Sir Sam & Don Franc Shake Off the Superstar Shake-Up

Sir Sam & Don Franc Shake Off the Superstar Shake-Up

Sam: Another year, another Superstar Shake-Up.

Don: I’m not sure why you’re surprised, it’s the same time as last year.

Sam: I guess someone on this site should review it.

Don: Ummm….. Imp kinda already did that.

Sam: Well I didn’t bring you to Sir Sam’s Court just so you can enjoy the decor. We’re gona do ALL of them, right down to Eric Young and Apollo Crews. I bet Imp didn’t do that.

Don: (whispers) What have I gotten myself into?

Sam: Now put that Taylor Swift song on repeat.

Moved to Raw

AJ Styles

Don: Based off the moves to RAW it looks like the Smackdown Eight has been disbanded. AJ Styles is the first casualty of that disbandment. Although, I have to admit that he did everything he could possibly do on SDL so a change was probably in order anyway. I’m thinking Styles turns heel and goes into a program with Seth Rollins. That notion excites me. I’m salivating at the thought of seeing Styles and Rollins square of in the ring as that match has potential classic written all over it. There are rumours swirling around that the The Bullet Club will be reuniting and possibly taking over RAW. With Finn Balor being face and who-knows-what with Anderson and Gallows, I’m not entirely sure that is on the cards. What you thinking about that, Sam?

Sam: I’m not so sure about that story line direction. It is true that Styles was by far his most interesting as a heel back in late 2016 but given how long the WWE has resisted a Bullet Club reunion I just can’t see it happening, especially with the most well known ex-Bullet Club members now being the foundation of the WWE’s biggest competition.

Having said that I am very happy to see Styles move to RAW. His title reign last year was momentus but I feel like it got quite monotonous towards the end. Hopefully with a new mix of opponents and a new night he will be able to get back to being the excitement machine we grew to love when he came to WWE. That Seth Rollins match is a big one that could legitimately headline Summer Slam if the WWE wanted and I also look forward to seeing him mix it up with some of the other new names on the show like Ricochet & Aleister Black.

The Miz

Don: Poor, poor Miz. WWE never seems to learn. The Miz ALWAYS gets lost in the shuffle on RAW and I don’t expect this time to be any different. Remember what happened last time? Miz was doing brilliantly on Smackdown in 2016 and the SDL writers actually built him up to World Title contention, but then he got moved to RAW in the 2017 Superstar Shakeup and all of that work went to shit. Miz had to move back to Smackdown to get rebuilt. Luckily for WWE, Miz is a company guy through and through so I wouldn’t expect him to start complaining. Yet WWE should take better care of one of their most loyal superstars booking-wise. I honestly don’t know how to feel about this as I have no idea what there is to achieve on RAW for a man who is booked the way Miz is.

Sam: I very much disagree with your assessment of his time on Raw in 2017 where he regularly anchored programs, had a number of PPV main events and had the headline program on the feud heading up to The Royal Rumble. However I do not like this move for him as a face, at best the third top face on the brand and while he will always find a way onto the show he will not have the spotlight he could have on Smackdown. If he was to turn heel though that would be another case indeed, his character is always best as a heel and as he showed last year he is a very good foil for Rollins both in and out of the ring.

Andrade & Zelina Vega

Sam: I really like this one, Andrade was a natural fit on Smackdown but for the longest time he was just not used and the only feud he ever really got was against Mysterio with no follow up once it was done. One of the biggest problems RAW has had lately has been that all their top heels are essentially just variations on the ‘athletic, bad, big guy’ character. Andrade offers a whole different type of heel for creative to utilise, he is technical, he is fast and has a heat magnet for a manager who isn’t afraid to get involved. They could put him in the mid card to reign over the likes of Ricochet, Aleister Black & Cedric Alexander or they could strap the rockets to him and have him feud at thje top of the card opposite Styles, a face Miz or even give Rollins a fantastic challenger of the month. Great move.

Don: Andrade belonged on Smackdown, straight up. He meshed so well with his fellow SDL superstars that it’s a shame he is being moved over to the cesspool that is RAW. Like Miz, RAW is not the place for a wrestler like Andrade. On Smackdown he served a purpose. On RAW he is highly likely to fade into obscurity. Hey, I don’t want to be negative but I’m not naive enough to believe that RAW is the place for up-and-comers. I don’t agree with this trade whatsoever as I’m legit worried for Andrade’s career. He was still in the phase of being built up on SDL which would translate to the fans not reacting to him very well. Hopefully Andrade will be paired up consistently with his main rival who has also been moved to RAW. That is his only saving grace.


