ROH Honor For All Results From Nashville, TN 8/25/2019

ROH Honor For All Results From Nashville, TN 8/25/2019

-Tonight’s ROH Honor For All takes place at the Nashville Fairgrounds Arena in Nashville, TN.

Quick Results:

The Bouncers defeated Team CMLL and Coast to Coast

Dalton Castle and Joe Hendry defeated Shinobi Shadow Squad

Angelina Love defeated Sumie Sakai, Jenny Rose and Damaris Dawkins

PJ Black defeated Silas Young

Rush defeated Vincent “Vinny” Marseglia

Shane Taylor retained against Chase Owens

The Briscoes retained against The Rock And Roll Express

Lifeblood defeated Villains Enterprises

Jeff Cobb defeated Matt Taven, Kenny King, and Jay Lethal for a World title shot

ROH Live Results:

-Commentators tell us that PCO is not competing tonight due to his gasp on the eye from last night. We get quick notes of all the matches on the card tonight.

The Bouncers vs Coast to Coast vs Team CMLL

-The Bouncers enter first from the bar with a keg and a cup of beer. Out next is Coast to Coast. Finally, Team CMLL Okumura and Felino come out. The Honor Code isn’t respected in this match.

-LSG and Okumura begin. They lock up. LSG gets the upperhand. LSG with a submission but Okumura escapes. LSG has control with several flips followed by a dropkick. Okumura and LSG exchange chops to the chest. Okumura hits a reverse DDT. Tag is made to Beer City Bruiser.

-Okumura tries to chop Bruiser but it has no effect. Bruiser jabs Okumura then bites his head. Okumura flips both members of Bouncers around. Bouncers come back by running over Okumura. Felino is tagged in.

-Felino tries to run into Brian but nothing happens. Felino tries to body slam him but Brian shakes it off. Brian with a scoop slam of his own. Ali tags himself in.

-Felino gets the advantage immediately with offense. Felino climbs to the top, but Ali meets him up there. Felino with a sunset flip but Bruiser breaks up the pin.

-The Bouncers try to double team but Felino sends them over the ropes together. Felino climbs to the top and jumps off but Bouncers catch him. Brian slams him to the mat. Ali takes advantage with a scissor kick to Felino and a pin attempt but its kicked out. Ali tags in LSG.

-LSG takes Felino down and goes for a pin. Only a 2-count. Tag is made to Ali.

-Coast to Coast double team Felino and pin, but its a 2-count. Coast to Coast double team Felino in the corner. LSG keeps the offense onto Felino. Felino tags in Bruiser.

-Bruiser manhandles both members of coast to coast. Felino tries to attack Bruiser. He nails a clothesline. Felino manages to take out both members of The Bouncers.

-Coast to Coast enter the ring and double team Felino. They double team Brian. The bouncers come back with a double team of their own. The Bouncers nail a double team back drop and leg drop on Ali for the pin and the 3 count.

Winners: The Bouncers 

-After the match, the Bouncers celebrate with Felino and Okumura with a beer and a toast. Fans applaud the show of respect.

-PCO comes down to the ring and he looks out of it. He starts breaking down the ringside. PCO enters the ring and doesn’t seem to have a gameplan. PCO asks for a mic.

-Security tries to get PCO out of the ring. He attacks a group of security men with punches. Commentators acknowledge that PCO is in gear. He tosses out the security over the ropes to the outside. PCO sets up a table on the outside. Fans are chanting PCO’s name now. PCO places a member of security onto the table and climbs up to the turnbuckle. PCO nails a sentonbomb to the outside. He attacks more security.

-Villain Enterprises comes out to calm PCO down and escort him to the back.

Eli Isom (w/Cheeseburger) vs. Dalton Castle

-Eli is out first and he signals for Cheeseburger to join him. Dalton Castle is out next. Dalton asks for a microphone. Dalton says he only got 8 hours of sleep last night due to Joe Hendry. He calls Hendry out and we get the catchy Joe Hendry theme song. Joe comes out with a microphone of his own. Dalton mocks the theme song and entrance.

-Dalton thanks Hendry for being here and tells him to take a seat to watch the match. Hendry says Dalton isn’t as entertaining as him. He attempts to get people to do his catchphrase but no one does it. Hendry offers to take Dalton’s place in the match. He tries his catchphrase again, and again no one responds. Dalton rejects Hendry’s offer to replace him.

