ROH TV Results 9/30/2019

ROH TV Results 9/30/2019

-The show opens with a recap of Jeff Cobb, Rush, Shane Taylor, and Matt Maven. Rush wins by pinning Shane Taylor after the Bull’s Horns. Jeff Cobb offers to shake his hand, but Rush kicks it away and storms off.

Match: Silas Young, Okamura, and Felino vs. Shinobi Shadow Squad

Silas is laying into Nova. Nova climbs to the turnbuckle, but Silas stops him and goes for a Superplex. He can’t get him, so Okamura tries to help. They can’t get it either. The rest of the Shadow Squad runs in to back bodydrop Okamura and Silas, which causes them to also Superplex Nova. Felino comes off the turnbuckle with a frogsplash, and both teams attempt a pin. Neither pin is successful.

Nova goes for a Frankensteiner on Okamura, but he reverses it into a powerbomb to score the victory.

Winners: Silas Young, Okamura, and Felino

-After the match, Silas compliments Josh Woods. Silas also compliments team CMLL and calls them stars. Then he asks Josh Woods if he learned anything from what he’s been taught. Woods low-blows Okamura, then T-bone suplexes Felino. Silas and Woods celebrate to end the segment.

-Backstage, Josh Woods is talking to “his girl.” Silas comes up to him and asks to see his notes. Woods reluctantly shows him and Silas is disappointed. He puts his cigarette out on the pages and tells Woods to get a new notebook. Woods tells him his girlfriend got him that book.

Soldiers of Savagery (SOS) vs Local Talent

The soldiers easily destroy the local team. They nail a double chokeslam that drops one guy on top of the other to get the quick win.

Winners: SOS

-Quinn McCay is interviewing Jeff Cobb. Quinn asks him what his strategy is. He says his strategy is to win. He wants to win so that he can get his rematch against Matt Taven. He said he doesn’t just want his rematch, he needs it.

Master and Machine vs The Tate Twins

Master and Machine come out to their techno dance music. The commentators are dancing as well. The Tate Twins comes out looking like superheroes.

The Tate Twins take turns tagging in and double teaming Master and Machine. We go to commercial.

When we come back, the Tate Twins are still in control. They try to use super speed, but both twins get a kick to the face for their troubles. Machine is tagged in and he lays out both Twins. Machine gets a lot of offense. He goes for some corner clotheslines. Brandon Tate eventually stops his momentum when he breaks up a pin attempt. The Tate Twins start double teaming Machine now.

Master comes in to attack the Twins from behind. This gives Machine the opportunity to fight back and take them both out with clotheslines. Master goes to attack Brandon, but Brandon catches him by the throat and calls for a chokeslam. Master flips out of it and takes him down. Master and Brandon trade offense until Master catches him in midair. They turn it into a drop kick/powerbomb combo but can’t get the 3 count.

Machine gets taken out of the ring. The Tate Twins hit a double facebuster and score the pin, despite Machine’s attempt to break it up.

Winners: The Tate Twins

International Cup Match: Mark Haskins vs. Adam Page 

Haskins and Page trade punches with little energy. Page nails an elevator slam. Haskins gets up and goes for a pumphandle, but can’t get it. Page goes for the “Right of Passage” Alabama Slam, but Haskins fights out. Haskins goes for the pumphandle once again, but Page hits him with elbows to escape. Page goes for a quick Right of Passage Alabama Slam but Haskins turns it into a Canadian Destroyer. Page bounces clumsily to his feet. Haskins successfully hits the pumphandle driver this time for the win.

Winner: Mark Haskins

-Backstage, Jay Lethal is talking to the camera. He tells us that his ultimate goal is to win because he wants his chance to go after the title, and he doesn’t want to lose because if he did he’d never get a title match as long as Matt Taven is champion. He questions why anyone would agree to that kind of stipulation, and says its because the ROH title is just that important.

Match: Kenny King (w/Amy Rose) vs. Jay Lethal vs. Jeff Cobb vs. Matt Taven

Kenny King comes out. Amy tries to accompany him, but he kicks her to the side while he does his entrance way poses. Then they make their way to the ring together. Out next is Jay Lethal. Jeff Cobb follows. Last is Matt Taven, who gets in everyone’s face and tells them that they don’t deserve this chance. All three men attack Taven.

