The Doc Says...Quick-Hitting, 30-Minute WrestleMania 35 Preview

The Doc Says…Quick-Hitting, 30-Minute WrestleMania 35 Preview

This week, The Doc has put together a rapid fire WrestleMania 35 preview for you, focusing on the key themes that will shape the success of tonight’s historic show. It is the biggest night in wrestling and the card features several match-ups that resonate on a deeper level with the diehard audience than has become customary in recent years. The Universal Title, WWE Championship, and Women’s Title bouts all feel like must-wins for the protagonists, but there are plenty of other matches that could also offer satisfying run-times and “moments.” WWE needs to have an exemplary night, regardless of how many hours of our attention that they demand; no Big 4 pay-per-view in the “more is more” era of overly long shows has been able to join the pantheon of classic special events, so WWE needs to prove that this style can equal the success of past shows or risk losing diehard fans who are tiring of the age of excess. The potential is there…can they maximize it? Doc covers a lot of ground to help set the stage for answering that question and many others.

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