-Eli has had enough and cuts between them. He tells them to knock it off. Eli suggests they change it to a tag team match with Cheeseburger as his partner. Dalton and Hendry agree.

Shinobi Shadow Squad vs. Dalton Castle and Joe Hendry

-Legal men are Castle and Cheeseburger. Dalton tags in Hendry immediately. We do get a code of honor here.

-Hendry has the immediate control. Hendry throws Cheeseburger around easily. He calls out his name, again no one responds. Hendry tosses Cheeseburger around with some amateur wrestling moves. Cheeseburger hits a hurricanrana and gains control. Joe Hendry runs over Cheeseburger with a tackle. Joe with a big knee. Dalton Castle tags himself in.

-Dalton demands Eli get tagged in. Eli taunts Castle but Castle puts him in a headlock. Castle is cutting a promo using only the camera microphones. Dalton gets Eli to the corner but backs off. Eli comes out with a push and gets some offense in. Eli with a roll up but its not even a one count. Drop kick from Eli sends Castle down. Eli tags in Cheeseburger and they double team Castle. A pin attempt only gets a 2-count.

-Cheeserburger sends Dalton to the corner and chops his chest quickly. Castle responds with an explosive suplex. Dalton tags in Hendry.

-Hendry picks up Cheeseburger with a stalling DDT and asks for a crowd reaction. Hendry tags in Dalton with a little shove.

-Dalton gets some offensive in. He tries to cut a promo again but Cheeseburger rolls him up with a small package. Dalton kicks out quickly. Dalton starts tossing Cheeseburger around some more. Dalton gets Cheeseburger to the corner and tags in Hendry.

-Hendry tosses Cheeseburger around as well. Dalton tags himself in.

-Dalton charges Cheeseburger in the corner but Cheeseburger gets the boot up. Cheeseburger crawls for the pin but Dalton pulls him back. Hendry tags himself in. They debate over who has the advantage. While they argue, Cheeseburger tags in Eli. Eli off the top rope and takes out both men.

-Eli has speed with a suplex and a forearm. Dalton tries to fight back but Eli sends him over the ropes. Dalton and Hendry argue outside the ring. Eli tries to take advantage by Hendry stops him. Cheeseburger then tries to take advantage but Dalton stops him.

-Hendry and Dalton get Eli in the ring. They screw up some double team moves with miscommunication. Hendry pushes Dalton out of the ring and nails a codebreaker on Eli for the pin and 3-count.

Winners: Dalton Castle and Joe Hendry

-Dalton looks shocked as Hendry rolls out the ring and celebrates.

-We get a plug for Matt Taven’s DVD set.

-Kelly Klein is out for commentator. It comes off really awkward and she cuts off midsentence.

Angelina Love (w/Mandy Leon) vs. Jenny Rose vs Damaris Dawkins

-Angelina of the Allure is out first with Mandy. Second is Damaris Dawkins. Out next is Jenny Rose. Samie Sukai is out now to a good reaction from the crowd.

-Angelina Love calls for a mic. Sumie appears to have fallen asleep during Angelina’s ranting. Angelina dismisses herself from the match and walks away. Dawkins and Sumie pull them back in.

-Dawkins and Jenny double team Sumie. Angelina tries to pin Sumie while they’re distracted. Sumie kicks out and Angelina escapes the ring again.

-Jenny and Dawkins are now trading blows. Jenny gets the upperhand.  Jenny with a body splash to the corner. Dawkins retaliates with one of her own onto Jenny. Dawkins goes for a pin on Jenny but Sumie breaks it up.

-Sumie is now attacking Dawkins. They chain wrestle. Dawkins with a nextbreak and a pin attempt. One a 1-count. Sumie comes back with a running forearm. Sumie climbs the turnbuckle and hits a missile drop kick. Jenny Rose comes in and hits a northern light pin on Sumie but she kicks out at 2.

-All four women lock in a headlock on each other. Angelina is the only one not getting the hold done to her.

-Angelina attempts to pin all three women one by one but they each kick out. Dawkins and Sumie meet in the middle. Dawkins hits a northern light pin of her own on Sumie but its only a 2.

