Sir Sam's Court: LOP Wrestlemania Predictions Super Column

Sir Sam’s Court: LOP Wrestlemania Predictions Super Column

Wrestlemania is all but here so for this week’s edition of Sir Sam’s Court I have pulled together a Knights of the Round Table collaboration with some of LOP’s best and brightest to look at who will win and who will take the fall at Wrestlemania 35.

Joining ya boi Sir Sam today we have the host of the Perfect 10 Wrestling Show on LOP Radio and author of Imp’s Adventures, The Implication, The creator of the Power 10 column and Right Side of the Pond part timer Mazza and author of The Main Event Don Franc.

Enough beating around the bush though, without further ado let’s get stuck in to our Wrestlemania 35 predictions.

Ronda Rousey (c) v Charlotte Flair (c) v Becky Lynch – Women’s Championship Match

Mazza:  It will be alright on the night.  Sad that it has come to that considering how hot the Becky-Ronda rivalry was at one point.  I do believe the chemistry Lynch and Flair have together along with the pure intensity that Rousey brings to the table will have them warrant their main event status when all is said and done.  And Becky has to win surely? That is my prediction and the bonus is that it will come with an assist from her closest frenemies. Prediction: Becky Lynch

Imp: “This time last year Charlotte was champion and Ronda Rousey was set to make her debut at WrestleMania. It was if everything was in place for them to main event this year.”

Well, that was until the man came around, punched Charlotte in the face, took it to Rousey, got bloodied by Nia, became SmackDown Women’s Champion, lost the title, won the Rumble, challenged Ronda, got suspended, replaced by Charlotte, unsuspended, injured, wielded a crutch, declared unfit, competed anyway, got back in the match because of Rousey and oh Charlotte’s now SmackDown Women’s Champion and that title’s on the line too.

A nice and simple road to WrestleMania. Try saying that in one breath, your friends will be well impressed. What was the point of this column? Ah yes, Becky’s winning. Otherwise this story was complete and utter nonsense…

… and after investing so much time I don’t think I could mentally take that. Prediction: Becky Lynch

Sam: Boy has it been a long road but we are here and with a fantastically chaotic Raw to wash the bad taste of turns upon turns, upon injuries, upon suspensions, upon McMahon drama, upon personal drama, upon Twitter beef. It is hard to see anyone but Becky winning here given how hot she is and how she has established herself. Having said that, you can never estimate the WWE’s stubbornness when given a clear path forward, I would have put my house on Roman winning against Brock last year and look what happened. Prediction: Becky Lynch

Don Franc: If ever there were women main-eventing Wrestlemania I do believe that these women are the best choice. I would have preferred Rousey vs Lynch but of course Charlotte just had to be involved. Nevertheless, I feel as though it’s safe to assume that them main-eventing Wrestlemania was mainly due to Becky’s unlikely rise in popularity. Based off of that popularity I have to say that Becky needs to take the win here. After the story that has been told it would feel anti-climatic if anyone but Becky were to win. Prediction: Becky Lynch

Brock Lesnar (c) v Seth Rollins – Universal Championship Match

Mazza:  I struggle to remember a time where we weren’t building towards Brock putting someone over.  You’d think it would finally happen here. It really wouldn’t be very Vince like to give the fans everything they want, even if it is just for one night.  It isn’t unprecedented however. Seth should absolutely win and Lesnar should go away. I am not certain Rollins will end up burning it down however that is what I will go with right here. Prediction: Seth Rollins

Imp: WWE’s top heavyweight title scene hasn’t advanced in 5 years, just think about how ludicrous that is. As I said in one of my own columns, it’s gotten to the point where there’s absolutely nothing new to say on this ultimately bizzare crutch. Since 2015 no one has properly broken into that title scene outside of Reigns & Lesnar… absolute insanity.

And once again we’re sat here days away from WrestleMania asking, “Is this the time?” Just like last year, I optimistically say yes. Not affirmatively, but WWE’s already broken my camel’s back and I’m hardly watching their TV anymore. For me this isn’t, “I’ll stop watching dammit!” I’ve already stopped, this is about bringing me back. If Lesnar retains and the status quo remains the same, how does that convince me I should return if they still haven’t moved on? Prediction: Seth Rollins

Sam: Another year, another chance for Brock Lesnar to give someone the rub and the WWE to pull the rug out from under us. Of course Seth should win here, it is the only logical ending to the story that they have been telling with him for years now and it would be the best thing the WWE could do to put their flagship show on the right track again. However I can’t shake the idea of Vince seeing him dressed up as a Game of Thrones character five minutes before the match and deciding to stick with the behemoth that is The Beast. I’m going with Seth because I cannot stand another year of Brock but don’t say I didn’t warn you. Prediction: Seth Rollins

