The Doc Says...AEW and Others Try to Win Diehard Fans, WWE Tries to Lose Them

The Doc Says…AEW and Others Try to Win Diehard Fans, WWE Tries to Lose Them

This week, The Doc talks about WWE, AEW, NXT, Impact Wrestling, and the NWA all in the same show. What a time to be a wrestling fan, right?

WWE continues to open the door wide for any diehard, long-time followers of theirs to leave and seek out alternative options. AEW seems more than happy to accept them, arms open and ready to embrace them, as evidenced best by Chris Jericho’s promo last Wednesday on Dynamite. WWE is leaning harder than ever into a habit that is successful by one standard while deleterious by another. Doc explains that comment further on the show, and it sets the stage for the back half of the podcast dedicated to talk about the other promotions.

The National Wrestling Alliance, for instance, burst out of the gate with their first “television” offering, their free show on YouTube rightfully earning wide acclaim in our community. Doc put Impact back in the game, meanwhile, after being impressed by their two top creative executives on Talk is Jericho. He was already impressed by the Impact product and roster, by the way.

Basically, WWE’s philosophical double-down is costing it diehard viewers by the week these days. Who will benefit most?

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