-Sumie gets up and hits a Smash Mouth on Jenny Rose, but Dawkins breaks up a pin attempt. Sumie goes to hit Smash Mouth on Jenny but Angelina threatens to enter with a steel chair. While the referee is distracted Mandy Leon sprays Sumie with the hairspray like the night before.

-With Sumie out, Angelina hits the Botox Injection on Dawkins for the pin and the win.

Winner: Angelina Love

-Before she can celebrate, Man-Eater Maria Manic hits the ring. She takes out Dawkins and Jenny Rose. Angelina retreats. Kelly Klein stands up to Maria Manic. While they meet face to face, Angelina attacks Kelly from behind and retreats again. Kelly is left laying in the ring.

“The Last Real Man” Silas Young (w/Josh “The Goods” Woods) vs. “Darewolf” PJ Black

-Salis Young is out first. They mock the fans on the way to the ring. PJ Black is out next. They do the code of honor handshake but Elias taunts PJ.

-PJ and Silas chain wrestle. Neither men can get the advantage. PJ takes Silas down and Silas rolls out of the ring. He claims PJ didn’t let go of the hold.

-Silas rolls back in and PJ gets the offensive. Silas manages to roll PJ up. They chain wrestle pins but neither man gets the win.

-PJ in control. PJ encourages Silas to bring it. Silas does and knocks PJ down. Someone is messing with their headset instead of turning it off.

-Silas knocks PJ around from corner to corner. Silas charges but PJ sends him to the outside with a head scissor. Silas tries to set up a trap on the outside but Woods is tying his shoes. Silas catches up with PJ in the ring with a clothesline. Silas lecturing Josh Woods for not being ready. Silas goes back to knocking around PJ. Woods once again misses his cue to attack PJ while the referee is distracted.

-Silas locks in a headlock and takes PJ Black down to the mat. PJ tries to escape but Silas just tosses him back down. Silas with another headlock. PJ finally escapes and starts getting his own offensive. PJ goes off the turnbuckle with a double axe handle. He pins Silas but only gets a two count.

-Silas moves out of the way of a turnbuckle splash. Silas tosses PJ out of the ring and tells Josh Woods to attack him. Woods hesitates. Woods tells Silas he just wasn’t ready. Silas jumps off the apron onto PJ with a double axe handle on the outside. Silas rolls PJ into the ring. PJ takes Silas by surprise with a quick roll-up and the three.

Winner: PJ Black

-After the match PJ offers Silas Young a handshake. Silas rejects it but Josh Woods shakes PJ’s hand. Silas and Woods argue outside the ring about Woods’ behavior throughout the match.

Rush vs. Vinny “Vincent” Marseglia

-The Bouncers join the commentators with a beer and a toast. The commentators won’t drink and offer the beers back but they’re not offended.

-Out first is Vinny. Next out is Rush.

-Fans chant for Rush. Vinny and Rush try to lock up but Vinny just teases him. We get some chain wrestling. Neither man gets the advantage. Both men try to hit moves but neither man can take the other down. They both go for dropkicks and miss.

-Rush gets control with a splash into the corner followed by a clothesline. Vinny rolls outside the ring. Rush goes to run against the ropes but Vinny trips him and pulls him outside. Vinny goes on the offensive at ringside. Vinny smashes Rush’s face against the turnbuckle. Vinny puts Rush onto a table and starts nailing him with punches. It has no effect on Rush. He gets up and they trade punches. Vinny gets the final punch and takes Rush out again.

-Vinny tosses Rush against the barricade. Vinny rolls Rush into the ring. Vincent tries to keep Rush down with punches but Rush keeps standing up. Rush and Vinny now take turns with chops to the chest in the corner. Vinny hits a side-effect and goes for the pin. Rush kicks out at 2.

-Rush comes back with a superkick. Vinny bounces back with a big boot. It has no effect on Rush. Rush belly-to-belly suplexes Vinny. Vinny rolls out of the ring. Rush follows him and begins beating Vinny down outside the ring. Rush powerbombs Vinny through the table.

-Rush sends Vinny back into the ring. Rush gets Vinny in the corner. Rush threatens to do his missile dropkick finisher, but stops right before. Rush just kicks him instead. Rush and Vinny fight for control of the match. Vinny hits a sidewinder slam and goes for the pin. Its a very close count but Rush kicks out before three.