Don Franc: Yeah… Brock needs to go. This should serve as the nail in the coffin for part-time wrestlers. I cannot fathom Lesnar winning this match and if that were to be the case I’m pretty sure that the internet would crash. The match itself should be in the same vein as Lesnar vs Styles, Bryan and Balor and as we all know Brock thrives in those types of matches. So yeah, Seth Rollins should undoubtedly win. Also, I’m sincerely hoping that The Shield stands tall to close out the end of the match. That would be a great moment. Prediction: Seth Rollins

Daniel Bryan (c) v Kofi Kingston – WWE Championship Match

Mazza:  Crazy this has come from absolutely nowhere just before Elimination Chamber to becoming the hottest story going this Mania season.  I think the three big matches really need the popular faces to win. I think it is more important for Kofi than the others when it comes to the story being told.  It’s for that reason I kind of get the feeling Vince will mess with things just a little more. My prediction here is that Kingston will win the match but not the title until the next PPV.  And the online backlash will be huge. Prediction: Kofi Kingston by DQ (Daniel Bryan retains the WWE Championship)

Imp: WWE have set up 3 top title matches where the only real next step for the narrative is for the faces to walk out victorious. In one way they’ve pegged themselves into a babyface corner, which wouldn’t be an issue were this any other promotion. Hell, even last year – where triple face wins to end the show seemed destined for ‘Mania  – Roman Reigns lost in the main event so at least one heel was victorious.

How can Lynch lose after becoming the biggest star in the company? How can Rollins lose if they want to move on to this New Era? And biggest of all, how can Kofi lose after subvertly making his storyline about the struggles of African Americans? Are you seriously saying WWE will turn away from the opportunity to crown their first black Mania victorious champion?

Because that’s what they’d be turning down, no African American has ever walked out of WrestleMania as champion and I refuse to believe WWE would be that stupid to say no to righting that wrong.

That’s what I mean by pegged into a babyface corner, if Kofi loses they risk really pissing off a massive section of their viewers. Potentially to a point of permanent damage. Prediction: Kofi Kingston

Sam: Once again we have a match that seems to have such a clear path that should be followed to a logical conclusion but WWE’s form at Wrestlemania is so poor that I can’t help but wonder if they will repeat the sins of Wrestlemania 19 and have Kofi lose after brining race into the subtext of this story. I will go with what should happen though because this could truly be an amazing Wrestlemania moment for a man who has toiled away for years and a powerful social statement wrapped up in one. Prediction: Kofi Kingston

Don Franc: What a feel good story it has been for Kofi Kingston. Too bad Daniel Bryan has been phenomenal since turning heel and in no way deserves to lose the title. With that being said I still think Kofi is winning the title for that feel good factor. However, he won’t be holding onto the belt for too long. You can fully expect Bryan to regain the belt at the following PPV or the one thereafter. Prediction: Kofi Kingston

Roman Reigns v Drew McIntyre

Mazza:  I really think that Drew should get the win here.  It would do a great deal for him and set him up as a first challenger to Seth Rollins.  However, golden boy returns from beating leukemia just to do a job in his first solo Mania match that didn’t main event?  It just isn’t going to happen I don’t think. Roman to pick up the win. I just hope it is competitive. Prediction: Roman Reigns

Imp: Drew McIntyre’s been such a fantastic addition to the RAW roster this year, oozing with absolutely everything Vince could want in a WWE superstar. Every week he walks out and pulls you in, makes you care and does it in such a vicious way. Which makes him the perfect opponent for Roman Reigns, who is 100% percent winning because there’s no way they’d have their recently Leukemia defeating superstar lose on such a grand stage.

Maybe if he was Bray Wyatt, I swear to God that man must have a ‘Defence Against the Dark Arts’ curse for winning or something. Prediction: Roman Reigns

Sam: For the record I also think that Drew should win here. His work since since the Royal Rumble has been fantastic, there is a genuine air of danger around him and Roman Reigns will not be hurt one bit by the loss. That said, it is Roman Reigns, he made cancer into a jobber and it is Wrestlemania. Prediction: Roman Reigns

Don Franc: I’ve loved Drew’s badass heel run in recent months. He is like the Samoa Joe of RAW. And how far has he come to have earned a one-on-one match with Roman Reigns at Wrestlemania. By all accounts Drew McIntyre should win this match. However, this is Roman’s first one-on-one match since returning from his battle with cancer so there is no way in hell he’ll be losing here. I am expecting a really good match though. In fact, I’m expecting this match to be the surprise of the night.

