The Doc Says...NXT Takeover Chicago and WWE Money in the Bank Previews

The Doc Says…NXT Takeover Chicago and WWE Money in the Bank Previews

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Who do you think will win the Money in the Bank Ladder Matches this year?

This week, The Doc is joined in the second half of the show by LOP’s resident NXT expoert, J Cool, to discuss the state of WWE’s defacto third brand and to preview Takeover: Chicago; Doc presents his Takeover-to-Takeover perspective, looking at NXT from afar, while J Cool gives the more educated take as someone who follows the NXT product so closely. In the first half of the show, Doc previews WWE Money in the Bank, an event that he feels may struggle to live up to its billing as the defacto 5th wheel in a King of the Ring-esque “Big 5.” On paper, the show certainly has its strong drawing points, but it also seems like a show that could whiff on several matches; or maybe that is just the rather mundane creative malaise rearing its ugly influence.

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