Sports Entertainment is Dead - Revisiting Summerslam 1995

Sports Entertainment is Dead – Revisiting Summerslam 1995

In this week’s edition of Sports Entertainment is Dead, ‘Plan continues down the Road to Summerslam with the penultimate third part of his four part look back on the Summerslams of the maligned New Generation Era.

Having campaigned for the last few years to get fans reappraising the long-held and misrepresentative myths of the New Generation Era, ‘Plan takes a look back at Summerslam 1995 this week, briefly breaking it down match by match and theorising why it is that, even for a fan boy like him, it’s a struggle to sit through. Yes, the show leaves a lot to be desired, with a weak undercard and a weaker main event but, ‘Plan argues, there are reasons for this – reasons that mean Summerslam 1995 is far from being a quintessential New Gen experience.

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