Sam: Ricochet fips his way permanently onto RAW and I’m not 100% sure if we should bundle him with Aleister Black or not. I can see them continuing for a short time as a tag team before hopefully amicable parting ways. While there are lots of wrestlers that can high fly Ricochet is so smooth while he does it and has an innate charisma that I think will make him a long term success on RAW. I do worry about his arsenal of moves getting overexposed on the three hour show but so far he has found ways to vary things up enough, hopefully he maintains that creative spark.

Don: Yeah, maintaining that creative spark is key to Ricochet continuing to bedazzle fans and become more beloved. I honestly think he would have stood out more on SDL, yet WWE seems to be high on him and because of that I think his chances at opportunities are good. And if given opportunities he can most certainly impress the crowd and it appears the more the fans see him wrestling, the more over he gets. He needs to get out of this tag team with Aleister Black though. I feel like this tag team team his holding him back.

Aleister Black

Sam: Here is someone I expect very big things from. He has a fantastic combination of a unique character and a believable arsenal of athletic striking based offence. Saying someone is ‘the next Undertaker’ is about as cliche as you can get but I think Black is someone that could develop that kind of dangerous aura around him if he is handled properly.

To start I think RAW will be a good home for him as the longer run time will hopefully allow him to get a bigger spotlight.

Don: I’m not as high on Black as others seem to be, but I do agree with Sam in that Black does have the intangibles to develop what made The Undertaker so special. Now that Bray Wyatt is no longer in the running for that role, Black needs to use whatever spotlight that gets shone upon him to capture the hearts of the fans. He already comes off as enigmatic so that dangerous allure that The Undertaker possesses is his for the taking. But just like Ricochet, I think this tag team his holding his potential back.

Rey Mysterio

Sam: I love how Mysterio has got himself in such good shape at this stage in his career however I think we all know at this point that his role will be to use his reputation and clout to get whoever the next high flyers over. There are a lot of young guys on this brand that could benefit from beating him, Ricochet and Cedric Alexander being top of that list. One thing he needs to stay the heck away from is any kind of belt which he just does not need. What do you expect from Rey at this point Don?

Don: I expect exactly what you’ve just mentioned, Sam. Rey will most certainly be used to put future stars over and I’m sure he’ll be happy to oblige. Mysterio’s  likeability will ensure that he stays over even if he loses his next three feuds in succession. The only part that I have to disagree on in your assessment is Rey staying away from any kind of belt. For the most part it’s quite a fair notion, however, I’d give him a run with the midcard belt for the sole purpose of losing it to an up-and-coming star. Rey is great at putting people over and I’m hoping Rey isn’t done doing the job for Andrade.


Sam: People keep telling me that EC3 should be a big deal but I have never seen anything to convince me he is more than a discount Bobby Roode. Happy to be proved wrong but if Monday is anything to go by being on RAW is not going to help with my perception.

Don: Okay, so EC3 might have been a main-eventer in TNA but I can guarantee that he won’t be seen in the same light in WWE. He just screams midcard talent to me. With that being said, I can see him becoming one of the standouts in the midcard. Hey, not everyone gets to go to the main event!

Eric Young

Sam: Oh boy, all the ex-TNA champs on RAW. As bad as things look for EC3 spare a thought for Eric Young, not only did his faction barely even get a match for a year, they have now broken them up and Young heads to RAW with zero momentum. If there was a line of singles contenders then Young would be right at the back at this point. With a bunch of other new faces who all seem to be on a roll Young will need to fight for any TV time. Good luck to him but I wouldn’t be surprised if he had a calendar counting down to his contract expiry date.

Don: I’m in total agreement with Sam on this one. At this point, having Eric Young move to a new brand without his stable is a move devoid of sanity. Get it? Hehe. I just don’t see EY doing anything significant on RAW. Hell, he didn’t even do anything significant on SDL and that’s the brand where they actually give opportunities! The future looks bleak for Eric Young to say the very least.

Cedric Alexander

Sam: Yet another nail in the coffin of my once beloved 205 Live. Alexander isn’t much of a character but he is at least some name fans know and has a reputation as a great worker. Hopefully getting off the sinking ship that is the Cruiserweight division isn’t a one way ticket to obscurity for Alexander because he is a fantastic talent however RAW has claimed the career of bigger names than him.

