ROH TV Results 10/21/2019

ROH TV Results 10/21/2019

-ROH TV opens with a replay of “Hot Shot” Tracy Williams and Flip Gordon from Summer Supercard. We see Flip attack Williams prior to the match and picking up the win. Flip Gordon will face Tracy Williams tonight in the ROH main event.

-Commentators Ian Riccaboni and Quinn McKay talk about the contract situation with Shane Taylor.

-Backstage, Shane Taylor is approached by media to ask what he’s planning on doing with his contract and TV title. Taylor says that if he retains the TV title then he’s taking it with him. If ROH wants him to defend it in ROH, then they need to sit down and negotiate his contract. Taylor says his name and face should be all over the posters and billboards like the other champions’ are.

ROH personnel tell him they’re not allowed to film there and that he needs to leave. Taylor walks away but tells him to get ROH management to sit in with him.

-In the ring, Dalton Castle is in the ring with two of his men, Joe Hendry, and Quinn McKay. He unveils his new drink. Hendry says he’ll always be second best in their tag team. Hendry sings a song about their team that puts down Dalton. Hendry said that Dalton is injured because he “tried to reach his peacock in the middle of the match.” Dalton is upset and throws his drink in Hendry’s face and leaves. Hendry is mad now and attacks the men Dalton brought with him to the ring.

Match: Joe Hendry vs. Cubrick

Hendry is out to his personally sang theme music. Hendry signs autographs for the fans and commenters. Hendry is facing a local talent that doesn’t receive an entrance. Hendry offers his hand, but Cubrick licks his hand. He goes to shake Hendry’s hand but Hendry denies it. They fist bump instead.

Hendry is easily tossing around Cubrick in the ring. He goes for a pin, but Cubrick kicks out. Hendry gives him the nod of approval. He goes for an ankle lock early on. Cubrick gets a few offensive moves in, including a t-bone suplex and hurricanrana but Hendry puts a stop to him with a flying knee to the face.

Hendry goes outside the ring. Cubrick flies over the top rope but Hendry gingerly walks away to sign some autographs. Cubrick lands on the floor. The fan rips up the autograph and the fans are booing him. Everyone chants “you suck” to the fan.

Back in the ring, Hendry continues dominating. Hendry hits a double-arm suplex into a face buster. He goes for the pin but can’t get it. Hendry goes for a fallaway slam, but Cubrick escapes. Cubrick gets in a little offensive moves. Hendry catches him during a flying crossbody and gives him the twisting fallaway slam finisher. Hendry applies the ankle lock for the win.

Winner: “The Prestigious” Joe Hendry

-Backstage, Jenny Rose says that her championship match against Angelina Love is different than her other championship matches. She says she’s pissed off at Angelina. She puts over Angelina’s accomplishments. She adds that Angelina Love also has no honor. She won’t stop until she’s taken the ROH Women’s title from Love.

-We see a replay of Mark Haskins and Rhett Titus. Titus nails a giant face buster off the top turnbuckle, but doesn’t get the pin. Titus goes for his piledriver but can’t get it. He reverses some chops from Haskins and turns it into an impaler DDT. Haskins kicks out of a pin attempt. They trade offensive moves. Haskins locks in a submission and Titus taps out.

-Backstage, Haskins and Titus congratulate each other on a job well done. Kenny King shows up to mock Titus for losing and giving up too easily. Titus says at least he didn’t get knocked out by a camera. This is a reference to Kenny King running into a camera last month and falling to the floor.

-Backstage, Jeff Cobb cuts a promo about being #1 contender for Rush’s World Heavyweight championship. Cobb says that not even Rush, the bull, can stop him from his destiny of winning the championship.

-We see a replay of Matt Taven’s announcement that he’s resigning with ROH. He’s in the ring with the other members of the Kingdom. Matt Taven says hello to Mike Bennett aka WWE’s Mike Kanellis. Taven gets a “thank you, Matt” chant. We get a reminder that members of the Kingdom were knocked out backstage later that night.

-Backstage, the Allure members Angelina Love and Mandy Leon cut a promo promising to retain the ROH Women’s championship. Angelina actually lost the title two weeks ago to Kelly Klein with an assist from Maria Manic, who isn’t signed with ROH anymore.

Street Fight: Tracy Williams vs. Flip Gordon

This match is from the Death Before Dishonor Fallout, which you can read about here.

Tracy Williams is making his entrance, but Flip Gordon comes from behind and attacks him with a kendo stick. They trade blows, but back in the ring Flip holds control. Tracy reverses is kick from Flip into a T-bone suplex. He goes for a pin, but Flip kicks out.

Tracy lands quick offensive moves that takes Flip outside the ring. Tracy dives off the apron and hits him with knees in the face. He goes to suplex Flip onto the floor, but he escapes and sends Tracy into the turnbuckle face first.

Flip introduces a chair into the match. Flip tries to hit Tracy with a brainbuster onto the chair, but Tracy gets away. Tracy pulls Flip over to the turnbuckle and hits a Super DDT onto the chair. Tracy applies a crossface onto Flip. Flip gets to the ropes but this isn’t a normal match. Flip keeps pulling and eventually escapes but dropping out of the ring. Tracy rolls out and finds a kendo stick of his own. He starts cracking the kendo stick on Flip’s back.

Tracy gets Flip onto the steel ramp and goes for a piledriver. Flip fights out and hits a lowblow. Flip drops Tracy on the ramp. Flip grabs a table from under the ring. Flips sets the table up and rolls Tracy on top of it. Flip goes to the top turnbuckle but Tracy wakes up and climbs the turnbuckle too. They battle at the top for control. Flip escapes to the apron, but Tracy knocks him off.

They battle on top of the turnbuckle again. Tracy Williams hits a piledriver off the turnbuckle and through to table for the win.

Winner: “Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams

-Rush is backstage. He says that when he sees Jeff Cobb in UK, he’ll remind him and everyone else that nothing happens unless he says it happens. We fade out.

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