ROH Saturday Night At Center Stage Results from Atlanta, GA 1/11/2020

ROH Saturday Night At Center Stage Results from Atlanta, GA 1/11/2020

– We’re welcomed to tonight’s show as they commentating team of Ian Riccaboni and Caprice Coleman rundown the card. We go straight to the ring for the first match-up.

World Television Championship: Dragon Lee (c) vs. Andrew Everett

Andrew Everett is out first. World Television champion Dragon Lee is out next to a big reaction. Dragon Lee is wearing a “Dragon Lee” baseball jersey. Fans chant for Dragon Lee.

The match begins with some chain wrestling, but neither man can get control. They trade offensive moves but most of them are reversed or dodged. Fans cheer the two men. Everett offers his hand to shake, and Lee does, but immediately kicks him in the gut. Everett responds by sending Lee out of the ring.

Everett flies over the top rope and takes out Lee. The camera pans in and Everett smooth talks everyone at home. “Hey. You like that? Pretty great, yeah?” He rolls Lee back into the ring. Everett hops onto the apron, then springs off the top rope and takes out Lee once again. Everett goes for a casual pin while talking more to the crowd. Only gets a 1-count.

Everett controls the match for a little more, but Dragon Lee gets his boot up in the corner. Dragon Lee tosses Everett into the corner. Lee hits the “Dragon’s Breath,” which is his version of his brother’s finisher – The Bull’s Horns. Lee goes for a pin but barely gets a 2 count.

Every reverses a whip to the ropes and hits a standing hurricanrana, but Dragon Lee lands on his feet. Everett doesn’t know it and hams for the camera some more. Lee and Everett battle inside the ring. Lee sends Everett onto the apron. Lee jumps off the turnbuckle and nails a hurricanrana off the apron, however, Everett lands on his feet. Lee doesn’t know it. Everett plays to the camera some more. They battle back inside the ring. Everett takes down Lee. He goes to the turnbuckle and hits a massive moonsault, but only gets a 2 count.

They trade blows in the middle of the ring, until Lee stops and spits in his face. They continue to trade blows and reverse each other’s moves. Lee seems to have control with quick lucha style flips, but Everett nails a massive clothesline that sends Lee flipping. Both men are on the mat now.

Both men get to their feet. Lee encourages them to exchange knife-edge chops. Neither man gives him. They battle to the turnbuckle. Lee starts climbing it, but Everett stops him with a punch to the head. Everett climbs up top with him and they trade punches. Everett hits a headbutt. Lee hits one back, then nails a missile dropkick. Lee hits the Incinerator Knee. He goes for the pin, but only gets a 2 count.

Everett hits a pele kick that takes Lee down. Everett climbs the turnbuckle, but Lee recovers and climbs up after him. Everett hits Lee with a guillotine across the top ropes. He springs off the top rope, but Lee sees it coming and takes him down. Lee calls for the Incinerator Knee once again. Lee hits it and scores the pinfall.

Winner and still champion: Dragon Lee

-After the match, Dragon Lee drapes the title across Everett’s chest and then stands on it while talking trash.

-Random generic music hits and the tron goes black. The commentators don’t know who this music belongs to. Bully Ray comes out. Fans chant for Bully. He walks up the commentators and starts berating them. Bully tells them that they’re horrible at their jobs and suck. Coleman says he swallows. Bully says that’s a good one, but he still sucks at his job because he couldn’t cut it as a wrestler.

Bully enters the ring and demands a microphone. He tells Bobby Cruise to get off his ass and hand him a microphone. Cruise does it and Bully pushes him down hard. The fans boo. Bully grabs the microphone and starts berating individual members of the audience. He calls them southern rednecks and reminds them that he’s from the north, and the north beat the south in the war. The fans continue booing. He tells them that he’s not going to continue until they shut up.

Bully says he’s been hearing on the dirtsheets that Maria Manic will be here tonight to call him out. But Bully says he’s been doing this long enough and he knows how this works, and no one calls him out. He calls them out. He tells Maria to bring it to him. The lights go out and Maria Manic’s music hits. The camera pans to the audience and Maria is standing with the fans.

Bully tells her that she’s hiding in the fans and doesn’t have the guts to come say it to his face. Maria marches down to the floor. Fans start chanting “Maria” now. He challenges her to get on the apron, so she does it. He said its time to see how tough she really is, and dares her to get in the ring. He tells her that if she gets in the ring, she’s in trouble. She quickly gets in. Bully goes to yell at the fans, but Maria cuts him off with a spear.