Prediction: Roman Reigns

Triple H v Batista – No Holds Barred, Retirement Match

Mazza: I think Hunter is done.  I just don’t see the point in bringing Dave back at this point just to lose.  I honestly believe WWE owe Batista for his fantastic work putting over Daniel Bryan and The Shield in 2014.  That clearly didn’t go as expected but Dave was in his element and gave back to the business. I reckon Trips thanks him here and hangs those boots up for good to concentrate on his business side.  Even as a huge Game fan I am actually ok with that. Prediction: Batista

Imp: From a character standpoint, mega heel Batista is my favourite form of his by an absolute country mile. He was fantastic in 2010 and the Hollywood Batista we’re getting today may be even better. Love how he’s delivered his mission to retire on his own terms and bring Triple H down with him, just a shame it’ll never happen. If it does, expect to see ol’ Hunter anyway next year. Prediction: Triple H

Sam: Batista is an interesting guy, he looks like a pretty basic meat head but having listened to him in podcasts, etc he actually comes off as a bit of an introspective guy who is very appreciative of how he got where he did in life. In that spirit I think he came back to give back to Triple H as Hunter did to him all those years ago. Also, as if Triple H is ever going to retire, if the ‘end of an era’ didn’t do it this doesn’t have a chance. Prediction: Triple H

Don Franc: I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m actually quite excited for this match. Triple H can still go in the ring and although Batista might not be able to, the No Holds Barred stipulation will surely mask that. This match will be bloody. Batista will make HHH bleed profusely just like he did in their encounter at Wrestlemania 21. It’s a toss up between who will win this match but I don’t think Batista is returning to lose. Besides, I think this is the right time for HHH to retire. Prediction: Batista

Bobby Lashley (c) v Finn Balor – Intercontinental Championship Match

Mazza:  I can’t begin to tell you how little I care about this.  I go with Bobby to retain. Prediction: Bobby Lashley

Imp: This should be a relatively easy one, The Demon doesn’t lose. After injury two years ago and playing third fiddle with Rollins & Miz in a brilliant opener last year, this is finally his year to leave his mark on the grand stage.

Leaving as the most ripped Intercontinental Champion in WWE history. Prediction: ‘The Demon’ Finn Balor

Sam: To paraphrase some other wrestler, ‘The Demon doesn’t do jobs in front of seventy thousand people brother’. Probably a better question is if the match last longer than his entrance. Still the possibility of Raw with Seth, Finn & The Revival as its champions is a pretty awesome one. Prediction: Finn Balor

Don Franc: I am not the least bit interested in this match. These guys have been wrestling for so long it feels completely stale. But hey, if I were to look on the bright side, at least The Intercontinental Championship is getting some shine. Prediction: Finn Balor

Shane McMahon v The Miz – Falls Count Anywhere Match

Mazza:  I’d actually forgotten this was on the card which says a lot.  I mean Miz has done a very good job of trying to make me care but it just feels like an isolated match with nothing really on the line and no importance to the larger product.  We just don’t need Shane. So with that, I am going to predict that he wins because that is just how WWE seems to roll. Prediction: Shane McMahon

Imp: Sing with me now, “Miz v McMahon and I don’t care, Miz v McMahon and I don’t care, Miz v McMahon and I don’t caaare, Dad Mizanian’s gone away.”

Anyway, even though McMahons are still all over these WrestleMania cards all these years later, they rarely actually win these days. So revenge Miz Dad, Mike! Prediction: Miz

Sam: My excitement levels for this match could not be more neutral. Remember last year when we were talking about Miz making a run at the main event level? I just hope this match is over quickly and that The Miz can get back to being the awesome character that he is and not be stuck being Shane’s crash test dummy. Prediction: Shane McMahon

Don Franc: I like that The Miz is getting the spotlight in a major match at Wrestlemania. Despite him facing Shane-O-Mac it has to count for something that he is in a featured match. I always expected them to wrestle at the Grandest Stage Of Them All. The only surprise is that it was Shane who turned and not The Miz. And now you’ve got Miz doing springboards and shit. I hope Miz doesn’t stay face for too long because he just works so much better as a heel. As should be expected, Shane will do something crazy which will lead to Miz picking up the victory. Prediction: The Miz