-They both go to the turnbuckle but Vinny knocks Rush off. Rush climbs back up anyway and gets Vinny with a big Superplex. Fans applaud. Rush goes off the top turnbuckle for the “Red Rum” but Vinny rolls out of the way. Vinny then goes to the top buckle and connects with the Red Rum himself. He goes for the pin. Rush kicks out at 2 and Vinny is shocked.

-Vinny goes for a sliced bread but Rush counters. Rush racks Vinny on the top buckle and tosses him to the mat. Rush goes for the Bull’s Horn and nails it this time. We get the pin and a victory.

Winner: Rush

Television Championship Match
Chase Owens vs. Shane Taylor (ROH World Television Champion)

Chase Owens of the Bullet Club makes his way out. Shane Taylor is out next.

-Chase Owens tells Shane Taylor to suck it. They go to lock up but Chase leans out of the ropes to back Shane up. Shane easily manhandles Chase and tosses him across the ring. Chase attempts to throw Shane around but he doesn’t budge. Owens nails Shane with a chop to the corner and tells him once again to suck it. Chase ducks an attack and again tells him to suck it.

-Chase reverses a whip to the rope and tells Shane again to suck it. He sends Shane over the ropes to the outside. Chase attacks him on the outside. Both men roll into the ring. Chase goes for the offensive but Shane just pushes him across the ring to the corner. Shane chokes him in the corner. Shane with a huge chop to the chest. Fans chant “one more time.” Shane tells the audience to be quiet and prepares for a slap, but instead pokes Chase in the eyes.

-Shane punches Chase and knocks him down. Shane taunts Chase. Chase attempts to attack but Shane just knocks him back down. Pin attempt ends in a two count.

-Shane sends Chase to the apron. Shane drapes Chase over the ropes and hits a stunner. Another pin but its a two count.

-Chase reverses some moves into a sunset flip but he can’t hit it. Shane attempts to drop on top of Chase but he rolls out of the way. Chase kicks Shane in the face. Chase is running off the ropes and tries to take Shane down but he’s not budging. Owens with an Enziguri. Owens targets the knees and is finally able to clothesline Shane down. Owens hits a flatliner and goes for the pin, but its a two count.

-Shane levels Chase and goes for the pin. Chase kicks out. Shane calls for his finisher but Chase slips out. Chase goes for his own finisher but he’s not able to lift him. Chase hits a reverse bulldog and takes down Shane. Chase goes for a second piledriver and once again can’t lift Shane. Chase hits a superkick and goes to the turnbuckle, but Shane hits the ropes and racks Chase on the ropes. Shane with a big body splash and pin. Its close but only a two.

-Shane chops Chase but he asks for another. Shane does another and Chase is getting pumped up. He asks for another and the third one knocks him down. Chase slowly gets back up. Now they’re trading blows. Chase gets Shane to his knees. He gives him the Bullet Club gun, then nails Shane with a knee to the face. Shane manages to get up and nails Owens. Shane lifts Owens up for his Welcome to the Land finisher for the three count.

Winner and Still TV Champion: Shane Taylor

ROH World Tag Team Champion
The Rock and Roll Express vs The Briscoes (World Tag Team Champions)

-Rock and Roll out first and the fans are chanting their names. Dem Boys, The Briscoe Brothers are out next. Fans chant Rock and Roll more during the introductions.

-Ricky Morton and Jay are the legal men. Jay gets the upperhand and sents Ricky to the corner. Ricky fights his way out and gets Jay a hiptoss. Jay fights off of Ricky. Jay goes to run at Ricky but Ricky sends him over the top ropes. The Briscoes regroup on the outside. Ricky Morton does an impressive suicide dive onto both men. Ricky tags in Gibson.

-Gibson has the advantage. Gibson tosses Jay around the ring then tags in Ricky.

-Ricky gets Jay in a headlock. Jay manages to fight back and levels Ricky with a big boot. Jay tags in Mark and they double team Ricky. Mark rushes to Ricky in the corner but Ricky slips and falls. Mark kicks Ricky out of the ring. Mark tosses Ricky into the turnbuckle from the outside. Jay attacks Ricky on the outside and rolls him back in. Mark tags in Jay and they double team Ricky some more.