Maria Manic lays into him with punches. She continues until he eventually shoves her up, but he can’t recover in the ring. She asks for a steel chair. Manic takes the lay and starts slamming it into Bully’s back. Bully is screaming in pain as she tosses the chair to the side. She rolls out of the ring and grabs a table. As she starts to set it up inside the ring, Bully shoves her to the mat by her hair. Bully sets up the table himself. He yells “Now I’ll teach her a freakin’ lesson.” He turns around and she’s around behind him. She lets out a roar in his face. She says, “Screw you!” But she grabs him by the throat to prepare for a chokeslam.

Out of nowhere the Allure enter the ring and take Maria out with a high heel. Bully directs them to lay her down on the table. Bully climbs the turnbuckle and tells her to “never, ever touch my wood again.” Then Bully crashes through her with a frogsplash. The Allure pose on turnbuckles as Bully stands over the broken table and Maria. Bully leaves the ring, but he tells the commentators that they’re “freakin’ cowards” because they sat there and watched him do that.

-We get an ROH Pro Shop commercial from Josh Woods and Silas Young.

-Back in the ring, the Allure are getting ready for their upcoming match.

Tag Team Match: The Allure (Angelina Love, Mandy Leon) vs. Nicole Savoy and Sumie Sakai

Savoy and Sakai make their entrances. They walk down the steps that are there in place of a ramp, but the Allure meet them on the floor and start attacking. The battle gets back into the ring, but Savoy quickly takes control over Love. Savoy locks in several different submissions that stretch Love all over the ring. Fans start chanting “Tap” and Savoy starts chanting it too. She releases the hold and goes for a new one, but Love pleads with her to not do it. Savoy says all she wants to do is lock in a submission. Love rolls away and quickly tags in Mandy Leon.

Leon rushes to Savoy but Savoy takes her down immediately with a submission. Savoy applies different submissions all over the ring. The fans chant “Tap” again. Savoy lets Leon go and she tags in Love. Savoy hits a back body drop, then tags in Sumie Sakai.

Sakai holds control over Love. She goes off the ropes, but Leon knees her in the back from the apron. Love clotheslines her down. Love tags in Leon. The Allure double team Savoy. Leon goes for the pin, but she kicks out at 2.

Leon grabs one of Sakai’s ribbons and hands it Love. Love enters the ring while Leon distracts the referee and chokes Sakai with her own ribbon. Love can’t take advantage as Sakai starts hitting her chops to Love’s shoulders. Sakai tags in Savoy. Savoy gets the hot tag and enters the ring by taking out both members of the Allure. Savoy and Sakai both lock in Rings of Saturn on the Allure team. They both get to the ropes to bring the submission. Sakai comes off the turnbuckle and nails a missile drop kick to Leon. She goes for the pin but only gets 2.

Love enters the ring and hits Sakai from behind, allowing Leon to roll her up from out of nowhere for the victory.

Winners: The Allure

– Nicole Savoy apologizes to Sumie Sakai after the match for the mess up. Sakai kicks her in the gut instead and hits the Smash Mouth. Sakai stands over her to taunt her, then leaves through the crowd. Savoy recovers in the ring.

-Backstage, we see how Brian Johnson now has PJ Black as a mentor. The team came together when Silas Young challenged Black to take him in as a student the way he did with Josh Woods.

Match: Dak Draper vs. Jason Cade

Draper is out first. Cade comes out second. The commentator inform us that Cade has been trained by Norman Smiley.

Draper takes control first. He lays into Cade on the corner. Draper rushes to Cade, but Cade hits a hurricanrana that sends Draper out of the ring. Cade jumps over the top rope and goes for a flying hurricanrana, but Draper reverses it into a powerbomb. Draper isn’t satisfied with the performance, so he picks him back up for a second powerbomb. This time he drops him on the apron. Cade rolls inside the ring in pain.

Draper rolls in and goes on the offensive. He stops and gives him “Shame on you” catchphrase, then goes off the middle turnbuckle with a springboard crossbody. He goes for a pin but only gets a 1.

Draper picks him up and throws him into the ropes. Cade comes bouncing off the ropes. Draper spins him around with a sidewalk slam. Draper throws him into the ropes, but Cade reveres it into a running bulldog. Draper reveres it into a back body drop, but Cade reveres that into a roll-up. He only gets a 1.

