The Doc Says...Competition the Name of the Game at WWE Hell in a Cell

The Doc Says…Competition the Name of the Game at WWE Hell in a Cell

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Which championships are most likely to change hands at Hell in a Cell?

This week, The Doc excitedly previews Hell in a Cell, his first honest to goodness preview podcast to be labeled with a term like “excitedly” since WrestleMania. Bottom line: he is digging what WWE is doing right now and finds the product far more engaging today than he has in much longer than several months, if he is being honest. A four to five match competition for Match of the Night fueled by more interesting television has Doc feeling good about this pay-per-view’s potential. So, if you need some enthusiasm in your life, this podcast will do your wrestling fandom some good. Also, Doc explores WWE’s recent trend of promoting three separate special events on Raw each week, with a great deal of focus of course on Hell in a Cell, but prominently ensuring that nobody ignores Super Showdown or Evolution.

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