My vision for him would be to be the man that brings Titus Worldwide back to relevancy. He has the skills to be a solid midcard player and the addition of Titus’ colour would help him develop some character to go with that. For now though I’ll mark Alexander as wait and see on RAW.

Don: Sorry Sam, but Cedric Alexander stands no chance in hell of succeeding on RAW. If you want proof of that then look no further than Apollo Crews. This decision is baffling to be quite honest. Unless WWE actually has plans with Cedric then this was as pointless a move I’m ever likely to see. 205 Live needs as much starpower as they can get and they just lost one of their biggest names. A name who, in fact, is part of the identity of 205 Live. I like Cedric, I really do. I just don’t have enough faith in WWE to book him correctly.

War Raiders The Viking Experience

Sam: To paraphrase The Bard, ‘What’s in a name? That which we called The War Raiders by any other name would be as badass. So Hanson & Rowe would, were they not Hanson & Rowe call’d, retain that awesomeness which they owe’.

Yes this name change seems ridiculous, yes it is symptomatic of the WWE fixing every little scratch that doesn’t need fixing while leaving caping wounds untended to and yes it makes a badass pair of blokes sound like they are a ‘4D Dining Experience’ put on by the local amatuer theatrical society, hosted at your nearest school hall but they are still the same badass pair of blokes. They will do a lot to bolster the suddenly impressive Raw tag team scene.

Don: The RAW tag team scene does suddenly look impressive, doesn’t it? The Viking Experience? Not so much. Admittedly, I have no connection to The War Raiders as I do not watch NXT. However, what I can say is that The Viking Experience is honestly one of the dumbest names I’ve ever heard for a tag team in my life. Nonetheless I’ve heard alot about this tag team so I’m looking forward to seeing what all the hype is about.

The Usos

Sam: GREAT change. Kind of like AJ Styles, The Uso have kind of done everything on Smackdown and coming to RAW gives one of the best tag teams in the company a fresh feel. I’m down even if it is just for a feud with The Revival.

Hopefully the change to the longer show will give them a chance to get back on the mic and drop some of their dueling fire. Cannot wait to see what these guys come up with.

Don: Again I find myself in agreement with Sam. The Usos have already conquered SDL so there wasn’t much more they could do besides feud with Sanity and The Good Brothers. And even though I would’ve enjoyed those feuds, WWE invested no time in the latter mentioned teams so their feuds would end up lacking with regards to the interest factor. Therefore moving The Usos to RAW will automatically feel fresh and it’s a certainty they will end up dominating on the red brand. And being WWE’s tag team of the decade they most certainly should.

Lacey Evans

Sam: There is a lot of heat on this lady and I can kind of see why given that she is the one getting a push out the gate while the likes of Asuka wither on the creative vine. However taking her in isolation from that broader problem which really isn’t her fault, I don’t mind her. She has a clear character, she can hold the floor with a mic in hand and while she isn’t blowing anyone’s mind in the ring, she can hold her own and has quite a cool finisher. A pretty good addition to Raw, particularly given her ability with mic in hand.

Don: It’s clear as day that WWE is very high on Lacey Evans. I can honestly see why and because she has been given this opportunity I am expecting big things from her. She is not awful on the mic but she isn’t that great either. She has to find the balance there. I am digging the character though, so hopefully the character gets over now that she’s facing arguably the most popular star in the entire company. This is very unfair against Asuka who somehow still remains super over besides questionable booking. And because of that unfairness toward Asuka she is receiving the heat that she is. That’s why she has to impress now more than ever.


Sam: It’s nice they let her stay with her husband on the road. Beyond that I don’t think there is much left for Naomi on either show so this change is a wash. She is a great support character and will be a good addition to the women’s division but I don’t expect anything from her beyond that no matter what show she is on.

Don: Yeah, Naomi is not winning any titles, that’s for sure. However, Naomi plays her role to perfection and nobody would bat an eyelid if she were to challenge for the Women’s Championship. I personally feel she brings value to any brand she is on. No matter if she were on SDL or RAW she would serve the same purpose.


Moved to Smackdown

Roman Reigns

Sam: Apparently the biggest acquisition in Smackdown history (or was that Elias?), getting him off RAW is great for giving my boy Seth some breathing room at the top but what does it do for Smackdown?