Cade uses some quick moves to take down Draper. He climbs the turnbuckle and leaps off with a frogsplash, but only gets a 2. Draper kicks him and is getting angry. He screams “Shame on you,” then hits a spinning powerbomb. Cade kicks out at 2 and Draper is irate. He goes for the Magnum KO, but Cade slides out and hits a Codebreaker. He goes in for the pin. Only a 2 count. Cade runs at Draper, but Draper hits a pop-up and catches him in a fireman’s carry position. Draper nails the Magnum KO for the win.

Winner: Dax Draper

-After the match, Draper tosses one of his participation ribbons in Cade’s face and walks to the back.

Match: Jonathan Gresham (w/Jay Lethal) vs. Josh Woods (w/Silas Young)

Jonathan and Woods do shake hands. The code of honor is adhered to. They try to amateur wrestle. Gresham can’t lock in one of his submissions and Woods can’t maintain control. The battle for the upperhand but neither one can get it. They both get to their feet and fans applaud. Both men retreat to their corners for help from their partners. Fans chant “hug it out.” Woods is onboard and offers a hug. Gresham wags his finger at him and tells him to get serious. They go back to amateur wrestling.

Neither man can take control and they once again break it up. Fans applaud again. This time the partners on the outside start talking trash to each other. Lethal tells Young that he doesn’t understand pro wrestling.

Gresham and Woods reverse each others moves. Gresham seems to finally get control with a head scissors, but Woods hops out. Lethal distracts Woods on the outside, and Gresham attacks him from behind. Woods sends him across the ring. Gresham goes to attack, but Silas distracts him this time. Woods stops and tells Young not to do that. Woods wants a fair match.

While the referee is distracted from the outside commotion, Gresham hits a lowblow on Woods. He’s finally able to take Woods down and apply a submission. Gresham locks in a submission that bends Wood’s knees. He’s yelling in pain. Woods finally fights up and manhandles Gresham into the air for a powerbomb, but the knee gives out and he drops him. Gresham kicks him in the knee. Gresham goes to apply another submission, but Woods nails him instead. Woods with a belly-to-belly. Woods goes to rush at Gresham in the corner, but his knee buckles again and he falls to the mat. Gresham approaches him but Woods takes him down with a weak German suplex because of his leg.

They trade moves but Woods moving much slower from the leg. Gresham comes off the turnbuckle, but Woods catches him in midair. Woods hits a F-5 into a GTS move. He goes for the pin, but Gresham kicks out just before 3. Woods dead lifts him and slams him repeatedly to the mat. He goes for a fourth one, but Gresham grabs his bad knee. Woods goes down in pain. Gresham tries to lock in a figure four leglock. Woods is resisting. Gresham forces the leg over and locks in the figure four. Woods is in pain, but he rolls to the ropes.

Woods gets to his feet and goes for a heel kick, but his knee gives out again. Gresham goes for an inside cradle pin, but Woods reverses it. They roll around the ring several times before Gresham finally gets the control. 2 count only.

Gresham goes off the top rope with a cross body, but Woods hits a jumping knee right into Gresham’s jaw. He goes for a pin but only gets a 2. Fans are chanting “This is awesome.” Woods gets him up for a suplex, but Gresham struggles until they go over the top rope and onto the floor. Both men go crashing.

Lethal and Silas meet their partners on the outside. They get into an argument with each other. Lethal and Silas both roll their partners back into the ring before the 20-count. The referee rejects both men from ring side. While he’s distracted, Gresham clocks Woods in the knee with the World Tag Team title. Gresham applies a leg lock until the 15 count then rolls into the ring. Woods can’t stand up and is counted out.

Winner: Jonathan Gresham

-After the match, Gresham celebrates in the ring with his title while Woods struggles on the outside.

-We see another promo for a debuting Slex. He’ll make his officially debut on February 6.

Tag Team Match: Dan Maff and Jeff Cobb vs. Lifeblood (Tracey Williams, Mark Haskins) vs. The Briscoes

The bouncers are sitting with the commentary team. Mark Haskins and Jeff Cobb start out. Cobb tosses Haskins around like a rag doll. Haskins recovers in the corner, but Mark Briscoe tags himself in. Haskins is mad, but goes back to his corner.

Mark Briscoe goes in with the offensive. He takes it to Cobb. Cobb ducks a clothesline, then leapfrogs another clothesline, then takes Mark down. Mark tags in Tracey Williams. Williams enters and goes for some strikes, but Cobb picks him up on his shoulders. Haskins tags himself using Williams foot. Lifeblood double team Cobb. Jay Briscoe gets tagged in. Jay takes down Cobbs as well. Jay tags in Mark, and they double team Cobbs in the middle of the ring. Mark hits Cobb with a big boot.