-Ricky is swearing up a storm after every move. Ricky manages to fight back against Jay. Jay attempts a splash in the corner but Ricky rolls away. Another roll and he tags in Gibson. Gibson with the hot tag and he levels Mark. Mark takes out Gibson. Mark and Ricky battle on the outside. The Briscoes set up a table and put Ricky on top of it. Gibson tries to make the save but he’s laid out. Mark goes to the top turnbuckle but Gibson pushes him off and sends Mark through the table.

-Rock and Roll express have Jay singled out. They double team Jay and hit the duel drop kicks, but Jay kicks out at two. Jay manages to regain control. Ricky and Jay battle in the middle of the ring. Jay hits a neckbreaker on Ricky. Mark goes off the top rope with an elbow drop and gets the pin.

Winners and STILL World Tag Team Champions: The Briscoes

-The fans chant for the Rock and Roll Express. Both tag teams meet in the middle. The fans are now chanting for a handshake. The Briscoes make the offer and The Rock and Roll accept. They celebrate in the middle of the ring together. The Briscoes embrace Rock and Roll and leave the ring. The fans continue to chant for the Rock and Roll Express.

Lifeblood (Bandido, Mark Haskins) vs. Villain Enterprises (Brody King, Marty Scurll)

-Lifeblood is out first. The Villain Enterprises are out next represented by Brody King and Marty Scurll. Fans chant for Marty. Marty holds up the 6-Man Tag Titles. Bandido offers the code of honor, but hesitates. Instead, Marty tags in Brody King.

-Brody powers Bandido to the mat. Bandido requests to lock up. Fans chant “lucha” for Bandido. Bandido tries to slam Brody but it doesn’t work. Bandido tries a second time and this time it does work. Bandido and Brody take turns leap frogging but no one gets the upperhand. Brody ends up hitting a surprising hurricanrana. Both men do a kip up.

-The villains double team Bandido, but Haskins comes in for the save. Haskins takes out both men. Haskins and Bandido now double team Brody. Haskins gets both Brody and Marty into a submission while Bandido superkicks them in the head. Lifeblood double teams Brody some more.

-Haskins knocks Marty off the apron but Brody knocks him over the top ropes. Marty takes out Haskins outside the ring. Marty tosses Haskins back in the ring. Brody tags in Marty.

-Marty gets some offensive. Pin attempt ends in a two count. Marty quickly tags in Brody.

-Brody chops Haskins into the corner and tags in Marty. They double team Haskins and Brody hits a body splash. Pin attempt but Marty but Haskins kicks out. Marty mocks Bandido. Fans now doing the “whoot whoot” chant for Marty. Marty calls for his finisher and gets the fans behind him, but Haskins takes advantage with a spinning heel kick. Haskins tags in Bandido who goes to the turnbuckle and lands on Marty. Brody comes in but Bandido and Brody botch a move that ends in them rolling around. Both of the villains exit the ring.

-The Lifeblood do stereo suicide dives. They toss Haskins in the ring. Bandido goes off the turnbuckle for a frogsplash and a pin, but Marty kicks out. Marty tags in Brody and they double team Bandido. Brody goes for a pin but Haskins kicks out. Brody tags in Marty and they double team some more. Marty tags in Brody. Brody takes advantage but Bandido comes in with a crucifix driver. Marty comes in from behind with a snapdragon suplex. Haskins nails Marty in the face and all four men are down now.

-Brody and Marty talk strategy. Brody rushes Haskins but Haskins sends him over the ropes. The Lifeblood double team Marty. They go for a pin attempt but Marty kicks out. Haskins picks him up and begins attacking. Marty reverses into a chickenwing choke hold. Haskins reverses into a pin but only gets two.

-Haskins hits a DVD and goes for a pin but Brody ends it. Brody picks Haskins up for a Gonzo bomb but Bandido stops it. Bandido hits a german suplex on Marty and Haskins locks in a Sharpshooter. Marty has nowhere to go and taps out.

Winners: Lifeblood

Main Event
Matt Taven (ROH World Champion) vs. Kenny King (w/Amy Rose) vs. Jay Lethal vs. Jeff Cobb

-First out is Kenny King. He gets is full entrance before signaling for Amy King to come out. Next out is Jay Lethal to a good reaction. Next is Jeff Cobb. Cobb high-fives some of the audience. Lastly, ROH World Champion Matt Taven makes his entrance with the ROH title. Matt plays to the audience a bit.

