Sonya Deville Talks About Why She Would Like to Play Batwoman

Sonya Deville Talks About Why She Would Like to Play Batwoman

In a little bit of pop culture news, Ruby Rose has left the Batwoman show abruptly. Despite losing their lead actress, CW has confirmed that the show will continue with season 2. Currently, the network is scrambling to find a new actress to play the titular character of Batwoman and a lot of celebrities have thrown their name in the hat. Now we can add Sonya Deville to the list of people who want to dawn the red hair. Deville recently spoke to TV Insider about her interest.

When I was a girl growing up, I wouldn’t play with Barbie dolls — I’d play with Max Steel dolls. I remember watching Superman and Batman and thinking, ‘Why can’t there be more female superheroes in the spotlight?’ You had Wonder Woman, but that wasn’t at the forefront like it is now. Ruby Rose being a member of the LGBTQ community and being Batwoman, I remember when I heard she got the role. I was so excited. I thought it was huge and inspiring. When I saw she stepped out, I was like, ‘This is a no-brainer. I can do my own moves. I fit the role. We can also keep on the message you can be a woman. You can be gay. You can be a superhero.’ I think it speaks for itself. It’s definitely a dream role. I’m going to continue my social media campaign. I like to speak things into the universe because you have to believe it for it to be possible.

Deville has been campaigning on Twitter to get the part recently.


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