Samoa Joe (c) v Rey Mysterio

Mazza:  Quite looking forward to this one.  Joe’s character work has been fantastic since he arrived on the main roster and he finally has some gold to go along with it.  Rey is in fantastic shape on this run. Would I rather Almas was in his spot? Absolutely, however this should still be fun. I am hoping and thinking Samoa Joe retains here.  Prediction: Samoa Joe

Imp: I’m looking up and down the card for where these heel wins are going to come from, WWE likes their to shows to have the baddies coming out on top at least a few times each WrestleMania. Last year we got Jinder, Bludgeon Brothers & Lesnar, this year I’m bloody struggling. For were it not this match, then which goddamn son bitch would it be? The SmackDown Tag Title Four Way? Ah yeah, probably will be that won’t it?

Anyway, check this as another one for the bad guys. Prediction: Samoa Joe

Sam: A ten or twelve minute match between these two has a genuine chance to be the sleeper hit of the show. Joe’s character and in ring work is so badass and Rey has returned to the WWE in his best shape since the mid 00s so this is a genuinely mouth watering matchup. I think that the best long term move here is to have Joe hold the US Title for a long time, building him up to really launch a face at the end of the summer and Mysterio will be one of the many casualties of his run. Prediction: Samoa Joe

Don Franc: I’m definitely excited for this match. I expect it to be short but filled with action. Rey has been in top form since his return and Samoa Joe is just freaking awesome. This match should be a good representation of the Smackdown Eight. Joe is most certainly not losing here as I feel as though he wants to take the United States Championship to World Championship levels. Prediction: Samoa Joe

AJ Styles v Randy Orton

Mazza:  This is a match that lots of people wanted when AJ showed up in the WWE.  When it became possible, it was quickly given away as a TV match to very little fanfare.  Orton’s stock continues to fall with how long it has been since he has delivered a classic and looked like he cared.  Then this feud started and Randy suddenly seems switched on. Both men are delivering big time the build and it is exactly what you need as a midcard Mania bout.  I really hope they bring it on the night and I think Mr Styles picks up the victory here. Prediction: AJ Styles

Imp: The interactions between the two in building to this have been bloody fantastic.The arguments between the two, and motivations drawn, feel so grounded and believable. Of course Orton would think he’s all that after being at the top of WWE for so long! Of course AJ would see his legacy of hard work paying off!

I was going to pick this as a top candidate for the heel win, however then the final SmackDown Live before WrestleMania happened. In which Styles went for the Phenomenal Forearm and Randy countered into the RKO, a spot I 100% expected to see at the show itself before they gave us that little sneak peek. Something tells me ol’ Orton ain’t hitting that on Sunday, ode to a certain ‘Fake Forearm’ spot from their SD Live match a couple years ago. Prediction: AJ Styles

Sam: Another potential card stealing match. Funnily enough I think the pressure for this match is on Orton, we all know how good Styles is and if anything it is Orton that has to prove he can hang in his own way with the indie darling. From what I’ve seen on TV Orton seems to recognise this and also see the chance for him to have a legacy defining ‘dream match’ when the pair square off. Orton will win because it is a WWE v the indies feud and when has Vince ever booked the WWE to lose, however it won’t be before AJ gets his hits in. Prediction: Randy Orton

Don Franc: Another match representing the Smackdown Eight. If these two are going to gel then this has all the potential to become a mid-card classic. AJ is phenomenal in the ring and I honestly feel that people underrate Randy Orton’s in-ring ability (although that could be attributed to his laziness). The very least I’m expecting of this bout is for it to match Orton/Seth from ‘Mania a few years back. This is one of my most must-see matches on the card and although I want Orton to win I just can’t see that happening. Prediction: AJ Styles

Kurt Angle v Baron Corbin

Mazza:  #CenaWinsLOL Prediction: John Cena

Imp: Man, this card is so goddamn long. I’ve made it to the final haul! Prediction: …… wild Implications ran away

Sam: There is certainly some wisdom to the idea of going out on top. Kurt has a will of steal, he was the guy that willed his broken body to win a gold medal with a broken freakin’ neck after all. Can he will his body to one last good match for us to remember him by. Not against Baron Corbin. I hope the rumors are true and he gets a different opponent. Either way. Prediction: Kurt Angle?

Don Franc: Yeah… I don’t care. Prediction: Kurt Angle?

