The Doc Says...A Deeply Philosophical Conversation About Wrestling in 2019 (w/ LOP Mystic)

The Doc Says…A Deeply Philosophical Conversation About Wrestling in 2019 (w/ LOP Mystic)

This week, The Doc is joined by a podcasting genius best known for co-creating WCW: The Legacy Series. The dynamic duo wax philosophical about the fascinating state of wrestling as we prepare to flip the calendar to a new decade.

The conversation is reminiscent of a fire-side chat between two long-time friends and colleagues, and both parties are confident that the various directions that their discussion takes will resonate with diehard wrestling fans. Doc’s guest has long struggled to find his place in modern wrestling fandom. His inability to connect with a promotion (until recently) has often left him going back to World Championship Wrestling, which built his passion for pro wrestling. Doc, meanwhile, continues to be amazed that any company besides WWE could consistently capture his attention for wrestling. Try as he might to leave the past in the past, he feels that old familiar pull thanks to a recent heel turn on Raw.

Doc and Shane know their stuff, so if listening to a pair of tenured veteran columnists and podcasters (25 years experience engaging wrestling fans with their commentary between them) shoot the you-know-what appeals to you, lend them your ears for a bit. It was too long for BlogTalk guidelines, so it is presented in two parts.

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