Story On How Maria Manic's Twitter Ban Got Her Hired By ROH

Story On How Maria Manic’s Twitter Ban Got Her Hired By ROH

Ring of Honor’s Kevin Eck spoke on the ROHStrong Podcast about how a Twitter ban helped get women’s division star Maria Manic hired by the company. Check out the story below.

You get banned from Twitter, for life, because people think you’re a cannibal. After that, you started a YouTube channel. The first video you did was titled ‘Banned from Twitter for life/arrested for cannibalism?’ I happened to stumble on this video. Two things grabbed my attention — arrested for cannibalism is in the title and it’s by Maria Manic. ‘I know that name.’ I met you briefly at an Indie show a few years ago and at that time, you had blonde hair and looked like a barbie doll come to life. I could not believe that girl I met a few years ago was the same girl in the YouTube video, all jacked up and with jet black hair and tattoos. I watched the video, thought you were funny and had a great delivery. I was intrigued. In the four minutes, I saw the ‘it’ factor. I looked up other stuff and saw you had ‘MANEATER’ tattooed across your stomach and you’re doing deathmatches with these big scary looking dudes. At that point, the light bulb goes off, ‘this girl needs to be in Ring of Honor’ and that put the wheels in motion.

You can listen to the full episode below. (H/T and transcribed by Fightful)

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