The Boss ‘n’ Hug Connection v The Divas of Doom v The Iconics v The Samoan Slaughterhouse

Mazza:  Since the women’s tag titles have been a thing, I’ve had a vision of the 4 Horsewomen standing tall with a title each to end Mania.  In fact, after Survivor Series I thought it was a really obvious route to take. While the title side of things is obviously out, I still reckon there is an outside chance of it happening and I wouldn’t Bayley and Sasha turn up to even out some sort of interference for Ronda in the main event.  I am probably overthinking things at this stage however. Where was I? Oh yeah, Boss and Hug to retain. Prediction: Boss ‘n’ Hug Connection

Don Franc: This division needs to pick up fast because the current competition for Banks/Bayley is just not doing it for me. I think after this The Riot Squad should enter the fray and just cause havoc. After the emotional moment at Elimination Chamber I sincerely don’t want the Womens Tag Team Division to die a horrible death. Here’s to hoping that business picks up after this match. Prediction: Boss ‘n’ Hug Connection

Sam: There are a lot of thing I expect in this match, Nia lookin dominant, Beth Phoenix getting the opportunity to turn back the clock and The Iconics getting some comedy/sneaky spots. However when all is said and done Bayley & Sasha Banks are the women this division is being built around and I expect them to hold onto these belts for a long, long time.

Buddy Murphy (c) v Tony Neese – Cruiserweight Championship Match

Mazza:  I don’t like Buddy Murphy.  There. I said it. I mean what does Drew Gulak have to do?  He deserved to be in the purpleweight Mania match last year and he does this year too.  Anyway, I am a fan of Nese. I am still not sure why they didn’t just hire a ‘down-on-his-luck’ former Byker Grove actor to do voice overs when Neville left and just let him carry on as King!  Anyway, Nese has excelled when given the platform this year and I hope he wins. I predict Buddy to retain however. Prediction: Buddy Murphy

Don Franc: Should be a good match but I’m not hyped for this match because I don’t watch 205 Live. Therefore this match means nothing to me. I’m guessing Murphy retain based on nothing whatsoever. Prediction: Buddy Murphy

Sam: Ah the purple haired stepchild of the WWE. I was a huge fan of 205 but it has be interested this year as it has become clear how little interest the WWE itself has in the division. Neese and Morphy are both capable of putting on great matches but with NXT, NXT UK and the main roster offering similar propositions neither are the kind of character that you can build a unique division around. I’ll say Nesse gets it to change things up but don’t expect much true change from it. Prediction: Tony Neese

The Usos (c) v Ricochet and Aleister Black v The Bar v Shinsuke Nakamura and Rusev – Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match

Mazza: At least they’re not in the Andre.  Prediction: The Usos

Don Franc: I honestly thought that this year they would try to recreate the legendary tag team TLC matches. The Usos, The New Day and The Bar totally deserved that honor. Nobody can deny that it would have made the most sense and actually shine a proper spotlight on the SD Tag Team Division. Well, it’s not happening this year and instead we are stuck with a throwaway match. Meh. Prediction: The Usos

Sam: The kind of choas this match will offer up could actually be quite the match. Every one of these teams will feel a little affronted that they have been put in a multi-man so will go out there with something to prove. At this point if Black and Ricochet lost they would have lost matches for every single tag team title in the WWE within a week and I just don’t see them getting that kind of a record. Prediction: Black & Ricochet

Just when you thought you were done….

Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royale

Mazza:  Why is this still a thing?  Prediction: John Oliver

Sam: The Bell rings, Braun casually slips out of the ring under the bottom rope, picks up the ring and tips it up on its side spilling all the contestants out of the other side. I don’t know how rings work so it may not be possible but BOOK IT VINCE. Prediction: Braun Strowman

Don Franc: This gimmick is getting stale now. They have to put something solid on the line beside a silly little trophy. Why not a match for the World Title or SOMETHING. With nothing really to fight for this match is useless and quite honestly Braun Strowman deserves better. Prediction: Braun Strowman

Women’s Wrestlemania Battle Royale

Don Franc: Why??? Prediction: Ruby Riott

Sam: I agree. Prediction: Cancelled by next year

Well that wraps it up for us, I guess out with a whimper not a bang but this is a LONG card and we didn’t even get to the Revival v Edgeheads match just announced on Twitter. Let us know your own predictions in the comments below and you can follow us follow us all on social media, Mazza @MazzaLOP, Don @DonFrancLOP, Imp @TheDamnImplicat and myself @Sir_Samuel.

If you’re feeling ambitious you can even write your own preview column on the LOP Columns Forum where every single one of us started our writing journey for LOP. You can sign up here.

Thanks to the other lads for jumping in here, let’s all hope it is a fun Wrestlemania, make sure you catch me next week for all the fallout!

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