I will say this, the WWE has be be very careful with how they handle Reigns. Since coming back he has felt like a bigger star than ever and is finally getting the kind of reaction he was receiving back in 2014 when the WWE set their heart on him being The Man for this generation but the minute people feel like he is trampling over the rest of the Smackdown main event they will turn quicker than you can say Sierra, Hotel, Indigo, Echo, Lima, Delta.

Overall though and assuming WWE can get the booking right this gives Reigns a fresh feel, a fresh show to be at the helm of and a fresh lineup of wrestlers to face.

Don: I am 100% in agreement with you Sammy. WWE has to tread carefully with how they go about Roman Reigns in the coming months. The fans, I feel, has lots of respect for the wrestlers on SDL and to have Roman run roughshod over them would be taking a few steps back. I think he needs to ease back into things. Perhaps a victory in a feud against Orton and a loss against Samoa Joe in a title match will show fans they won’t book Reigns like we’ve become accustomed to. And for the love of God please keep Reigns away from Kofi!

Surely Reigns moving to SDL is for the purpose of the Fox deal and I don’t doubt that by the time Smackdown moves to Fox Roman Reigns will be WWE Champion. Whether the fans will still be on his side when the times comes is a mystery in and of itself.

Finn Balor

Sam: I’m very happy Balor has ended up on Smackdown, with the IC title around his waist he finally has the opportunity to prove he is more than a fancy entrance and a smiling face but that would not happen on RAW while Seth Rollins reigns as Universal Champion, the two are just too similar as champions. On Smackdown he will be able to anchor the midcard and stand out from the very different main event scene. This seemed like an obvious move but for good reason, this is Balor’s big chance to resurrect his career.

Don: You’re so right Sam. If Balor cannot resurrect his career on Smackdown then he’’ll remain dead in the water for the rest of it. I actually feel like if Balor truly is supposed to be in the main event then he will only be able to achieve that goal on SDL. I actually feel a bit sorry for him that Roman had to move to the blue brand as well as that has the potential to hinder Balor’s progression to the top. It’s now or never for Finn Balor but I have a feeling Balor is going to grab this opportunity with both hands and finally achieve the potential he was pegged to since the beginning.


Sam: I guess Fox wanted a music act…. I honestly think Elias’ magic is gone now, unless he really starts wrestling as far as I’m concerned his act is all diminishing returns from this point so where he wrestles doesn’t really matter, I just hope he doesn’t suck up too much time from the wrestling that has always made Smackdown stand out. What do you think Donny, any chance Elias can become more than a sideshow sliding into irrelevancey?

Don: That is a really good question, Sam. I honestly think Elias cannot be more than what he currently is based off the seemingly inescapable role WWE has put him in. I don’t think his act will translate well on SDL as it has RAW written all over it. His wrestling ability will truly be tested when he enters the land of wrestling, which is something Smackdown has become known for. When the time comes it will be sink or swim for him. The only way he’ll be able to thrive on Smackdown is if he is able to hang with some legit wrestlers on the blue brand.


Sam: Bayley is my favourite female wrestler but I will be the first to admit her main roster run has been less than ideal. A move to Smackdown opens up some new possibilities for her however she has a lot of work to do to win back a crowd that had become somewhat apathetic towards her. It is a shame the tag team experiment didn’t work for Bayley but if she can turn up to Smackdown motivated her steady hand and characterful work in the ring could become a real cornerstone in quite an exciting looking women’s division.

Don: Unlike Sam, I never really got what the big deal was with Bayley. Sure, she can have a good match but I don’t see much else to be honest. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t dislike Bayley at all and I actually want her to succeed. Smackdown is certainly her greatest chance at being more relevant. However, I just don’t see what others see in her.

Ember Moon

Sam: Ember Moon was criminally underused on RAW. I can see big things for her on Smackdown however a lot of it will hinge on the WWE’s ability to have more women’s feuds on TV than just the championship one – something they have rarely managed before now. Ember is raw potential and needs a good few months build before she is ready for her shot at the top, if she can get that kind of focus she could become a real star.

Don: I think criminally underused is an understatement, Sam. Moon is another one of those instances where their max potential couldn’t be reached due to shitty booking. But I have high hopes for Ember’s run on Smackdown. With so many great wrestlers now moved to SDL the potential for four-star matches is plentiful and Ember definitely falls in the category of being able to produce a fantastic match. I’ll be keeping a close eye on Moon’s booking in the coming months.

