The Doc Says...CM Punk, Twitter Rollins, AEW v WWE, "Hypocrisy," WK14 Main-Event

The Doc Says…CM Punk, Twitter Rollins, AEW v WWE, “Hypocrisy,” WK14 Main-Event

This week, The Doc has a lot to say and has given himself less time to say it. Hold onto your butts.

The meatiest topics include CM Punk’s decision to return to WWE in a capacity that is sure to segue to bigger things and how unfortunate it is that AEW was not his chosen destination. Also, Doc ponders whether or not Seth Rollins would be a much more popular star right now if he would stop bombing the Twitterverse with takes that antagonize his target audience. Plus, after a recent viewing of Smackdown, he has an observation that aims to slap the stupid right off the AEW vs. WWE “hypocrisy” arguments flooding his social media feeds each week.

Hodgepodge would be an appropriate description for the 11/17 show, indeed. The WrestleKingdom 14 double main-event is the equivalent of adding Charlotte to the WrestleMania 35 headliner. NWA Powerrr is the perfect right before bed-time wrestling show. AEW Dynamite has addressed all of Doc’s “faults” from two weeks ago. NXT Takeover: War Games is kinda meh. All these thoughts to be expanded right here on The Doc Says!

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