Sheamus Visits WWE Legend and His Students to Help with Ring Rust

Sheamus Visits WWE Legend and His Students to Help with Ring Rust

Below is the latest episode of Celtic Warrior Workouts from the official YouTube channel of Sheamus.

This episode features The Celtic Warrior working out with wrestling veteran Dr. Tom Prichard and students from the JPWA (Jacobs-Prichard Wrestling Academy) school owned by Prichard and WWE veteran Kane, in Knoxville, Tennessee, where Kane is also known as Mayor Jacobs.

Sheamus visited Dr. Tom to get some of his ring rust off as he prepares to dominate the SmackDown brand now that he’s back and apparently feuding with Shorty G.

Sheamus wrote the following in the YouTube description: “WWE Superstar Sheamus aka The Celtic Warrior here… About 12 years ago I landed my pale Irish arse in Florida Championship Wrestling (FCW) after I got my WWE Developmental Contract. I ended up under the tutelage of Dr. Tom Prichard in what is now NXT and thus, The Celtic Warrior was born. Almost unparalleled success ensued and the rest, as they say, is history… Fast forward to 2020, and I am back hunting a 2nd chapter of unparalleled success to my wrestling career, and gone back to basics. Back to Sheamus 1.0. So, who better than Dr. Tom to help me get back the Eye of the Tiger and brush off the damn ring rust… And brush it off he did when he ran me through his infamous Man In The Middle drills at Jacobs-Prichard Wrestling Academy (JPWA) in Knoxville, Tennessee. So, now you can see what a real old school wrestling workout consists of and just how tough WWE superstars have to be to step into the squared circle. You have to be truly humble if you truly want to… Brave Change.”

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