The Doc Says...Answering Big Questions About Women's Wrestling in WWE

The Doc Says…Answering Big Questions About Women’s Wrestling in WWE

It’s been five years since the Revolution and it’s time to change the way we talk about women’s wrestling in WWE

This week, The Doc dives deep into how women’s wrestling in WWE in the post-Revolution landscape has shaped our conversations about the division.

The primary purpose of this show is to begin a broader dialogue.  Doc asks some big questions about how we analyze women’s wrestling and concludes that there might be better ways.  Separation is a theme of the monologue.  Does it make sense to create more distinction between the women’s brand and the men’s brand of wrestling in WWE like we see in most sports?  Does it instead make sense to maintain a UFC-like integration of the women’s divisions into the broader product as we have seen to date?  The podcast this week makes the depths of these questions and an exploration of their answers the focal point of the run-time.

Also, the results of the Knockout Round tournament of Doc’s WWE Women’s World Cup project will reveal definitively the greatest women’s wrestler in WWE lore.  Did Charlotte Flair really have any competition for the top spot?

It’s all about the WWE women’s division today, ladies and gentlemen.

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