Teddy Hart Arrested After Incident with Indie Wrestler, Gun Allegedly Pulled on Hart

Teddy Hart Arrested After Incident with Indie Wrestler, Gun Allegedly Pulled on Hart

Indie wrestler Teddy Hart was arrested in Richmond, Virginia earlier today, according to PWInsider. This is his third arrest this year.

Regarding today’s arrest, Hart was at the home of indie talent Ace Montana when he allegedly assaulted his girlfriend Maria Manic, who has been vocal online about her support of Hart through his troubles this year. Montana claimed that he then pulled a gun on Hart. Montana posted a Facebook video, seen below, that shows Hart leaving the scene, and denying that he assaulted Manic.

Montana wrote on Facebook with the video, “I literally had to pull my gun on #Teddyhart and throw him out of my friends house . This piece of shit literally choked out and physically assaulted Maria Manic and would not let her get help. she texted me I’m in danger never ever did I think I would meet a piece of shit like this guy who has now been arrested with a felony against him. I don’t think this guy knew how close to death he was. #fuckyouteddyheart This video is me kick him out before the cops came and arrested him”

Hart is scheduled to be in court tomorrow morning at 8:45am ET to face the charges from today’s arrest. He was just released from the Richmond City Jail on March 19 after being taken into custody on Mach 4 for violating his house arrest. Before that he was arrested on February 12 after being pulled over and found with drugs. He was also charged other traffic charges that night in February. Hart is scheduled to be in court on April 23 for the charges from his February arrest. You can click here and click here for our reports on his recent arrests.

(H/T to Wrestling Inc)

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