ROH TV Results 01/08/2020

ROH TV Results 01/08/2020

– We begin with a clip of the match between Rush and PCO that saw a new ROH World Heavyweight champion crowned in PCO.

– Ian Riccaboni and Quinn McKay welcome us to another episode of ROH TV.

– We see the promo from the last Final Battle Fallout with the members of the Villain Enterprises putting over PCO.

PCO thanks all the fans, but before he can leave the ring, Rush is shown on the screen. He tells PCO that he’s coming back for his title with his new stablemates: ROH’s Ingobernables. Rush is joined by Kenny King, Amy Rose, and his brother Dragon Lee.

PCO says that Rush may have his friends, but they are Villain Enterprises. We go to commercial.

– Backstage, Josh Woods and PJ Black are talking in the hallways. Black was getting ready to offer Woods his mentorship, but before he can get it out, Silas Young shows up. Young tells Black that he needs to go mentor Brian Johnson. Black seems a little reluctant, but they make a very friendly agreement and it ended well. Black sighs and looks stressed.

– Quinn runs down Dragon Lee’s match against Shane Taylor for the World Television title and reminds us that while Dragon Lee did win, he’s already got his hands full with Dak Draper. Draper is the number one contender for the TV title.

Match: Shaheem Ali vs Dak Draper

After their entrances, Draper offers Ali a green participation ribbon but he doesn’t want it. They match each other moves and collide in the middle, but neither man goes does. Draper tries going for his “Shame on you” taunt, but Ali stops him mid-sentence and takes him down with a back body drop.

Commercial break.

Back from the break, and Draper has Ali up in a deadlift. He drops him with a fallaway slam. Ali manages to get a little comeback, but Draper puts a stop to it quickly with a boot to the face. Ali manages to get Draper in the corner and hits one half of the “Coast 2 Coast” drop kick in the corner. Ali follows it up with a monster sized Doctor Bomb, but Draper kicks out at a close 2 count.

Draper fights back and hits his finisher in the middle of the ring for the victory.

Winner: Dak Draper

– After the match, Draper tosses the participation ribbon on a beaten Ali.

– We see a promo for the feud between Vincent and Matt Taven.

– Clips of Brian Johnson losing to Colt Cabana and a team of non-wrestlers from Unauthorized was shown. After the clip, PJ Black approaches Johnson backstage and offers his mentorship. Johnson says he appreciates it, but no. Black tells him to think about it. Johnson repeats a no.

– We see Jay Lethal and Jonathan Gresham defeat the Briscoes for the World Tag Team championships. A camera man is following the new champions backstage, and they seem offended. Lethal tells him to stay put and cuts a promo about doing whatever the hell they want. Lethal says that everyone does whatever they want and get rewarded, and they just proved it was true. He apologizes to Gresham for not seeing things his way sooner. They wonder how long it’ll take for the Briscoes to request a rematch, then they send the camera man away.

– Wrestling With Wregrets counts down his Top 5 Final Battle 2019 Moments.

Match: Jeff Cobb and Dan Maff vs. Marty Scurll and PCO

Jeff Cobb is out first. Dan Maff is out next. Interestingly, Marty Scurll comes out alone. PCO gets his own entrance as ROH World Heavyweight champion. He accompanied by Destro. Code of Honor is actually adhered to, but Maff has an attitude about it when he shakes PCO’s hand.

Marty and Cobb battle in the ring. Marty goes off the ropes and hits him with a shoulder tackle, but Cobb doesn’t budge. Marty grabs his shoulder in pain. Cobb tells him to do it again. Same result. This time Marty flexes his arms and gets in Cobb’s face. Cobb tags in Maff. Marty takes down Maff. He goes for a kick, says “Just kidding!” Then bops him on the head. Maff chases him outside the ring.

Marty says, “Hey, you listen to me!”… the runs inside the ring and tags in PCO. The crowd cheers for PCO and chants his name. PCO and Maff meet in the middle. They charge into each other, but no one budges. They try it again to the same result. PCO runs off the ropes and takes down Maff with a shoulder tackle. All four men meet in the middle to try to suplex each other. Maff and Cobb win and they suplex the Villains. PCO tags in Marty.

Marty yells, “I’m going to suplex this bitch!” Then Maff suplexes him. Maff tags in Cobb. Cobb lays into Marty. Marty fights back and jumps off the turnbuckle, but Cobb catches him in mid-air and hits a bell-to-belly. Cobb runs to the Villains’ corner and nails PCO. Cobb dead lift suplexes PCO off the turnbuckle. PCO immediately sits up. PCO runs over Cobb. Fans chant his name again.

Cobb and Maff double team PCO with some huge heavyweight moves. Maff jumps off Cobb’s back and hits a senton splash on PCO. He goes for a pin, but PCO kicks out. Marty enters the match and his fired up. Marty is laying into Cobb and Maff now. Marty with his superkick fakeout to Cobb. He chops Maff in the corner. Cobb goes to hit a splash but misses Marty and hits Maff. Marty goes off the turnbuckle with a tornado DDT.

Marty tosses PCO over the top rope onto Maff. Marty holds Cobb down while PCO goes off the turnbuckle with a leg drop. He goes for a pin but Cobb kicks out at 2. PCO hits the Canadian Destroyer on Maff. They go for a pin and get a clear 3 count, but Maff makes the very late save. Fans boo and chant “That was 3.”

Cobb and PCO battle in the ring with Cobb getting control. He turns around to attack Marty, but Marty drops the ropes and sends him outside. He goes off the ropes for a suicide dive but Maff spears him in the middle. Maff goes for his own suicide dive, but accidentally connects with Cobb. PCO goes for his PCO Sentonbomb, but misses and connects with the edge of the apron. It makes a sickening thud.

Marty calls for the chickenwing, but Maff turns around and decks him. Maff sets up the Burning Hammer, but Marty escapes and rolls him up for the surprise win.

Winners: PCO and Marty Scurll

-After the match, PCO and Marty Scurll celebrate on the floor. Marty grabs the titles and hands PCO’s two titles to him. Ian signs off as the Villains hug it out in the middle of the ring. We fade to black.

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