Ryback On Which Portion Of The WWE Roster Doesn't Get Drug-Tested

Ryback On Which Portion Of The WWE Roster Doesn’t Get Drug-Tested

During a recent episode of “Shooting Blanks”, Ryback revealed that the part-time portion of the WWE roster doesn’t get drug tested. Here’s what he had to say:

See that seems really shady in itself right there, because if that was the UFC, and again it’s pro-wrestling right, but this just kind of goes back to a lot of the things they do. If a UFC fighter, if Conor had a fight and he popped, got popped for whatever on a drug test a week before the fight, ‘Oh, we’re gonna hold off, we’re gonna announce it after this big fight.’ You know what I mean? Granted this is pro-wrestling, it’s a little different, but you would think that the moment the guy, and I’m looking at this from this is where there’s holes in this drug testing. Ejus, ‘OK, this guy has tested positive, this guy is now suspended, you guys have to announce this immediately.’ That just shows that the drug testing company, it’s all a fucking bullshit thing, it’s a cover. That company now, why is that, that should be enforced immediately. That to me, I don’t like that.

And I know from guys, those part-timers coming in, these guys aren’t getting drug tested, they’re not. And it’s not fair to the talent there full-time. It’s fucked up. I know when I was there it bothers me, because I kill myself to fucking be something special and you got guys that can fucking pop whatever the fuck they want to pop and come in and look like a million bucks.

You can listen to the podcast below:

Credit: Shooting Blanks. H/T 411Mania.

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