Taven escapes and all four men brawl. Cobb and Lethal are knocked out of the ring. Kenny King and Matt Taven trade offense. Cobb and Lethal attempt to get back in the ring, but King and Taven knock them back down. King and Taven battle on the apron. King kicks Taven off. Lethal comes out of nowhere with a dropkick and takes down King. Lethal and Cobb are in the ring now.

Fans duel “lets go Lethal” and “Let’s go Cobb.” Lethal tries to power through Cobb but it doesn’t work. Cobb encourages him to try again. He does, and Cobb still doesn’t go down. Lethal draws energy from the crowd and goes for a third, but Cobb does a leap frog and levels Lethal. Cobb lays into Lethal. Lethal hits a snap-suplex but Cobb just bounces back up to his feet. King and Taven try to enter the ring, but Cobb and Lethal knock them off.

Lethal is able to take Cobb down. He hits a cartwheel dropkick and goes for a pin, but only gets a two. Lethal goes off the ropes but King pulls him to the outside. Taven goes into the ring, but Cobb lifts him up for a stalling suplex. He pretends to drop Taven a few times before actually suplexing him. The fans reaction to the suplex.

Cobb is powering into Taven in the corner now. Cobb hits some headbutts and knife edge chops. He rushes Taven in the corner but Taven moves out of the way. King comes in and dropkicks Cobbs, and Taven follows it up with a kick that takes out Cobb. Lethal tries to take advantage, but Taven and King double team him as well. Taven and King hit plenty of double teams on Lethal and then leisurely toss him out of the ring. They approach Cobb, but before they can double team him, Lethal jumps in on Taven. King continues his assault on Cobb on the outside. Lethal and Taven go inside the ring. Lethal goes to attack, but King slides in to assist Taven once again. Cobb tries to enter the ring but gets a superkick to the face.

They go to double team Lethal again, but King attempts to roll up Taven from behind. He only gets a two. King quickly apologizes to Taven for trying, but before anything can happen, Lethal attacks King.  Taven takes out Lethal and applies a figure four leglock. Lethal has nowhere to go. Cobb lifts up King and drops him with an Outsider’s Edge on top of Taven to break up the submission.

Cobb gets up before anyone. He rushes into Lethal. King tries to interfere but Cobb takes him out too. Cobb hits a standing moonsault on Lethal. Lethal rolls out of the ring. Taven runs in to attack, but Cobb gets him on his shoulders. Cobb hits a helicopter toss, and we go to commercial.

Back from commercial, Kenny King hits a blockbuster on Cobb. He goes for the cover but can’t keep him down. King stands up and spells out his last name for the fans. He tries to lift out Cobb but can’t get it at first. He finally gets him up for the Royal Flush, but Taven rolls in and superkicks King in the face before he can hit it. Taven goes for the Climax on Lethal but its reversed into a Diamond Cutter. King superkicks Lethal. Cobb superkicks King. Taven superkicks Cobb. Taven hits a DDT on Cobb but can’t get back up quick enough. All four men are down.

King is the first one up, but Taven crawls to him and they trade punches on their knees. They get to their feed still trading punches. Taven nails an elbow to King’s face. He goes to grab King, but he kicks him in the face. Lethal gets up and hits the Lethal Combination. He calls for the Macho Man elbow drop, but Amy Rose goes to interfere. Lethal jumps to the floor and kicks Amy Rose to the back. Taven grabs the ROH title and nails Cobb. Matt Taven is eliminated. While the referee is distracted by kicking out Taven, King uses the title to hit Lethal. King hits the Royal Flush and pins him. Jay Lethal is eliminated.

Kenny King picks up Cobb and puts him on his shoulders for the Royal Flush but Cobb escapes. King rolls up Cobb and uses the ropes as leverage, but Cobb still kicks out. King kicks and punches Cobb while he’s on his knees. He goes to run off but Cobb grabs his tights, pulls him back, and hits his powerslam finisher for the pin and the win.

Winner: Jeff Cobb


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