Cobbs pushes Mark away, and Williams tags himself in. Mark is irate. He gets in Haskins face, but he goes to his corner. Haskins keeps Cobb to his knees. He goes to the wrong corner and Jay tags himself in. Jay lays into Cobb with some fists. Jay tags in Mark and they double team Cobb. Mark goes to the Lifeblood corner and knife-edge chops Haskins in the chest to tag him in. Haskins enters the ring and makes a bee line to the Briscoes’ corner. He smacks Mark in the face to tag him back in. They argue in the ring. Cobb gets to his feet while they’re arguing and takes them both down with a double clothesline. Cobb tags in Dan Maff.

Maff enters the ring and runs over everyone. Everyone except Lifeblood ends up on the floor. Lifeblood both do a running dive outside the ring onto Maff and Cobb. The Briscoes come from the other side of the ring and take out Lifeblood. The fans chant for the Briscoes now.

They roll Maff back inside the ring. The Briscoes double team Maff, but Maff recovers quickly and spears them in the middle of the ring. The Briscoes roll outside to recover, but Maff does a massive suicide dive outside the ring to take them both down. Maff rolls in Williams.

Cobb hits the Tour of the Islands. Maff hits a senton splash. He goes for the pin but Haskins breaks it up. Lifeblood try to double team Maff, but they can’t. Maff smacks them away. Williams locks in the Ankle Lock in the middle of the ring. Haskins hits the Stomp Boy on his back.
Mark Haskins hits the Froggie Bow on Williams. Haskins takes everyone down inside the ring as all hell breaks loose. The Briscoes nail the Redneck Boogie on Williams. Williams kicks out at 2. The Briscoes are shocked. Jay goes for the Driller, but Williams flips him over. Mark locks in a crossface on Mark. Jay grabs Haskins and powerbombs him on top of Williams to break the hold.

Jay hits the Jay Driller on Tracey Williams for the pin.

Winners: The Briscoes

-After the match, Lifeblood recover inside the ring. Maff and Cobb are recovering outside the ring. Lifeblood and The Briscoes show each other respect.

-We get a promo for Vincent’s feud with Matt Taven.

-They announce a match between Sumie Sakai and Nicole Savoy after Sumie attacked her earlier tonight.

-Shane Taylor’s music hits and he comes out. The commentators tell us that he’s out there to address his situation with ROH. Taylor asks for a microphone.

He says that his Ring of Honor career began years ago when he put someone through a table. Fast forward, and now everyone is listening to what he has to say. However, unlike everyone else, he doesn’t want to address this over social media. He calls Joe Koff out to the ring.

Shane lays down a bunch of demands. He wants on every single poster. He wants a guaranteed title shot at his choosing. He wants the highest guaranteed contract than anyone else. He tells Joe to go back to the office and think about it. Fans try to start a “Burger King” chant, but it doesn’t go long. Taylor tells them that was like their sex life, “pretty short.” He leaves the ring.

-ROH Pro Shop plug again.

6-Man Tag Team Match: MexiBlood (Flamita, Bandido, Rey Horus) vs. Villain Enterprises (Marty Scurll, Flip Gordon, PCO)

The MexiBlood are out in The Purge masks. Marty Scurll has a microphone. He introduces them as Villain Enterprises, and the 6-Man Tag Team champions. Scurll gets angry at a fan who won’t stop blowing a horn. He tells them that even though PCO is supposed to be one of the champions, Flip Gordon is filling in for him tonight. He tells them that the titles are absolutely on the line tonight. The bell rings.

Brody King and Flamita lock up. King tosses him across the ring. Flamita comes off the ropes, but King shoulder tackles him down. He asks if Flamita wants to try again. He does, and its the same result. Flamita hits a dropkick that sends King against the ropes, but he comes off the ropes with a massive clothesline. King tags in Scurll, and Flamita tags in Bandido.

Fans are chanting for “Marty” this time. Scurll chops Bandido and it sends him down. Bandido and Scurll take turns ducking each other’s clotheslines. The reverse each other’s moves in the middle of the ring. Bandido does a flip back up to his feet. Fans are chanting “Lucha” now. Tag to Flip Gordon and Rey Horus.

Horus and Gordon flip around the ring to avoid each other. Gordon sends him over the top rope. He holds him up outside the ring. Scurll goes into the ring, knocks down the MexiBloods, then hits the superkick to Horus outside. Gordan tags in King.

