ROH TV Results 11/18/2019

ROH TV Results 11/18/2019

*Show starts with some clips of the match between Joe Hendry and Shane Taylor from Global Wars where Hendry wins a right to contend for the World Television title.

*Later on the show we’ll get the full match between Joe Hendry and Shane Taylor.

*We see highlights of the match between Jeff Cobb and Rush. The highlights include Cobb’s huge spear to reverse the Bull’s Horns. Rush reverses Cobb’s finisher powerslam into an inside cradle, followed by a superkick that sends him into the corner. Rush nails two Bull’s Horns for the win.

*Quinn and Ian shill some t-shirts, then we see a rundown of the Jay Lethal and Jonathan Gresham storyline. Gresham cheats to beat Mark Briscoe. Later in the night, Jay Briscoe and Lethal fight it out. Briscoe is busted open when Jonathan Gresham interferes. Lethal turns heel by taking the chair from Gresham and nailing Mark over the head with it. Lethal and Gresham double team both members of the Briscoes individually. Security has to separate both teams.

The following night, Lethal cuts a promo saying that he finally understands what Gresham has been trying to tell him. Lethal says that from now on they’re going to be doing whatever they want to do just like everyone else in ROH. He says that the fact that Gresham hasn’t won a title in ROH is a travesty and they’re going to fix it.

*Gresham attacks PCO with a chair during a match between PCO and Jay Lethal. Gresham grabs a mic and says they’re going to keep attacking people until they get a shot at the tag team titles. The Briscoes come out to make the save.

*We get a rundown of Kelly Klein’s feud with Angelina Love.

ROH Women’s Championship Match: Kelly Klein(c) vs. Mandy Leon

Klein lays into Leon hard after the bell rings. She carries Leon onto the turnbuckle and hits a super fallaway slam off the middle turnbuckle. Leon rolls out of the ring and grabs a chair. Leon distracts the referee with the chair. While the referee is tossing out the chair, Mandy Leon nails Kelly Klein with the Women’s title. She covers Klein and gets the win.

Winner and new ROH Women’s Champion: Mandy Leon

After the match, Todd Sinclair comes down and restarts the match due to the cheating.

Kelly Klein recovers and immediately nails the K-Power for the victory.

Winner and Still ROH Women’s Champion: Kelly Klein

Match: Flamita vs. “Speedball” Mike Bailey

Speedball does a good job holding his own, but Flamita seems to be too quick for him. Flamita takes Speedball outside the ring. He hits a suicide dive, but overshoots a little and hits his face on the barricade. He recovers for a second, but continues his offensive on Speedball. He tosses him into the ring.

Flamita applies a Boston crab, but Speedball makes it to the ropes. Flamita holds complete control over the match. He manages to avoid some moves and nail a moonsault, but he tweaks his knee a bit. Speedball goes to the top turnbuckle, but Flamita hits an enziguri that stops him. Flamita lifts him up and hits a brainbuster.
Speedball nails some strike moves, including faking a kick so that Flamita ducks nothing, then really does kick him. Flamita responds by faking swinging a punch, then really punching him. They fight to the apron. Apron goes over the top rope and hits a tornado DDT off the apron onto the floor.

They trade offensive cruiserweight moves. Flamita hits a C4 and goes for a pin, but Speedball reverses it into a sliding pin. Speedball gets some monetum, but Flamita gets him with a superkick. Flamita hits a powerbomb, but Speedball kicks out. Flamita goes up top for a 450 splash, and this time scores the victory.

Winner: Flamita

*Joe Hendry and Shane Taylor cut dueling promos to advertise their match later tonight. Hendry says that Taylor fears him because he could defeat him the last time they had a match. Taylor reminds Hendry that he didn’t have to beat him, Hendry had to beat Taylor and he couldn’t. Hendry says Taylor doesn’t need to worry about Hendry the Entertainer, he should worry about Hendry the serious contender.

World Television Championship Match: Shane Taylor(c) vs Joe Hendry

Shane Taylor is out first with his group. Hendry comes out next and lives up to his promise that he’ll be more serious by coming out in a white t-shirt and tie with other men dressed the same to mock Taylor’s entourage. Hendry receives a decent pop during his introduction. Shane Taylor is booed heavily.

Referee says that the rules were already discussed with Shane Taylor Productions, and Hendry cuts in to say it was also discussed with his business associates.

They lock up and neither man can outpower the other. Taylor nods in approval. They get into a shoving match. Hendry tries to lift Taylor but can’t because he’s holding the ropes. They lock up again, this time with Hendry flipping through it and applying a wrist lock. Taylor tries to reverse it, but Hendry flips through it.

They shove again. Hendry bounces off the ropes and collides into Taylor, but can’t take him down. Hendry tries for a third time, but Taylor moves out of the way and hits a shoulder tackle of his own that takes Hendry down. Hendry is finally able to hit a shoulder tackle after bouncing off three sets of ropes that sends Taylor flying outside the ring. Fans applaud.

Taylor tells the fans he’s doing to beat their asses. He climbs up the apron, but Hendry shoulder tackles him off. Hendry goes for a baseball slide but Taylor catches him, spins him around, and hits a cutter off the apron onto the floor. Taylor asks why people aren’t clapping now. He beats Hendry around the outside of the ring.

They roll back in the ring. Hendry stomps Taylor before he can get to his feet. He attempts to suplex Taylor, but can’t lift him. Taylor levels Hendry to the mat once again. Hendry starts fighting back and goes for a second suplex. He still can’t lift Taylor. Taylor hits a short-arm clothesline. He whips Hendry into the corner, but Hendry reverses it and sends Taylor to the corner. Hendry charges but Taylor tosses him over the ropes to the floor.

Taylor follows him around the outside of the ring nailing offense. Taylor goes to throw him into the barricade, but Hendry reverses it and sends him instead. Hendry whips him into another barricade. Fans chant “One More Time.” Hendry agrees and does it again, this time toppling over the whole barricade.

Dalton Castle, on commentary, says he recently fist-bumped with Michael Phelps and now knows what it takes to be a winner. He sees that spirit in Joe Hendry.

Inside the ring, Taylor powers through Hendry’s offense and gains the advantage. He lifts Hendry up and announces to the camera that “this is how you do a suplex, boy,” but Hendry explodes with a suplex of his own for the first time of this match. Hendry nails a Codebreaker and goes for the pin. He only gets a two count.

They both slowly get to their feet and trade blows. We get a “yay” and “boo” dueling chant. Hendry wins and nails a big knee, followed by a huge cradle piledriver. He covers him, but gets a late 2-count.

Taylor goes to the second rope and flies off with a frogsplash. Hendry kicks out and psyches himself up. He catches Taylor in midair and hits a giant fallaway slam, followed by an Ankle Lock. Fans are rallying behind Hendry. Taylor escapes. He goes to scoop slam Hendry, but he reverses it into another Ankle Lock. Fans are very behind Hendry.

Taylor gets to his feet and hits a headbutt, followed by the “Welcome to the Land” piledriver for the victory.

Winner and still World Television Champion: Shane Taylor

*After the match, Shane Taylor raises the title to boos.

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