The Doc Says...Instant Reaction to All Out: A Step Forward or Backward for AEW?

The Doc Says…Instant Reaction to All Out: A Step Forward or Backward for AEW?

This week, The Doc is all in on AEW All Out, instantly reacting to the brand’s next most important show in its young history. Did it produce greatness on the 20’x20′ canvas? Did it push the All Elite Wrestling brand forward in a resoundingly positive way?

Going into the event, there were a couple of key questions on his mind to which Doc provides the answers in the podcast. Could AEW respond to the demand for their product by supplying a show like Double or Nothing that connected on so many emotional levels? Could they prove capable of building major new stars in a hurry via the presentation offered during bouts involving the likes of Adam “Hangman” Page, Shawn Spears, and Pac? Could they get the smaller details right – ones they had already been criticized for – such as the show length and consistency on commentary?

It felt in some ways like the weight of diehard wrestling fandom rested on the shoulders of AEW three months ago and the fledgling brand responded with a show full of hope and resonance at a magnitude not felt in a long time. Anything less than that with All Out, fair or unfair, would feel like a hole just punctured the hull of the Titanic.

So, it is a loaded hour this week, full of short and long term conjecture, match reviews, and more!


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