King throws around Horus a bit, then tags in Scurll. They double team him in the middle of the ring. He goes for a pin, but only gets a 2. Scurll tags in Gordon. Horus makes a desperate tag to Bandido. Bandido popups Gordon and nails a cutter. Bandido and Flamita take out King. Scurll goes outside the ring to check on King and Gordon now. The MexiBlood all three dive over the turnbuckle outside the ring at the same time and take out the Villains. They roll Gordon inside the ring. Flamita hits a 450 splash into a pin. Only a 2-count. The MexiBloods triple team him now. They hit a triple team wheel barrel splash with a pin, but only another 2.

Flamita takes a cheap shot at Gordon. Gordon rebounds with a spear and tags in King. He runs over everyone in the ring. Brody King hits a massive clothesline on Flamita. He goes for one on Bandido, but Bandido ducks it. He drop kicks King. Gordon enters the ring and hits a superkick to all three MexiBloods. Bandido gets up and ducks an attack. Bandido hits a standing hurricanrana. All six men are down now.

Scurll and Bandido are the first to recover in the middle of the ring. They meet in the middle and trade punches. Scrull goes off the ropes, but Bandido catches him and hits the X-Knee. Bandido and Flamita hit a double team move. They go for a pin, but Scurll kicks out. Marty Scurll is surrounded by all three MexiBloods. He chops all three of them in the chest. They gang up on him. Bandido covers him for the pin. The other members pile on top. They get to two, but both Villains dive into the ring to break it up.

King runs through all of them. King and Scurll double team Bandido. Scurll calls for the chickenwing. He gets the fans hyped up. He calls for it, but Bandido does a handstand and rolls Scurll up out of nowhere. They score the victory.

Winners and NEW 6-Man Tag Team Champions: MexiBlood

-After the match, the MexiBlood celebrate inside the ring as people in the audience throw in streamers and fake money. Bandido high fives a kid wearing a Bandido mask.

World Heavyweight Championship: PCO (c) vs. Rush

Rush starts the match out as soon as the bell rings. He brings it to PCO with punches, but PCO isn’t phased. PCO sucks them in and comes back with chops of his own, followed by a big knee to the face. Rush slides behind PCO and hits a snap German suplex. He goes for the pin, but barely gets 1.

Rush clotheslines PCO in the corner. PCO returns it and does the same to him. Fans chant for PCO now. PCO hits a scoop powerslam. He goes to the middle rope and hits a Vader bomb. Rush kicks out at 1. Rush reverses a whip to the ropes and hits a powerslam on PCO. He argues with the referee. He goes to get in the referee’s face, but the referee runs out of the ring. PCO uses the distraction to send Rush over the top rope and onto the floor. PCO nails a suicide dive to the outside.

PCO starts beating Rush around the floor and sends him into the barricade. PCO chokeslams him onto the apron. He climbs up the turnbuckle. He goes for a senton bomb, but Rush rolls away. Rush starts beating him down on the floor now. Rush attacks him with a barricade. Rush locks in an armbar on PCO through the ring ropes, but the referee forces him to break the hold. Rush knocks him into the corner and calls for the Bull’s Horns. He rushes to PCO but stops and lightly kicks him in the face. He poses in the middle of the ring. PCO pops up to his feet. He runs at Rush, but Rush hits a belly-to-belly suplex. Rush takes a bow as the fans boo.

Rush goes to attack PCO in the corner, but the referee pushes him away. Rush gets in the referee’s face now. He’s angry. PCO hits a chokeslam on PCO to take him down. PCO climbs the turnbuckle for a moonsault. While he’s turned around, Rush puts the referee in his place. PCO hits the moonsault but lands on the referee instead.

While there’s no referee, Dragon Lee and Kenny King enter the ring and start attacking PCO. Villain Enterprises runs in and takes them out. PCO recovers on his feet. Rush nails him over the head with a chair. Rush hits a senton and goes for the pin, but there’s no referee. One finally makes his way to the ring, but PCO kicks out at 2. Rush intimidates the new referee in the corner. He turns to face PCO, but knocks out the referee instead. Rush nails the Bull’s Horns on the referee.

The original referee, Todd Sinclair, calls for the bell. Flip Gordon comes down to the ring and takes out Rush. Everything seems to be fine until a police officer from the crowd runs in and takes out Flip. The police officer reveals himself to be Nick Aldis.

Aldis runs off through the crowd. The Villain Enterprises checks in on PCO, but Los Engobernables attack them from behind. They put PCO through a table to close the show.

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