ROH TV Results 12/10/2019

ROH TV Results 12/10/2019

*We see a rundown of PCO’s journey to the ROH World Heavyweight title when he beat Marty Scurll. Despite Marty cheating and the rest of Villain Enterprises assisting, PCO managed to defeat Scurll. He’s the new #1 contender to face Rush at Final Battle.

*Ian Riccaboni is alone backstage to welcome us to the show.

*We get a package of Matt Taven vs. Vinny Marseglia. Someone was attacking the Kingdom immediately following Taven’s babyface turn. For weeks the Kingdom was being attacked and beaten down by a mystery assailant. We see Marseglia reveal himself to Taven and “scalp” him in the ring, then taste his blood. Taven and Marseglia will face each other at Final Battle.

*We get another “Do you know who I am” dueling promo between Mark Haskins and Bully Ray. We’re reminded that Bully Ray attacked Haskins multiple times from behind. Haskins’ wife stood up for him, and Bully questions who wears the pants in that relationship.

*Mark Haskins is in the ring and looks a little stressed. He’s pacing back and forth while grabbing his hair. He wants people to know that the person he plays on TV is giving people a misconception about who he is as a person. He tells anyone who is listening that if they have a problem with him then they need to say it to his face. He adds that no one should attack him behind his back in front of his “beautiful and somewhat-psychotic wife.” Then he challenges Bully to the ring so they can talk face to face.

Bully takes his time coming out. Haskins calls for him three times before he finally strolls out from behind the curtain. Bully refuses to leave the stage. Haskins tells him to stop being a bitch. Bully asks if Haskins has the balls to say it again. Haskins says it again. Bull makes a bee line for the ring, but grabs a steel chair on his way. He pretends to enter several times but doesn’t.

From behind, Flip Gordon nails Haskins with a kendo stick. Flip and Bully meet in the middle of the ring. Bully counts out some cash and hands it to Flip. Flip was a hired mercenary for Bull this time. Flip leaves the ring with his new payment. Bully powerbombs Haskins through a table. Grabbing a mic, Bully tells Haskins that if he wants him then he has him… at Final Battle. Then leaves.

*Backstage, Dalton Castle and Joe Hendry… SO PRESTIGIOUS … are talking about their new partnership. Their imaginations go a little wild with the possibilities of the team.

Match: PJ Black vs. Bateman

Code of Honor is adhered too, but Bateman resists letting go at first. They lock up and the bell rings. Black keeps the upperhand early on. Black sends Bateman outside the ring, then flies over the top rope onto him as we go to commercial.

Back from commercial, Black is jumping off turnbuckles with attacks onto Bateman. Bateman sees one coming and dodges, then takes Black down. He attacks Black by his mouth then goes for a pin, but barely gets 2. He keeps Black grounded. He roars to the crowd, and they boo.

Black makes a comeback and rolls up Bateman, but he only gets a 1-count. He’s able to hit the springboard moonsault and goes for another pin, but this time he only gets 2. Bateman and Black trade offensive now with neither man keeping the other down. Black hits him with a spinning heel kick, but hesitates to get a pin. Bateman kicks out at 2 due to the wait time.

Black goes for the “Bad Habit” 450 Splash, but Bateman rolls all the way across the ring. They trade blows, but Bateman hits a Tombstone for the win.

Winner: Bateman

*Backstage, Joe Koff confronts Josh Woods about some of the ridiculous things he’s requesting for his new contract. He wants adjoining rooms with Silas Young and a free day for bonding with him. Young looks very uneasy about it, but Woods just laughs it off.

World Television Championship Match: Shane Taylor (c) vs. Danhausen

Danhausen gets a corner box promo saying that he’s going to win the TV title from Shane Taylor. In the ring, he offers his handshake for Taylor, but he rejects it at first. Then, he politely approaches Danhausen and offers his hand. They shake. The bell rings.

Shane asks to see Danhausen’s muscles. He flexes and everyone laughs. Shane is easily manhandling him now. Danhausen tries to fight back with a knife edge chop, but it has no effect on him. Danhausen goes for a chokeslam, but obviously can’t lift Shane. Danhausen is able to get Shane outside the ring. He gets a little offense in, but Shane starts destroying him as we go to commercial.

Back from commercial and Shane is still running over him. On the stage, Dak Draper watches the match. Shane continues beating Danhausen. At one point Shane asks, “how’s that?” and he responds with “it’s okay.” During the attack, Danhausen comes back with a tornado DDT. He can’t keep Shane down for a pin. He goes for a single arm DDT, but Shane powers through and hits a package piledriver. Shane yells “welcome to the land, boy!”

Shane hits Welcome to the Land for the win.

Winner and still World Television champion: Shane Taylor

*Backstage, Shane Taylor cuts a promo on Dragon Lee about keeping the TV title by any means necessary at Final Battle on December 13th.

*We see a rundown of the feud between Jay Lethal, Jonathan Gresham and The Briscoes. We get a weird glitch that tells us that this is ROH’s 6th break. Ian Riccaboni runs down the Final Battle card one last time.

*We get a video package for Rush vs. PCO. We see PCO’s rise to the #1 contendership. Rush says that PCO may not be human, but even monsters die.


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