hits the Climax. He goes for the pin and even though the referee counted to three, we’re pretending it was only 2.

They both get to their feet and trade slaps now. Rush hits a snapdragon suplex which sends Taven to the corner. Rush goes for the Bulls Horn but Taven bounces out of the corner with a spear. Taven hovers over Rush, but Rush spits in his face. Taven is mad. He picks up Rush and goes for a Climax but Rush escapes. They battle at the turnbuckle. Taven falls to the mat, but his legs are trapped on the ropes. Rush hits the Bulls Horns. Taven sits up in the corner. Rush hits a second Bulls Horn to score the pin and the ROH World Heavyweight title.

Winner and NEW ROH Heavyweight Champion: Rush

-After the match, Rush’s family including his brother Dragon Lee celebrate with Rush in the ring. Matt Taven grabs him by the arm and spins him around. Rush looks mad. Taven offers his hand. Rush accepts and Taven nods as he backs away. Rush celebrates in the ring with the ROH World Heavyweight title!

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