Kairi Sane

Don: Aaaaar, matie! Oh look, a Japanese pirate. Never seen one of those before. I do like her in the ring though I do believe she needs more seasoning on her character. Japanese wrestlers don’t have a very good track record on the main roster despite how over they might get. I’m hoping the fans can get behind her because honestly SDL Women’s Division looks absolutely amazing right now! I have to be honest and say that I’d have preferred Io Shirai over Kairi Sane. Io is a top five female wrestler in WWE and I want to see more of her, not Kairi. What do you think Sam, Sane or Shirai?

Sam: Can I have both? Honestly I’m not overly familiar with either beyond their NXT work however I do think that the tag division is 100% the right place for Sane to start. Give her a chance to build that character and hopefully utilise Paige as a long term manager.

Lars Sullivan

Don: I have no interest in Lars Sullivan at all due to not following him during his NXT run. As of this writing he is just another big man wrestler to me. I tend not to judge before giving a wrestler some time so I’ll reserve my comments on Sullivan until I’ve more data to give an informed opinion.

Sam: There is something weird about Lars, it is like my brain can’t quite fathom that a man of his proportions exists. Having admitted that there is nothing about Sullivan that sets him apart from any other big man that has ever come to the WWE, he has the same presentation, the same moves and the same upper midcard ceiling.

Buddy Murphy

Don: I have no connection to Buddy Murphy AT ALL. I wasn’t watching NXT when he was teaming with what’s-his-name and I wasn’t watching 205 Live since he arrived on the show. I enjoyed his match with Mustafa Ali at Survivor Series but that was more due to Ali than anything else. I don’t really know what to expect from Murphy on SDL but if I were to guess he probably won’t be featured much.

Sam: Oh Donny, you are missing out, Murphy was ‘the best kept secret’ for a reason and his stuff on 205 last year was pure wrestling awesomeness. That said he suited being a big fish in a small pond though and on Smackdown he is the complete opposite. Unlike Ali who I have very high hopes for on Smackdown, Murphy relies on his flashy style to overcome a lack of character which on the main roster does put a ceiling on your potential. He will be a solid midcard act and I am really looking forward to matches with Balor and Gable and he might even get the chance to reprise his series opposite Ali.

Liv Morgan

Don: Big mistake in my opinion. The Riott Squad was good together. It’s just a pity WWE never took them seriously. They could have seriously done damage in the Women’s Tag Team Division if booked appropriately. Nevertheless Morgan is now on her own. I’m guessing she takes Carmella’s role before she teamed up with R-Truth. I have to admit that I found enjoyment in Liv’s run on NXT a couple years back. Hopefully she’ll be able to replicate that to a greater degree of success.

Sam: Completely disagree, The Riot Squad COULD have been a serious faction but unfortunately they just weren’t. Splitting them up is good for every member as it gives them a chance to break out from the jobber status they had ended up with. I sure as hell won’t miss the endless six man tag matches against Natalya and her two random partners either.

Don: You make a good point, it just annoys me when a wrestler/group of wrestlers aren’t allowed to reach their full potential.

Chad Gable

Don: Okay, straight up I don’t see it with Gable. I’m not completely clueless about what he can do in the ring and although I see the connection to Angle, I’m not sure if he will ever get to that level. I always try to remain positive and because of my optimism I will give him a chance to show me what more he can do than just being good in the ring. However, it has to be noted that his fate my lay in the hands of the SDL bookers. If he is given proper booking and inserted into relevant programs then he should have all the tools needed to succeed. But yet I still don’t see it. Sam, do you see what everyone else sees? Am I just too blind?

Sam: Chad Gable should be the natural successor to Kurt Angle, he has everything from the in ring chops to the goofy and instantly likeable charisma. Sadly he has never been given the chance to properly show that off and just when it looked like he had a good thing going with Roode the WWE have broken them up.

If they give him a chance Gable will get over big time but I’m not going to hold my breathe given his history on the main roster.

Apollo Crews

Don: Wow, I didn’t know I had to care. WWE clearly doesn’t. I have no idea what to say about Crews. I guess the one thing to say is that SDL is the best brand to be on the main roster. So good luck Apollo.

Sam: See you on the indies Uhaa Nation.

