The Doc Says...On HBK and Creating Legacies in the Modern Wrestling World

The Doc Says…On HBK and Creating Legacies in the Modern Wrestling World

This week, The Doc is joined by frequent social media sparring partner and long-time friend, Rey Ca$h of Both claim Shawn Michaels as their all-time favorite wrestlers, but they are not on the same page about much else these days.

What you will hear today is a discussion about whether or not, ten years removed from his post-WrestleMania XXVI retirement, HBK is still the in-ring greatest of all time. It is important to remember how much wrestling has changed in the past decade and how much it continues to change today. When Michaels retired, for instance, it seemed logical to think that WWE – like the NBA – would be the only supplier of candidates to challenge Mr. WrestleMania. As Doc and Rey conclude, however, that is decidedly no longer the case.

They believe you will find it a stimulating chat that touches on the altered WrestleMania landscape, the rise of companies like New Japan that focus so much on producing classic matches, and other such foundational legacy-shaping puzzle pieces. You are encourged to join in on the discussion @itsreycash and @TheDocLOP on social media.

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