-Matt Taven does the code of honor to each man. Kenny and Lethal refuse to shake each others. Matt reminds everyone he’s beaten them and belittles them. The bell rings and all three men dispose of Taven. Kenny pushes Lethal, so Lethal attacks Kenny. All four men are brawling now. Taven throws Cobb to the outside. King throws Lethal to the outside.

-Taven and King lock up. Taven knocks down King with a shoulder block. Cobb and Lethal try to re-enter but King and Taven toss them back out. King and Taven battle on the apron. King kicks Taven off. Lethal knocks King off. Lethal and Cobb enter the ring. Fans give a dual chant for Cobb and Lethal.

-Lethal tries to run over Cobb but Cobb doesn’t budge. Lethal tries to hype himself up and do it again, but again doesn’t budge. Cobb encourages the fans to get behind Lethal. Lethal tries again but Cobb docks it and floors Lethal. Lethal gets the upperhand with a hiptoss. Lethal with a suplex. Cobb bounces back to his feet. King tries to re-enter but gets knocked off.

-Lethal gets the advantage over Cobb. Lethal with a pin but Cobb kicks out at one. King drags Lethal out of the ring and knocks him down. Taven tries to enter but Cobb suplexes him into the ring. Lethal and King fight outside the ring. Cobb knocks Taven into the corner. Cobb with headbutts and knife chops.

-King runs Lethal into the barricade. Cobb is tossing Taven around in the ring. Cobb charges Taven but Taven moves out of the way. Taven goes to nail Cobb but Cobb tosses him back in the corner. Cobb with more chops to the chest. Fans are chanting “one more time.” Cobb does it one more time. Kenny King comes in and attacks Cobb. Taven and King double team Cobb. Lethal goes off the top rope and takes out King. Taven takes out Lethal with a clothesline. King and Taven double team Lethal. King goes for a pin but Lethal kicks out. Taven with a huge backdrop and goes for a pin. Lethal kicks out at two.

-King and Taven double team Lethal again. Taven tosses Lethal outside of the ring. Taven and King agree to an alliance. Taven and King double team Cobb outside the ring but Lethal attacks King. King and Taven double team Lethal now. King with a backbreaker to Lethal. King tries to pin Lethal but Taven doesn’t agree with King’s method. They argue about their alliance.

-Lethal gets Taven into a figure four. King goes to the turnbuckle to try to break the hold, but Cobbs grabs King off the turnbuckle. Cobb breaks up the submission by dropping King onto Lethal. Taven and King roll away. Cobb now on the offensive with Lethal and takes him out. Cobb with a helicopter slam to Taven. Cobb goes for a pin, but Taven kicks out at 2. Cobb clotheslines Taven outside of the ring.

-Kenny King flies off the turnbuckle but Cobb catches him with suplex. King reverses it into a roll up but its a kick out. King and Cobb battle up the turnbuckle. King knocks Cobby off. King nails the blockbuster and goes for the pin. Cobb kicks out.

-King picks up Cobb, but Taven has had enough and kicks King. Taven gets King in the face with a shin kick and goes for a pin. It’s two. Lethal comes out of nowhere with a cutter. Each men are not punching and superkicking each other. All four men are down.

-King and Taven meet each other in the middle with punches. King gets the advantage. Taven blocks a clothesline attempt but King gets Taven with a spin-kick. Kenny goes to fly outside the ring, but Lethal stops him and rolls him up. King kicks out. Lethal calls for a Macho Man Elbow Drop. He goes up, but Amy Rose gets his attention with the ROH title. While he thinks the referee is distracted, Taven grabs the title and nails Cobb. Taven is eliminated.

Eliminated by DQ: Taven

While the referee is trying to kick out Taven, Kenny King nails Jay Lethal with the title as well. Kenny pins Lethal for the three count.

Eliminated: Jay Lethal

Kenny goes for the Royal Flush but Cobb escapes. King manages to strike Cobb down to the mat. Cobb out of nowhere with a german suplex. Cobb hits his spinning powerslam finisher for the three count.

Winner and NEW number one contender for the ROH World Title: Jeff Cobb

-Jeff Cobb celebrates as we go off air.


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