The Doc Says...A Plea to WWE, AEW, NXT, and Others: Make Me Want to Choose

The Doc Says…A Plea to WWE, AEW, NXT, and Others: Make Me Want to Choose

This week, The Doc is excited about the upcoming steps forward for promotions like AEW, NXT, NWA, Impact, and WWE. However, he takes issue with the idea that it’s not a competition and that we shouldn’t, as wrestling fans, be encouraged to choose.

Doc appreciates the sentiments put forth by the likes of CM Punk and others suggesting that diehard fans should just watch everything. Is that realistic, though? It certainly is not realistic for Doc, or for many of you. There are other things to spend time on extracurricularly besides wrestling – other escapes – right? That is on top of real life stuff, of course.

Frankly, Doc feels as though WWE, AEW, and others should be actively vying to win our full attention. If AEW succeeds, for instance, in capturing our imaginations this coming Wednesday, hooking us for the ensuing series of Wednesdays, then do they not deserve priority in our wrestling viewing habits? The competition at hand is for our attention. That’s a beautiful thing, such a competition existing in 2019; let’s embrace it and push for it rather than against it because it will make each promotion better.

So, expect a preview of the coming week on the show today, and for that preview to set the stage for the ensuing competition at hand.

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