Mickie James

Don: I feel like WWE watered down Mickie James’ legacy since she returned to the main roster. It’s like her past accomplishments is null and void because of her atrocious booking. I once highly respected Mickie James but her booking since she came up to the main roster has got me feeling like she was nothing special in the first place. I know this to be untrue but that’s how WWE has allowed Mickie James’ character to come across in recent times. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying she should be champion or anything. All I’m saying is that she should be booked with more respect for her contributions to the Women’s Division of years gone by. Perhaps the SDL writers will make better use of James.

Sam: I think you are right Donny, for some reason the WWE seem to weirdly avoid leaning into James’ legacy. She should really be up there with Lita and Trish but because she is still around she doesn’t get that kind of ‘legend’ treatment. This is her second go around on Smackdown so honestly I don’t expect anything to change the second time through.

Heavy Machinery

Don: I quite enjoy these guys as they bring an enormous amount of energy to the division. I have a feeling Heavy Machinery will be heavily featured on the blue brand considering The Usos and Ricochet/Black has moved over to RAW. This is a really good move for them as SDL at least treats their Tag Team Division with a modicum of respect. I’m looking forward to HM mixing it up with the likes of The Bar which should be a fun contest. I’m just taking my shot at a prediction here which is that Heavy Machinery will defeat The Bar for their first Tag Team Championships after Sheamus and Cesaro defeat The Hardy Boys for the belts.

Sam: The more Otis Dozervic we can get on our screens the better as far as I’m concerned.



Biggest Winner?

Sam: I’m going to go out on a limb here and say the biggest winner of the draft is Andrade. He was underused on Smackdown but I think that is largely because as a technical heel he didn’t offer anything that completely set him apart from the likes of Nakamura, Joe and eventually Bryan however on RAW he will have the chance to offer something totally different.

Long term I feel like he could become a fantastic thorn in Seth Rollins side and should be a staple in the midcard, particularly if he can get his hands on a midcard belt. What do you think Don?

Don: I stand by what I said regarding Andrade belonging on Smackdown but for now I’ll share your enthusiasm because I really do want him to succeed.

In my opinion the biggest winner is Finn Balor. If ever there was a place for The Demon King to win a World Championship and have a legitimate run with it, it will certainly be Smackdown. I’m fully expecting Balor to win the WWE Title in 2020 after winning the Royal Rumble. You heard it here first!

Sam: Agreed, even if it is just to have a prominent IC run, now Rollins is on top for RAW, Smackdown is the place to be for Finn.

Biggest Loser?

Sam: Without question the biggest loser in the Shakeup is 205 Live, I love that show but in the last six months it has lost its four biggest names, Ali, Alexander and Murphy to the main roster and Itami to the indies. Alexander and Murphy didn’t have a whole lot left to do on 205 but they haven’t been replaced and the cupboard is getting barer and barer.

Don: Biggest loser? Elias for sure. His act just doesn’t correlate with what I’m used to seeing from the blue brand. He fit PERFECTLY on RAW and if he cannot pull out his wrestling chops then the SDL viewership won’t be too pleased, despite his amazing work on the mic.

Which Brand Got the Best Deal?

Sam: I honestly think both brands came off pretty well this year, Reigns going to Smackdown is a huge get for the blue brand but I think the combination of Styles, Andrade & Miz as singles and Black/Ricochet, The Usos and The Viking Experience to the tag team division nudges RAW ahead.

RAW’s biggest challenge is filling three hours of content and after having to deal with a compromised main event scene and barren tag team division suddenly they have a cupboard full of main events, midcarders and tag teams that can all be put to use filling up their giant show.

Don: Unlike my esteemed peer, Sam, I think SDL overall got the better end of the stick. They have a great array of wrestling talent and their main event looks absolutely fresh at the moment. The blue brand has the type of wrestlers that can easily move between the main event and the midcard which is a good thing in the sense that not only will the WWE Championship feel important, but the midcard belts will too.

Where RAW got a boost in the Tag Team Division, SDL rivals that with a boasting Women’s Division. Besides, with teams like The Hardy Boys, The Bar, New Day and Heavy Machinery, SDL’s Tag Team is nothing to scoff at. Team Blue for the win!

Well that wraps it up for us today. Let us know in the comments below what you thought of the Superstar Shake-Up, who do you think got the best deal and who go the raw end? You can also reach us on Twitter, @Sir_Samuel and @donfranclop or better yet write about it yourself in the LOP Columns forum, it is where every writer on this site started and you can sign up today.

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